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No Clue What They Are Doing
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- So I my husband and I bought a house 12/15/08(mortgage, taxes and INSURANCE is in one payment). About 1 1/2 months ago I get a letter stating that my homeowners insurance was never paid...I have my husband look into it because the mortgage company makes the payments not us. Come to find out that HomeWise opened 2 policies in our name. They are the same exact policy. So for a year we have been paying on 2 insurance policies. After going back and forth between mortgage company and HomeWise they say well we will send you a refund check but the amount the your mortgage company paid was $129 short. We say that's cool we will give the $129 when we get the check. So Dec 23 we get a call stating that the check is in the mail.....Dec 24 another call....we cancelled that check and sent out one for the amount minus $129. Which was still OK. So a couple of days before x-mass we received the first check. The cancelled one. It is Jan 13th and we still have yet to receive our OWN money back from this screw up. They told my husband about an hour ago that they mailed it on Jan 6th from Mass to Fl. Do the math doesn't take a week to receive mail from there... WE USED TO LIVE THERE. The lady had called back and told him just cash the check we already sent you..which makes me think something else is going on. But he got to the bank and guess what..."we can't release the funds on this check number".

Please anyone who has HomeWise as an insurance company make sure you are only paying on one policy and I also for that after they sent me a letter say thanks for the payment of $129 they still sent me letters stating that my insurance was never paid and that it was going to get cancelled. They are a big company but they just can't get it together. Next year we are switching companies and I urge you too as well...
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spiderman2 on 01/13/2009:
I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me. If you had 2 open insurance policies on your house and one didn't get paid and the other had a shortfall of $129 why would you be getting a refund? Did you pay for both policies? You bought a house on 12/15/08, which is less than a month ago and 1.5 months ago you started getting letters saying your homeowner's insurance wasn't paid? Or did you buy your house a year since you state you were paying both policies for a year? You make phone calls on 12/23 and 12/24 and then reference actions which appear to happen after that as "a couple of days before Christmas." The time line here is confusing or I just didn't drink enough coffee this morning.
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Cont. Cancelled Our Homeowners Insurance Because We Filed Claim
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Well, we received a letter in the mail when it was time to renew our policy, that stated and I quote "We are writing to inform you that we will not renew the policy identified above. Your policy will terminate as of the nonrenewal date and time shown above, due to the following reason: Our reason for nonrenewal is your loss history as summarized below:
Jan 22,2010 washer overflow Aug 23, 2010 washer leak

Did we receive any kind of rebates or discounts for the years that we never filed claims? NO! Is this unfair? I think so, even if it is legal. It makes you scared to even file a claim with your insurance company if you need to. Why do even pay homeowners insurance if we have to be afraid to use it? I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. There is a reason that the rates are reasonable and we found that out the hard way.
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clutzycook on 06/14/2011:
Please see my comment from your first post. To put it briefly, two claims for a similar problem in such a short period of time will make any insurance company want to pull out. It's legal because they notified you and whether or not it's ethical is irrelevant as far as they are concerned. It's all about the money.
saj80 on 06/14/2011:
clutzy, awesome response!! Very helpful.
trmn8r on 06/14/2011:
Yep, you do NOT want to make homeowner's claims too often, pretty much the same as with cars.

It is perfectly legal, which is why they had no inhibitions about telling you exactly why.

As far as "fair", it is the insurance business, which doesn't play to be fair. They play to be profitable.
Anonymous on 06/14/2011:
Awesome review!! Just remember they're not the only insurance company out there. It's their loss. Good luck!!
Nohandle on 06/14/2011:
Your other review added a little more additional information. If memory serves the washer overflow (first claim) happened while you were not at home. In that case I would not have filed a claim and called Roto-Rooter instead because often it's an indication of backed up water lines within the home. They normally just need a good cleaning from time to time. The exception for a claim of that nature I suppose would be if I turned the washer on and left town.

As far as a leak under the washer if damage was done to the floor then yes, I would file a claim. I have a friend who had a leak under her dishwasher and it ended up rotting the floor beneath the dishwasher before she discovered it. Her kitchen was torn up for a while for repairs and she filed an insurance claim, which was paid.

It's sometimes difficult to obtain replacement insurance if your policy was cancelled by the company, no matter what premiums you had been paying. It's usually not easy to just pick up the phone and find another company if you have a loss history. Unfortunately, I think the insured has to pick and chose the claims he files. Thanks for the reminder.
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