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Paint Drips on My Brand New 2010 Honda Civic
By -

I purchased my 2010 Honda Civic LX Coupe during the 2010 Honda Clearance on a Saturday. And noticed the following Wednesday that at the very bottom of each door there were paint drips hanging off the door. I immediately contacted the dealership where I purchased my Honda and according to them they never seen anything like that before. I brought the car back down to the dealership, and they took pictures using a camera phone.

I got absolutely nowhere with the dealership and decided to contact Honda of America. My objective was to either get my old 2006 Toyota Tundra back, or get a check for $10,000 which was what they gave me for the trade in value, or get a new Honda Civic. Honda of America assigned me a real gem of a "case manager", **. ** told me: “No you're not going to get your trade in back. No you're not going to get a check for your trade in. And No, you're not going to get a new car." According to this “**”, "we will paint your car, but you won't receive the compensation of the paint job in lieu of painting the car."

My truck that I traded-in was professionally repainted at a dealership and to speak to his supervisor. ** stated, "There was no one higher than him!" We were obviously talking to the CEO of Honda of America!! According to this “**”, the CEO of Honda of America, he stated that I should have looked the car over from top to bottom before purchasing the car. So, anyone including senior citizens, both men and women, if you buy a Honda be prepared to get on your hands and knees and crawl around the car looking for any imperfections or else you will be SCREWED after you sign the paperwork!

I have purchased 3 brand new Hondas in my life and have recommended to two people to buy a Honda in the past. I WILL NEVER BUY A HONDA AGAIN AND AM ON A CRUSADE TO TELL THE WORLD HOW ARROGANT ** AND HONDA OF AMERICA IS AND TO NEVER CONSIDER BUYING A HONDA!

PS: I did get somewhat of a resolution to my paint problem. I received a check for $1293.00 for the paint drip problems which took a month and a lot of annoying phone calls. The gentleman that I took my vehicle to for an estimate stated to me that a human could not duplicate painting a vehicle as what a computer could do. He recommended to just live with the problem. If you still insist on buying a new Honda, first buy a mechanics creeper or possibly knee pads to the dealership and you had better check the brand new car from top to bottom.

According to Honda of America You Should Look the Car Over From Top to Bottom Before Purchasing It
By -

I will never buy another new Honda of any kind again. Mainly due to you arrogant claims manager, “**” who my case was assigned to initially when I first purchased my car during the 2010 Honda Clearance. I wanted something done about my brand new Civic that I purchased less than a week prior to calling Honda of America. My request was that I get my truck back or give me the trade in value for my truck or give me a brand new car as there were paint drips noticed on the doors of my Civic less than a week after purchasing my new Honda.

My biggest issue is the arrogance of your prick employee “**” who stated to me: “No you're not going to get your trade in back. No you're not going to get a check for your trade in. And No, you're not going to get a new car." According to this **, "We will paint your car, but you won't, receive the compensation of the paint job in lieu of painting the car." According to this ** of Honda of America, he stated that I should have "looked the car over from top to bottom before purchasing the car".

I suppose that a 70 year old senior citizen should bring a mechanic's creeper to thoroughly check the car over before buying the car! What a pure "AH" Honda hired. If this is Honda's practice, go elsewhere and purchase a new car! Fortunately, the dealer, after a month long ordeal, paid for the damages of my car (close to $1300) which, I still have to live with. I recommend that you look at other makers of vehicles and purchase their new vehicle elsewhere other than Honda.

After a month long ordeal, I was paid close to $1,300 for the defects of the factory paint job. Still, it bothers me to know that Honda of America is so arrogant that they have so-called low life managers to resolve issues in Honda's favor!

2010 Honda Civic Headrest
By -

I am a structural specialist for people. After purchasing my 2010 Honda Civic, I discovered that the headrest was forcing my head too far forward, causing neck pain. I turned the headrest around and that solved the problem but now I could get whiplash if I were to be hit from behind. I have complained to American Honda but they won't do anything about it. I suggested that they supply me with a headrest that sits 3/4" further back. That would solve the problem and also prevent whiplash just as well as the placement of the present headrest. I have noticed that there are many similar complaints on the internet going back several years.

Transmission Locked Up at Highway Speed, Totaling Car. Automatic Transmission.
By -

DALLAS/FORT WORTH -- Our new 2005 Honda Civic had both front wheels lock while my wife was going to work, driving down the freeway in Fort Worth TX. The car was totaled, crashing into a guard rail, blowing the air bags, spinning around, starting a fire at the left front wheel and starting my wife's coat on fire as she was getting out. We have an eye witness who has a degree in engineering, photos, a police report and the car itself. The car started to pull to the right by itself and my wife was not able to correct it since the front wheels were in a complete skid.

The car had 2113 miles on it and even the police commented that in her twelve years on the force she had never seen anything so strange as this. There are two solid black lines that show where the skid started in the center of the lane ending at the guardrail. Both tires are torn up and melted in one spot. The roads were dry, no traffic, nothing in the road. The transmission just locked up solid, causing a near fatal accident. I contacted the Honda corporation @ 800-999-1009 and the dealer Bankston Honda of Lewisville tx @ 866-507-6355.

Honda said it was an insurance problem, Bankston referred me back to Honda. Finally Honda said they would come out and take pictures "only". Car would not be moved. The day they were to come out and take picture they said "due to safety reasons the car needed to be taken to Bankston Honda to take pictures", breaking our verbal agreement. We hide the car and are seeking legal means as our insurance is having to payout due to a defect.

I have a case at Honda # **. The witness was directly behind and witnessed the whole scene. "Honda, we are not going away". See complaint number: **. Any help would be appreciated!! Any calls to Honda on our behalf would forever be a kind gesture and greatly appreciated :) Or even helpful emails to us personally. Thanks. By phone at Honda's toll-free number: (800) 999-1009, by fax (310) 783-3023 (24 hours), by mail American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Honda automobile customer service 1919 Torrance Boulevard mail stop: 500 - 2n - 7d Torrance, Ca 90501-2746.

Hiding Rear Arm Control Problems From Public
By -

I purchased a 2006 Honda Civic from a Honda dealer in Nov. 2006. I noticed that the rear tires wore out rather quickly but figured it was due to my long commute and the various types of roads I drove upon. It was not until a friend who had a 2007 Honda Civic, who also had the same problem and took his vehicle to Honda, that I discovered that the 2006/2007 Honda Civics had a problem with the rear arm control being out of align.

Honda was aware of the problem but did nothing to alert owners unless you took your car in for service at a Honda dealer. Honda refused to repair my Civic due to excessive mileage, never mind the problem was there from day one. I like my Civic and was impressed with Honda until this incident. Now, I will never buy another Honda. Perhaps Honda just look at the former "big three (GMC, Ford Chrysler)" and see what happens when you let profits drive you and not worry about owner loyalty.

Honda Civic 2010 Continued Vibration (New Car)
By -

LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I'm complaining about a 2010 Honda Civic we bought brand new at Honda of Columbia in South Carolina. When we purchased it, there was a noticeable vibration and they assured us they would fix this issue. They claimed it was not uncommon to have flat spots after sitting on the lot for a while. Really? I know folks that have collector cars that are sitting and don't do that. I remarked that we shouldn't even purchase this car with an issue already.

They told us that the problem would be resolved and not to worry. They balanced the tires and it appeared to have made a difference. Then as we drove it a noticeable vibration started at other speeds again. So my husband returned to the repair shop and they told him they performed a different forced high speed balance this time and thought this should take care of the problem. This was after nothing less than a torturing trip to visit a relative in Florida.

I was on this trip alone and worried whether the car was even going to be safe enough to get back home. It was horrible. Well here I'm at the dealer again ~ this is unbelievable! At this point either new tires and not this cheap Bridgestone that everyone is complaining about currently on the car or we will leave it here and they can eat it. Right now this is nothing less than a lemon to us. I hope this can be of help to someone else.

2007 Honda Civic Not a Good Investment
By -

I bought my first Honda Civic coupe in 2007. I have regretted this buy ever since the day I drove off the lot. Right from the time I drove off with my Honda there was a problem. If I would have known, I would have brought it back in the first month and never looked back. There was a shake in the tire from the start and I went to the dealership and they tried to accommodate me by changing the tires. It still had a shake but I endured it.

The alignment is very fragile, so they say. I lost a pair of new winter tires which were all worn in the inside due to alignment problem. They never admitted fault. Then it was my passenger seat. It was defective. They responded by making me pay for the labor and they would pay the part. Then my sun visor broke. The mechanism inside is no good. Two years later it broke again and they refused to replace it now because it is past warranty.

I have to say that my first Honda experience has been the worst experience ever. I was better off with my Pontiac - at least the sun visor never broke. I will never buy a Honda again. I believe that they were made better when they were being made abroad and imported to Canada. Never again.

Problem With Continuous Blowing of Horn Automatically in Honda Civic 1.8
By -

I Purchased my Honda Civic - 1799cc from Prime Honda - Ghaziabad - India, manufactured in 2006 in India by Honda Seil. Within one year with 15000km of operation, one fine day its horn started blowing automatically and which was not stopping even with the removal of starting key. It became nuisance on the road. Police man was upset. I drove the car to Honda Ace - Noida for rectification.

After two days, they gave me my car back ensuring that the fuse box has been changed and now it will not give problem. Again I have faced the similar problem after 6 months and now they are again changing it. I have lost my confidence as it appears there is some design problem with the circuit in this car. It some time stop automatically and again you never know when it will again start blowing of its own. Nobody in Honda service center in India is taking responsibility. I am fed up and don't know how to contact the relevant authority in Honda system who can help me. In India nobody cares.

Wheel Bearings
By -

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I bought my Honda new in 2005. Since I have owned this vehicle I have had the wheel bearings changed 5 times. The 1st time was at 2000 miles and the last was at 65,000+. A wheel bearing is a wear and tear item and should not be going bad this often. Til now it has been an inconvenience; but as of the last time I now get to pay for this. The repair people are good; but obviously this vehicle needs more than just the bearing changed. Either the engine mount, transmission and maybe even the steering has to be out of alignment or something.

It's obvious to me that this will happen again. I am 67 years old and had hoped, judging by my last Honda, that this would be the last car I would have to buy. Financially I cannot trade in and buy new. I am retired and living on a fixed income. Any assistance you can give me in getting this fixed correctly would be much appreciated. I bought the car from Crown Honda in Charlotte, NC. They have repaired it twice & Stevenson has repaired it 3 times.

Uncomfortable Headrests
By -

I just bought a 2009 Honda Civic in May (we have owned 3 Hondas in the past). I LOVE the car and the way it handles, but I HATE the headrests! I have chiropractor bills to prove how damaging it is!!! The headrest will not fit my head comfortably, and it pushes it forward into a very unnatural position (and this cannot be noticed in a 15 min. test drive!). I tried turning it backwards, but then I would not be protected in the event of an accident! I contacted Honda, but they don't seem to care at all. My husband wanted me to buy a Toyota, and I am now regretting my decision to buy another Honda!!!

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