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2011 Honda CRV Sucks
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I own a 2009 CRV that I love so much I brought a 2011 version and gave the 2009 to my daughter to take to college. I have just gotten home from the Honda Service Center for the fourth time. I have had my car 6 months and take it in repeatedly for the same issue. My CRV vibrates so badly while idling that it is embarrassing. Honda tells me this is normal but I HATE my car. I have sent a letter to Honda America and to the President of Honda in Japan stating my complaints but have yet to hear back. Since there are many similar complaints on the web I know that I am not overreacting. I do not think that <600rpm is normal for an idle speed. I feel that Honda is ignoring the complaint so that they don't have to address the problem in all their 2011 CRVs. I would love for Honda to just give me my money back so I can buy something else. I just read that if a vehicle cannot be repaired 3 times in 18 months then it qualifies under the Lemon Law. I could make lemonade.
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