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2011 Honda CRV Sucks
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I own a 2009 CRV that I love so much I brought a 2011 version and gave the 2009 to my daughter to take to college. I have just gotten home from the Honda Service Center for the fourth time. I have had my car 6 months and take it in repeatedly for the same issue. My CRV vibrates so badly while idling that it is embarrassing. Honda tells me this is normal but I HATE my car. I have sent a letter to Honda America and to the President of Honda in Japan stating my complaints but have yet to hear back. Since there are many similar complaints on the web I know that I am not overreacting. I do not think that <600rpm is normal for an idle speed. I feel that Honda is ignoring the complaint so that they don't have to address the problem in all their 2011 CRVs. I would love for Honda to just give me my money back so I can buy something else. I just read that if a vehicle cannot be repaired 3 times in 18 months then it qualifies under the Lemon Law. I could make lemonade.
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trmn8r on 01/13/2012:
It would be interesting to find out what the specification for the idle speed is. On a 4-cylinder car, 650rpm is normal for some.

I believe you would have to prove that the idle speed is not correct to win a lemon law argument. If it turns out the vibration at idle is normal behavior you are probably stuck in neutral.
Bill on 01/13/2012:
I have a 2008 CR-V and it idles at 700rpm and it's very smooth. Only time I notice anything is when the cooling fan kicks in on hot days and that just an increase in noise. No vibes.

You need to look at other 2011's and see if they do the same thing. Dealers should still have some on their lots.
Jill on 07/21/2013:
I just bought a 2011 one week ago. Thought for certain there was something wrong with the vehicle because it vibrates so bad while stopped in drive. Took it back to the dealer twice this week! They told me they have done all they can do and it is the nature of the vehicle. I am soooooooo disappointed. Everyone I talked to that owns a CRV loves it! Maybe you get used to this vibration??? It is 100 times worse when the air is on. Very sorry I bought it.
Kip on 07/25/2013:
I have a 2011 CRV totally loaded - and although the car works as advertised, there is no way I would buy another. My wife describes it as a cheap car with a lot of options added on as an afterthought - and I think she's right on - compared to our other crossover which she feels much better designed for all the options installed.

I will grant you that the CRV handles well, but the light, flimsy doors and body seem little protection, the underpowered engine that downshifts frequently on the highway, and smaller cabin are only a few of the complaints.

Imagine the clock in a different place on the screen depending on what you have on - my god, that's frustrating when you have to hunt down the clock to find out the time. The audio jack hidden in the center console (I'll bet even when I tell you where it is, it will still take you a few minutes to plug into it).

The GPS is slow to respond.

Only one electric window has auto-down.

The high end audio system sounds cheap. The iPod interface fails to show you the time of the song (nice on a long song) and doesn't scroll backwards and forwards in many of the list views.

Many of these things don't catch your attention until after you purchase.

I am now on the hunt for a crossover with more bang for the buck.
linda on 01/11/2014:
I handed my 02 Rav4 to my 18yr old son and bought a 08 Honda crv for me. Oh my god I have this car. It is flimsy, cheap. And the halo light, angel lights or what ever they are called are so bad. The peripheral on it is bad. I live in the country with winding roads. I am literally scared to drive it at night. I almost hit a jogger that I could not see in the dark. When it rains and the road base is dark, I can not see. And it looks like cars are coming with these type lights now-a-days. I always thought Honda CRV's looked cool. Now that I own one I cringe when I see someone on one. I just look at my son drive my Rav4 and wish I still had it. I would not want him to be stuck with this Honda piece of #@$%. Just my 1/2 cent.
Can't wait to go back to Toyota
Thanks for listening :-)
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