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Honda Odyssey Transmission Failure
By -

EATONTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- The transmission on my 2003 Honda failed at 40,000 miles. Even though I was out of warranty, Honda America agreed to replace the transmission with a new one because I had been complaining for months before that it was defective. When they replaced the transmission, they assured me that the faulty design had been corrected. At 80,000 miles, the second transmission failed even though I had brought it back to the same dealer to complain that the second transmission was exhibiting the same behavior as the first one.

They couldn't find anything wrong but within a month, I experienced a catastrophic failure when the car literally stopped on the highway while I was driving with my daughter. The car completely lost power and stopped but the quick maneuvering of the drivers behind me saved our lives. Honda's answer was that it was out of warranty and would not pay. I brought the car to a local repair shop who replaced the transmission for $3,200.

Please do not buy this van. Honda lied and said the transmission design was changed but apparently not. The National Traffic Safety Board has over 200 complaints of the exact same problem. As an owner of 3 Hondas, I am very disappointed with the product and safety. I will never buy Honda again and will tell all my colleagues to stay away.

Honda Odyssey Transmission
By -

I have 180,000 miles on my 2001 Honda Odyssey and would expect to have had some trouble with it... after all... it is a machine. BUT... at 70,409 miles, the transmission went out. I took it in to the dealer and they replaced the transmission with no questions ask (very nice). The dealer explained that there was a problem with the transmissions and that Honda knew it and extended the coverage on them.

At 70,485 miles, the new transmission failed. It too was replaced... no real shock here... since it only lasted 74 miles. At 180,000, the transmission failed again. This time, no coverage. The transmission cost $3,000. 3 transmissions in 8 years... not very good. The longest lasting 110,000 miles. I would have expected better from Honda. I got nearly 300,000 from my Buick.

2007 Honda Odyssey
By -

The torque converter in my 2007 Honda Odyssey has been replaced multiple times since I purchased it new. It now has 51,000 miles on it. A couple of months ago, the transmission itself was replaced. I noticed the transmission whining and hesitating again in a short time. Today, once again, the dealer "updated" the transmission/torque converter from another recall. I am very dissatisfied with the service and my Honda van.

Honda Odyssey Lemon
By -

What happened at Honda? The carefully crafted image of quality products at a premium price lured me into buying a 2002 Odyssey van. The first winter, the power doors would open mysteriously while in motion in very cold weather, but unfortunately we could never replicate the "magic doors" phenomenon at the dealer. Then this past winter, after less than two years, there was a noticeable lag when shifting into drive. I checked the net and it was full of references to transmission problems.

We called the dealer service, and they suggested it was just the cold weather. My wife left on a trip later that day, only to be stranded hours from home with an immobile van. She called the dealer and was told they couldn't help because it was late on a Friday. Honda paid the towing, wouldn't pay the rental required while we waited for a new transmission. Asked the dealer service if there were reports of transmission problems, dealer said no. 2-3 months later, there was a transmission recall.

Now the van is just over distance warranty, still only 2 1/2 years old. Washer pump has quit, but it is over the mileage warranty. Both front struts are leaking, bushings are gone. $1,200 bill to repair them. The vehicle has been well maintained and lubed, but according to Honda, it is our responsibility (read - we get to pay) because of premature failure of the parts.

To add perspective, we had a Villager minivan for 3 years with no problems, a Grand Caravan for 3 years with no problems, and a Ford Windstar for three years with no problems. Had owned a Honda Accord before, and when we leased it, I asked the sales guy why I should pay a premium for features that the others had and he replied that I had to pay for Honda quality. He was right. I got Honda quality, and apparently I'm still paying.

2001 Honda Transmission "Quality"
By -

MARYLAND -- I cannot believe that Honda would sell such "quality" and I cannot believe that I fell for the hype! I have a 2001 Odyssey and in the last 7 months, we have spent $6,000 to keep it on the road! Just had to have the trans replaced with 123,000 miles for the bargain price of $2,500!! I have no complaint with the dealer but Honda is crap!!!!!

I will never buy another Honda and no one that I can influence will buy one! How does a company that produces this quality (I have found numerous complaints similar to mine) continue to be so highly rated! Wake up folks, we are being sold a bill of goods!

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