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Stole My Truck!!!!!
Posted by on
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Hello. My name is Joshua Martin. I really need someone to help me. I recentlly bought a truck from Honest Ziggy's Used Cars, July 31 to be exact. On August 15tth I took the truck to Lou's Car repair in Cape Coral, for a complete diagnostics test. I was told the I needed a new transmission, and that the check engine light was not in the car. Someone took it out. I also went to K/T transmissons, and received the same answer. So I called Greg, owner, and explained the situation to him. Greg told me there was nothing he could do to help me. At that point I had to call my place of work and ask for a loan to help me pay for the transmission. They agreed to help me. I than called Honest Ziggys, Greg said that I would not have to make a car payment until the loan from Hooters was completely paid off. A week later Honest Ziggys 'accedenty' repoed my truck. On September 11th I got pulled over by a police officer for my tags not being registered. I had to go to the car lot and get a temp tag. On September 16th my car was issued a new tag. On September 17th, Greg called me while I was at work, to ask my when could I start making payments on the truck. On speaker phone in front of my manager Greg agreed with me that I could start making payments on October 9th, when I got paid because the last payment for my loan was to be taken out of my paycheck on the 25th of Sept. Last night, October 1st. my car was repoed once again. This time he will not give me my truck back. I spoke with him at 9 am this morning over and over. He states that I was suppost to pay September 9th...So he took my truck... Now I am stuck without a car. I work very hard, I take care of my 71 yrd old grandmother, PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE. I wrote everything down so that just in case Honest Ziggys would try something. I have receipts, dates, wittnesse s.......... I thank you for your time.
Company Response 06/11/2013:
Conract was followed to the letter of the law.
We are Honest but after several thousand cars,
I am sure one or two bad ones slip through.
Customer had no valid complaints and found out that no laws were broken.
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User Replies:
moneybags on 10/08/2009:
Contact the attorney general's office of Florida. Are car lots licensed in Florida? File a complaint with that authority, too and FILE A POLICE REPORT! Even if the police don't want to, insist!
JR in Orlando on 10/08/2009:
Never buy a car from a place called "honest," and who is Hooters. When you make side agreements, write a letter to Greg and send it certified, return receipt for confirmation of the agreement and his receipt thereof.

Taking the car is not a police matter, because Greg has a contract authorizing him to do so. The "check engine light" I believe is a part of the emission control system. Under Florida Statute 316.2935:
"(1)(a) It is unlawful for any person or motor vehicle dealer as defined in s. 320.27 to offer or display for retail sale or lease, sell, lease, or transfer title to, a motor vehicle in Florida that has been tampered within violation of this section, as determined pursuant to subsection (7). Tampering is defined as the dismantling, removal, or rendering ineffective of any air pollution control device or system which has been installed on a motor vehicle by the vehicle manufacturer except to replace such device or system with a device or system equivalent in design and function to the part that was originally installed on the motor vehicle."

Auto Dealers are licensed by the state. Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
moneybags on 10/08/2009:
I said call the police due to the fraud and tampering. There are crinal laws in all states against fraud and theft by fraud.
JR in Orlando on 10/08/2009:
Moneybags - correct you are. I mistakenly interpreted it to mean that the actual repro was to be filed as theft. Sorry.
David on 06/11/2013:
Manager, Used Car Lot
Always have a mechanic inspect a car, otherwise it
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Buyers Beware!!
Posted by on
NORTH FORT MYERS/CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Purchased vehicle from this dealership in 08. During the year and a half I had it, spent over $2500 in repairs to keep it going. In Honest Ziggy's defense, the problems didn't start til about 6 mo after purchase. When the engine finally blew, I actually went back to Honest Ziggy's because I thought from being a previous customer that they would put me in a good vehicle and give me a good deal. The owner, Greg, had guaranteed me that the truck that I was buying had just had the transmission rebuilt and a new A/C compressor. A mo after purchase, the a/c compressor broke. I had it checked out, it wasn't new. A mo after that, the transmission went out. I took it to Tranny's Unlimited in Fort Myers (whom I highly recommend) and it was found that the transmission had been filled with a gooey substance to keep it from slipping temporarily.

All of the components inside were also original. I called Greg, he told me to just make sure I keep making payments on time. JUNK CARS! STAY AWAY!
Company Response 12/10/2014:
We do not lie to people. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we are not even a member.
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User Replies:
Skye on 10/23/2010:
Do you have his word and guarantee in writing that those parts were new? That's fraud, but unless you have it in writing, it's useless. Apparently honest Ziggy will tell you anything to make a sale, but fraud is against the law. If you have the documentation that the transmission was rebuilt, and the A/C compressor were new, take him to small claims court, and also contact your state attorney generals office. Make sure you also have documentation from where you took the car, where they say none of the above was true.

leet60 on 10/23/2010:
Never buy a used car without having it inspected by a mechanic of your choice. Any dealership or private party that refuses you this option is dishonest and hiding something.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by on
NORTH FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- Buyers beware this is a ripoff dealership. I bought a 2001 Pt Cruiser with my wife so she could have a car to drive back and forth to work. We had this car for 6 days and the clutch went out on it. My wife managed to get it back to the dealership only to find out they refuse to do anything about it.

We have 3 kids and are trying our best to keep our heads above water I think that its ridiculous that people can scam other people like this and get away with it. So again this dealership is a total ripoff so please buyers beware.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/26/2009:
Honest Ziggy's.... that name pretty well sends a red alert.
Sorry to hear of your misfortune.
Soaring Consumer on 06/26/2009:
Is there a warranty in the contract?
mrkwyatt on 06/26/2009:
No unfortunately there was no warranty it was sold as is. But I just cannot believe after only 6 days they refuse to do anything to help. I just had to go have my car towed home from the dealership and all they could do was just gock out the window. This is one of the worst experiences of my life to just be robbed by a bunch of thieves like this.
jktshff1 on 06/26/2009:
Good post, thanks.
Heleric on 11/14/2009:
I just bought a 2001 Ford taurus from there and noticed oil on my garage floor the next morning. Brought it to a mechanic and its going to cost $800 to fix it. I told him what I paid for the car and he said even if I had to put $2000 into the car it would still have been a good deal.

I am paying for the repair and I don't feel I was ripped off at all. You have to remember you purchased a "used car", not a brand new one. They don't have a crystal ball to be able to know what might break on it. The car you bought is 8 years old and a clutch is actually a typical repair on that car.

Again I was not happy to find I needed to spend another $800 to get my car running perfect but I could not possible blame Ziggy's. Besides where else can you go and spend $1500 down and 10% interest, no credit check. And 90 Days same as cash.

I have been buying cars for a long time and in my opinion Honest Iggy's is about the fairest shake you're going to get. Just remember that "no warranty" means just that. If a dependable vehicle for your family was as important as you say it is then you have no business buying an 8 year old car in the first place. Buy a brand new one next time.
old fart on 11/14/2009:
Never buy anything, cars, furniture, caskets, ANYTHING from a place whose name starts with "HONEST"...
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