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Product and Company Non-responsive.
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PENN YAN, NEW YORK -- This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Hoover summing up my experience with the Wind tunnel and the Hoover company. I am writing to inform you of my experience with your product and company that led me to decide never to purchase and/or recommend Hoover to anyone ever again.

Having had a dependable Hoover Elite for 11 years, on 9/21/05, I purchased with confidence a Hoover Wind Tunnel Self-Propelled Ultra (Model U6439-900) to replace the Elite when it needed repair for the 2nd time in the eleven years.

Having used the Wind Tunnel approximately once every 3 weeks for about an hour, it suddenly started smoking and stopped working in December of 2006. Because I was sick, it was a few weeks before I could bring it to a repair place. In looking online for Hoover Service, there were none inside an hour from where I live, so I brought it into a local person just to get an idea of what was wrong. In fact, I brought the Elite in too.

When I went to pick them up, the Elite, just needed a new belt and was returned to me working fine. The Wind Tunnel, I was told, needed a whole new motor and it would cost approximately $179 for the motor alone, not taking into account labor charges to replace it.

Now, the 1-year warranty did indeed expire in September of 2006, however, with just three months over the warranty, it seemed wrong to have a machine that cost $240 break to the point where an entire new motor was needed. Did I expect belts to break? Sure. Maybe even to have some clog problem? Sure again. But for a motor to die completely after such a short time? No way- that screams out bad product.

In an attempt to figure out if the price for the new motor was accurate, I called two Hoover certified vacuum repair shops in the Binghamton area for comparison. When on the phone with the first shop I was told that they no longer service Hoover because of all the problems they have had with the company honoring warranty. They also stated that the Wind Tunnel has been the most frequent broken vacuum that they have seen in a long time.

The second shop essentially stated the same. They still service the machines but would never recommend anyone to buy them. I found these opinions fascinating because I made the purchase based on a Consumer Report recommendation of the product. So, having a hard time believing this, I finally contacted your company on 2/5/07.

The first person I spoke to, was of course sympathetic to my plight but told me since the warranty was up there was nothing she could do. I then asked to speak with a supervisor on the issue.

I asked the supervisor (Alison #8454) if she could extend the warranty and pay for the repair, if I absorbed the cost of shipping the vacuum to an authorized service person (it is a very heavy vacuum and is likely to cost upwards of $30 to ship). She said she couldn’t make that offer without knowing what was wrong with it. She apparently didn’t trust the report from the other vacuum repair shop that the motor was dead. Ironically though, she was willing to offer me an extended warranty plan that would take effect after this repair had been taken care of. When I told her that didn’t make sense, she simply stated that is all she could offer.

I then carefully spelled out the financial loss on my part of her plan. If I understand correct, I would have had to pay S&H to get the vacuum to an authorized service person. If they told me it needed a new motor (and in all likelihood they will), then it would still cost approximately $200 to fix. At that time, I am to call the company and see if they might cover it. If not, and it didn’t sound likely by the supervisors tone, then I would also have to pay S&H and a service charge to have the vacuum looked at and mailed back to me - that is if I chose not to fix it. If I choose to have it repaired then I would be putting in approximately $230 into a machine that one year and 4 months ago cost $240.00.

Now I have to ask myself, what kind of company allows this to be the process after one year’s worth of light use on their machine. The answer seems that it is a company that doesn’t care about its consumer or it’s name or reputation.

I find it horrifying that that state of being a consumer is to be at the mercy of warranty plans because companies no longer want to make good products. If the product is worthy, a warranty plan shouldn’t be necessary within the first several years of use.

So with this said, a copy of this will go to Consumer Reports. I think they should be aware that their Quick Pick Recommendation might be costing consumers a lot more money in the long run. I am also submitting the contents of this letter to My3cents.com and review sites such as Amazon.com and Nexttag.com to warn others on this product and the company service.
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Nohandle on 02/05/2007:
Thank you. I have a Hoover, older than your Elite, and the local vacuum repair shop told me he could sell a half dozen a week if he could get the parts, because of the reputation of the model I have. I'll soon be in the market for a new vacuum and from what you've stated, Hoover is no longer the way to go.

I also wouldn't pay repairs for a vacuum that nearly equalled the cost of a new model. Warranty or no warranty, a vacuum should last longer than a year, especially with the light use you give one. I realize appliances aren't made like they used to be, but this is a little ridiculous. Thanks for letting us know.
bloominmama on 04/23/2008:
I purchased the hoover vac and bought the extended warranty on it I've had nothing but trouble with it. I was not picking stuff up and so they replaced the motor always having trouble with the self propel never working properly. Very dissatified for the money I paid and now that the warranty is up Sears is no help either.
anthrovac on 07/14/2008:
Have had the very same problem with the Hoover WindTunnel. Used very lightly for a little over a year, and it started smoking one day, then stopped working. I see the futility of doing anything now but buying a new vacuum cleaner, and I can tell you it won't be a Hoover!

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Hoover---Could any company care LESS about its customers??
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DENVER -- After having a couple of Shark cordless vacuums fall apart, I decided to pony up and buy the Hoover Platinum Cordless. The vacuum does work well. I decided to buy a spare battery pack (at almost seventy bucks!!) and ordered it directly from the Hoover site.

Right out of the box, it would not hold a charge. No problem, it has a 2-year warranty, right?? Well, TRY to get them to honor that warranty! Their customer service phone number is long distance, so I tried their web site. First, I tried the link to the "Warranty Information" page. Ha! Choosing that took me to a FAQS page with NO warranty info.

They do NOT want you to have their super-secret email addresses, so they force you to use a "contact us" form, which of course gives you NO record of your communication. I posted my plea there TWICE and several days later got a list of Hoover dealers, all miles away. (Is it too much for me to ask them to simply send me a new battery since I bought it directly from them in the first place?)
Of course, the email from them came from a "Noreply" address. What is it with a company that takes so many pains to HIDE their contact info from its customers?

Finally I decided to bit the bullet and pay for a phone call to their customer service number. I listened to the canned voice SLOWLY telling me at least twice to visit their web site to solve my problem (HA!). Finally I was told that they were closed, and to call back during their business hours, "Monday through Friday, 8AM to 7PM EST" Since I was calling at 9:30 Eastern Time on a Friday, THAT was a surprise!

SO---I called the nearest Hoover dealer from the list THEY GAVE ME and asked if I could bring in the defective battery. The guy there was real nice but says that is a part "We cannot get, you have to get those direct from Hoover" He further told me that Hoover is apparently closing most of their service centers and parts are a nightmare.

What a colossal waste of my time! Talk about a nightmare. I am never buying another of their products. They may or may not make good stuff, but there is no reason in this day and age for their "Don't give a damn" approach to customer service.

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BokiBean on 04/10/2009:
Hoover should be ashamed of themselves for making a customer have to jump through hoops like this just to get customer service. They've been around forever, they should know better. I can only think they prefer it like this and it doesn't speak well of them.

I also wanted a Shark myself, but read some reviews and decided to pass..
Rich999 on 08/19/2009:
I had the same experience with Hoover over this vacuum. They really care nothing about customers and WILL NOT stand behind their products. Don't purchase products from them.
grantcv1 on 08/19/2009:
My grandmothe had a Hoover and it lasted forever. When I left home, I remembered that and went and bought my own Hoover - in 1986. It was a nice commercial unit that I got for $123 - solid an d strong. I used to clean my house weekly and yet it lasted till a few years ago when the cord finally gave out and needed replacement. So, feeling that after 20 years it was time for a new Hoover anyway, I got a new one - for $350. What a piece of junk. Pieces break all the time. Everything is plastic and nothing is strong enough to withstand normal use. I vacuum once a month now - yet after a couple years, pieces were already breaking. Its like the vacuum was designed for 24 uses.

I'm not getting another Hoover.
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Products no good any more
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Idiots to take a good company that put out an excellent product, everyone used Hoover product good hard working excellent product now pieces of crap not fit for anyone to use give me the old products strong, durable, if you purchased Hoover you know it was good. you failed yourself and the name of your own company.

But I guess its just money to Hoover now not like the ancestors of the company. You will fall!
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MJGoldfarb on 04/24/2011:
What product(s) are you referring to? More information would help.
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Too Much Too Late With Hoover
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I replaced a carpet machine from Hoover after 16 years of great service. I felt since it lasted so long that my best bet was to do it again. WRONG..

I replaced the old one in April this year, returned in June, got another in July, returned in August and now I have my third, same issues very angry because it fails and then ruins my carpet.

Mt damages are high, 2 rooms of carpets drowned just trying to use the machine for either the first time or the second. I was also forced to spend countless hours trying to return it and in so I was cheated many dollars that I originally spent. This is my last try. I would like to know how to reach them so I can put in a claim for my carpets. I will never buy another after this terrible experience and I tell all that this new machine may seem like a dream since it claims to do so much, but the truth is that it is not capable of sucking any water back up after its original usage. A Vacuum leak of all things that Hoover should be smarter with. It is merely trash and never again could I trust Hoover or the department store where I continued to purchase and return as the price got higher and higher even with the extra insurance I paid for. SO DARN CHEATED HERE..
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Alain on 10/10/2010:
To contact Hoover aka TTI Floor Care North America, 7005 Cochran Road, Glenwillow Ohio 44139 call 800-944-9200 or go to Hoover.com>contact us (bottom of page).
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Appreciate the improvement
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Last month I posted a review on my new kitchen and how badly Whirlpool ignored me. I thought if I take the time to post complaints I should be willing to post compliments too.

I purchased the Hoover upright carpet cleaner because my husband brought home a puppy and I expected to need it.

The product did the job and I was happy wit it until the plastic canister that you fill with hot water started leaking. I went online and found a replacement part that cost me $80 bucks. I wasn't overjoyed but a least it could be fixed. Three months later I had to request a new replacement for the same part.
This is where the compliments come in: They sent me a new replacement part that was rebuilt and better than the first one. This replacement part was $30 and I have had it twice the time of the original part and its still working. Later, Hoover sent me a response asking how pleased we are with the part.

While I will not buy Whirlpool next time I need too I will buy Whirlpool knowing that are concerned about their customer.

Way to build customer loyalty.
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Venice09 on 04/25/2010:
Nice review. Good luck with the puppy!
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I purchased this vacuum less than a year ago. ( It has a one year warranty on it) The roller brush that spins became warped. I contacted Hoover for a replacement brush, their website said the brush was unavailable, but since it was under warranty to take it to the nearest Hoover authorized repair shop for warranty work. I did that, then I got a bill from the repair shop for 49 dollars, ( about half the new cost of the vacuum). I contacted Hoover, and got the run around, finally they bumped my call up to someone in the corporation office. They gave me the run around also.

So the bottom line is, whatever they say in the warranty, which is in their owners manual, is a false statement. I read the warranty back to the corporate executive and she just said, I can't control what a repair shop will charge.. I said well this is warranty work and your company referred me to this shop for repair, so your company should be liable for any cost, ( as it states in the warranty information, Parts and labor)

Needless to say, I'm never going to buy a Hoover product again, and neither should anyone else.
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Rufused to correct mistake
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ROCHELLE PARK, NEW JERSEY -- I went on the Hoover web site to order a part for my Hoover Wind Tunnel. I needed a agitator belt that cost $3.95. I put in the information that is required, name of the cleaner I have, the model number, serial number, etc. I told them I need a agitator belt. A window opened informing me of the part that I needed. I then proceeded to order the part.

The part arrived but it was the wrong part. I sent an email back and was then informed to give them my telephone number to look up my order. They then said, "Once we have that, we will correct the error.

I then get an email back saying that I have to talk to the website manager. I then sent a reply back saying that this is not acceptable that I have to talk to the website manager about this problem. I was given an email in case there was problems and that is what I used. If this site was good enough to take my money, then I see no reason why they can not accommodate me. I was then told that I am addressing issues that do not pertain to this location and that I have to utilize the avenue, by speaking to the website manager, for correction.

I then sent an email informing them that I have never heard of anything to absurd and that customer satisfaction is not their priority.

I have not received an email from them since.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/24/2005:
It's four bucks... How outraged can one be over four bucks.
LegalCollector on 03/25/2005:
Hoover sucks bigtime.
Anonymous on 03/25/2005:
Couldn't you get one from a local appliance store?
Jazzman on 04/01/2005:
Regarding Hoover services, perhaps this may help ease those thoughts when deciding on a purchase. The Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner we purchased through Sears was great! Well, that is for about 6 months anyway. I am mechanically inclined, but this 1 had me skunked. Unbeknown to me, the machines built-in circuit override was defective, causing the motor to shutoff after only +/- 5 minutes of operation. When this occurs, it’s time to wait for 30 minutes, or however much longer the little monster decides to take before resetting itself. This is a strike one level.

I finally decided to get my dollars worth by returning the unit to Sears for repairs. I purchased my first extended warranty--and my last one too! Let’s just do what the salesperson sold us on! Even if it has only a small scratch on it Sir, we will replace the part at your convenience. Loaded the machine up and set out on the direction for Sears. Upon arrival, it only took about 20 minutes to have someone paged to the sales floor, then another 5 minutes to actually see the salesperson. This is a strike 2 level – not looking good for me now, nor is it for Sears either! And Hoover? You shall see as the worst is yet to come.

Salesperson – “Well Sir, you can send it to a Hoover Repair Center for repairs.” I am feeling the final strike rounding the corner now. “I’m not sure you understand. Here is my warranty agreement for this unit.” Starring at the document for what seemed to be an endless amount of time, the salesperson finally said “Well, if you want to Sir, you can leave the unit here and we will try to get it out this week, but you have to pay for shipping costs both ways.” Sheesh! And this is supposed to make me feel 100% satisfied? “No thank you Sir. Considering the additional expenses with shipping and a waiting period to boot, I think it is in my best interest now to purchase a new vacuum cleaner. “Are you looking for the same model Sir? Our display is right over here.” Can you believe Sears actually permits employment with this type of mindset? Does he truly believe he can persuade me to buy another? Do I have STUPID written across my forehead?

The next evening, I was lucky to find an identical vacuum cleaner at K-Mart. (Yes – I said K-Mart, the now co-partner of Sears) As it turns out, this was one of their display units. I made the $100.00 purchase – thinking this was a deal! If something goes wrong with it, then I can use the other for parts! Six months later, the same problem began to surface. Now I know without a doubt that this problem was due to a manufacturing defect. I Emailed Hoover Corporate and cordially described the problem with the unit. They were quick to respond, taking only about a week or so. The response—"We apologize for the inconvenience. Please ship the unit to the nearest Hoover repair center so we may repair the unit at no charge; however, you will be responsible for all shipping costs." Yup! Strike 3 level has arrived!

I took the unit to a local vacuum cleaner repair shop. Yes Sir ree, we see those in here all the time. Have you fixed up in two days. I returned two days later to find they were not so jiffy. They lost the order, but finally found the unit and would have it ready by the weekend. Sorry for the “inconvenience” Sir. Haven’t I heard that inconvenience word somewhere else before?

It's been about a year now and the unit has worked fine since. I must say that both Sears and Hoover did give me that 100% satisfaction: 1) Hoover products, which have been used in our family since my grandmothers first early 20th century Hoover vacuum, will no longer be priority products for this generation. 2) Knowing that I will never purchase another extended warranty - not worth th epaper it's written on! 3) Knowing that Sears and K-Mart had to combine forces to overcome ever meeting me.

For now and always,

scotland on 09/14/2006:
I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HOOVER...I bought my Fusion Bagless (bright red & blue) from Wal-mart last summer,& after about 3 months it started shooting puffs of dust out of it at random intervals...took it back and Wal-Mart was wonderful, got me another, no problem...when that one was about 4 months old I noticed it wouldn't adjust the heighth...waited until X-mas was well over to stand in the returns line... by now couldn't find my receipt, and all they could pull up was the original purchase over 6 months ago, so they said I had to send it to a service center...no thanks, I'll make do...fast forward to this August: pulled it out to sweep and the adjustment assembly completely fell off...no front wheels to hold the front end up off the floor, no moving it whatever!!! I wrote to Hoover at their service addy...got a receipt email ("We received your email & will reply shortly...) the 1st email was a form letter stating they were sorry my experience with them was not satisfactory, they strive to please, blah, blah, no offer of assistance...I write they should give me back a portion of my $138.00 for their obviously defective product...I get no reply...waited 3 weeks & went to Maytag's site b/c they own them...talked to a guy there who was sympathetic and gave me a phone # at Hoover...also found a different corporate addy at Hoover, again no reply...that's where I am today, haven't called them yet...all along I'd been updating an acquaintance who works at Wal-Mart...when I gave her this one, she said to bring it in the next time she worked the service desk & she'd take care of me & get me my refund (it was only $120.00, but I'm rid of it and got money too!!!)so it actually took a connection to fix it...I knew of a Kentucky woman who wouldn't have a Hoover in her home b/c she'd lived through the depression under Herbert Hoover, & I'd thought it amusing...well, I'm in her boat now, I will NEVER have anything to do with them again, but for a different reason...they have shoddy products & they don't take care of their customers!!! Buyers beware...
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