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Hoover Vacuum melted carpet
By -

Hoover Vacuum Cleaners Melt Carpet! This is not just another disgruntled kook blowing off steam because a company he bought from didn't respond to his complaint. This is a serious charge rightly levied against Hoover Vacuum for inadequately warning consumers how their Wind Tunnel vacuum cleaner can literally melt carpet when it lies idle on a staircase rung.

Inadequate Warnings! The owners manual, which I read thoroughly before I even turned the machine on, warns that when vacuuming stairs the unit should be left at the bottom of the staircase and the longer hose (not included, but available at extra cost) should be used- get this – “so as to avoid undue wear on the carpet and to avoid possible injury.” Like I was going to go out and buy an extra long hose after having spent over $300 on what is supposed to be a top flight vacuum cleaner – before using it once! I don't think so.

Absolutely no warning about how the revolving brush creates so much friction induced heat that it will literally melt your carpet the first time out of the box. Being an able bodied male of at least average strength I felt that placing the unit on one stair and holding it steady with the left arm while using the hose attachment to vacuum the stair immediately above with the right arm would work just fine. And it did until I reached the top and noticed to my horror as I looked down that vacuum brush marks had literally been branded into the carpet on at least 6 stairs.

Non-existent Customer Service! The worst part of this saga continued when I tried to reach customer service to complain about the inadequate warning in their user's manual, and inquire as to what they could do about my practically new Berber carpet that was ruined because of it. The usual 10 minute navigation through a series of automated prompts finally brought me to the voicemail of a ** who never had the decency to return any of my calls.

(I had found a carpet company who would replace the damaged carpet on my staircase for about half the cost of the vacuum cleaner and I submitted his estimate in writing.) I only wanted them to cough up the $200 he wanted to fix the damage. I was not asking for a room full of new carpet.

And both times that I complained in writing to the email address given for such, an automatic reply came back saying that my message had been received and that I would be contacted shortly. It never happened. Never, except when I hung on to phone calls that I initiated did I ever get to speak to anyone from Hoover. In fact, the email avenue is a dead end because when you reply to their reply, it tells you not to reply. In other words, all avenues of complaint are basically dead ends.

Fairness Denied! Update: A subordinate of the senior personal who would have had the authority to help me finally called me back on 9/3/09 to deny my claim citing the warning about undue wear in the manual. Undue wear my ass! This machine butchered a like new rug after one use! Said denial of claim occurred after at least a half dozen phone calls/emails from me over the course of over 8 weeks time! All I know is this is no way to treat a customer with a valid complaint. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HOOVER PRODUCT.

Hoover or Bust
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Rating: 1/51

PENZANCE -- I bought a "€œHoover ALYX"€ from Currrys, Penzance in June 2011. I live on my own and use it about once a week. A few months after I bought it, the plastic release catch snapped off but by using my thumbnail I could still make it work, so I put up with it. Then about two months ago, the hose connection to the rigid pipe severed and my best attempts to reconnect it failed but I soldiered on, holding it in place with my hand which made the operation very difficult and with a consequent loss of suction into the bargain. Then finally the electric roller would not remain extended which made operation impossible.

You would think after one hundred years, such defects would be a thing of the past but there we go. So finally I revisited Currys, who after an initial brush off (the assistant said they wouldn't have a record of my purchase which was clearly false and when I persisted without difficulty he gave me a proof of purchase from his computer) he told me I would have to "speak to Hoover". So when I got home I found the warranty (in twenty languages) and rang the number.

After the usual (these days) automated options I spoke to a Customer Service Person who was quite reasonable in manner but gave me a number of "hoops to jump", namely first my own details, then the make and model of machine, then the serial number, then proof of purchase - the latter I didn't have immediately to hand. She said she would transfer me to their engineers, who given the defects, would probably arrange for a replacement, which of course pleased me. However she couldn't transfer me to the engineers department without proof of purchase as her records indicated the machine was out of warranty!

At this I remembered that the proof of purchase given me by Currys was still in the car, so I rang off saying I would ring back. This I did going through the same automated system and being told I was now in a queue. After a relatively short wait a different person answered the phone, so I had to run through all my details again, after which I told her I now had the proof of purchase requested and could she put me through to the engineers as promised?

Now I was told this was not possible and that "they didn't do that". I protested that I had only just been told that would happen to which she replied "there must have been some confusion". She said I would have to send in the proof of purchase for action to be taken. By now I was so worked up I demanded to speak to their complaints department only to be told that "all complaints must be in writing" so here it is for all to see.

Why can't firms with long experience make machines that do the job they claim they will do and if they don't, treat their customers promptly and with respect, to honor their word and put the matter right? It is a pretty basic principle that reputation is fundamental to commercial and economic success.

I shall never buy another product with "Hoover" on the label. The founders of that company must be turning in their graves. Incidentally a Hoover washing machine I bought new broke down a couple of years after relatively light use and has never worked since. The products are lousy, the customer service appalling, the "warranty" useless. Sadly, this company appears to deserve to go to the wall. My advice: stay well clear of "HOOVER"!

Warranty Work
By -

I purchased the Hoover whisper quiet vacuum about 7 months ago and the brush roll seized up. I emailed Hoover and they sent me to one of their authorized service centers for warranty repair. The repair shop said Hoover does not cover the brush roll under warranty. Hoover considers that a "wear item" so they are expected to need replacement. I've had Hoover vacs for over 40 years and have never had to replace a brush roll.

I called Hoover and got the runaround so asked them to send me to the next level of customer service. The representative at level 2 support gave me the same song and dance indicating it's a wear item and is not covered under the warranty. After arguing with her for a while she said they could not cover it under warranty but would send me a brush roll as a courtesy. Meanwhile I have to pay the warranty center for the repair.

I told her that I was very disappointed that they don't stand behind their products and she indicated vacuums these days are not made to last as long. These vacs are also made in China so that tells me all I need to know. I think this will be the last Hoover I buy. After owning them for 40 years, that's a shame.

Tired of being personally injured
By -

I have bought & supported the Hoover vacuum products for over 30 years. However, I am ready to set my with my wind tunnel upright vacuum out for trash pickup! It vacuums carpet well, but I use the attachments just as much as the floor appliance. This vacuum had to be designed by A MAN THAT HAS NEVER USED THIS APPLIANCE!!!!!

The appliance hose is too rigid & far too short. Even with the slightest pull using the extending wands it will pull the whole vacuum cleaner over on the user!! I have had it hit me in the back while bending over; the calf, the shins, the ankles & I AM TIRED OF THE BRUISES!!! It is heavy & hits with a force. Next time I get ready to purchase a vacuum cleaner, I will check this function out personally & Will NOT purchase a Hoover!!!!!

Don't Buy A Hoover Vacuum
By -

We recently bought a Hoover Vacuum, UH70130. We didn't even get a chance to try it out before it picked up a yarn from a rug, wrapped around the beater brush and burned the belt in two. That was probably not a product defect. What followed is ridiculous. I ordered a replacement belt from their website and received a belt that didn't match the original. I managed to get it on, but now can't turn off the beater brush for the hardwood floor.

I called Hoover, several times, and have been told 1) I received the right belt but put it on incorrectly (the replacement belt is about 3" shorter than the original and made of a different material). 2) They've had several complaints on this and a manager would call back (never called back). 3) Another manager would call back (never happened). 4) They have the right belt but can't ship it because they don't have my address. 5) Managers don't take calls. 6) Calls to managers have to wait on hold just like every other call. 7) You can't leave a message for a manager. 8) They have no record of any of my get the idea.

Bottom line, if you need a vacuum cleaner buy ANYTHING except a Hoover! Absolutely the worst customer service and support I have ever experienced...anywhere!

Vacuum Cleaner
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Rating: 2/51

INTERNET, MARYLAND -- We bought it on Internet. The bearing mount was bad. We took it to Hamilton's on Harford Road in Baltimore for repair. It was returned to us without the nozzle control knob. I phoned Hoover's main office. They offered to have the missing part sent to us to install ourselves. I told them "NO". It is up to them to put it in. They said they will do so. We'll see.

Hoover vacuum horrible service, machine
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Rating: 1/51

USA, WISCONSIN -- 4 month old vacuum told 3 days to fix. It's now 3 weeks and sent me a new one, not here yet sent it out 5 days ago, going to be a month without vacuum. I have 2 year warranty, and they sent to wrong place. Seems they don't give darn. Don't ever buy one from Shopko or any Hoover Whirlpool or Maytag, as that are all owned by same company.

Designed to fail and a worthless warranty
By -

Thinking it was a quality product I bought a Hoover; within 3 months the brush roller had broken loose from its cheapo plastic guides. Since it has a THREE YEAR warranty I took it in to be fixed. Imagine my surprise: the roller brush is specifically excluded from the warranty! The repairman told me that since they moved to China (!) they don't honor their warranties anymore. I'll NEVER buy a Hoover product again.

Windtunnel Vacuum Cleaner
By -

I spend more time putting the belt back on than I do vacuuming. No more Hoover products for me.

Plastic China Junk
By -

Do not buy, vacuum has excellent suction however after my one year warranty expired, the plastic junk began to break. First the handle broke which is attached with plastic rivets imagine trying to vacuum holding onto a pole. Second, also put together with plastic rivets, the container were you discharge the dirt the plastic rivets broke on that. Now I have to tape the lid so that the dirt does not fall on the floor. But, I guess the fact that it was made in CHINA speaks for itself.

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