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Condoning overcharge
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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I had health insurance with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon). In network outpatient lab work was provided by Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (Labcorp). Due to the limitations of the policy, there was a limit of $500.00 per year for this benefit. During October 2010, I visited my primary doctor, blood was drawn and sent to Labcorp. Horizon was billed for four (4) tests - two (2) were paid in full, one was paid partially and the last was not paid. The Explanation of Benefits sent to me did not show the remaining balance for outpatient testing.

For the partially paid test, Horizon was billed at $104.00, allowed amount $20.21, paid $1.85. The last test was billed at $66.00, allowed amount $11.68, not paid. When this first started, I offered to pay the unpaid contract amounts of $30.04 - not accepted. I see no reason why I should pay more than five times the contract amount for a test. Also, I have not worked since January 2008 and can't afford to pay $66.00. If you have Horizon for health insurance or any other health insurance that uses Labcorp as the exclusive outpatient testing service, then you should look for new insurance or if employer provided ask for new insurance.

If enough of us stop using Labcorp and the insurance companies that cater to this company we could put them out of business. Provide feedback to government agencies; Federal Trade Commission shtml, call 877-382-4357 or visit to file a complaint online. FBI To find a local field office and drill down to the division to find the local office closest to you or use the online form https://tips.

US Postal Inspection Service ** or call 877-876-2455. For NJ start at In New Jersey contact NJDOBI at ** (insurance form). For Consumer Affairs download the form at ** and mail. For other states find the state website or check the phone book for government listings. If you have already posted here, contact the agencies listed above.

Blue Cross of FL Are Crooks and Deny Responding to Corpore & US Dept of Labor
By -

I was in their plan through my company as a supplement in 2009 and it was a PPO but they put me in an HMO and when I figured this out in June 2009 they told me I was going to out of network hospitals and doctors. I verified before I even signed but but they made the error and have lied to me, passed me to another claims processor who wasn't a Supervisor, they won't send me corrected EOB's for 2009, the Area Manager won't return calls. I have the US Dept of Labor involved and they don't reply to their calls either. As far as I'm concerned they need to be investigated by the Federal Government for non compliance of paying claims.

I was told by someone that worked for them at one time that at the end of the day if they haven't finished the claims, they shred them so they deny to the patient/client that they never received them. We have caught them with a done right light but they are crooks, plain and simple and I paid out $13,000 in 2009, a little over $5,000 was in network and not doctors and as of 7/26/10 they still tell me that I haven't reached the out of pocket maximum because they were miss processing claims and only applying a certain percentage to my out of pocket which is illegal. Whatever don't sign up with these people. They are crooks and you will resent it.

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