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Watch Out For Non Refundable Fee!!
Posted by Fourknapps on 02/21/2013
I recently booked a motel room through this company for the Super 8 hotel in Monroe, WI. NOT a hotspot where people are clamoring to go in February! I was there to watch my child perform in a competition. I was unable to attend and when I cancelled my reservation still have the nonrefundable fee of 20.99 charged to my credit card. They certainly didn't save me a TON of money when booking the reservation. My fault for not reading the fine print....
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-21:
Whenever you book a hotel/motel, regardless of directly or through a third party (I assume hotelrate charged this fee), it would be wise to check the cancellation policy. I do, just in case something comes up.

Many establishments charge a fee for cancellation in the last 24 hours, etc. It sounds like this third party may assess a fee, which I don't find surprising - they afforded a service, which you used. Just my .03, based on what you reported. The key thing is that it is stated in the terms and conditions, which it appears to be.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-21:
I agree with Trmn. They booked the reservation for you, and they handled the cancellation. Aren't they entitled to something for the services they provided? $21 dollars in this case, sounds like a deal to me.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-02-21:
Yeah 21 bucks to me is a steal! The majority of these 3rd party websites wont let you cancel PERIOD. usually, its tough luck, we got your money and not getting it back.
Posted by saj80 on 2013-02-22:
I still don't understand the use of third party booking sites. Rooms can be booked directly at Super8.com, and their cancellation policy is very reasonable. I would like to know how much of a "discount" this third party site was offering, because while I use them for comparison purposes, I have rarely found a rate that was substantially better than the rate offered on a direct site.
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Beware Hotel.com
Posted by Redell3067 on 02/02/2013
WEST CHESTER, OHIO -- I too made the mistake of booking with Hotel.com. First, we found a room at what we thought was a good price and a free night. When we got our receipt we noticed they raised the price per night by $24.00 then they applied the hidden fees. Turns out their hidden taxes and fees are about double the other companies providing the same service. What hotel.com specializes in is lies and deception. A week later we discovered our mistake concerning the dates. We tried to change the reservation, which is still 3 months out. Next, hotel.com told us the HOTEL required a cancellation fee of two nights. The reservation was for 5 nights so the cancellation fee should be less than half. Not with these folks. Next we tried to confirm the correct dates. Now hotel.com wanted to charge the full price with no incentives.

We went to Travelocity.com and booked the SAME hotel for the SAME dates with incentives and lower prices. With Travelocity.com there would not be a hidden for changes or cancellation unless it fell within 2 weeks before the date. So when hotel.com said it was hotel policy do charge the excessive fee and other companies booking with the SAME hotel have no fees then we must conclude that the folks at hotel.com are liars. In conclusion we learned that hotel.com tries to cheat the customer during the initial reservation. Hotel.com lies about so called hotel policies in order the cheat the customer even more. Hotel.com then uses fuzzy math to cheat the customer out of more money if there is a change.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from these folks.
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Posted by C_tyrell on 01/04/2013
I booked a hotel with Hotel-rates.com. The agent suggested a hotel in my price range. I asked him if when I get there and I'm not satisfy with the hotel, can I be re-booked at another hotel. He responded yes.

Well, I didn't like how the hotel looked and called to be re-booked and was told that cannot happen. I asked to be refunded and was told that a call review had to be done to check if there was any agent error. I was sent an email saying there was no agent error therefore, I cannot be refunded. I called back and was told that I cannot be transferred to that department. In the course of the conversation, the agent hanged up on me. I called back a week later, since the issue wasn't resolved and got the same run around. It's been almost a month and the issue still not resolved.

I will never use this service again!
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Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-05:
With respect, it sounds as if it may have been resolved just not to your liking.

Did you end up staying at this hotel or did you go somewhere else?
Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-05:
Mistakes like this happen all the time. The consumer hears an answer to their question and assumes things in the answer that is not there. Let me give you an example. Suppose I buy a new car and I ask the salesman if I can bring it back in 30 days and get a different car if I find that I do not like the car I am purchasing. The salesman can truthfully say yes you can. I "assume" that I will get full credit for all monies I paid for the car I am returning. That was never told to me. All I was told was that I could bring the car back. The salesman would handle it like any other sale involving a trade-in. Your situation is the same. You asked if you could rebook if you were not satisfied. Yes, you can rebook, but you still must pay for the original booking. Consumers should not take anything for granted in an answer to a question. Ask the proper questions to satisfy yourself so that this does not happen to you in the future.
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Worst place I ever stayed at!
Posted by Loiscwright on 10/24/2012
COLUMBIA, MISSOURI -- Fix the Jacuzzi or stopping offering it as the a benefit. Fix the leaky tub faucet. make beds with fresh towels daily. replace the broken TV/ remotes. Put screens in the windows. make sure all the pubic hair is out of tubs from previous guests. clean dust bunnies from ceiling. stronger internet. put kleenex in each room. Fix broken air conditioners and housing units. replace the electric plug faces.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-25:
This place sounds like a dive. I hate it when I find pubic hair in the tub or anywhere else at a motel.

Looking at TripAdvisor, the reviews are divided between a bunch of very positive ones and a somewhat smaller number of very negative ones. I can't understand the wide variation, as the majority of reviews appear legit at a glance.
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Posted by Jwjkmj on 07/05/2012
RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA -- The Alex Johnson was chosen because it was an interesting place and an Ascend Choice hotel, we are Choice members. We had booked 4 nites as Rapid City was home base for vacation. After checking in, no bell man, and you have to park a city block away on top floor of parking garage no cover and no elevator we decided to cancelled 1 of our days, to leave early. The staff was great and allowed us to check in early. After unpacking we set the antique ac unit on cold and left to sight see. When we returned to room our suite was still hot. we called the desk and finally a maintenance man appeared to clean the ac long story short when we decided to leave the GM appears and after several attempts to find a room with working ac we were given new rooms. My 15 yr old son loved getting his own room, instead of being in the 2 room suite we originally booked. This was week 2 of our vacation, with several stops all but one a Choice Hotel. So in the future we will book the Choice hotels with the great rates and services and not the high priced ones ($139 a nite - booked months in advance with choice discount)

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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-06:
The Hotel Alex Johnson, built in 1928, garnered some publicity when it was featured on the Ghost Hunter's TV show in 2011. While I'm not sure about the ghosts, I did notice extensive renovations in progress shown in the show. I'm guessing that the work is still in progress. It's probably a fun historic dwelling if you want to accept some of the drawbacks of an older building.
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Wedding Rip off!!
Posted by Misiok on 04/23/2012
GALVESTON, TEXAS -- To whom it may concern:
I recently had the misfortune to stay at the Hotel Galvez along with family and guests who were attending my daughter’s wedding. 
We pre-paid for rooms in January 2012 with a contract calling for 10 ocean front rooms all on the 5thfloor.  When it came time to check in, rooms were scattered over two floors with only one ocean view room.  We were informed by two of our guests that they were charged $515 for a room that we had already paid for.  Those guests were put into a financial situation because the Hotel Galvez completely mismanaged my reservations.  Two rooms for our guests had no air conditioning and we were told by maintenance that the hotel had 200 rooms without AC.
The Honeymoon Suite, again at over $500 a night, had a tub that didn’t drain, and when the issue was called in to the front desk I was hung up on and the problem wasn’t solved.
For our daughter’s reception we purchased the four hour ‘Gold Package’.  Our food came covering both ends of the spectrum, either under cooked and bloody or shoe leather dry.  Of the 5 chicken dinners ordered only 2 arrived and that was twenty minutes after everyone else had been served. The children were lucky to share those, I suppose?
We were under the impression that this would ensure that the reception would not run out of basics such as bottled beer.  My guests were then served beer from the bar in cans… which they then found out from security, was not allowed on the premises.  Some of my guests were rudely told to leave the premises because they held canned beer served by hotel staff.  
While a guest at the Hotel Galvez, I was tending to so many issues related to rooms and catering I didn’t have time to have photos taken with my daughter.  
Since I cannot find resolution from the Hotel Galvez directly, I’ll take my issue to social media in hopes that someone other than the disinterested hotel manager reaches out to help sort out these issues.  Since the Hotel Galvez thinks that Facebook is the wrong place to air this issue I feel is in my best interest to inform as many people as possible in an effort to save others from having their special days ruined.
While I can and do understand that not every event will go flawlessly, I cannot accept that so many things were wrong with our event and that between issues with security, catering, the front desk and post event, hotel management, I will continue to spread the word that the Hotel Galvez of the Wyndham chain leaves guests with empty wallets and hollow promises once the contracts have been signed.
 Richard Oakes
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-24:
The reason so many of these places get away with the things they do, is because no one usually does anything about it. I hope you follow through, and also return to keep us updated. Good review.
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Hidden Fees
Posted by Theannbug on 02/18/2012
AUBURN, CALIFORNIA -- I used hotel-rates.com to book a room in Auburn CA online. Once the reservation was made with a credit card purchase, the amount was almost $30 more than what the quote was. I called hotel-rates.com customer service number and asked why it was higher than the quote. They said the extra fees involved raised the price. I asked for a break-down of these fees. The CS representative asked me to hold and she came back explaining there was a $19.99 booking fee added. I asked them to remove this fee, that there was no indication of any extra booking fee when I made this reservation. They claimed that the extra fee would be refunded to my credit card within five business days. I am not holding my breath to see this refund but will definitely be checking to confirm this fee is removed. I would recommend anyone using this Hotel-Rates.com service to double check the charges after making reservation OR better yet, use another booking service!
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Posted by oldisgood on 2012-02-19:
Can some please explain why you use these 3rd party booking sites? I have always booked with the Hotel chain website and have compared that price with the 3rd party price, and the hotel website has always come out cheaper and I get the hotel I want. Also, I can cancel the reservation if I need too. I do not get the Nonrefundable price, ever.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-02-21:
When trying to book for a week in florida, the booking site provided a slew of rooms in a few minutes. Located in places all over Miami. On the other hand, 2 hours of looking, reviewing, comparing and checking complaints - got me a great place at a great price located on a great beach. And by going direct I got everything back when I unfortunately had to cancel the trip.
I too do not get it.
Posted by Annoyed on 2013-03-24:
This site is a ripoff. I accidentally booked with them thinking I was booking online directly with the hotel. The taxes and fees are 36% if the total room fee!! Not worth it. Don't use them.
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Be aware
Posted by Stevenalanstahl on 02/13/2012
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I googled 'hotels near sky harbor airport with shuttle service'. I found a good selection of hotels with airport shuttles and after making a selection, I clicked 'book'. I was sent a email detailing my choice and it was then that I learned I was charged a booking fee: $25 which was 1/3 of the cost of the hotel. I'd like to know that before I commit my credit card. from now on if I use their site, I'll make my choice and then contact the hotel directly to book the stay. I do not like being flim-flammed on the internet.
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Posted by new57 on 2012-02-13:
good and valid review
i checked their site and it says under faqs there are no charges.
thanks for the heads up
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Stay away from Myrtle Beach's Hotel Blue
Posted by Southern Gentleman on 09/24/2011
We live a couple hours inland and enjoy going to Myrtle Beach, SC for shopping, great seafood and good entertainment. My wife and I made a last minute decision to come down to see a show at the Alabama Theatre. Our usual hotels were booked and I made a reservation at Hotel Blue at 708 S. Ocean Blvd. Big mistake. I don't remember ever staying in such a dump. The room is very spartan with no carpet (Probably a blessing considering how filthy the hallway carpets are), worn out furniture and a mattress that should have been replaced years ago. The ice machine is of the bin type with bulk ice in it. There is an ice scoop laying in the ice so the germs from dirty hands transfer to the ice, a definite health department no-no. The ice bucket has no plastic bag or insert so ice must be put into the ice bucket (who knows what was in it last?)
I guess this is not really a complaint but I want my friends at My3Cents.com to be aware of this place if they ever come to Myrtle Beach.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-09-24:
Thanks for the heads up.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-24:
I use AAA religiously for reviewed places to stay. If I did not, I would use the internet. TripAdvisor has 388 reviews on this place:

You always have to read between the lines on these sites. Personally, I would not stay at this place after reading the reviews. Some of the bad ones are pretty bad.
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Customer Service Hell
Posted by 113 on 08/24/2009
Ok, To whom it may concern. 8-24-2009
Sun. 23.2009, I've spoken to reps Keith, Chad, Supervisor Julie, representative Iam, Vanessa, Supervisor Sari, and the 2 booking reps that gave me incorrect information about the hotel in the booking process. Mon 8.24.2009 reps Nathaniel and Boris., supervisor Eve. Phone has hung on on me 5 times during this process and it is virtually impossible to get a supervisor or any competent agent to handle the matter at hand.

Matter at hand - I booked a hotel where I was told the room was a special suite with a fireplace. When I arrived it was a king basic room. Upon calling down to the front desk, the clerk alerted me that no room in the entire hotel had a fireplace. I decided to leave, called back the same line it was so easy to get through to take my money, and this is where the nightmare began.
Above is a condensed version of the hell.

As a long standing customer, I am sending this note to put you on notice,
that the "delights" of this experience will be going out to the masses in blog, form, and I hope no one ever has to deal with the type of treatment I went through.
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