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Absolutely Ridiculous!! Number to call (417) 890 - 2078 Ask for Linda
Posted by on
I just booked a hotel reservation online today. I realized there was a $24.99 fee for booking but thought that was how they would make money because they were getting me the hotel room at a lower rate. BIG MISTAKE! After making the reservation and contacting the hotel to confirm that it was accurate, I was told by a hotel worker they charge the same price per nite as but without the extra taxes and the 24.99 service fee. I ended up spending way more money. When I realized this I was outraged. I attempted to call the number on my itinerary that was listed for Well convenient for them, it was out of service. After a ton of investigating online, I found this number for a woman named Linda who claims to be a manager. Please call it if you have had similar experiences and let her know how dissatisfied you are. She seems to think that her and this company are doing nothing wrong but they are making thousands of dollars per day by ripping off innocent people like us. Here is the number (417)890-2078
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 04/10/2011:
VH...another reason to book direct.
trmn8r on 04/10/2011:
I wouldn't call long distance to tell this woman she is ripping people off, for the simple reason that her business seems to be built on that concept. In other words, I think she is aware.

This is helpful for others who might assume they are getting a good deal.
getoverit on 04/10/2011:
Why did you think that the $24.99 fee was going to get you a better rate? Did in some way represent that they would get you a better rate than if you booked directly?
Anonymous on 04/11/2011:
This is why you should do your homework and shop around various sites BEFORE you book. I don't see what this company did wrong. They offered you a service, you agreed, and paid for that service. If you find out AFTERWARDS that you could have saved money, well I see that's no one's fault but your own.
unhappy999 on 04/11/2011:
That's how they make their money, by charging more for the rooms. You're always better off booking travel arrangements directly than going through the third party sites that can't help you when you have a problem.
getoverit on 04/11/2011:
I don't know unhappy. Sometimes (definitely not always) you can get better rates from a travel site. Plus, hotels often have no-change no-cancel policies of their own.

So, it CAN be better to use a travel site but you have to do the comparisons before you commit. Travel sites sometimes have price guarantees but, having read some of the complaints about those, I don't even look at those.
MzC on 01/13/2013:
Lol... Its no different than having h and r block do your taxes and get a small commission or % of the cost.. Its was services do and have always done.... DURRR
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StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star - Ripoff!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- I made a reservation for Days Inn West Nashville online ($69.99) per night and was charged $186 something. Way more than just taxes. Per, they could not breakdown the $42 difference because the hotel "tells" them what to charge. However the hotel couldn't break down the charges because I booked through No one to speak to personally and no way to contact except email through their website. They could only send me an invoice through email but not broken down because "they don't know the breakdown". What a rip-off.
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User Replies:
Ralph on 03/12/2014:
Wasn't the rate shown to you before you accepted? Was there a charge for parking? Wi-fi? Breakfast?

Another reason to book directly with the hotel (in my experience I've never paid more on a hotel's website than a 3rd party vendor charges, and in several cases it was much cheaper using the hotel's website and a much more liveral cancellation policy).
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Hotel Room From Hell
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BERKLEY, CALIFORNIA -- Arrived at nine in the evening. What a shock. Looked like a flea pit. Dirty carpets tiny room, enough for half a person horrible, horrible place. Scratched like hell when we left. $114.00 down the drain.

Won't use this reservation place again
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Deceptive Business
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Booked a room thinking I was dealing with Best Western directly. Was not told who I was dealing with until the end of the call. I wanted to cancel at that point and they refused and the run around began. I will be filling with the BBB.
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Hotels-Rates is not a deal!
Posted by on
I booked a room with Hotels-Rates, without doing my homework. I know, shame on me. They claim to have the best rates, but charge a service charge, just for booking through them. I found I could have gotten a better deal, and without this service charge!

I called to inquire about the service fees, and possibly cancel. Finding a number to call was nearly impossible. The only number available was in my email, not on their website. Once I finally got a hold of somebody, they were extremely rude to me. On top of being rude, I asked to speak with a manager, but the girl told me she was it. Disappointing to find that a company would have such rude people in the customer service department! This has been an awful experience!

I just hope that I can save someone some time, money and grief. DO NOT BOOK through HOTELS-RATES. (This is not to be confused with hotel-rates! They are pretty tricky, don't you think? One has an s in the name.)

I repeat, DO NOT BOOK through HOTELS-RATES!

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User Replies:
Racquetman on 07/09/2009:
I totally agree with this post. customer service "manager" is rude and offensive. Lousy, lousy company.
Chris on 06/11/2013:
Agreed, they stink and overcharge! I ended up paying $25 more than every other site because of their fees. I thought I was booking with so trusted the price they showed. Don't be snookered!
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False information to mislead consumer
Posted by on
LA, CALIFORNIA -- I make a hotel reservation through website a month ago. The hotel description of the hotel I pick on the webpage clearly stated that the rate includes Room and Taxes on a Single full-Sized bed room. However, after I check in the hotel on the day I reserved, I found out the rates was more than it was shown on the webpage. I contact Hotels-rates regarding the issue, they insist that it was nothing wrong on the information show on the webpage and they send out confirmation with the rate after my reservation process. I point out that it was too late to cancel the reservation after I make the booking process and the booking fee had been charged at that moment if I see the confirmation rate is different. In other words, they provide false information on the website to mislead consumer to buy their produce/service, they would not care the customer will end-up pay more to the third party. I send email to them with a copy of reservation page with the "mislead" information that I print out on the day of booking to prove the case, I never received any feedback from them. ]

What kind of service HOTELS-RATES.COM provide to consumer!!!!??? Justice...would you willing to buy service from them after you read this review.
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Anonymous on 10/29/2007:
Good info to know. A number of these third party sites are under the gun right now for doing what they did to you. They show a $100.00 airfare, you buy it and you get a confirmation for $150.00. They got you because they have run your credit card and demand a small fortune to change or cancel. It's a real scam being run on consumers by the third party travel sites. Book with airlines and hotels direct, rates are often better and you can make changes without getting screwed over. (VH)
Doe3001 on 10/29/2007:
I agree third parties are scamming people in many ways. Read my profile to learn some of thr tricks they use.
Janet Acklin on 04/27/2013:
Booked with at a Days Inn in Perry Fl. Rate shown was $66.00 after booking it came back at $97.00. $66 plus tax and $24 bed fee. At the hotel I asked manager was rate was if book direct it was $59 $10 tax and bed tax. Also his hotel was a dump, pool was closed, ice machine did not work. Over all not a nice place.
johnrockaway3267 on 08/10/2013: aha (also hiding as)internet programming inc. Of Springfield, MO. Uses deceptive practices if you have a run-in with them you should file complaints with the Missouri BBB and attorney generals offices and get the word out so others won't fall prey to their scams.
Jackie Kaye on 08/28/2013:
I booked through Hote-rates at a Days Inn. They gave aprice of $59 which transmuted into $89 when "Fees and tax" were added. When I arrived at this hotel, I was told their rate was $49!
Hotel-Rates refused me a refund. A total rip off and the first time I used them and the last!
Do NOT use this web site.
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Posted by on
Used once to book a nights stay in St. Louis. When I checked out the front desk would not provide a receipt, when I called I was told that they would only fax me one - no emails, etc.

Bad news folks - stay away!
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User Replies:
msnanny on 11/15/2007:
That's actually a common practice. The hotel can not provide you a receipt because technically, you did not pay them, did.
Ben There on 11/15/2007:
You did not pay the hotel, you paid so the hotel does not know exactly what you were charged and should not give you a receipt with the net amount. Just like most other retail organizations, online travel sites buy products at a bulk or discounted rate then sell them on to the consumer at a marked up price that may or may not be cheaper than what the hotel is selling directly to customers. When you buy anything online, you should print the confirmation as that is often your receipt. It is a bit weird that they could not email you another one, but that might just be because travel had passed.
osmosis on 11/16/2007:
I asked for a receipt from and was told that it could be faxed only. I don't have a fax! The email I received when I booked it will not suffice for a legal receipt as its only proof I booked it.

Interesting that the confirmation can be emailed but not a receipt.

Also, beware of the in house restaurant at the Crowne Plaza. I signed a charge to my room for $19.49 at the restaurant and was charged $27.19.

Mr Happy on 06/25/2008: is the WORST. On Saturday I booked a room for the following Tuesday. My host changed my plans so I needed to cancel the reservation. Hotels-Rates couldn't give me a confirmation number when I called to cancel, and then said they couldn't reach the hotel to get a number. Promised to send an e-mail with confirmation number but that never happened either. They require 48 hour cancellation notice (and still charge a $25 cancellation fee) and if you cancel less than 48 hours in advance, YOU LOSE THE ENTIRE COST OF THE ROOM - NO REFUNDS. RIP-OFF.
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