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Movie Ripoff
By -

I bought a movie from this company for 14.95 with free shipping... When I received my master card bill, I noted charges of 19.95 & 1.00 over the price of the movie.. I called, they said I agreed to a membership in their movie sale... Come to find out this is a monthly charge... pretty good scam eh... They cancelled my membership but no return of money... DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COM. IT'S A SCAM...

Scam, fraud and theft
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Rating: 1/51

Charged my account for an order I placed, then didn't even have it in stock, and still charged my debit card. They say that they don't charge the card until the movie (item) has been shipped. They don't even have the movie in stock. Why are they charging my account for something they don't have and they even say that they won't charge until item ships. If anyone can put these people in jail for theft, then do it.

Big mistake
By -

DO NOT buy anything from them, they will enroll you in 2 different "savings clubs" then you have to call these clubs on the phone and waste your time. Its worse than Timelife or the old school BMG penny a cd thing.

Upset of not being able to get on the website without a 19.95 dollar membership
By -

I think it is pretty nasty of a company to let you view their website for a certain amount of time then telling you don't have permission to enter into the website without any explanation. But just to tell you that you don't have the permission to go into the website, that is an error.

Advertisement is TOTAL SCAM RIPOFF!
By -

First of all, they sent me the wrong DVD - a much cheaper copy than advertised. THEN they charged me ten dollar monthly on my credit card without my approval and no product received for it. I CANNOT BELIEVE THERE IS NOT A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THESE FOREIGN CROOKS. I could not get anyone to talk to that could articulate English. They stole from me and many many others. How do they sleep at night?

Total Scam - Beware - Stay Away
By -

Please do not buy anything from this company and if you do, be very careful. This is my story of a very frustrating day I had yesterday that included 3 hours on the phone. Yesterday I sat down to do some online banking, update checkbook and pay bills. I receive most of my bills online instead of on paper, so I must admit I have neglected really looking at them in detail. Well, big mistake. I just happened to thoroughly check out the charges on my credit card. I came across this weird 9.99 charge from a company called Upon a little more research I noticed that this company has been deducting this 9.99 from my account since Sept 2007.

It was just such a small charge, I guess it never threw up a red flag. I called the company and asked what the charge was and how they got my credit card information. The first 10 minutes of the call, the representative kept avoiding my question and insisted in telling what a great service I was getting with my membership. I finally had to get very rude and yell at him to tell me how this charge got on my credit card. He finally told me that when I purchased a movie in Sept 2006 (yes I said 2006, 1 ½ years ago) from HotMovieSale it automatically signed me up for a membership at SmartSavingsCenter.

I was so mad I thought my head was going to explode. I told him (in a very loud voice) that I never gave them permission to charge anything on my card. And most importantly WHY would they start this so called membership charges 1 year after my purchase. I am sure they do this so people like me miss the charge until it has already cycled on your account a few times.

He told me that he would refund $30 of the $80 dollars they have deducted from my account. I told them that I had already talked to my credit card company and they are ready to dispute the charges, I just need to say the word to get the ball rolling. In addition I told them I was going to report them to the BBB and find some federal department that I can file a fraud report.

The representative put me on hold for a second time, then came back on the line and told me he would refund my entire $80. I asked for a cancellation number and a refund confirmation. I was told it would be e-mail to me in 24-48 hours. As of 10 pm tonight I have not received any e-mail. I will give them to Monday, and if I don't hear from them, then jump back into this horrible situation with both feed. I know this is long winded, but I wanted to inform everyone I can about this scam and hope I can save someone the trouble I had to go through.

Big Rip-off!
By -

I found on Google and noticed the DVD I wanted was cheaper than all of the rest of them. I had my dad buy it on the computer on AUGUST 6, 2007. It's OCTOBER 12, 2007... no DVD. I had my mom call them and they said what I paid for was a membership. There was no indication of it whatsoever. They said they sent a clear notification to my dad's e-mail, but they didn't. Now the $15.00 is gone, and no DVD. **The DVD was The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Sweet Suite Victory.**

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