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House.com is a sham!
Posted by HBvalleygirl on 03/22/2006
CALIFORNIA -- House.com is a complete sham.I went against my better judgment and signed up being promised legitimate leads, actual people that are looking to buy houses in my area, and what I got was numbers and e-mails that no one answers (not even a voice mail) and the ones I did get a hold of were very surprised that I had got there number and were indeed not looking for a home,one lady told me she was browsing the net and that might have been how she got involved but she was most definitely not looking for a house or would she be in the future.One guy laughed because he thought it was funny that they had him down as wanting a home for almost a million dollars and that he specified that he needed three bathrooms. Of course he told me he doesn't know how they got his number and information.All involved said they would also state this to House.com BUT there so-called customer service hung up on me and said there was no way I can cancel because I'm in a contract with them.Seems to me that contract was for real leads not phone numbers and names bought from other websites or phone book.I would be better off cold calling on doors!

DON'T FALL FOR HOUSE.com they are a sham!I have reported them to consumer affairs in North Carolina and to the Better Business Bureau.I guess that's all I can do!
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-23:
Why are you not using a realtor for a million dollar house?
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Leads are really old and worthless
Posted by Wsmith1213 on 04/29/2006
I got two seller leads today from these people, one has been on the market for about a month, the other has been on for over two and a half months. This means theyre sitting on their leads since your paying on a pewr lead basis with these guys. I would stay far away from any company that is pay per lead, they'll give you what you pay for and save the rest for the next billing cycle.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-04-30:
Are you an agent looking for potential seller leads?
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