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Motherboard/Battery Problems
By -

Purchased a laptop from a Wholesale company on 02/09/09 along with a 3 year service agreement. On December 8, 2010, the fingerpad begin to get hot and began to melt, only power was from the battery. The only way to stop it from melting was to take the battery off. I called the service company and was told to send the laptop, battery and recovery disks back to their company. They received the computer on December 17th. I was told that the motherboard was bad and then they were having problems finding parts for the laptop as HP no longer manufactured that particular part.

I sent an email to the CEO at HP because I felt that there was no way that the motherboard should have failed in less than 2 years. He turned my information over to the headquarters in California. I received a call from a gentleman out of California, however, I was told that there was nothing that they could do because my 1 year warranty had expired. He offered to fix the problem but at a price. I paid over $700 for this laptop that did not last even 2 years. I felt cheated for the amount of money spent out for the purchase. I continued trying to find out what was going on with my laptop and felt as if I was being given the runaround.

Finally on January 11, 2011, I received my laptop back. It appears that some parts from a lower model was used in the repair of my laptop. I was not told this but I received an email thanking me for purchasing a "1135nr" computer. To this day, I have not been contacted about using other parts to repair the laptop. I was/am very disappointed in HP and feel that they no longer stand behind the product that they manufacture.

This was my work computer as I own my own business and needed for my business. I have 3 computers in my home (all HP) because I thought HP was a brand that you could trust. I will no longer purchase any computer/printer from HP as any of the 3 begin to be replaced. As of now, I will tell anyone to beware of HP products because the quality just wasn't there.

Customer Service and Tech experience
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- After about 6 weeks of having my touch screen laptop it started to overheat and shut down by itself. When it was turned back on it gave an error message 900D - that the cooling fan was not working then computer shut back down then turn back on and the computer was went to the windows desktop this time a USB error device was not properly installed but there was not installed into any of the USB ports and now the touch screen was not working. I called HP about the computer and gave me the run around because no one seem to know there policy.

Finally I found out after receiving a case manager that the policy is I have to return the computer within 21 days of purchased to get my money back or to get a new laptop. I was explaining to then that I only had the laptop for a short amount of time that I should not have to sent this computer to be fixed that I should receive a new one they told me no then I asked well then I want my money back once again no. While over the phone with the case manager he was very rude because he did not care that my wife was using this computer for her job he words were well I don't see how that problem will get you computer fixed.

So I contacted the web site to speak to a CEO and I got someone from corporate and once again it was the same thing they were just like the case manager, not caring about their customers. I finally sent in my computer to be fixed and instead of 7 to 10 days like they told me it would take to get fixed it will be more like 15 to 20 before I see my laptop again. Please I am warning you don't ever buy this product, or any product from Hewlett Packard.

Horrible Customer Service, Inept Technical Support
By -

CALIFORNIA -- In my many, many years as an HP customer, I have never received such inexcusable treatment! I am completely astounded by the ineptness and complete lack of customer service. Over the years, I have had my share of issues but they are usually resolved properly. I have purchased many, many products from HP from networking systems, commercial printers, personal computers, laptops and All-In-One printers and other equipment for personal use. I've recommended HP to my customers and others. Those days have come to an end. In fact, I am moving to Mac.

Here's why: For the past 3 months, I have been going round and round with HP over a myriad of issues with my PC. After two repair depot services, in which nothing was fixed, despite my painstakingly completing their repair form. One would think (hope, actually) that if an Executive Case Manager was involved, issues would be taken care of appropriately. Not the case here. Instead, after a month of the CM not returning messages, my machine crashed... I mean crash and burned!

So, I am forced to send it in yet a second time. One would hope that the second time they would get it right. One's hope would be misplaced in this situation. Not only was the unit not repaired, despite enclosing a copy of the original repair form, it was sent to the wrong address in a DIFFERENT STATE! Let me back up a bit. This is the 3rd CM involved, who did not even bother to confirm the shipping address. The 2nd dropped the ball, much like the first one. However, the 2nd one decided to break a promise... to make several attempts to contact me within 3 days. She made only 1 attempt.

As if this wasn't bad enough, after I wrote an extensive letter to the President & CEO. I received a phone call from yet another CM. She had the unmitigated gall to ask if I would be willing to send my unit back to them a 3rd time. This is not only laughable, but an insult to my intelligence. WHY would I want to even consider trusting them after such blunders? I have no way of believing they would even send it back to the correct address... heck, for all I know, they'd try sending it to S. Claus, North Pole, let alone even fix it. Apparently, my extended warranty is worthless.

It's a real shame. Since the former CEO was forced into resignation, HP has changed in a very, very negative way. I just don't care anymore. HP has lost a long-time, loyal customer and any credibility. Unfortunately, HP is so big, they probably couldn't care less. One customer. Well, this one customer is going to discourage anyone he can from buying HP. If I am asked, I will not recommend HP. In fact, I will encourage people to switch to Mac.

How Many Negative Reviews Does It Take for HP to Start Standing Behind Their Products?
By -

I bought my HP pavilion Entertainment PC Feb. 2009. I have contacted HP and let them know that I am at a beginner's level working with computers. The customer service "chater" was given this info. From the onset of buying this computer, I have error messages. I have had climbing numbers of problems. I am unable to download updates. My volume is gradually decreasing to the point now that I can barely hear it. So, I have contacted them, through the "chater" and the suggestion was made to go through this "Process of recovery process" but to back up all my data that was on this computer.

I re-iterate, I am at a beginner level. Then she tells me I can BUY a recovery disc. Excuse me, I paid nearly a thousand dollars for this 17" screen piece of junk and now you want me to buy a recovery disc. What is wrong with HP? No wonder people are going back to the other brands. I have had a Gateway desktop for 7 years, yep, still going and I have the windows, recovery, applications and all the other disc that came with it. I have another "Gateway" that is over 5 years, still going, have all those disc. My significant other has IBM, he has his disc and get assistance when needed.

So I came on this site to find help with my problem with my HP laptop and because not only is my computer a piece of junk but now they want to pay for what should have been with the computer. When I found this site, I started looking hundreds, thousands of dissatisfied customers and wondered, Why aren't they doing anything to regain the public trust? Why deliberately lose the trust of the public who made the company as big as it is and who can take it down as low as it can go by not buying its products and or telling the others of how HP does not stand behind their products and finds ways to escape repairing, recalling or just taking care of the customers?

HP Laptop Hard Drives Crash
By -

My family has had issues with our HP products. As a matter of fact, we have had issues with every single laptop that we have purchased over the past 5 years, which is approximately 8 of them - with the exception of one (knock on wood) that is the most recent purchase on 7/9/2009 - that one has managed not to crash yet.

7 of the 8 laptops have had their hard drive crash within two years of the purchase date. Some of the laptops have had more than one hard drive to crash - my husband's hard drive was replaced 4 times! Replaced, not reloaded. The online people were very friendly. They ran me through the same drill every single time, and every single time it was the same thing! "Sorry, looks like the hard drive is bad. Did you buy the extended warranty?" As a matter of fact I did buy the warranty on the last three and then decided, that with the cost of the laptop and the cost of the warranty, I could buy a different brand and give that a try.

Well, I purchase the Sony VAIO in August and love it. Now I know that hasn't been a long time, but this is the fastest laptop that I have ever had! If this Sony makes it past the first 15 months without the hard drive crashing then it will be better than any HP laptop that I ever owned.

I do have HP desktops also and have only had a problem with 2 of the 6 that we had, but after my experience with the laptops, next time I will be replacing them with a different brand just out of principle. HP knows that they have a problem. By the way, has anyone tried to get their Windows 7 upgrade? I've been trying for over 45 days and it is just one excuse after another. If you buy HP laptop I wish you luck - you're going to need it!

No service under warranty from Customer Service o
By -

PALO ALTO,, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a HP laptop for college. I had to return it for service. I purchased a HP Presario Compaq laptop computer in 2007. I returned it for service. I returned the power cord as instructed. The power cord was not returned with the laptop. I was instructed to send it with the laptop for service. I have been trying to have my power cord returned or another power cord sent in its place since 2007. I refused to purchase another power cord. I have numerous service tickets numbers in addition to the emails as each time I called customer service I was given a new service ticket number for the same problem.

The case went from a Senior Case Manager to an ordinary Case Manager. This shows that HP was not attempting to resolve the issue. Since I have not been able to have use of the laptop or even know if it has been repaired, HP has breached the service warranty that I have. I recently tried to resolve the issue and have a full refund of my purchase price and the extended warranty I purchased in December 2009 before I submitted my complaint to the San Jose BBB. The issue was not been resolved and I have not have use of my laptop in the more than two years since I purchased it.

I am graduating from college and it make no sense to have a company treat its customer in such disregard. I have submitted this complaint to the San Jose Better Business Bureau December 29, 2009. I believe a class action lawsuit with the other people on this website will be successful in acquiring the company's notes of each people involved in poor customer service and Win a cash settlement therefore changing the policy of this company that abuses the purchasers of its product.

Defective DV4 Laptop
By -

I bought a laptop Pavilion Notebook sometime in Nov of 2008. In the first four months that I had it, the hard drive crashed not once but three times. Each time I called them they told me that they would get the wireless card out to me overnight bc of the fact that I was in school. After a few days, I would finally get the new hard drive in the mail. The third time I happened to mention that they had told me they would overnight it and they told me that they could not do that which would explain why I did not receive the new hard drive in less than 3 days.

The lettering on the keys would melt off in the first 6 months and the laptop would overheat. The wireless card would connect just fine to my AT&T service I had in my apt. Then when I lost my job and had to move back home, the laptop would not connect to any wireless network, Starbucks, McDonald's, the library, etc. The laptop was then sent into HP at least 3 times with the last being sent to a case manager. The final time I got the laptop back the overheating was fixed and the keyboard was replaced but it took them 3 times to fix it. I got the laptop back and again tried to connected and it would not.

I called Verizon who then referred me to HP again after hours of being on the phone. The case manager had told me that if they were able to fix it the last time they would give me another 1 year warranty and if they were unable to fix it there were other options that they would give me. The other night HP had no record of the case manager, the conversation, the fact that it was sent in again, or our agreement and said they would have to charge me $100 to even attempt to help me over the phone since I was out of warranty.

I had bought this laptop on credit and I have already paid close to $500 on it with $800 left to go on something I have never been completely satisfied with. Sometime before this I also had an HP desktop that went down 1 month after the warranty had expired and I took it to every pc repair shop in town and they were unable to fix it. $900 wasted on that one.

Worst Technical Support Ever
By -

UTAH -- I purchased the computer 20 months ago. The first complaint is it would get so hot I could not stand to have it on my lap. Then the optical drive started running with nothing in it and it got really hot, so I took out the drive. The bottom of that drive was so hot; I set it aside to cool and did not put it back in. I started out with chat support, twice, they did not know what to do. They just told me that this particular computer had no recall. In an attempt to keep it short, I have spent a minimum of 15-20 on the phone.

I have been sent 3 wrong optical drives. The 4th one I had to remove the little attachment where the screw goes because HP changed it and it would not go in the way they sent it. All the time I'm making this adjustment there is a tech on the line with me and I'm telling him what I have to do. Once I fixed that problem and I inserted the disc my computer shut down. It would come on for 2 seconds and shut off. It continued to do this and the tech had me repeat this procedure 3 times. Nothing changed. So then he sent me back to somebody and she said "We will send you an optical drive." I said "NO I've already been sent 4. Can this computer be replaced."

Now they're telling me it's not the optical drive. It's the connection point that's causing the problem. I haven't told you the worst part. I just in the last 2 months purchase a desktop and another laptop from HP. I don't know what I was thinking. But as a result of my experience and yours that I've read I'm sending both back and plan to check out Dell. I am so disappointed in these companies who insist upon using cheap tech support at the expense of customers. The only HP product I will have left are 2 printers. 1 is a 3 in 1 a cheapie. The other I use for my business. It is a home based commercial printer.

So far I've had no problems with them. I bought a 3 yr warranty where someone will come to the house on the big printer. Thank God I won't have to deal with the Philippines or India. Oh, I forgot to say I have been hung up on and put on hold and no one comes back to me. I've been dumped. HP has no right to claim Superior Service & Support.

HP Laptops
By -

I am the proud owner of three disfunctioning laptops. I own several HP products and I am sad to report that their products are produced at very poor quality and I am told that laptops are usually outdated in 2 years anyway by technology. Thank you AMY (by a HP Rep). So I am supposed to spend $1000 to $1500 on your HP laptops? I use my laptop in my home, it does not travel. I use my laptop for editing the pictures I take with my Nikon D-60, their burners do not work, just a PIMA.

I called because one laptop the screen doesn't work and it's not the video card! I hook it up to my TV and I can see the desktop. They said $398 to fix, microseconds $100! My other laptop after having the motherboard replaced twice and software uninstalled and reinstalled is not working again. The third laptop my son sent out to a private vendor to fix again because HP didn't stand behind their product. So that's three laptops. My son much to my dismay purchased another laptop for college $1500 after $500 rebate just two months ago. I doubt it will last him a year.

My suggestion go back to the desktop, buy a self help book and build your own! If you need a laptop do not I repeat do not buy a HP or Compaq. They will not stand behind their product. I am even willing to pay a reasonable price to get it fixed but something is wrong when a small local business can repair it cheaper than a huge corporate company such as HP. If you need a laptop buy a cheap one. Don't waste your money because it won't last no matter what they say.

I don't even think the people putting these laptops together know what they are doing. I just spent like 2 hours on the phone with Amy, Ryan and a case manager. LOL. And all three read the same exact script to me about the warranty! I could see if I hadn't had any problems with this product but I have and it's still not working, the hard drive failed the test in setup. I am exhausted from retelling and repeating my story to these people.

By the way the case manager, ya, she is going to research it and get back to me. Thank you very much. Now my day is half gone and I feel like a rag doll. If you decide to buy a HP don't say I didn't warn you. They should last at least 5 years for the money we pay. If you're going to make a throw away product then have throw away prices OK.

HP, the Worse Customer Service, Case Managers So Mean
By -

My experience with my HP pavilion Entertainments system in the past months has left me with one word of advice: NEVER TO BUY HP PRODUCTS AGAIN. I thought that I should share my experience with the prospective buyers out there that they should be ready to face such mean and unreasonable service if their product is faulty.

I purchased my notebook last year and after 6 months the notebook started by restating even on safe mode. I contacted HP. And for your information if you don't tell them that your machine is in warranty, you will have to purchase every since repair part. That is what I did the first time. I had to purchase a recovery CD because HP unlike Dell and other products, do not give you a recovery CD when you are purchasing the product so you have to purchase it separately.

This didn't work for me, and after convincing them that the notebook was in warranty, providing receipt, they were able to send me a replacement hard drive. I replaced the hard drive but the problem was not solved. So again I had to go back to them. This time we agreed that I send the notebook to them for repair.

I got the notebook back. But after two days another problem started. It became VERY slow, memory reset and BIOS updates were the actives of the day. Again, I communicated to them. And the trick they use is the delaying tactic. Every time you call you have to explain your problem and you are told the same thing every time: reset battery, memory and Bios update. Even if you tell them that you have done this before you call them.

After several chats and calls, I was allowed to talk to this case manager who told me that a senior technician is going to check my laptop. So confident about this I sent the laptop for the second time to HP. When I got it back, I was surprised the same problem is there. When I called and talked to the same case manager the answer that she gave me was so disappointing. After all these problems and the delaying tactics, she boldly said that the laptop cannot be replaced because I am remaining with a few days in my warranty .

I have all the documentation and service tickets for all the chats that I have had with them and the service tickets for the two repair attempts. I am sure they also have a record indicating the problem started long time ago. But they just cannot replace it. I have just called it a loss. The technical support staff in some cases have been understanding (although as I said they always ask you to do the same thing 100 times), but wait until you speak to the case manager. That is the time you will get a very harsh treatment.

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