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Poor Product Even Worse Customer Service
Posted by on
JUPITER, FLORIDA -- I have purchased an HP Pavilion dv6449 notebook PC in September of 2007. From the first month I started using the PC, I had issues with it. The first major problem I noticed was that the battery would not hold a charge, and the laptop would almost always turn off as soon as I unplugged it from an A/C adapter. Regardless of how long I had it plugged into a direct power source, it would not hold the charge.

I proceeded to have it checked by a Firedog center in a local Circuit City store. They told me I would need to go through HP for help.

I contacted HP who guided my through the diagnostic testing which reported a failed hard drive. I was told by a ‘tech support’ person that it would take 6-8 weeks to analyze and do repairs on the computer and then I would be charged for anything not covered in my 1-year warranty. That seemed absurd considering the computer didn’t work properly out of the box, and I didn’t have the option to return it to the store of purchase because I did not buy their warranty as well.

I decided to not send the PC back to HP and replace the hard drive myself. I lost all of the data on the failed hard drive

I took is to the IT center at my school. I was told that there was further damage done to the inside of my computer that looked to have come from a part of it overheating and that the internal temperature had reached over 70 degrees Celsius. I had noticed the computer reaching increasingly high temperatures, despite having a cooling system under my notebook at all times.
My notebook continued to get so hot that it actually burnt my thighs while on my lap more than once, and that of my roommate as well. It also got so hot that the touch pad mouse and the area around the keys were too hot to even touch.

By February of 2008, my laptop was reaching such high temperatures, that it would shut off from over heating, and sometimes not allow me to turn it back on. The battery would not work unless it was plugged into a power source, and would sometimes shut down in the middle of my using it. The notebook became useless.

I spent over 3 hours on the phone with representatives of the company between the 30th and 31st of July, 2008, explaining the situation and what I would like the resolution be. On August 1st, 2008, I spoke with a tech support case manager named Andy. Again I was told it would take 6-8 weeks to repair.

I told him that I felt that 6-8 was far too long. Andy hung up on me.

I called back later to speak to someone about sending back my laptop for an evaluation. I was told that I would have to talk to Andy, sho was “no longer in the office for the day” and that I would “get a call back Monday, [August 4th, 2008].” I did not receive a call August 4th from anyone at HP. I made my own phone call at approximately 2 pm August 4th, 2008 and waited on hold for about 22 minutes, only to be disconnected. I then waited on hold and was passed on to 3 different representatives.

I finally reached another case manager that informed me that my situation now needed to be dealt with through the Health and Safety Department due to the overheating and I would receive a phone call from someone by the end of the day. I never got the phone call.

HP did send a box, however, to mail my PC to their Health and Safety Department. I mailed it and a few days later got it back in the same condition! When I called the department they told me that my PC works when they put their battery and hard drive in it, so they sent it back in the original condition without calling me first. I told them that it needs to be fixed and that it is still under warranty. So they sent me another box.

Once again I sent it out. I got it back again this time with some new parts and now it won't even turn on plus and to top it all off AC adapter they sent back is not mine. How do I know this? Because the one they sent is damaged and has electrical tape on it.

So I called yet another case manager, George who is even ruder than Andy. They want to try to fix it again. They also claimed that the hard drive was never replaced. I then requested all of the documentation they have on my computer and they refused hung up on me again.

I am being sent a new box to get this computer to their tech support.

I intend to keep sending this laptop back until they get it right.

Happily, I own 2 Macs at home and use Macs in both of my offices (I have 2 jobs.) There is an Apple store nearby and their service is exemplary. However I never need to get my Macs serviced because Apple makes a great product. If you do have a problem with you Mac they will either fix it the first time or give you a new one. I will never go PC again (especially HP).
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amarys05 on 11/04/2008:
If the computer didn't work right out of the box, you should have either called the store you bought it from, or called HP right away. THEN they would def. know that it was defective. You don't wait a month to complain about something if it started right out of the box. And also, it's I HAD.. not I HAVE
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Hewlett Packard Laptop Deals Are Not Deals - They Are Rip Offs
Posted by on
Here is the text and who would want to go through all this? HP Product sucks and even worse, their Customer Service is pathetic!


Note that I have 2 non-working laptops from HP - in warranty! :-( I need both fixed immediately or my money back! I'm going to file Credit Card dispute for claim and BBB complaint within 24 hours now.

On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 5:55 AM, Roshan Shah wrote:

I forwarded this email to HP CEO Mark Hurd today - here is the screenshot of confirmation.

Hi Ruffell,

Escalation Case # 7500549057 - I have received no update yet!

- Hide quoted text -

On Tue, Aug 5, 2008 at 5:25 AM, Roshan Shah wrote:

Hi Ruffell,

Thank you for your time to look into the issue of my HP Notebooks not working. I run a business and am currently in India.

Here is my Indian address :

Roshan Shah
11/125, Rameshwar Apts, Nr. Petrol Pump,
Sola Road, Ahmedabad - 380 063
Phone : 91-79-27471295
Cell : 91-9979853010

I am a Canadian Citizen and travel often between India/Canada I have 2 HP notebooks purchased in Canada. 3 months back one laptop stopped working and I contacted HP Canada and HP India in all forms. As a matter of fact, HP India even disabled my online support login in their ITR because they kept closing tickets and I kept creating new ones (3602638240,3602638172,3602608026,3602422876). I even copied HP CEO on last few emails that HP Support is not helping here.

On the other side, I was told on number of occasions that case was Escalated and HP Manager would call me and this never happened till today when I told that I'll not hang up on phone till I speak with a case manager and I was directed to you and finally we spoke. Even HP Canada is no different - I had 2 tickets opened and nothing happened(8014048251,8012888342). The worse part is that I as a Customer can't even review the ticket log. Hence I had to start recording the calls :-(

This clearly shows the flaw in how HP handles its support. If this is how HP puts a customer through to get their problem resolved with so much mental harassment, I think I have to really take this up seeking damages.

As promised, Here is the case manager in India I spoke to :

Upendra Kumar was the case manager. in.ced@hp.com

I spoke to Upendra 10 days back and he was not able to assist since HP India could not access tickets starting with 801. I am also not sure why did I have to act as a middle man here when this should be strictly HP's internal issue. I need an explanation on this as why I had to put up with all this and want both the laptops to be picked up, fixed and delivered back to me with no loss of data!

I'm certainly going to claim damages from HP. Would be very wrong if every customer has to go through this!

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MRM on 08/13/2008:
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Hewlard Packard Needs A Lesson In Honesty
Posted by on
We purchased our daughter a Pavilion Laptop 6000 for university. She has a learning disability so is extremely reliable on this machine. It was purchased at the end of August 2007, by January 2008, it stopped functioning. my daughter contacted HP and spoke with them in regards to the problem. They told her to send it into them for repair and it would be 2 weeks to a month before she got it back. I then called HP and told them that it was unacceptable the length of time, and that this machine was extremely important for her education. They told me that they would have a case manager call me within 48 hours to discuss this situation. After 48 hours we did not receive a call, so I called them back and went through the whole story all over again. They transferred me to someone else who then transferred me to another individual. The case manager was not available and he would call me back. I refused to allow this and asked to speak with a case manager immediately. They put me through to one who told me to take it to a local HP repair store because they could repair it quickly and it would save us time. So we did. The mother board was gone and the company tried to put in a request for a new mother board, but could not, because HP had placed a case number on it.

I called HP to find out what the heck was going on, they told me they would never had told any customer to do that, and that there was no file on the case and gave me another case number and to send it off to them right away. It was sent off to them. A week later I called HP to find out, if they had a chance to look at the computer and tell me how long it would be. Their response was they could not find it on file that it had been repaired yet, but it would more than likely be to me within four days. Guess what the next day the computer arrived. Five days later while working on her term paper the windows program went down. It said it was a pirated copy and that it was not registered. So my daughter called HP, they told her they could do nothing about it and to call Microsoft. Which she did. Microsoft wanted her to pay a fee to restore the windows program, now this was the original program that was put into the computer when we bought it.

So the next day I called HP. Explained the situation to them, and they made contact with Microsoft and we repaired the problem. Two days after that the key board stopped functioning. Now I am really mad. I contacted HP,they would have a case manager call me back in 48 to 72 hours. No call came, so I called Hp back and after being shuffled from one person to the next, they finally put me through to the technical supervisor who said he would talk to the case manager and have him speak with me. After being on hold off and on, he finally came on and told me he was unable reach the case manager, and he promised twice to me on the phone that the case manager would call me back before the end of the day. I waited and no call. I called back the following morning, was put from one person to a second to a third, who then told me that I should wait for a case manager to call me back in about 72 hours. I informed him that I had waited a week for a case manager and I was not waiting any longer. So he gave me a phone number to call to register a complain. Made that phone call and ended up with the receptionist who was just as rude as the rest of them had been, went all through the info that I had given them and now gave me a complaint number, but would not do anything about our problem.

I then called HP back and asked to speak directly with Mark Hurd who is Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President Hewlett-Packard Company in Canada. I was told I could not speak to him directly but if I called back at ll:00 they would direct my call to the executive director of Customer Service in California. So I did just as they asked, when I got the gentleman on the phone and explained the situation to him, he informed me that he did not deal with Canadian products and had no idea why they would even transfer the call to him. He then gave me a phone number to call in Canada, I looked at it and told him it was the exact same number I had just called. He apologized and hung up. So I called HP again and asked why they would even transfer the call when they don't deal with Canadian products. The womans response was I guess the girl didn't know where else to send the call! I asked if there was a Canadian Customer Service Executive I could speak to and her response was no. I have spent a great deal of time and money on this problem.

I think my best recourse right now is a letter to the head of the company and a letter to all media Editorial departments warning consumers of the problem with HP, I am also sending something off to the BBB. I have warned everyone I know not to purchase an HP, and my daughters at school are doing the same. WE have four more children going off to school this year all requiring computers....and guess what....it won't be an HP!

An extremely annoyed Mother!
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HP Case Manager line is a scam
Posted by on
BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been having a tough time with the case managers. They never call back even though they promise to call literally in a couple of minutes. It's always us calling them back and even then it has been almost impossible to get to the case manager assigned to our case. 99% of the times some other case manager picks up, tries to reach out to the primary case manager , doesn't get a response, comes back to us and tell us that they can take a message and do absolutely do nothing beyond that. The case cannot be transferred to any manager other than the one we were assigned to in the beginning. Worst even, we can't even get to talk to higher authorities for escalations . This is the first time I've heard that we do not have any options for escalations. usually there's always a manager that we can talk to, with their e-mail address made available to us but not in this case. We're pretty much stuck with the case manager we are assigned to!!

Our problem is with a laptop we bought in Dec 2007 from HP's website. That laptop died within 10 days of it's purchase so we called HP technical support for assistance. In the meantime we also asked for instructions on returning the laptop for a refund . Technical support asked us to try out various things, none of which were helpful in repairing the laptop and finally directs us to contact HP Shopping for a refund.

When we call HP Shopping we are told that it's beyond 21 days of purchasing the laptop so a refund is not possible and we are asked to contact a case manager . It's been a nightmare since then! the case manager never calls back. We kept calling all the time to ask for updates and even on those rare occasions when we do get connected , we only got curt responses. All in all , this has been a sordid affair! In fact this is not the only forum where customers are complaining about HP's abysmal service . I just googled up for "HP Case Manager" and couldn't find even a single post which is satisfied with case manager service. Looking at the way the case managers are never available, it just appears that they are experts at being evasive!!

I'm just wondering if we actually should consider a class action lawsuit here . May be , just may be we have a strong case if we approached this issue collectively!
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User Replies:
thewallaby on 02/23/2008:
well. after working for hp for 1 year, I remember cases like this one. getting a hold of a case manager is extremely difficult. and I'm not joking. worse thing is that they are rude as hell, never call back the customer and give false expectations. I just got used to it.
Seriously Appalled on 03/20/2008:
I could not agree more. My experience with the case managers has been identical. I wrote a letter to the Chairman of HP and actually had a response from a case manager. They had been told to follow up with me and see what was going on. After I went through my long story (again), this case manager said "Oh, I see you already have a case manager, and they are doing everything they can. There is nothing I can due to help." I was stunned! I asked what the point was of calling me if they weren't going to help me at all...this case manager said the only way to "escalate" is to write back to the CEO's office and say you are dissatisfied with your case manager and want to be assigned a new one. Then Corporate will supposedly review your case and determine if a new case manager is warranted. I imagine this is another stall tactic. It is utterly and completely ridiculous. All the case managers say that Mark Hurd (Chairman, CEO, etc.) put this case management process in place and we're all at their mercy (case managers). I truly can't believe he would think this was a good idea....class action sounds fine here, count me in.
someonewhoknows on 04/10/2008:
just to let you know that the fact that yes case managers are very hard to get ahold of and that is because each of the HP case managers have well over 200 cases each and they get handled when they can and for you to think that you should be treated special is crap and you must get the eff over yourself
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HP customer service is non-existent
Posted by on
Okay, here's the deal folks.

Don't count on HP customer service for anything. They will not honor a coupon on a purchase that has already been made, and they will not cancel an order for any reason. You HAVE to refuse the order at the door.

Now tell me, if you walk into CompUSA, BestBuy, Circuit City, WalMart, insert name here ___________, will they not honor a coupon as long as you have proof of receipt and the coupon has not expired?

Not HP. The customer service at HP is non-existent.

I worked for Dell laptop support for a couple of years. They have a subdivision called "save the sale".

Basically, if you were a distraught customer who threatened to refuse your business, you got forwarded onto these people who would literally bend over backwards to "save your sale". I know of many times when they practically gave away machines, because Michael Dell knows what word of mouth means.

HP does not know this. I have called customer service three times;

1. I called them the SAME day of sale, only a couple of hours after placing the order online to upgrade the processor. "No can do", they tell me. You have to refuse the laptop at delivery and then place another order. I must admit, I was guffawed.

2. I read these forums and discovered the 10% off coupon. I promptly called HP Customer service, and even after asking for a supervisor was denied the ability to use the coupon, even though the coupon has not expired. It's HP policy.

3. After coming home this day, I talked to my wife about the lack of customer service, and she thought I should call them again. I did. I called and again was refused by the first level of support. I asked for a supervisor. I explained to him that I have many years of experience in HP printers, and how I know they are the best out there, and that if the customer service is this bad, I will no longer be recommending their product, not to mention losing my sale. His reply??? "It's HP Policy".

Well then, he just costed HP thousands of dollars in my recommendations. Customer service is the name of the game. HP doesn't offer it. Apparently they have not heard the phrase "The customer is always right".

I will be returning this laptop when it arrives, and I will NEVER buy any product they sell again, unless I hear that they have learned to respect the one who matters the most... the customer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/10/2003:
I love my hp and I have found the service department to be very friendly and helpful.
Anonymous on 11/12/2003:
Non existing customer service, I couldn't agree more! Of all companies I picked HP as my first PC. That was my first mistake. The first system burned up in less than a month so I received a second computer. Now on #2, it worked for a couple of weeks and I encountered problems which turned it to my computer not working at all. So after sending it back they decided to give it back to me 7 WEEKS later and didn't even touch it. SO I sent it back. AGAIN!. Got it back and still nothing. So being fed up I wanted a refund, but couldn't get it in full because I've owned it for a couple of months and they were going to take a percentage of the cost even though I didn't even get to use it. So now I'm on #3 (in 4 months!) I take the new one out of box and it already had a virus in it. So I my self had to fix it right off the bat. Do you think I heard from HP about it? Well heck no. What ever happened to CUSTOMER FIRST?
Anonymous on 11/15/2003:
In July 2003 my hard drive went out (under warranty). It was replaced and on 10/13/03 I placed a call that that hard drive began clicking loudly and quit working. I called the service number and after several hours was told that a new hard drive was authorized to be shipped out. On 11/13/03 I again called customer service because I still had not received the hard drive. After 3 hrs on the phone I was informed that the hard drive would be shipped that afternoon, but the tech could not give me the CSO number at that time but would e-mail it to me. I was instructed if I didn't hear anything to call back & give this case number: Ref # 7305165428 and the person who answered would be able to give me the CSO number. I called back on 11/14/03, was transferred numerous times and after 2 hrs on the phone I was told they were working on my case and I was transferred to another gentlemen in India who was supposed to be able to give me the CSO number. He told me his system was sluggish and that he would call me back on the morning of 11/15/03 by 10:00 am EST. It is now 2:00 pm EST and I have NOT received a call back. I am very disgusted with the way this whole thing was handled. The situation still is not resolved. I have to say that HP's customer service is the worse I have ever seen. I will truly think hard before I purchase another HP/Compaq product, if this is the type of customer service I have to look forward to. I never had this much trouble when it was just Compaq alone!
Anonymous on 01/05/2004:
Totally agree, I have had zero help and so much aggravation from HP. I am now heading for my fourth printer in less than a year. The replacements aren't delivered when promised, one replacement came broken, you NEVER speak to the same person twice and no one seems to know you called before. For a big company they have no respect at all for present customers. They should invest less in publicity in getting new customers and a bit more in training staff to be friendly, helpful and actually show them how to treat customers like human beings. HP UK - less than OK.
Anonymous on 01/09/2004:
I had very poor service from customer support, but pursued the issue and I did eventually get a complete apology and good service, and felt that the company had made up for bad staff.
judith285 on 02/12/2004:
You can't be serious.
Dell USE to be a great product. Not anymore. Ever since they switched all their Tech support to India it has failing grades.
If HP wants to keep their good name they better pay attention and keep their Tech support right here in the US. How can anyone get the help they need from a person who cannot understand the English language?
Rjwhitt on 02/23/2004:
I will not even go into detail on my nightmare with HP's so called "Customer Support". If anyone can tell me how to get a problem fixed I would be very happy. All I can say is good bye to an old friend. I have had nothing but Hp's for my home and business. Now I will buy only Dell.
Snoopysv on 07/08/2004:
I have recently puchased a hp pavilion zx5180 notebook and returned the same day after spending 1 hour on the phone with a "customer service person" because my computer would not turn on, then 5 days later the new computers keyboard started falling apart while typing a paper. I spent another 2 hours on the phone with customer service trying to solve the problem in the end they said I had to pay to send it away to have the keyboard replaced. At that point that is when I said screw it and returned the notebook and now I'm getting a dell b/c at least their products generally work.
ferd on 07/21/2004:
I would like to reply to your posting. Yes, dealing with any company's customer service will generate different experiences for all. However, I would like to point out that you may have missed some crucial information when you first ordered your hardware or software. When we order from HP, one of the points that the sales rep makes is to let you know that once an order is complete, you must refuse it at the door to return it/cancel it. Were you not paying attention? It was quite clear when I was listening, on several occasions - it was repeated to me several times during each order process. I would also like to return to my first point, that not everyone has the same experience. Here is a suggestion for future dealings with any company - 1. listen and write down information, you are spending money here! 2. be sure to get names and employee id numbers/codes - if an employee is not capable of doing his or her job, any company would like to know. 3. Just as you have obviously had a rough time with HP, I and others have had a wonderful time with their customer service. I could tell you absolute nightmares about the Dells, Gateways, and other brands I currently own in addition to my HPs. I think that when you post a complaint, it would be most appropriate to give us facts and leave the vitriolic statements out, please. I happen to have been very pleased with HP's customer service - they have solved my Dell and Gateway problems when those other companies have not -- even though they have no obligation or reason to help me with Dell, Gateway, other company problems. Please - keep your perspective and remember to take your notes, ask for clarification, and pay attention to what a sales rep is saying before you spend so much money.
onlyhonda on 10/20/2004:
I totally agree regarding the LACK of Customer Support by HP. I have never been more frustrated in my life. I have spent the last 10 days being told repeatedly that someone will return my phone call. After hours upon hours on the telephone explaining my problem to each person, I have no more of an answer than when I started. I have written emails and even got a return email that someone will get right on the issue. This is my second A630N HP Pavilion in 5 weeks. Hard drive needs replacing. The only good thing in the situation is that I have not loaded any programs or files on this computer yet. At this point, all I can say is "BUYER BEWARE" on any HP purchases!!! The warranty policy in the booklet that comes with your purchase is NOT honored and the telephone support is only good if they can walk you through the problem over the telephone. If it requires actual repair or parts, good luck!!!
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HP Customer Service Is Terrible - I Will Never Buy From Them Again - Horrible Experience
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SEDONA, ARIZONA -- I bought the above reference notebook computer on 2-13-13. AS soon as I got it home and booted up, I realized that there was a short in the monitor - when I could only get the screen to display when I tried adjusting the tilt angle several times. I thought that the short might go away, but it kept getting worse and worse.

Here is the really bad part. When I called customer support, twice, they indicated that my PC didn't exist, no such serial number, ad they kept telling me that the model number that I was giving them was also wrong.

To make matters worse, the Indian support agent was one of the rudest people I have had the misfortune to deal with. So here I am, no computer, no one to resolve or take care of my problem - and I am upset beyond belief.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 03/14/2013:
Did you register the laptop on their website. With your situation with the monitor you may need to do so from another computer. The support agent cannot verify your purchase or warranty unless the serial number is registered in your name. You can complete the registration here: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html

Once it is done, perhaps you can call them and they should be able to locate the device.

Additionally, I would suggest you check the return policy for the retailer you purchased the item from. If it is greater than 30 days you may be able to return or exchange the device at the retailer.
trmn8r on 03/14/2013:
You didn't say where you bought this.

Obviously, you simply need to find out how to get HP to recognize your system as covered by warranty. It isn't as if you have no recourse.

leet60 gave an excellent tip on where to begin. I would have called the retailer as a first step, but leet appears to be on the right track.
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No Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I purchased an HP notebook, three years ago, for a $1000.00, was having problems with it within six months. A year after I purchased it, the keyboard went out, I dealt with the horrible, none compasionate, frustrating customer service for months, finally paid $175.00 to get it fixed, well that was nine months ago and now the keyboard is out again. I have spent several hours, emailing, phoning to be told the computer is old, no more part available and when I became frustrated, they hung up on me. Poor customer service. I have never dealt with a company that didn't care about their customers or products. The one positive side to it, Best Buy, where I purchased it was all to happy to assist with the first problem and still to this day, have the best customer service I have had.
Signed a very unhappy HP consumer!
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 11/18/2012:
It's interesting that you have a great deal of negative comments here speaking of Best Buy, whereas you're acknowledging your like for them.

On the other hand, you have a distaste for HP, whereas there are those who really like them. I am one of the later, in that I think HP does a reasonably good job.

It is frustrating that you are unable to get parts for a three year old computer, but at $175, you might want to likely consider investing in even a basic new laptop. They can be had for less than $400 and will generally be further updated than one that is three years old. I guess the simple way of stating this is that your system, even in working condition, is no longer what it was worth three years ago.

In addition, some retailers offer extended warranties that are priced aggressively and cover many issues. Assuming you are to replace your system, you may consider buying such additional protection. If you do, make sure the warranty coverage is provided to you in clearcut writing. Most retailers will provide this for both your protection as well as theirs. As for a copy of this warranty and study it as part of the new purchase.
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Problems with G72 Laptop
Posted on
I bought a HP G72 laptop less than 18 months ago. A few months after purchase it started to have problems with overheating especially when playing video. It has now completely died - the motherboard is fried. I bought this laptop because it had positive reviews - I have since noticed that the overheating problems are extremely common with this model.

Obviously, I am very disappointed in HP and would advise people not to buy this model. I would also suggest checking out complaints forums and tech-fix sites when buying a pc in order to see if it has problems.
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 01/13/2012:
Not trying to attack the customer, but you mention that a few months after you purchased it, you noticed a problem with it overheating. Did you call HP at that time? Now it is out of warranty I assume. I am sure they would be offering to repair the computer, but at a cost.
MRM on 01/13/2012:
To protect my laptop from overheating, I would set it on a small book so that the bottom of the laptop is exposed.
trmn8r on 01/13/2012:
Looking at complaints for the G72, it isn't clear there is a manufacturer issue. Yes, there is a smattering of them, but I didn't find anything definitive as with some laptops (eg power management).

The first things to check are that the laptop is on a flat surface so air can get into the vents, and that the vent area is clear of dust, etc. Does the fan seem to be operating? If you continue to have trouble, get it checked out.
Marv on 01/17/2013:
I have the same issue, it can be blamed on the hardware side, it's just a weird design fault. I now place the AC beneath the backside of it, so the keyboard is angled up, and the bottom is free to breathe the fresh air. It might not be that good for the AC, but at least it isn't overheating.
Bert on 06/22/2013:
I have the same problem, the system goes down frequently, many times. It dearly cost me the Videocard so only the Intel HD works now at the moment.
Out of warranty HP lets you down with the problem .......
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Cancelled my new order
Posted by on
Impressed with the value of the new laptops, I ordered a replacement for my older Dell.

The following morning, I thought it only appropriate to call and inquire about what support and cables etc. I might need to move the files and data from ny older computer to the new HP.

I soon ( after about 20 minutes on hold) found that support was unable (or unwilling) to answer my simple question. The representative repeatedly asked my name, address, phone, order number and serial number for the computer that had not YET SHIPPED.... I told him I wanted to be prepared.

Sorry, he explained, that without a serial number, he could not help me.

I then called sales to the order.

happy that I learned how bad support would be.

I then called to order a Fujitsu as their support has been Incredible!

Will they learn?

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User Replies:
Alain on 04/18/2011:
HP's customer service obviously needs improvement. Be sure and give them some feedback via their website.
patiokitty on 04/18/2011:
Did you call sales or support? The rules in place for the support departments state that every call must have a case created and that can't be done without a serial number. If an agent takes a call and doesn't log a case they will get in a lot of trouble, sadly. It sucks, but they have to play by the rules they are given. Instead of calling support it would have been better to contact sales instead or look up the necessary information online.
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Frustration re HP Products
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On behalf of myself and other HP computer (specifically laptop) users, I would just like to vent some frustration and anger. It is my daughter's laptop that she has had less than 3 years. This laptop hasn't been misused or abused and is now TOAST!! Although she did not purchase a warranty agreement with HP it shouldn't matter, because the product is junk and she should have some recourse with HP. When she called the Hewlett-Packard customer service phone number (which, of course, connects you to some overseas person that you can hardly understand), they persisted in trying to sell her another product, not assist in resolving the problem with her laptop. I can't understand how a company can continue to sell the consumer inferior products and still stay in business. I only hope that enough people write bad reviews about HP and eventually put them out-of-business. Just because they have a monopoly on the computer consumer business doesn't mean they should take advantage of their customers!!
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User Replies:
2inform on 04/16/2011:
I also have an HP laptop, on my third, and have not had that experience. It is possible that some calls are directed outside the United States, but the person who answered when I called spoke Standard American English with no accent. They had me run a couple of different things to determine the issue and called back when they said they would. The error message indicated my hard drive was toast, so they shipped a new one to me at no additional charge without trying to sell additional products to me.
getoverit on 04/16/2011:
I'd like to know a little more about this alleged monopoly.

The problem with computers, of course, is that they are often subject to abuse from worms and viruses, etc. even when the owner does not mistreat the machine. Th OP didn't offer any explanation as to what went wrong and it's quite possible that it's nothing HP would be responsible for at all.

For example, the registry can easily be corrupted to the extent that the machine won't even boot up, thereby causing the machine to perform like "toast". But that wouldn't be the fault of the HP hardware at all.

The machine is three years old, probably out of warranty, and there's no service agreement. I would be inclined to ask the OP what they expect HP to do.
Ponie on 04/16/2011:
HP has a monopoly on the 'computer consumer business?' I swear every time I go to Micro Center I see other brands in addition to HP. But I could be mistaken.
bcd on 04/16/2011:

Maybe you could give us a better description of the problem with the computer. Most problems are software related (as noted by getoverit) and can be corrected at a minimal expense. The second most common problem is a hard drive failure. The price of hard drives has dropped and it may be worth the cost of replacement. Has the computer been diagnosed by an experienced computer technician? (Not Best Buy!)
patiokitty on 04/17/2011:
I used to do tech support for HP notebook computers and the center I worked for is situated in North America. However, that being said, afterhours and overflow do generally go overseas. But that is not why I'm responding.

On ANY notebook computer sold these days there is a standard one year hardware warranty that comes with the unit. If you want further support - hardware or software - you must pay for it. As it is, standard coverage for software is 90 days. Oh, and if you're calling HP for virus removal assistance you get dinged for that regardless of how old or new your computer is - you shouldn't be calling them for virus removal instructions at all, in those cases you need to contact the support line for your anti-virus software.

I dealt with callers all the time who felt that they didn't need to purchase an extended warranty. Guess what - hardware will fail eventually and once the product is out of warranty those repairs come out of your pocket. It's like a car - your car's warranty expires and needs repairs? You have to pay for it. There are parts in any notebook that eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. And three years is about the expected life of a notebook these days anyway. It gets moved around and banged a lot more than a desktop computer and they certainly aren't impact resistant.

Do I buy extended warranties on my notebook? No. But then I also know that if it fails after the one year standard warranty is up that I can either pay for the parts to repair my notebook or buy a new one. It is not up to HP, Sony, Dell, Acer, etc., to cover the repair after that first year. It does not mean that the notebook is junk because this is standard with ALL standard warranties these days.
Mike in FL on 04/18/2011:
The bottom line is that your computer is outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Unless your local state/province laws say otherwise, HP is under no obligation to do anything outside of the warranty period.

As to HP being a monopoly, let me run down a short list of consumer machines that can be had from other makers: Dell, Lenovo, Sony's VAIO series, Gateway, Asus and Alienware are all quite readily available from online and brick & mortar retailers as is Apple's line of Macbooks.
getoverit on 04/19/2011:
Toshiba, Acer, and PowerSpec (house brand at MicroCenter) also come to mind.
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