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Oh Where Oh Where Is My Laptop
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BRENTWOOD, NEW YORK -- Just going to stay to the facts or try. 8/3/2007. the back light on my laptop kicked the bucket, the laptop isn't even a year old and so knowing it was under warranty I called up to have it fixed. Upon talking with a tech (I am also a tech) I was told that I could purchase an extended warranty and receive my laptop "guaranteed" back to me within 2-3 days. I declined as I could not afford the warranty, and I was told I should be receiving my laptop back in 12 days. OK no problem.

8/16/2007. I had looked up the status of my laptop and noticed that it was expected to be delivered, but on the page it also said "Hewlett-Packard is currently trying to get in touch with you regarding the current status of your order. If we have been unable to reach you, please call us at the customer service phone number listed in the Contact HP section at your earliest convenience. Expected Delivery Date:09/04/2007".

I thought it was odd because I had not received any calls so I called them, after an hour and 26 min. I got a rep on the phone who told me that a part is out of stock and I should be getting my laptop on Aug. 28th, he then informed me that if I want to extend my warranty I could have my laptop back by Tuesday. Again I didn't have the money but wanted to know how purchasing a warranty would make a part appear in their repair center, there was no answer but my case was going to be escalated. OK? I was transferred to another rep who tried to sell it to me. When I again asked how that was going to make the part appear I was placed on hold then dropped.

8/28/2007. When I did not receive my computer, I called again and spoke to a rep named Michael. He guaranteed me that I would be receiving my computer on the fourth and then tried to sell me a warranty, again my case was also escalated.

9/4/2007. No computer... I call again and am told that there is no Michael (of course not) and that my computer was shipped and I even got a tracking number. I hang up. Tracking number was for when I send laptop to them. I call back and was told that I should have received my laptop, but wait, the rep looked again and there is a part that is in backorder and I will receive my laptop when they receive the part. did all laptop production stop in the month of August? Then the rep has the nerve to offer me a chance to purchase an extended warranty and "have my laptop back in less than a week".

I'm very up set with them so I ask for a manager. None available, and I am told I have to speak with an account manager, who is not available but is between the hours of 9 and 5. As of today, 9/7/2002, I have no new info and no contact with HP.

Warranty/Customer (dis)Service - Pavilion Laptops
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Note this is a long saga with multiple issues involved. A briefer conclusion is at the bottom. I bought a Hewlett Packard HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop from Costco. When I first had it it functioned well. I was able to easily do a home landscaping/architecture program and surf the internet quickly. At the bottom of the screen however there was a small irregularity to the screen about a millimeter in size. One day I left it upside down on by couch so it wouldn'€™t overheat and when I went to work on it the next day there was a black spot in the LCD screen near the irregularity.

I tried calling Costco but they were closed. I tried squeezing in some of the liquid crystal from the screen into the black spot, and a crack or two radiated out from the irregularity, and then there was very little of the screen that worked anymore. About a ½ cm by 2cm at the top was all you could see. Desperately trying to get a back-up of my program onto another computer, I tried to attach it to another computer and TV screen but I couldn't get it to output to a screen that way either. I think you needed to be able to get into the Control screen to do this, and I couldn't see much of anything so there was no way to do this.

Next day I called Costco Service Number and they quickly got a three way call going with HP/ Hewlett Packard. I described the screen issue to the HP representative and was told that the screen would be replaced free of charge. I also told him that I was worried that I hadn'€™t been able to get anything off my hard drive and that I had some important work on it. He told me that because all they had to do was replace the screen, Nothing would happen to the hard drive.

A box was sent to me the next day to send to them. My computer was supposed to get back to me in 4-5 days according to the HP rep. After a week and a half the computer still hadn't come and I had to go on a trip without it. When I returned it was now 2 weeks, and hadn'™t come back, so I tried to find out what was going on. They had sent me an email that said that I had to approve a 751$ repair fee for the screen. Even though they had my computer and my phone number they hadn't called me to inform me of this.

I called them back and explained that I had already been told that the screen would be repaired for free. I was told that I would need to discuss this with a Customer Service Representative Case Manager. After 2 days I received a message with the number to call to talk to the case manager, **. When I called she told me that because it was a screen it wasn't covered by their warranty. I explained that they had already told me it would be free which was why I sent it to HP instead of returned it to Costco in the first place. She told me that I had been misinformed.

I was told that I could either pay for the repair or have it shipped back to me. Since this was nearly the same price as the original computer I wasn'™t going to pay that much to repair it. She told me that I shouldn'€™t have left it upside down and that this wasn't HP'€™s problem. By this time I only had 1-2 days left within the 90 return policy at Costco so I asked if the computer could be sent to me to arrive in time for me to try to return it there.

She said that it's return could not be expedited. And that she expected it would return after that time period. I asked if she could call Costco and explain the delay in my returning it. She told me they probably didn'™t accept returned computers with broken screens. I asked her to call anyway and told her the store'™s location where I had bought it. She called them, spoke to the manager, and told me that I should speak to the manager when I tried to return it, but that she suspected they didn'€™t accept returns on broken computers. I asked if HP could do anything about getting the program I needed off my computer and was told that they were not responsible for doing that.

She told me that if I didn't repair it the screen would become more black with time, so that I should expect it to look worse when it came back to me. She asked if there was anything else she could do to help me. I told her that given what she had already told me that there didn'™t seem to be. While I waited for my 1st computer to return, I was told by a friend that the hard drives are easy to take out of the computers. I decided that I would buy the same computer again so that I could switch the hard drives.

I had thrown away the information on the computer screen repair and ** phone number so while I was at Costco ready to buy my new laptop I called them up to make sure I got the same model number. My prior model number had been DV 2213 CL. Costco now had a DV 2313 CL instead of the prior model. I explained my whole prior computer's issue and how I needed to switch the hard drives over to get my program off the computer.

The HP rep, **, I talked to told me that my old hard drive was incompatible with the new 2313 model. After having to put me on hold to talk to various people he told me that the only computer he could say would be compatible was the model DV 2410, for 850$ (and an additional 350$ for extended warranty and then more for tax ). I asked for them to ship it quickly free of charge because of the prior issues and was told I would have to pay an expensive additional shipping fee so I had it shipped standard.

When it finally arrived I went to switch the hard drives and found that the computer that had just returned from HP no longer had the two screws that hold the hard drive in place. Also there was a notification that HP had performed a Complimentary 22 point inspection of my computer, but I didn'€™t know what that meant. I switched the hard drives but the new computer wouldn't start properly. I called 1(800) HPINVENT to explain the new hard drive issues.

At this point in time I wanted to get the program off my old computer; use the old computer to work connected to my TV (since my conversation with Cathy had left me under the impression that it was likely a waste of time to go back to Costco to return the computer so I tried to find some other use for it); I wanted my two screws back.

I explained the prior problem and why I needed to do this. The HP rep/repair specialist ** was super nice and helpful, but explained that this wasn'€™t something that HP had to help me with. He said that because I had been told it would work by the sales person he would help me out. We spent an hour on the phone trying everything to make it work. He diagnosed the models as incompatible. He talked about something that might be able to be done to get the program off my old hard drive and make the hard drives both work on the new computer. He told me that he would discuss this with his manager and call me back in 30 minutes, and that the manager would call me back in a day or two.

He didn'™t call me back. I didn't hear from a manager in 2 days. On the 3rd or 4th day I called, concerned because I needed to know if there was a way to make these work so I could get my program off, or what I was supposed to do. I was told that I had to wait for the case manager to call me. I asked if there was a number, or email address, I could call to speak to the case manager, or if they could email me the information, because I was going on a trip where I wouldn't be able to answer my phone. I was told I had to wait for the call from the case manager.

I did receive a review your case manager™ type of form (I think by email) and HP gave me 10% off another HP product. I noted she had been very "€œprofessional"€ but not actually helped me. I called HP and they let me apply this credit to the computer I had just bought. The trip came, I returned. No messages had been received. It had been 14 days.

Additionally, A new problem had developed with my new laptop. I was getting "€œunexpected shut downs" on my new computer that started after I tried to use my iPOD Video for some movies. And on my HP pavilion I couldn'™t download photos to my iPod either. My main problems remained making the old computer work without the screen/ getting the program off the old computer, getting the screws back, and getting one of these computers in for a refund.

I called 1(800) HPINVENT again and explained this issue to a rep **. She told me she would transfer me to her manager, but I was disconnected instead. I went through the same thing again to get a hold of and explain the issue with Rep **, and asked him if there was a number I could call directly so that I didn'€™t have to go through the whole introductory HP answering machine to talk to a manager or to him if I was disconnected/ had issues. I asked him what the direct phone number would be. He told me that if I was disconnected I could call 1(800)474-6836. (AKA 1(800)474-6836.)

When I got a hold of his manager/case manager Susan she was very nice. But told me that there was nothing she could do because another case manager was already assigned to my complaint. I asked her if there was a way to get another case manager since the current one hadn'€™t called me in 2 weeks and because of that I didn'™t actually want to deal with whoever it was; I wanted someone who would actually call me.

I was told there was not a way to change the case manager, and that I should give her a chance to help me. I was told that if I still wanted to complain I could email corporate from the website. She told me the case manager's name was ** and her phone number was 1(877)917-4380 x94 x1. At the time I didn'€™t even recognize that this was the same case manager as before.

In the meanwhile it had occurred to me that I might never be able to get a hold of someone at HP who could help me make these things work together, but I could check on the internet how to change over the actual LCD screen in order to try to get the information off my old computer and then the hard drives might not need to match to do what I wanted. The LCD screens on eBay were about 250$. After an easy 10-minute install process I had a new LCD screen in my old computer.

But it wouldn'€™t turn on. It stayed black, even though it worked in another computer. I wondered if HP had somehow turned off my computer's ever being able to use any screen when they had it. Eventually after all these phone calls I was able to speak to **. It was now about 27 days after my Costco return policy had run out. I explained what had been going on.

1.)She told me the fact that the hard drives weren'€™t compatible wasn'™t HP'™s problem because I was supposed to have called her back with any problems I had. She said that the two models I had were completely different so even if the hard drives were the same shape they wouldn't work together. When I expressed frustration about having been told that they would work she told me, "well you were misinformed".€ She told me that it was my fault that things hadn'™t worked because I had called the 1800HPINVENT phone number instead of her.

I told her that I had been under the impression that she was supposed to be in charge of just the computer screen repair issue. She told me that any problems I had with the prior computer should have been brought to her attention. Since they weren'€™t it was my fault. She said I had never mentioned any desire to get things off my hard drive when talking to her about the screen problems and that I was supposed to have taken the computer back to Costco as soon as I got it. She noted that she "had gone out of her way"€ to get a hold of **€ at Costco and explain everything to her, and how ** had been receptive to helping me.

I told her I still needed to get information off my hard drive and that I had found out that my computer now no longer worked even when an unbroken LCD was placed in it. She told me this was my fault because I hadn'€™t repaired it soon enough and the LCD screen fluid would have leaked into the whole computer by now "corrupting" the system. By now it could include the hard drive too.

She told me that the program on my hard drive had probably been erased when they did their diagnostic testing anyway. I told her I had specifically asked about that and been told that nothing would happen to the hard drive prior to sending it to them. She told me I had been "€œmisinformed".

I was told once again that it is not HP's responsibility to take care of people's files. I asked her why I wouldn'™t have been told about the LCD screen corrupting the whole computer previously when she had told me about the screen getting blacker. I asked why they wouldn'€™t have given me the option to disconnect the screen to have saved the computer from further damage. She sounded flustered and told me I was supposed to take it back to Costco so it didn't matter.

I told her that two hold the-hard-drive-down screws were missing from when they had my computer and that I would like 2 replacements shipped to me. She said "No we'€™re not doing that"€. I asked this a different way and got the same response. (HP wouldn'€™t even send me back 2 tiny screws they forgot to put back in my computer!)

Based on what ** was telling me there was only a slim chance that my program/project was on my computer, less alone able to be transferred to a working computer. I asked if she would call Costco back and explain why the delay was so long. She said that she couldn't. That I was too far past my return policy date and that I wouldn'€™t be able to return it at this point. I asked why she couldn'€™t call them anyway and at least explain what had been going on. She said "I can'™t"€. I noted that it didn't actually seem impossible to pick up the phone and talk to someone at Costco. Finally she said "œI don't feel like it"€. She noted that she had already gone out of her way for me the first time.

I let her know that I would like to return the new computer then. She told me that I wasn't able to do that because it had been more than 21 days since I purchased it. When asked why they wouldn'™t extend it since I was waiting to know if the situation could actually be corrected so that things would work for me, and
when I asked why it was my fault for it taking so long for her to actually call me back/ so long for me to actually be able to get a hold of someone.

She noted that this whole situation was my fault because I had called 1800HPINVENT when I was having problems. She told me she had given me her phone number when I had the problem with the screen so that I needed to call her back with problems. I noted that I was under the impression that she was only in charge of the decision about the screen repair refund. With a hostile voice she responded to the effect "€œIt doesn'™t matter what you thought, you had to call me."

I asked if I could speak to her supervisor at some point and she told me that she was "the end of the line"€ that there was no one I could complain to, that all complaints would go back to her. She pretty much yelled at me over the phone. It occurred to me that I had already sent in my feedback on her "€œprofessionality". This seemed shortsighted suddenly.

We looked into when the computer had arrived at my house and I had actually only had it for 19 or 20 days as it turned out so she said that I actually could return it and gave me the phone number to call. I called the 1(800)892-6608 opt 4 phone number (and yes they tried to get me to buy another HP computer), but they told me that I was past the return policy date and couldn't return it. I explained I had just reviewed this with my case manager and they checked with their manager and said I couldn'™t return it.

I called ** back and she said that if that was their policy then that was their policy. She noted it wasn't her department it was up to them. I had to ask her to call them and talk to them for me to get it straightened out. She talked to someone and within a minute or two someone from the return department was apologizing for my having been informed that I couldn't return it when I still had time to do so. Finally someone took my information about my return. And then tried to sell me another HP computer. I returned the second computer.

I went to Costco, crying, because ** had convinced me it was a futile effort. I asked for **€. I was told that they didn't have anyone named ** at that store in Vancouver Washington, but that there was a **€ down in Portland, Oregon Store which was the next closest store. I explained half of what I had been through, they cut me off and gave me a full refund. (And a paper towel with which to dry my tears.) I returned the first computer.

I tried to contact HP corporate like Case Manager ** had told me I could do. So that they would get some feedback to make it so that their customers weren't treated like this. But I couldn't find a place to actually get a hold of anyone in "corporate"€. I called HPINVENT to ask them to walk me through how to do that. They told me they weren'™t trained to offer support in that regard. I asked to speak to one of their managers and after being on hold a little more was told that their manager wasn't there currently and told me I could call back.

I did a google search to see if I could get more information about who her supervisor was or what options I had and found another complaint against her on In that complaint it noted her acting pretty similarly, and that when the person had submitted a complaint through the website it had gone right to her and she had called him back and yelled at him for complaining about her. I tried contacting someone in their PR department by email. But I haven'€™t heard back from them. I noted I was concerned that she might be severely depressed, suicidal, or unstable in some way, that they may want to at least let her manager know problems are going on.

MY CONCLUSIONS: I had multiple problems with HP. I bought their computer because it was cheap and had all sorts of nifty features. It wasn't worth it. I had both hard ware and soft ware problems. But most of all I had a bad customer support experience. I was very lucky to be able to return the two computers at all. And am happy to be rid of them. Some of the people at HP were very nice, about 1/2 of them were difficult to understand because of foreign accents (mostly from India), ** was the best/most helpful, by far. I hope he does well in his life.

HPs customer service should get a new name. Or perhaps ** just needs a new job. On the phone she seems like a very angry unhappy uncompassionate person. She admits at times that doesn't want to help customers and that there is no recourse to take about this fact. You can't trust anything they tell you on the phone. Misinformation is rampant.

There is no good feedback system regarding their case managers. There are actually multiple systems in place to make it so you can'€™t give feedback about case managers, such as notices on the Public Relations site that only media members can call them. If you get a case manager who is unhelpful you are out of luck. Mine, **, wouldn't even send me back my two small screws, let alone help me with bigger issues.

It would probably have cost them about 100$ and 10 minutes of time to fix my 900$ computer, instead I talked to their staff for hours, eventually returned everything to them, told my friends about my hassle, and helped get some people to buy computers other than HP. I never got the program I had worked on for about 40 hours off my first computer, but I'€™m sure I spent that much time trying to work with HP to fix the problem.

If you have to go through some of the same things I have, I recommend that you look upon the whole frustrating process as an opportunity to practice being a more patient or calm person in the face of adversity. Meanwhile, Costco treated me like a human being. I'm very appreciative to them. If they had treated me like HP did, I would no longer be going to that store.

Customer Service
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ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I wish I read this before. October 06 I purchased a Pavilion notebook. Eight days later the power switch did not work. It was replaced. Fast forward, June 25th, 07 again the power switch won't work. I call HP and am told that they will fix it and I will have my computer back with 7-10 days. Perfect as we were leaving for vacation and I would have it upon return. I was giving this computer to my daughter to take to abroad to school. This would give me time to transfer my files and hers. First week of July I get a call the computer will be here next week. This happened the next 3 weeks in July.

August 1, I contact HP and tell them I need this fixed my daughter was leaving within 4 weeks. I was assured I would have it back. The part was coming in that was back ordered. August 7th, new update, no computer. Now the part is not arriving until 8/28.

I start emailing the CEO, calling corporate offices I cannot wait any longer. A miracle of miracles I received my notebook yesterday. No power cord with it and a big cut in the top of it and the program's not working. I called fuming and they were sending out a power cord (at the time I had not turned it on and did not know about the other problems). I was told they would send out a cord and could fix the top. I told them I had no more time to send the cord I would worry about the cut in it later.

Today I contact "corp.hq" and am told they would turn it over to a urgent team member. No response called Mr. Rodney ** back 4 times and he finally called back and told me they would repair it, that it wasn't their problem I was on a deadline. I told them I wanted a replacement nothing more than what I had, just a working computer. He told me what he said goes. I could take it or leave it. I asked if after they fixed it was he going to ship it to Italy. Of course not and he hung up.

Called back corp. number Dan this time answered. Sorry of course but what Rodney said was all that could be done. I was the one being difficult not them. Even though they had my computer six weeks, sent it back not working and no explanation why when they make sure it is. No answer as to the damage done to the computer. He hung up. Also I found out when you email Mark Hurd, CEO it goes to these arrogant people. They enjoy letting you know that making them feel like big people.

As of this point I am waiting for someone else to call back and requested a new case manager. So forewarning, if you think you are really emailing the CEO you are emailing these idiots who enjoy letting you know this. I think it makes them feel big.

HP Fails to Honor Warranty Agreement
By -

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- On 19 May 2006 I purchased a refurbished Compaq/HP nc4010 laptop with a 1 year HP warranty for a cost of $832.03 (copy of sales receipt attached). In December 2006, I discovered that the laptop would not reliably transfer data via its USB port. In the process of trying to rectify this problem, I experienced the following: After hours of numerous sessions on the phone with HP technical support, I returned the machine to HP as authorized for repair (2/19/07). It was later returned to me with the USB problem not fixed.

After additional attempts to correct the problem over the phone with HP technical support, I was authorized to take the computer to a local HP repair station (delivered on 5/6/07). After a week, the repair technician reported that he was not able to fix the problem, and returned it to me with the statement that the machine did not have the specified “first tier” hardware. (This is consistent with my observation that it would not accept the standard chipset software upgrade available on the HP web site for this computer.)

After the first two failures to repair, HP agreed to elevate the case to a “second level” engineer group and promised that if I returned the machine a third time, they would assure that it was fixed. I forwarded the computer to them again on 5/26/07. Again the machine was returned to me not fixed (furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that the repair personnel did not even bother to look at the attached note describing the problem). After the third failure to fix the machine, I wrote a letter (6/13/07) to HP Executive Customer Relations. I received no response to this letter.

Lacking a response above, I sent a certified letter (7/6/07) to you, Mr. **, describing the situation. In response to this letter, an HP representative called to say that the computer was now out of warranty and thus HP had no obligation to repair it (despite the fact that the subject problem had never been fixed)! The HP representative offered to elevate the case to the “second level” engineer (already done in the third return noted above), and promised that the machine would be fixed.

Since I had previously been given such a promise (prior to the third return) that had not been fulfilled, I asked the representative to forward his promise in writing to me. He refused to do so. On further discussion, it became clear that he was not really offering to fix the laptop, but merely to not bill me for further telephone calls with HP technical support. If I did not accept their terms, he said he would “close” my case.

In light of the above events, I must conclude the following: HP is either unwilling or unable to fix the laptop. HP's failure to fix the problem during the three times it was returned for repair appears now, in retrospect, to have been used as a tactic to stall until the warranty period expired. In your failure to fix the problem, you are not honoring your warranty agreement in good faith. You are in default of the warranty agreement.

I expect you to do the following to correct this breach: Return my full purchase price ($832.03) plus $1.00 for damages, or provide me with a replacement nc4010 laptop which functions properly according to its advertised specification, or another machine which meets or exceeds the capability of the nc4010 in all physical and operational aspects. Should you not settle this matter within 14 days from your receipt of this correspondence, I will bring suit to recover my losses on this matter. I can be reached at ** to provide any additional information that you might need in investigating this sorry situation.

Warranty and Customer Service
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I bought an HP Pavilion laptop from Staples in Charles Town, WV in February 2007. I immediately had problems with it (the monitor screen would turn black but you could slightly see your work in the black screen but not enough to be able to work on it) and took it back to Staples before I even had it two weeks. They told me to notify HP so I did. They emailed a BUNCH of technical things to do to the computer which I had no idea how to do because I am not a computer specialist nor repair person so I took it to a local computer repair business with the emails and had them do the repair work. It cost me $75.

It still was having the same problem so I notified HP again who emailed me more things to do so I took it back to the local repair business and had them do it again (and costed me another $154.71!), and it was still doing the same problem! I notified HP who told me then that it would need to be sent in and instructed me to save all my info I wanted saved. I am a teacher and bought the laptop to be able to use at work and at home and I had already converted a bunch of things on it from my desktop that I had gotten rid of once I bought the laptop. I finally got all my info saved and sent it in and it was back almost within a week!

I was ecstatic! But I found it was STILL having the same problems. So I notified HP AGAIN, who told me to save all my info and send it in again. So I did but I had to finish all my things I had going on it for school to do it. Finally, I got it all done and sent it in. It was there a few weeks and I didn't hear anything so I called them. 800-474-6836 and return call to 877-917-4380 extension ** for Case Manager, Kathy **, then option 1 for notebook problems. She was very rude and also told me that my laptop was not even scheduled to be returned after repair until August 17th, 2007.

I will even will be back at work by then and will not have had a chance to do ANY work ahead of time. I told her that this laptop has been in repair for more time than I had been able to use it and because I had already spent $230 on repair at my local computer repair business so I asked for a refund. She told me ABSOLUTELY no and that SHE was my LAST & ONLY point of contact for this complaint and that it was ENTIRELY HER decision and that she was not even thinking of a refund at all.

I complained to HP about how rude she was and about having to do without my laptop for that long and that I will be paying for DSL services for nothing because I won't even have anything to be able to use the DSL! I told HP they could've at least sent a loaner. The email I sent to Corporate just sent my email to the SAME Case Manager and then SHE called me again and was VERY rude again this time in informing me that no matter what phone calls I make or emails I send to Corporate that it will all just come back to her and she WILL be the one to deal with and that if I would like to discuss this information further to call her AGAIN.

I am NOT happy with my HP Customer Service and I am NOT happy with my HP product. I have saved ALL my phone calls and ALL of my emails. I think I might just get rid of it if it ever does get returned to me because it will just be a re-conditioned laptop with all these new and old pieces put together when I get it back. I will be out $1101 for the laptop and $230 for the repairs that did no good plus all the time I could've been getting ready for my job. ALL OF YOU BEWARE OF HP PRODUCTS!

Hands-down the worst laptop experience ever
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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- OK - I thought writing to the company about the problems with my HP dv7-1020us was enough, but after what I discovered tonight, I'm going to get my issues with HP out there: Where do I begin...? Well, first, there was the wireless card failure while I was oversees and in the middle of an online master's degree course. I had to borrow laptops from friends to get my assignments turned in because there was no hardline network available. Then, the battery on this dud stopped taking a charge, tethering me to a wall outlet for any sort of use.

Most recently, the computer stopped booting altogether and would blue screen before it even got into windows. Virus? Corrupt OS? Nope - yet another hardware problem: this time it was bad RAM. What was HP's cure for this bad RAM? They replace it AND wipe the hard drive clean. Anyone who's built their own PC knows that there is absolutely no reason to wipe a hard drive to replace a stick of RAM, and yet there was not a single software issue listed in the repair summary that would warrant deleting all of my files. Yeah, I backed up my files regularly, but couldn't do so before sending it to them because the thing wouldn't boot!

Then came the kicker: last night, after getting the laptop back from HP and seeing that it had been reset to the original factory installation, I decided that there was no way I was going through all of the trouble (spending hours once again gutting this machine of all the trialware/crapware that was put back on it) to get this set up again given its complete unreliability. So, I start to go over it with a fine-tooth comb to make sure everything now works so that I can get it on eBay and be done with it.

During this check-up, yet another problem becomes apparent on a machine fresh from the repair center: the Blu Ray drive now no longer reads Blu Ray discs! Once again, I am on the phone with HP tech support for 2 hours trying every software fix out there to no avail. They are mailing out a replacement drive as of today and refused to expedite the shipping despite sending a previously functioning Blu Ray drive back to me broken. These issues are totally unbelievable for a computer less than a year old. Steer way, WAY clear of HP laptops if you value your time, data, and money. Expect nothing but headaches and don't expect HP to stand behind their product when it fails.

HP Case Manager line is a scam
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BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been having a tough time with the case managers. They never call back even though they promise to call literally in a couple of minutes. It's always us calling them back and even then it has been almost impossible to get to the case manager assigned to our case. 99% of the times some other case manager picks up, tries to reach out to the primary case manager, doesn't get a response, comes back to us and tell us that they can take a message and do absolutely do nothing beyond that.

The case cannot be transferred to any manager other than the one we were assigned to in the beginning. Worst even, we can't even get to talk to higher authorities for escalations. This is the first time I've heard that we do not have any options for escalations. Usually there's always a manager that we can talk to, with their e-mail address made available to us but not in this case. We're pretty much stuck with the case manager we are assigned to!!

Our problem is with a laptop we bought in Dec 2007 from HP's website. That laptop died within 10 days of its purchase so we called HP technical support for assistance. In the meantime we also asked for instructions on returning the laptop for a refund. Technical support asked us to try out various things, none of which were helpful in repairing the laptop and finally directs us to contact HP Shopping for a refund.

When we call HP Shopping we are told that it's beyond 21 days of purchasing the laptop so a refund is not possible and we are asked to contact a case manager. It's been a nightmare since then! The case manager never calls back. We kept calling all the time to ask for updates and even on those rare occasions when we do get connected, we only got curt responses.

All in all, this has been a sordid affair! In fact this is not the only forum where customers are complaining about HP's abysmal service. I just googled up for "HP Case Manager" and couldn't find even a single post which is satisfied with case manager service. Looking at the way the case managers are never available, it just appears that they are experts at being evasive!! I'm just wondering if we actually should consider a class action lawsuit here. Maybe, just maybe we have a strong case if we approached this issue collectively!

Complaint regarding HP laptop

UAE -- I am writing this to complain about the poor support services by HP. The following is the content of the email I have sent several times to different departments. There has been no convincing reply /solution to the issue yet. I want you to help me and tell me what to do about it.

“I do not know how many emails I have sent to Hp support in South Africa, and to the customer service in Dubai International Airport since they have already been 50! I am tired of explaining the problem to everyone because nothing is not happening about that! It has been 4 months I am involving with this issue. I bought 2 HP laptops which obviously is not going to happen again throughout my entire life and my friends' too! The units did not work properly from the very first week I purchased them from Dubai International Airport.

Here, in South Africa, the technicians told me they are neither able to repair them, nor to provide us with new ones, so I sent them back to Dubai to replace them with new units, but what they did was to repair them. Please keep in mind that I am not going to use new laptops which have been repaired and have replaced main parts any longer! I am feeling sick about your poor support services for HP.

At the time of purchasing, the salesman told me it has global repair/exchange warranty, but it seems it has been a big lie! I do not stand this anymore. I already was not able to do my job since I had bought it for work. Unless you do not provide me with 2 new units immediately, I am going to act publicly about it and also claim for these 4 months I could not do my job. This is my last warning to you, and I hope you will do something about it before too long.

No More HP's
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Purchased the computer in August 2010. By October, it was randomly shutting down when powered by battery. When I plugged it in, it said "plugged in, not charging", then I did a battery check and was told the battery was bad. So I contacted HP and was sent a new battery. Everything was fine for a few weeks, then the same exact problem began occurring again. Called HP again and was told to send in for repair. According to the tracking on their website, they had it all of 12 hours before sending it back to me. This time with a new power cord. Again, all was fine for several weeks before the same thing started again.

Called HP again. Rep told me a new battery would definitely fix the problem. This is when I began asking for a replacement to no avail. Got the new battery, everything was fine for a few weeks until... yep, once again I've got a bum computer. So after calling HP and finally being connected with their escalated customer service program, I asked for and expected a replacement computer. The representative wouldn't budge and insisted I send it in again. So I did. This time, they replaced the motherboard.

All was great till last week (May 3, 2011). Once again, it's shutting down randomly and the battery won't charge. So I called the representative back. Left message, never heard back. I called back today (May 9) and finally got her to call me back but instead of offering to replace the computer, she tells me that I must again send it in for repair. This is the 4th HP in our household and it is the last one I will buy. I am looking to update my son's but I will not consider an HP. After two times having to send it off for repair, I feel I should be offered a replacement computer. They have had enough opportunities to fix this problem. I'm done.

Customer Service and Tech experience
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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- After about 6 weeks of having my touch screen laptop it started to overheat and shut down by itself. When it was turned back on it gave an error message 900D - that the cooling fan was not working then computer shut back down then turn back on and the computer was went to the windows desktop this time a USB error device was not properly installed but there was not installed into any of the USB ports and now the touch screen was not working. I called HP about the computer and gave me the run around because no one seem to know there policy.

Finally I found out after receiving a case manager that the policy is I have to return the computer within 21 days of purchased to get my money back or to get a new laptop. I was explaining to then that I only had the laptop for a short amount of time that I should not have to sent this computer to be fixed that I should receive a new one they told me no then I asked well then I want my money back once again no. While over the phone with the case manager he was very rude because he did not care that my wife was using this computer for her job he words were well I don't see how that problem will get you computer fixed.

So I contacted the web site to speak to a CEO and I got someone from corporate and once again it was the same thing they were just like the case manager, not caring about their customers. I finally sent in my computer to be fixed and instead of 7 to 10 days like they told me it would take to get fixed it will be more like 15 to 20 before I see my laptop again. Please I am warning you don't ever buy this product, or any product from Hewlett Packard.

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