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Never Buy An 8500 All In One Printer
Posted by on
I purchased an 8500 Pro Officejet all in one printer in August "09. In March it was not working and they sent me a refurbished unit as a replacement. In September '10 that started to malfunction. I called tech support, which is useless, and finally got to a case manager at the CA offices. I was told that the warranty on the original unit, that expired at the end of August, was in force for the replacement as well and that they could not help me even though the unit that is not working was sent to me by then in March - 6 months prior. So, between the 2 units I had actual use of this printer for less than 12 months and they say that they have no obligation to help me. I will never buy another HP printer and would advise anyone thinking of buying one to really research the experiences of others as they are clearly of very poor quality and this is not reflected by the price they charge!
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Customer Service was incompetent
Posted by on
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Contacted Customer Service to assist with installing Office Jet Printer. The HP representative took access to my computer and played for 2 hours with the settings while assuring me that all was good. Once rebooted the computer would not go past a black screen....I no longer have a functioning computer, let alone a printer/fax/scanner. I was given a ticket# 7501623069 and sent on a wild goose chase. After numerous phone calls, I was informed to take my computer to be fixed and "MAYBE" they would reimburse the cost.
The customer service is incompetent and should not be trusted! Last HP product I will purchase! Look for a company that has customer support in the United States.
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Alain on 09/12/2010:
This is the second HP service complaint I've seen today. I'd feel uncomfortable dealing with them at the moment.
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Tech Support non-responsive, non-communicative
Posted by on
Just bought a new printed on Aug 16th. Tried many time to install it so it would work with my laptop. The computer would start reading the install disk and get to 15 or 30%, then stay there and never finish. We let it go 6 hours one time, and then tried to call Tech Support. We called Tech Support Aug 21st, and the fellow tried for 4 hours to install this printer. He finally gave up saying he would pass the info on to their 2nd level Tech support and they would call me back the following day. Well they didn't. So the 3rd day I called them, got a tech who read my file and told me someone would get

back to me for sure the next day. No one got back to me. The 4th day, I reached a lady who went in to talk to 2nd level tech support, then came back and said that 'her boss' was taking this on personally, and someone would get back to me.
Well, now we are into the 7th day, and no one has gotten back to me. So I decided to go online to HP's site and see if I could register a complaint.
I signed in, and when they asked what model and serial # my printer was, it kept coming back as an 'unsupported model'.

This is a brand new printer!
How can it NOT be supported by HP or by warranty???!

Needless to say, I'm extremely frustrated. Guess I need to take it back to the store and try to get my money back!

In all fairness to HP, we've never run across anything like this before, but reading this forum is eyeopening.
Resolution Update 09/01/2010:
HP finally contacted me and resolved my issue.
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User Replies:
bcd on 08/27/2010:
The optical drive or the disc is bad. Try downloading the driver software from HP’s web site.
leet60 on 08/27/2010:
The install disk included usually provides very little in the way of useful content, there will be printer drivers and perhaps an install program but almost everything else is proprietary software such as printing programs that are of little more use than to bloat your hard drive with programs you will rarely use.

Windows should be able to find the correct drivers for your printer and if not the manufacturer's website usually will have self installing driver programs you can download so the printer will work.
jasi51 on 08/29/2010:

The Technician did all of the above (per your suggestions) and the install still failed.
warddw1526 on 08/30/2010:
As an HP employee, who used to be a printer technician, I can tell you with 100% certainty, the HP Officejet 6500 e709n series is a support model at this time. Someone tried to punt you away.
jasi51 on 08/30/2010:
Thank you warddw1526. My feeling also. It is now Aug 30th, and no response from a 2nd level HP Tech, or the boss. Also, sent an email to Customer Service at HP and was told by George that he had passed this on to a Higher Authority, but that was 3 days ago, and again, nothing.

I would take it back to the store, but now we've spent money on the cartridges and my husband tells me to keep bugging them. He says call them morning, noon , & night.
Honestly, I don't know if that will make any difference at all, as it seems I've already been doing that.
Any suggestions? Anyone?
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Boycott Hp Printers - Built To Lock Down Your Computer
Posted by on
BOYCOTT HP! Take back the world (smile) - one print at a time!!!!

These underhanded creeps program their printers to notify you of "Low Ink" - 100 pages before empty. Okay - I can live with THAT. However, if you don't immediately go and buy ink from HP - they are programmed to lock-up your computer until you do! Oh, there is a "fix" but try calling their support line to find it - HA! Much like "Psychic Hotline" - "your printer warranty ran out yesterday - stay on line and we will start charging for things". "It is still on warranty!" "Well that's what our records show - so you must give us your credit card or we cannot help you." "But, this is something YOU guys did - I didn't break anything!" And you only get THAT FAR if you can understand them!

Shame, shame, shame on HP and their underhanded grab for money!!!
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Anonymous on 08/18/2010:
HP printers are lousy mine always screws up prints the wrong pages or jams etc I'm with you on that but the boycott thing is kind of silly just buy a printer from a different company.
Anonymous on 08/19/2010:
I recently had to buy a new computer with the new OS. I have an HP printer (old Deskjet 3915) that was not compatible. I went on the HP website and they were able to hook me up with a new driver. Now it works perfectly. They actually saved me from buying a new one. Their website is quite helpful, but I have never called them. I've used their website to troubleshoot problems before too. It was all free.

I never change my print cartridge when it is low. I wait for it to run out of ink. I think they warn you so you can buy cartridges before it runs out. Sometimes people don't have a spare at home so this can be helpful.
leet60 on 08/19/2010:
I would really like to read more detail about how low ink is locking your computer down.
Helpful on 08/19/2010:
A printer running low on ink isn't about to shut down a computer Jane. Something else is going on to cause the problem.

I actually like HP for many of their products, including their printers. Their inks, paper and unique Photoret technology make their inkjet printers some of the best within the market.
patiokitty on 08/24/2010:
Oddly enough I used to work for HP in both their notebook computer division and two of their printer divisions - what you are claiming is incorrect. No, I'm not simply saying this out of loyalty to HP. I'm saying this because it's truth. I agree with the poster who said there is something else going on.

Yes, HP recommends that you only use their inks with your HP printer - it is the only way they will guarantee the output quality of anything you print using their printer. But that is it. Oh, there are some of the high-end printers (like DesignJets) that have expiry dates on their (usually separate ink cartridges and print heads) and that may cause some issues when that particular date is hit but it is still possible to print using those expired supplies - we did it all the time simply by pressing a button on the front of the printer.
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Serious Problem
Posted by on
I have 4 active HP Printers and 2 retired to the closet to be destroyed. My first HP Officejet Pro 8500 began to fail to feed. After weeks of gruelling contact with their on-line support, I complained bitterly and that brought service from a lady in management on the east coast who finally sent me a "new" (?) unit. It doesn't feed either. It has hurt my business substantially. Two others in our small office have the same problem with their HP's. It must be a BIG problem HP is overlooking and not addressing. This product should be recalled. Suffice it to say, my next printer will be another brand. I am giving up on HP altogether and others in this office are doing the same. You can't fool all the people all the time HP, you have a big problem with your paper feeder!
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Helpful on 08/05/2010:
I love my HP. They use a technology in their inkjets that is still far superior than anything else out there. Ironically, it was originally created by Kodak before there was ever a digital photo market. They licensed and then sold the right to HP. It put them years ahead of everything else.
old newfie on 08/06/2010:
I don't like All-in-one fax/printers in any brand, they don't seem to last. In all my stores I use HP fax/copier and a HP color printer. It takes up a bit more room in the offices but I don't have any troubles.
red67 on 08/12/2010:
I have used HP Printer a lot over the past 40 years or so. If they work well, then they work well. If you get a bad one, then it never clears up.

Used to be to delete a hung print job you had to re-boot the system.

Then they had problems with either, not picking a sheet, or picking multiple sheets; normally ending in a jab.

HP 5L laser quit picking a sheet. $35.00 third party fix replaced the rollers. You can try to make the rollers sticky again; otherwise replace them.

Most are so cheap that it is easier to buy a new one.

Biggest complaint I have is that I bought 3 $400+ printers. Then upgraded my Windows version, only to find my printers no longer worked. Search revealed that "Microsoft and HP had decided to NOT support these printers in the new version." Hence I had a $1,000 worth of junk; plus needed to buy new printers. So I only buy their cheap junk now. Throw away if you have any continuing problesm.
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What should I do next?
Posted by on
I purchased this "all in one" in July 2008, and have had to uninstall and re-install almost every 3 months after the first 6 or 7th month of ownership. I contacted HP every time and they walked me through a "fix" but the problem continues to this date. The printer just stops working. The print queue "locks up" and nothing can come out, no matter what I try, and it won't delete, just locks up. I just uninstalled and re-installed for probably the 8th time in less than 2 years.

HP gives no reason for this problem, just gives me a fix for it. It's happened so many times, I know exactly how to "fix" it myself.

What recourse do I have? Shouldn't this L7590 have been recalled. I notice they don't sell it anymore.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/23/2010:
Since your one year with HP is up, I don't know if they will still help. With it being an ongoing issue, they should have resolved it with you within that year. Since they didn't, perhaps with the records they have of you calling about the problem, maybe call again. If it were me, I would find a little mom and pop computer shop in your area-stay away from the Reek Squad at Best Bites (they'll charge you $84 just to look at it) and see if it can be fixed. If not, I just bought a brand new HP tower at Thanksgiving for $299. Replace it. It sounds like you got a lemon. All I've ever had were HPs and they've been great. I'm sorry yours isn't.
AVERAGE JOE CANT WIN on 05/23/2010:
I had issues with HP, overall, the company is very good. make sure that you contact onshore assistance. They outsource their Cs and it sucks. They should replace it when you talk to someone in corporate.
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Poor customer service
Posted by on
After purchasing an HP Office Jet 6500 printer for my office in July 2009 and experiencing problems I finally got fed up fighting with it and called "customer support". What a miserable disappointment! After my wife spent 55 minutes on the phone with someone she had trouble communicating with they finally told her that something is wrong with the machine and to expect a call later today. After about 8 hours later today no one called so I called the 800 number again and once again was asked for my name, date of purchase, serial number, blah blah, blah. This time I was told someone would contact me within 24 hours. They seem to excel at wasting the customer's time but not at producing a good product or providing good service. I even wrote a letter to their HP Labs for the heck of it to see if anyone there cared. Time and money are both very valuable to me and not easy to come by. Why does HP insist on wasting both?
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Lack of Printer Repair Support at HP
Posted by on
I won't support HP by buying anything the company produces again. I was suckered into buying another printer with a $50 discount coupon after the company made it impossible to fix my original printer. Never again will I support their bad business practices.

I won't buy another HP product, ever. In two years HP has made it impossible to fix two of their computer printers that were fixable, but broken. One was just outside of it's one year warranty when it "broke down". If HP wants to force people to keep buying new printers instead of fixing them--I don't want to do business with HP. The quality of HP has slid downhill--I consider it an issue of integrity for the company. What about all the printers that are "recycled"--the parts don't seem to be available. Perhaps HP is destroying all of the printers to make replacement parts scarce, and, as a result, impossible to fix.

The local computer repair business said that the HP representative was hard to get a hold of and refused to deal with any issue of repair past the 1 year warranty. That's another issue--forcing people to buy extended warantees I'm sure provides a lot of extra income for HP--even a source of profit when people repair their printers within the warranty time.

I won't support HP by buying anything the company produces again. I was suckered into buying another printer with a $50 discount coupon after the company made it impossible to fix my original printer. Never again will I support their bad business practices. Today, I'm buying a printer from one of their competitors and I intend to let as many people as possible know about my experience with HP products.

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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 02/12/2010:
You said yourself that the printer was out of warranty. Of course they would not help you without charging money after the warranty expired. That is why the warranty has a time period. I have never had any trouble reaching HP, their support is generally open 24 hours a day.
Fireweed on 02/15/2010:
The warranty is not the point--the point is the poor quality of the product that breaks down right after the warranty expires and the lack of support from the company for fixing printers without paying extra for a longer warranty.
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On the HP merry go round
Posted by on
In upgrading my laptop from Vista to windows 7 everything went smooth as silk. Except for the HP software that runs the printer/scanner/etc.

After hours of searching and trying solutions offered in Hp's 'help' section, and getting nowhere I emailed HP support.

They replied and offered solutions, but none worked. and after a while I felt as if I were communicating with a computer generated, rather than human, support service. It was, and still is, like being on a merry go round. round and round you go but end up in the same place. HP service, support and software, sucks.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/09/2010:
It is quite possible that your printer software is not compatible with 7 yet. They may not have created or updated the drivers yet.
Anonymous on 02/10/2010:
Go to HP.com. Most of the time they have a "patch" to connect you to your printer that can be downloaded right into your computer. I did this with my old printer. The wireless tower, however, was not compatible with Win 7. It's not HP's fault the people are having these kinds of problems. It's the Win 7 program.
Anonymous on 02/10/2010:
Actually Sherdy, it's not Windows, it IS a problem from HP. They are lagging in releasing the W7 drivers. They are starting to catch up, and I can sympathize in as much as they have a bazillion printer drivers to update, but they should have started way sooner.

OP, have you tried using the Vista drivers?
barracuda17 on 02/10/2010:
After spending about 4 hours with the first Solution offered by HP Support - which didn't work at all - they came back with a new 'Solution'
I mean, get this, do they really expect people to jump through these kind of hoops, especially since, after jumping through them and spending hours, chances are the damn thing still won't work;
Here's their consumer friendly Solution;
To resolve the issue please follow the steps listed below:
Step 1: Uninstall the All-in-One software.
Step 2: Disable the firewalls and antivirus.
Step 3: Clear the temporary files.
Step 4: Turn off the 'terminate and stay resident' programs.
Step 5: Install the All-in-One software.
Here are the steps in detail:
Step 1: Uninstall the All-in-One software
Please uninstall the All-in-One software using the below steps:
1. Click Windows Logo à All Programs à Accessories à Run.
2. In Run dialog box, type “%temp%” and press OK.
3. In opened Temp folder, open any folder starting with “7z”.
4. In opened ‘7z” folder, open “Util” folder.
5. Open “CCC” folder.
6. Run “Uninstall_L3.bat” (32-bit) or “Uninstall_L364.bat” (64-bit).
7. Continue with the un-installation wizard.
Restart the computer to make the changes effective.
Step 2: Disable the firewalls and antivirus
Perform the below steps to disable the firewalls and antivirus which might be blocking the HP installation files which might result in incomplete installation:
To disable the firewall in windows 7, please follow the steps given below:
1. Click the Pearl button (windows) located at the bottom left of the screen, and then on Start Search type "windows firewall" then press [Enter].
2. Under Control Panel, select Windows Firewall.
3. When the Windows Firewall window appears, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off at the side bar.
4. When the Windows Firewall Settings screen appears, select Turn off Windows Firewall then click OK.
5. Click cancel button(x) to exit the Windows Firewall Settings screen.
NOTE: If you need to turn on the Windows Firewall again, you can follow the steps above to come back to the Windows Firewall Settings screen to turn on the Windows Firewall.
To disable the anti virus software, please follow the steps given below:
On the bottom right corner of the screen right click on the icon of your anti virus software and select the option disable.
Step 3: Clear the temporary files
Perform the below steps to use the Disk Cleanup Utility in Windows 7 to clear temporary files to free hard disk space on the computer.
1. Click the Windows icon ( ), click All Programs , click Accessories , click System Tools , and then click Disk Cleanup . The Disk Cleanup Utility window opens.
2. Disk Cleanup Utility analyzes the hard disk, and then displays a report containing a list of optional Files to delete . Click the check boxes next to unnecessary files, and then click OK .
Step 4: Turn off the 'terminate and stay resident' programs
Turn off the 'terminate and stay resident' programs:
Perform the steps to temporarily turn off Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR) programs.
Background information: When the computer starts Windows 7, TSR software programs automatically load. TSR programs activate computer utilities, such as antivirus software, but are not required for the computer to function. TSR programs can interfere with product software installation.
1. On the Windows taskbar, click the Windows icon ( ), type msconfig in the Search Programs and Files box, and then press Enter . The User Account Control windows opens.
2. Click Continue . The System Configuration window opens.
3. Click the General tab, and then click Selective Startup check box.
4. If there is a checkmark next to Load Startup items, click the checkmark to remove it.
5. Click the Services tab, and then click Hide All Microsoft Services (at the bottom of the Services tab).
6. Click Disable All , and then click OK .
7. Click Restart . The computer automatically restarts.
Step 5: Install the All-in-One software
Install the All-in-One software from the below weblink to avoid any improper installation due to the corrupted All-in-One software CD:
NOTE: Clicking the link may give an error indicating it is invalid. Please copy from "http" to "1153491" and paste it in the address bar of browser, then press Enter Key.
Installation Instructions
Internet Explorer:
1. Click the Download only button.
2. When a new pop-up window appears, click on the Run button.
Note: Make sure the printer is not connected to the computer before running the file.
Note: Depending on your connection speed, the file will take some time to transfer to your computer.
3. If an ""User Account Control"" pop-up windows appears, click the Continue button.
Note: The file is compressed and may take time to extract and run.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
1. Click the Download only button.
2. When a new pop-up window appears, click on the Save File button.
Note: Depending on your connection speed, the file will take some time to transfer to your computer.
3. When the download completes, double-click the most recent file to start the software installation.
Note: Make sure the printer is not connected to the computer before running the file.
4. If an "Open Executable File?" pop-up window appears, click the OK button.
5. I f an "User Account Control"" pop-up windows appears, click the Continue button.
Note: The file is compressed and may take time to extract and run.
6. Follow the on-screen instructions.
Now check the functionality of the All-in-One.
I believe this information will help you to resolve the issue. However, if the issue persists or if you find any difficulty in troubleshooting, please reply to this message with the results. I will be happy to assist you further.
We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to provide you with superior customer service. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for being one of our most valuable customers.
Have a Nice Day.
Rodney K
HP Total Care.
Anonymous on 02/10/2010:
Yikes! Will your laptop run OK without the HP All in One Bundle? We have found just about every driver we needed for printers etc on the Microsoft site. Windows 7 does a great job of hooking a person up with the correct drivers, even HP and DELL Hell drivers.
Anonymous on 02/11/2010:
Agreed, Ken, and I have to add to this that I wrote a review here about isues with my brand new computer not connecting to the Internet and it wasn't my Compaq (HP) computer, it wasn't my server. It was Win 7. There are issues with it that should have been better ironed out before its release.
lottylee on 02/12/2010:
I upgraded my new HP laptop to Win 7. Afterwards, the laptop refused to shut down and I could no longer personalize the desktop. Got involved with tech support. What a mess! By that evening, they had the laptop worthless. Had to order a VISTA CD and return my laptop back to VISTA. Laptop still not working right. What a waste of a brand new laptop. No more HP for me.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
Feeling adventurous one night, I dug out my 9 year old HP Pavilion, with only 1 g of RAM, and loaded Windows 7 on it. On first boot the sound didn't work, but before I could dig into it, Windows went out and found a correct driver a fixed it by itself. The machine runs like a clock, so well in fact that I am going to buy new memory for it and keep it in production. Maybe it just likes old machines better.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
Why do people automatically blame the computer? Lotty, you upgraded to Win 7. It isn't HP's fault, one that you upgraded, and second that your system may not have the memory to support it. Or that three, you may not have known what you are doing. That isn't being rude, just saying. people are so fast to blame the hardware for every problem when most issues are user related.

If the computer was in good working condition before the upgrade, then that should tell you that you have a problem.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
My old HP desktop is 11 and was still running when I replaced it. It was very slow, had sluggy memory, but still worked. I like HP, I've had great customer service, and I'll be buying another one when it's time.
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Terrible Printer Installation
Posted by on
Following the directions our new printer would not down load. After a 4hr phone call with support, we were sent to buy a new USB cable.(which did not come with the printer) Another 1/2 hr wait to re open our existing ticket. My husband was then on the phone till 1am until they figured it out. It was not the cable but our anti virus that was blocking the install, which I did ask about on the first phone call from 4 till 8pm.

They took over our computer and we had to pass the phone around for hours. It was a terrible night.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
OP, unfortunately things happen. Tech support are not mind readers. Sometimes they can figure out your issue immediately, sometimes it takes going through all the obvious before the right one hits. Your anti-virus was the issue. You may have asked about it, but just because it turned out to be the issue does not mean you got bad service. It means that that issue is not the norm.

If your AV program was blocking the download, did you not get a screen asking you of the software was OK to download? My AV will notify me on everything it blocks as well as my VISTA.

I realize this is annoying, but to make it seem like HP tech did something wrong is what is wrong in my opinion.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
It's like describing to a mechanic, over the phone, you hear a clunking noise. That could mean 10 different things. And so, to troubleshoot, they have to go through each and every scenario to try to determine what is wrong with your car... over the phone.
Be glad they figured out what was wrong. Granted it took a long time, but it was still figured out and fixed.
Ponie on 01/19/2010:
'...USB cable.(which did not come with the printer)...' Do any of them come with this cable supplied? I'm the most UNsavvy computer person on M3C, but of the three printers I've had--2 HP and don't remember the first one--I had to buy that cable. I don't think this has anything to do with the problem, but you added it in your complaint.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Ponie, no printer comes with the cable. It is a separate item.
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