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Customer Service was incompetent
By -

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- Contacted Customer Service to assist with installing Office Jet Printer. The HP representative took access to my computer and played for 2 hours with the settings while assuring me that all was good. Once rebooted the computer would not go past a black screen... I no longer have a functioning computer, let alone a printer/fax/scanner. I was given a ticket# ** and sent on a wild goose chase. After numerous phone calls, I was informed to take my computer to be fixed and "MAYBE" they would reimburse the cost. The customer service is incompetent and should not be trusted! Last HP product I will purchase! Look for a company that has customer support in the United States.

Tech Support non-responsive, non-communicative
By -

Just bought a new printed on Aug 16th. Tried many time to install it so it would work with my laptop. The computer would start reading the install disk and get to 15 or 30%, then stay there and never finish. We let it go 6 hours one time, and then tried to call Tech Support. We called Tech Support Aug 21st, and the fellow tried for 4 hours to install this printer. He finally gave up saying he would pass the info on to their 2nd level Tech support and they would call me back the following day. Well they didn't.

So the 3rd day I called them, got a tech who read my file and told me someone would get back to me for sure the next day. No one got back to me. The 4th day, I reached a lady who went in to talk to 2nd level tech support, then came back and said that 'her boss' was taking this on personally, and someone would get back to me.

Well, now we are into the 7th day, and no one has gotten back to me. So I decided to go online to HP's site and see if I could register a complaint. I signed in, and when they asked what model and serial # my printer was, it kept coming back as an 'unsupported model'. HUH??!! This is a brand new printer! How can it NOT be supported by HP or by warranty???! Needless to say, I'm extremely frustrated. Guess I need to take it back to the store and try to get my money back! In all fairness to HP, we've never run across anything like this before, but reading this forum is eyeopening.

Resolution Update 09/01/2010:

HP finally contacted me and resolved my issue.

Boycott Hp Printers - Built To Lock Down Your Computer
By -

BOYCOTT HP! Take back the world (smile) - one print at a time!!!! These underhanded creeps program their printers to notify you of "Low Ink" - 100 pages before empty. Okay - I can live with THAT. However, if you don't immediately go and buy ink from HP - they are programmed to lock-up your computer until you do! Oh, there is a "fix" but try calling their support line to find it - HA!

Much like "Psychic Hotline" - "your printer warranty ran out yesterday - stay on line and we will start charging for things". "It is still on warranty!" "Well that's what our records show - so you must give us your credit card or we cannot help you." "But, this is something YOU guys did - I didn't break anything!" And you only get THAT FAR if you can understand them! Shame, shame, shame on HP and their underhanded grab for money!!!

Serious Problem
By -

I have 4 active HP Printers and 2 retired to the closet to be destroyed. My first HP Officejet Pro 8500 began to fail to feed. After weeks of grueling contact with their on-line support, I complained bitterly and that brought service from a lady in management on the east coast who finally sent me a "new" (?) unit. It doesn't feed either. It has hurt my business substantially. Two others in our small office have the same problem with their HP's.

It must be a BIG problem HP is overlooking and not addressing. This product should be recalled. Suffice it to say, my next printer will be another brand. I am giving up on HP altogether and others in this office are doing the same. You can't fool all the people all the time HP, you have a big problem with your paper feeder!

What should I do next?
By -

I purchased this "all in one" in July 2008, and have had to uninstall and re-install almost every 3 months after the first 6 or 7th month of ownership. I contacted HP every time and they walked me through a "fix" but the problem continues to this date. The printer just stops working. The print queue "locks up" and nothing can come out, no matter what I try, and it won't delete, just locks up. I just uninstalled and re-installed for probably the 8th time in less than 2 years. HP gives no reason for this problem, just gives me a fix for it. It's happened so many times, I know exactly how to "fix" it myself. What recourse do I have? Shouldn't this L7590 have been recalled. I notice they don't sell it anymore.

Poor customer service
By -

After purchasing an HP Office Jet 6500 printer for my office in July 2009 and experiencing problems I finally got fed up fighting with it and called "customer support". What a miserable disappointment! After my wife spent 55 minutes on the phone with someone she had trouble communicating with they finally told her that something is wrong with the machine and to expect a call later today. After about 8 hours later today no one called so I called the 800 number again and once again was asked for my name, date of purchase, serial number, blah blah, blah. This time I was told someone would contact me within 24 hours. They seem to excel at wasting the customer's time but not at producing a good product or providing good service. I even wrote a letter to their HP Labs for the heck of it to see if anyone there cared. Time and money are both very valuable to me and not easy to come by. Why does HP insist on wasting both?

Lack of Printer Repair Support at HP
By -

I won't support HP by buying anything the company produces again. I was suckered into buying another printer with a $50 discount coupon after the company made it impossible to fix my original printer. Never again will I support their bad business practices.

I won't buy another HP product, ever. In two years HP has made it impossible to fix two of their computer printers that were fixable, but broken. One was just outside of it's one year warranty when it "broke down". If HP wants to force people to keep buying new printers instead of fixing them--I don't want to do business with HP. The quality of HP has slid downhill--I consider it an issue of integrity for the company. What about all the printers that are "recycled"--the parts don't seem to be available. Perhaps HP is destroying all of the printers to make replacement parts scarce, and, as a result, impossible to fix.

The local computer repair business said that the HP representative was hard to get a hold of and refused to deal with any issue of repair past the 1 year warranty. That's another issue--forcing people to buy extended warantees I'm sure provides a lot of extra income for HP--even a source of profit when people repair their printers within the warranty time.

I won't support HP by buying anything the company produces again. I was suckered into buying another printer with a $50 discount coupon after the company made it impossible to fix my original printer. Never again will I support their bad business practices. Today, I'm buying a printer from one of their competitors and I intend to let as many people as possible know about my experience with HP products.

On the HP merry go round
By -

In upgrading my laptop from Vista to windows 7 everything went smooth as silk. Except for the HP software that runs the printer/scanner/etc.

After hours of searching and trying solutions offered in Hp's 'help' section, and getting nowhere I emailed HP support.

They replied and offered solutions, but none worked. and after a while I felt as if I were communicating with a computer generated, rather than human, support service. It was, and still is, like being on a merry go round. round and round you go but end up in the same place. HP service, support and software, sucks.

Terrible Printer Installation
By -

Following the directions our new printer would not down load. After a 4hr phone call with support, we were sent to buy a new USB cable.(which did not come with the printer) Another 1/2 hr wait to re open our existing ticket. My husband was then on the phone till 1am until they figured it out. It was not the cable but our anti virus that was blocking the install, which I did ask about on the first phone call from 4 till 8pm.

They took over our computer and we had to pass the phone around for hours. It was a terrible night.

Defective Product and Defective Customer Service
By -

I don't like to create negativity in the world but I feel consumers need to know the problems with this product and the lack of customer service. When I went to set up this printer with wireless printing capabilities the entire system stopped working. I called customer service and was put on hold for several minutes while the customer service representative tried to trouble-shoot. "Trouble-shooting" consisted of turning the printer off and on several times and taking off the plastic cover of the control panel and pressing the on/off button to see if it would work. After 20 more minutes of being put on hold I was told that they would replace the printer and it would be sent within 5 days. It is now more than 5 days and I am on the phone again with the customer service dept. They are telling me that I need to fax or scan and e-mail the receipt for proof of purchase. Yet when I explain to them I can't fax or scan because their product is defective they insist I need to fax it in. I am on my third representative now, supposedly having spoken to a customer rep, a technical supervisor, and, soon, a Case Manager. This should not be that hard . . . This company seems to have a defective product on the market and now is violating the terms of their warranty agreement by stalemating the customer service process.

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