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The Biggest Runaround With Trying To Buy Something
By -

Recently I just purchased a new Lenovo Ideapad S10 laptop and I needed a carrying case to carry it around. After doing some research I determined that the HP 2133 MiniMate Always-On Case made by InfoCase would fit my needs, as my computer is the same size as the one the case is designed for. Since InfoCase did not have an online order system, I went to the HP website and found the product (item number A696646, part number FM-2133) for $55.79, and the accessory pouch (item A531788, part number AA-P) for $6.76.

On Monday, January 26, I added these items to my cart and clicked the checkout link. Immediately I got an error generated by my web browser that the website's security certificate was invalid. Knowing the potential risks involved when something like this happens, I chose to wait on it. On the afternoon of Tuesday, January 27, I tried again and the same thing occurred. This time I called HP's number, and pressed 1 for home user sales. The first representative immediately put me on hold and then the line was disconnected from their end.

I called back, and I told the second representative that I wanted those products. He put me on hold to retrieve the item information. When he came back, I was surprised when he told me he could not find the item in the system. Then I checked, and then I could not find it either. We kept trying to find the item for about 30 minutes before I realized that my cart was in the Small and Medium Business part of the website. The representative recommended that I call the Business Sales department. I did so to find that they were closed.

On Wednesday, January 28, I called the Business Sales department. I told the third representative that I was a home user and that I wanted the products and that the representative from the home user department could not find the items in his system. I was put on hold and the line was disconnected, again from their end. I called back, and I told the forth representative the same thing. He put me on hold. After 5 minutes he came back and told me that yes, they sold the product, but it would take 3-4 weeks because they would have to special order it. I thanked him and then hung up, feeling that this is an unreasonable time period to receive an item.

After that I called InfoCase, the product's manufacturer. I left a message on the machine of somebody in their sales department. On the morning of Thursday, January 29, I got a call back from the InfoCase sales department. The man I spoke to was very friendly and helpful and understood my situation very well. He gave me a phone number and a long extension for somebody who would be able to sell me the item. Unknowingly I did not expect what happened next - when I called the number, it was HP. I dialed the extension and left a message for this person, Representative 5.

After waiting all day with no response, I finally placed the order through the website, with security certificate warnings often along the registration process. I finally got to the checkout screen and checked the shipping rates. The shipping calculator indicated $5.00 for UPS 2 day shipping and I selected that. The final checkout screen indicated $62.55 for both products, plus $5.00 for shipping and $4.38 for taxes for a total of $71.93. I selected to put it on a credit card, and I submitted the order.

Immediately I got a confirmation email. On the morning of Friday, January 30th, I got a return call from Representative 5. We discussed what happened, and we confirmed that the order was placed and everything was all set for shipping in a few days.

For the entire next week, nothing had changed with the order. On the evening of Thursday, February 5th, I called HP's Business Sales department to check the status of the order. After being put on hold, the sixth representative informed me that both items was backordered (despite being told the week before that everything was all set). She said that she would remove the shipping cost for the inconvenience and call me the next morning, Friday, February 6th. This would take the order total down to $66.93.

On Friday, February 6th, nobody called. Then I tried to call and they were closed for the weekend. On Monday, February 9th, I checked my credit card statement, and I discovered that on February 6th that a hold was placed on the card for $72.29 - not the original total of $71.93, or the price with the removed shipping charge of $66.93.

I called HP and Representative 7 told me that Representative 6 didn't call back yet because she did not receive any information from the warehouse and at the moment there was no estimate when I would get my product. She said that she would change the hold to the correct amount of $66.93 immediately (this didn't happen) and that Representative 6 would call me back when she had more information. I called the salesperson at InfoCase again. He told me that the main issue is that HP is only placing one order for the product from InfoCase each day, thus only one product is shipped out each day.

So apparently, InfoCase has plenty in stock and HP is intentionally creating this backlog! The InfoCase salesperson decided to make an exception and let me place an order directly with him and I cancelled the order with HP. I got a confirmation of the cancellation. On Tuesday, February 10th, I got shipping confirmation from InfoCase. On today, February 12th the pending charge from HP for $72.29 was finally removed. The product from InfoCase arrived today, as promised, and it fits the laptop perfectly.

HP customer support is a sick joke
By -

I purchased a Pavilion notebook in Oct 06. In July 07, it quit. I sent the unit to HP, via Radio Shack, to be repaired under warranty. Because HP lists Radio Shack as an Authorized Service Provider, I assumed this was fine. After more than a month, I called Radio Shack to see where my laptop was, and they called HP, who said they could not repair my notebook and offered me a refurbished Pavilion dv2120. This unit arrived over 7 weeks after I had first turned the original unit in.

I got it home and realized that the entire set of "quick-play" buttons was inoperable. HP tech support told me to send it back in for repair, which I did. I then called HP at 800-752-0900, to see if I could talk to someone about getting a new unit (not a refurbished), or other reimbursement. The first person I talked to took my info, heard my story, and said she would transfer me to a case manager.

I was connected instead to the lowest level of tech support. I said I was holding for a case manager, and that I needed to be connected to someone else. He connected me to a blank line. I redialed, gave my info again, told the story again, and was reconnected, again, with the lowest level of tech support, who asked me once again for my info, my story, and then did finally manage to bring a case manager on the line, who wanted the serial number for the refurbished computer, which I did not know, having sent it in the day before. Then he informed me that my case number was connected with a computer registered to someone else.

Then he said that because I had sent it in through Radio Shack, I would have to talk to THEM, and that calling HP directly would not do any good unless it was about a repair. I am sure I sounded as dumbfounded and angry as I felt. HP WOULD NOT help me resolve an issue with my in-warranty defective product(s) because I used an Authorized Service Provider to mail them to HP? What? At that point I sent an email to HP CEO.

A few days later, having received no response, I called Radio Shack the lady there told me they were just the facilitators. She called HP and they again, offered me a refurbished replacement which I accepted. A few days later I received an email from HP which gave me some hope that my cased was being reviewed.

Meanwhile, the second replacement laptop arrived at my local Radio Shack. When I went to pick it up, I noticed it was a 17" model. I had specifically requested a 14.1 inch. I had Radio Shack send it back. I then received an email from HP with a number and "passcode" for HP in California. I called them today. As soon as the "customer service" agent heard "Radio Shack" he refused to hear anything else I had to say - he didn't even let me explain the issues. He said that HP had a contract with Radio Shack and could not help me directly, that I would have to go through Radio Shack.

When I told him that Radio Shack said they could not help because it was an HP product, and that I was looking for help from HP - the manufacturer of the product - he said, too bad. HP will not help. I explained that I thought Radio Shack was just sending it to HP for me - he didn't care. "They should have explained it to you", he said. He got quite snippy, actually, interrupting me multiple times, and I was almost in tears. He refused to let me talk to his supervisor.

I asked several times to talk to someone else; he said I was welcome to call back, but I would get the same answer. HP will not help. I will press Radio Shack next, but I have little hope. Due to HP's lack of customer service, I am still without a computer - almost 3 months into this debacle. I will never buy any HP product ever again - buyer beware!

Extremely poor customer service
By -

FOREST, VIRGINIA -- With my computer still under warranty with the company, I began having problems almost immediately. However, since I use my home computer very little, usually for minor work duties that I don't finish at work, like scheduling employee hours or figuring budget (which doesn't even require an internet connection), I really didn't bother with it until it became really troublesome. When I did finally call customer service it was almost impossible to understand the tech support person on the other end. After struggling with that and after several request to speak with a supervisor, I was finally given a number I could call to reach senior Case managers.

(It appears that they don't like to give this number out until you finally become extremely angry and hateful with the lower management team, which I hated to do but it seemed the only way to get help. ** is the number for those of you unfortunate beings who own one of these computers and are struggling to get help.) The first gentleman I spoke with was very helpful and sent me the software (he thought should have come with the computer) and should fix the problem. When it didn't I phoned him back and to my surprise he no longer worked for the company. OK, I get a new case manager.

She was not as helpful as the first gentleman, but she did however, allow me to send my computer to them for repair at their expense. I came back supposedly fixed... NOPE... not repaired so I tried to call the young lady and guess what... right she no longer worked for them.. again a new case manager... computer was sent back again for a second visit and returned working fine but that only lasted a few days and same problem.

I called again (oh yes she actually still worked there) she tried to explain to me how they have been unable to locate any problem with my computer, and my response was, "well the repair center feedback has indicated that the computer was repaired, the customer problem was duplicated during full diagnostics. How can that be if there was not problem? She proceeded to tell me she did not know why the previously checked that box on the feedback. Huh, that kind of peeked my curiosity a bit. After she became aware that I had indeed taken out a three year extended warranty with best Buy, the place I had purchased it from, she tried to convince me to take it there.

I knew HP had a policy that if they tried to repair it three times and failed, they would replace it, so I declined the suggestion, and reminded her that although my warranty with them was about expired, the problem had been ongoing for months and was yet to be resolved. I sent it back to them again at their expense... well I received it back today and the repair center feedback indicated No Trouble found.

That was funny because it appeared to never have been removed from the bag it was enclosed in for shipping, (you see I suspected that this would happen given the fact that they now knew that I had an extended warranty, and would most likely want to wash their dirty little hands of it), I had folded the bad in a certain way, and to my surprise it was returned to me folded EXACTLY that way. I took it out, and it won't even turn on now... a little odd, so I called one more time and of course they deny, deny, deny.

Customer service stinks with HP. Their computers are of minimal quality and I don' recommend them to anyone. They do not stand by their word, they pass the buck and they just don't care. It truly is pitiful, I am ashamed to have purchased this product and will never buy HP again. Also I have informed everyone I know and work with of this experience. Also my company just purchased 17 computers and not one of them was an HP.. I guess word of mouth does work. Hopefully the people I know will tell the people they know and so on and so on.

Customer Service? Could Have Fooled Me
By -

I'm not sure where to even begin this debacle. I purchased a Presario R3000 notebook in September of 2004. Being the smart cookie I am, I purchased the extended/accidental damage 3-Year warranty straight from HP and sent in my registration card. About a year ago, the notebook's battery died and the computer was extremely hot. I dealt with it until a few months ago when the notebook would shut off with no warning.

I finally decided to call HP and get the multitude of problems fixed, thinking it would be a bit of an annoyance, but manageable. Boy was I wrong. My first call, I am told that my "1 year warranty has expired" and they will not be able to help me. After explaining that I bought a 3 year warranty, the nice Indian guy "Mark" (yeah right) tells me I have to fax the receipt, wait 24 hours, and call to confirm that its updated in the computer. So I do. Except that when I call to confirm, I am put on hold, disconnected, and hung up on over 8 times. I try for a total of 2 hours (angry at this point) before giving "live chat support" a shot.

The lady I speak to finds my warranty in a matter of minutes and tells me that when my registration card was entered in the system by a technician, they mistakenly wrote a 5 instead of an S. I understand... these things happen. Still, no fault of my own. The lady says she will enter my registration correctly, and to call back in 5 hours to confirm. I wait 2 days to be sure.

When I call I'm given the exact same scripted nonsense about not having a warranty. I am told to fax the receipt again. I hang up, and call my friend who works as a sales manager for HP, merely to blow off some steam about how horrendous his company is and how I will never buy from HP again. Within 2 hours I receive a call from his manager who seems very concerned about my problems and works with me to send my notebook in for repair. Finally!

I send my notebook in and receive it in a timely manner. I'm thinking the adventure is over, when in fact the worst is yet to come. While they have fixed some problems, my battery still holds no charge. Livid at this point, I do some Googling and find out that the battery pack for my notebook was recalled several months ago for overheating the computer and not holding any charge after a few months (!). I was not aware of this because my registration info was entered incorrectly.

So in short I had a defective RECALLED battery pack, was never told that I may have one even after describing exactly the problems with my computer that the defective battery pack produces, and to top it all off, the battery was never replaced even after I sent it in for repair. I call HP, furious at this point, and am told that "my 1 year warranty has expired and there is nothing I can do to help you". Honestly, it shouldn't matter if my "warranty is up" because HP replaces those batteries free of charge. After telling the CSR that this is totally unacceptable, I am put on hold and hung up on.

My friend is unfortunately on vacation until after the holidays, so it is evident I will be getting nowhere in the meantime with HP. But one thing is for sure, I will NEVER buy from HP again. I'd much rather pay twice as much to deal with a company that is competent and treats its customers with respect.

Bought a Defective Desktop,they Don't Want to Exchange Under Warranty/
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- It took me months of runaround, them lying to the B.B.B., for them to finally offer a repair telling me a exchange or refund was not an option? Even when their warranty claims they'd do right by their consumers? After getting months of confusion, I needed my computer and lost time of use because of them, finally they replaced the hard drive and memory board claiming it's been repaired! Now it's starting to do the same as when I first took it out of the shipping box after buying it new, and that was in 8/2014, it's still under warranty, and they refuse to refund me my $445.44.I paid for it because they claimed it was fast.

It's moved like a snail since new and gets hot from use of only a few minutes The product I'm mentioning is a HP desktop computer model # 500-c60. There's a lot of unhappy people on the net that have gotten the same poor quality products and service as I'm experiencing now!.

HP Does Not Disclose Full Costs of Repair Contracts
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Rating: 1/51

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I contacted HP customer service for assistance with problems I was experiencing with my HP laptop. I was told they could help me for an annual charge of $50. I was NOT told that they would also charge $14.99 per month, so when that charge showed up on my credit card statement, I complained.

HP was completely unsympathetic and unhelpful; after several frustrating phone calls, I learned that I could cancel my "contract" with them for a termination fee of $70! I will not deal with a business that places hidden charges on my credit card. This is completely unethical. (Yes, the charges were mentioned in separate emails that were lengthy and filled with legalese. No excuse: reputable firms tell people up front what they charge.)

Will NEVER Buy a Hewlett Packard Product Again. This Company Is Trash.
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Hewlett Packard Pavilion g6 notebook for my son last Christmas. The notebook was barely used, and my son came to me stating a line on the screen had appeared. I had contacted Hewlett Packard and they provided me with a box to have it shipped and repaired. I received an email stating that the notebook had been received and that I had a two year warranty. One hour later, I received a call from HP stating to repair the notebook, it would cost $300.00. HP claimed an internal fracture had occurred and the warranty was void, leaving my notebook unusable.

I cannot believe that a notebook could be so fragile, that if a person shuts the screen, an internal fracture can occur. The claims and customer service agents are condescending and I will never recommend any Hewlett Packard product ever again. Horrible product and horrible experience!!!

New Printer by HP Has Huge Issues
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Rating: 2/51

CONNECTICUT -- My office purchased the above Officejet June 19, 2013. At first when I bought it and hooked it up it would not connect via the USB wire so I had to call in and spent most of the day trying to change things around so that it would be hooked up through the wireless. Then I came into work on July 8, 2013 and the printer would not work at all. Called and spent most of the day with tech support and they could not repair the problem so they shipped me a new one. That, I received the next morning, hooked it up and spent a better part of the day getting that one to work.

Now, approx a month later Aug 8, 2013, the new one they sent is now telling me that there is an obstruction in the Ink access door (there is nothing there). I was on the phone with Tech Support again all day trying to fix this new problem. They finally said they would order me a new one and it would be shipped the next day. Well today is the next day and I still do not have it. Now I'm being told Monday.

This machine has huge firmware/software issues which tech support will gladly address but you will be without a printer for as many days as they so desire... I did explain I work for a Law Firm with time sensitive documents and was told that if I wasn't happy I can buy a contract with their representatives so someone local can deal with it... welcome to HP - Oh and by the way when you ask to lodge a complaint they just put the information in their database for statistical purposes.

HP Computer Tower Not Working
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Rating: 1/51

After calling Verizon (it was not their problem) they gave a number to call for HP. Little did I know it was someone in India. After spending 1-1/2 hours on the phone with both Verizon & HP the technician told me that since my computer was bought in 2007, I should buy a new one. I did find a friend who knows about computers (maybe you should hire him). The problem was that I needed a new power source box for the computer tower and now it works. You should train your technicians so they might know what they are talking about. Maybe someone in the USA instead of India.

Do Not Purchase a Hewlett Packard Computer
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT CLAIR SHORES, MICHIGAN -- I have had nothing but problems with my Hewlett Packard computer since I purchased it. I have had to speak to their technicians and after hours of trying to solve the problem my computer totally crashed. They stated they would call me back and they did not. Extremely hard to understand their technicians in India. They sent me recovery discs that did not work. I sent in my computer and after 2 weeks I received it back and it is worse than ever. How can this happen?

I cannot afford to purchase a new computer to replace one that is less than 2 years old. No one uses this computer but me an adult. I had 2 Gateways that lasted for 8 and 9 years. If Gateway hadn't been sold I would have purchased another Gateway. Please do your research. Very poor quality and extremely poor technical follow up and help! HP if you want to contact me you will have to use the mail since I can not get into my e-mail.

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