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HP - The anti-customer company
By -

PHOENIXVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a Compaq Presario V6000Z laptop for our daughter for college a little over 1 year ago. She came home for the summer and used it a little bit each night after work. One night it just wouldn't boot up. The next day she brought it to the local computer store who checked it out and said that there was a problem with the power supply, but that this was a recall item and HP would fix it. So they sent it to HP.

After a while, we get notified by HP as they claimed to have fixed the power supply problem but found that the monitor didn't work and there were burn marks on the cable to the monitor. Neither of these things was a problem before we brought it to the store and the store will back us on this. So I called HP to talk about it.

I get technical support and after going through the endless computer prompts, talk to someone, but was told that this was a customer service issue. So I get transferred to customer service but web customer service who obviously tells me it isn't their problem. So they transfer me to someone else in customer service who informs me that it isn't their issue, but belongs in technical support. Despite my informing them that technical support already told me it wasn't their problem, they transfer me anyway. However, I got a busy signal during the transfer and then dropped.

So I call again, and after going through the endless computer prompts got someone else in tech support. I explained the phone chain thus far, and told him that before he transfers me to someone who will transfer me to someone else, and so on, that he should just transfer me to the final person who will actually help. He wants to transfer me to someone else in customer service. I blew up at this point and called him and HP a bunch of idiots and he called me an idiot, but transferred me to a nice lady in customer service. As I expected, after listening to my story, she transferred me to technical support.

This time, the person took responsibility and said he would review our case. We talked about it and I explained that since the problem with the monitor and cable didn't happen before we brought it to the store. He explained that the monitor was ruined by something leaking from the power supply, the bad part that they worked on for the recall issue. I asked him if it didn't seem obvious that they caused the problem when working on the power supply. He gave me a case number and told me someone would call back the next day.

The next day, someone calls my wife and accuses us of trying to rip HP off. She again explained that the store would back us about the monitor and cable being good before they sent it to HP, but he didn't want to hear it. They finally sent it back to the store with the bad monitor and cable. We still haven't picked it up yet, but it is now basically useless as a laptop. We probably could hook up a desktop monitor to it, but this is where we stand. I have never bought a HP computer before, always Dell (and I have bought many for myself and other kids of mine). My wife bought this HP because it was on sale. I will never by anything from HP again.

Their products are defective and their customer service and technical support are mostly inept. Worst of all they treat us with contempt. I work for a large computer company and will spread the word about HP so hopefully, no one else makes this mistake. Thank you Dell for never doing this to me. Thank you Kodak, who when I reported a camera problem, sent me a new camera (an upgrade, batteries, and multiple rolls of film for my troubles). Thank you Dell who, when I had a problem with a monitor, 1 day before the warranty ran out, gave me no hassle, and said a new one was on its way.

3rd Repair Issue Still Not Fixed & Poor Customer Service
By -

I had to call tech support 4/8 due to repair issue still not fixed after sending in my laptop. Was advised that case manager would call in 48 hrs. I received no call so on 4/11 I called back and was transferred to my case mgr. I advised her that I still have issues with my laptop and she said "What do you want me to do?" I advised her to fix the problem in which you failed to do the past 2 times. She said she is not replacing my notebook with a new one. I advised I never asked for that. She told me that is what is noted on my account.

Believe me, I would never ask for a new laptop because I see how much of a hassle it is just to get mine repaired. This was obviously a language barrier with your tech support in India. I called back in today to report another issue and my call in the case manager group was answered by Rebecca. She said "have you spoken with you case Mgr about this?" I said yes but had another issue this weekend. She said I did not ask for any explanation that I need to answer yes or no. I was blown away by this and she said anything she asks needs to be answered by yes or no, as she does not need an explanation.

I asked her for her name and she says "I gave that to you at the beginning of the call." I advised I did not write it down and she said she is not giving it again. She continued on with telling me about the issue and I was trying to ask questions but she refused to stop speaking. I asked again for her name and she said again, "I gave it to you at the beginning of the call". She then says I am trying to be professional on the call, and I asked if she was professional then why was she refusing to give me her name again? She says normally she laughs and enjoys her calls but I must have had a bad morning. After asking 6 times for her name, she finally gave it to me.

I was NEVER rude to this person, but the way she treated me was the worst customer service I have ever experienced with any company. I asked for a supervisor and she said they didn't have supervisors that she was the only one I could speak with. She then asked if there was a phone # my case mgr could reach me and I gave my work # and advised only available until noon.

She said "is there another # after that?" I said I have a cell phone but do not want to give it because I have already wasted many minutes dealing with HP. She said "you told me you have another # to reach but now you don't want to give me the number then why did you even say you had another phone number to reach you." I do not know what the problem is here. I was pleasant and nice on the phone simply trying to get my issue fixed for the 3rd time and to be treated like this has just made the problem explode. Do you think this was OK for her to provide this type of customer support to me?

Eats Ink!
By -

Purchased in April 2007 (1 year ago) in Europe. Problem-description: The black ink cartridge ran out of ink very prematurely. I printed 2 small photos and 85 pages and it ran out in less than a week of purchasing the printer. If I had known it would use this much ink, I would have bought another printer. I would like a couple of new cartridges. Thank you. By the way, I tried to register through your software and had trouble. It would not connect to your server. I will try again now though.

HP: The Nightmare AFTER Christmas
By -

Since my initial HP purchase in December 2004, I've endured so many problems, it is difficult to remember them all in detail. My zd8000 is a replacement for the zd7000, an exchange we made in February 2005 because the 7000 ceased to provide a wireless Internet connect.

Since that time, our extended warranty has been the only thing that has kept our computer going this long. We've sent the computer in 3 different times for overheating. In all three cases, the computer would stay on for 15 minutes to 1 hour, then get hot on the outside and shut down. It couldn't be turned on again until I allowed it to cool for several minutes.

Each time, HP claimed we don't have a warranty anymore though our warranty doesn't expire until March 2008. And each time, we've had to argue with several different reps, and repeat our information several different times, before they finally acknowledged our warranty and agreed to service the product. This has usually taken more than one phone call over a period of 1-2 weeks.

The first two times, they had FedEx pick up the computer for us, but the third time, we had to take the box down to FedEx ourselves. I don't feel I should have had to do this as it is not my fault that the machine overheated, but rather, the fault of their crappy hardware.

Every time this has happened, HP has had to replace my motherboard and hard drive and wipe my computer. They've also replaced two fans. This has meant that on 3 occasions, I've had to reinstall/re-register all of my software, which has cost me about a week's worth of time in personal labor and phone calls. Often, I've lost the registrations for my software because the information was saved in the computer itself. I of course couldn't back it up before sending the HP in for service because the thing kept overheating and wouldn't stay on long enough for me to do so.

I also had to have a battery replaced because it stopped charging. They initially tried to make us pay $80.00 for that and say that our warranty didn't cover the battery. We told them, "No way," because once that battery was replaced, something else would probably go wrong. And we were right... that happened just before the third overheating crash.

This was a Christmas gift from my husband that has instead turned into a movie sequel: "The Nightmare AFTER Christmas." Our phone calls have extended as high up the ladder as HP corporate headquarters, where we've BEGGED them to just let us send them this crappy machine back in exchange for a refund. They refused.

Furthermore, I've owned computers since 1994, and I have NEVER had problems with any computers like I've had with HP. I'm not a novice user. I'm in fact, quite good with computers. That is why the only time I have problems with other machines is when I have a virus or a power outage. Yet, in addition to the three overheating issues and the one battery issue, I've had more problems with my 8000 than I can remember anymore.

Whenever I've called HP, I've been forced to go through elementary troubleshooting steps that either I've already tried, that have nothing to do with the problem, or that I can't understand because they are from an overseas worker who doesn't clearly speak English. It's not surprising, therefore, that the troubleshooting never works.

At the present time of this post, we've just gotten our HP back from another crash and are having to send it right back in again. This time, the power cord keeps going out, and the computer keeps switching to battery. This is something we also had a problem with before, but that temporarily disappeared and was forgotten during one of the many subsequent computer crashes that followed. My husband called them a week ago and was told that they would send us another box to ship the computer back.

During the most recent crash, we totaled approximately five reps (two of which were supervisors), five claims that our computer is no longer under warranty (a claim that they make pretty much every time we call), six hours of phone time, all of which amounted to two-and-a-half weeks before we got the box for repair. Let's see if we beat that record. Or rather, I'll say let's see if my husband can beat that record. I have washed my hands of this POS totally. I told my husband he can have the thing as well as their offer of extending the warranty for another year in exchange for another $150.00, while I, at present, am shopping for a new computer.

If there is a class action suit for the zd8000 like it was for the zd7000, I definitely want to participate. I could probably claim damages for the mental anguish from the inconvenience I've endured, and the time I've lost dealing with this crashing computer as opposed to writing my next novel or working on my website (I am a published author). But all I want at this point is for HP to just refund my money so I can send this piece of garbage back and get a computer that works.

Thank God I've had enough experience with other computers to know that there are machines out there that perform better than this, that the old theory, "All computers are the same," is a bunch of malarkey. That's why I want a refund, so I can go out and get one of those better machines, and forget the day that I ever heard of HP.

HP Customer Service Is the Absolute Worst
By -

I called on Oct 9th to find out what it would take to have my computer repaired for a problem with a fan I thought. I was told it would cost $298 for the repair and would take 5 days from door to door for the repair. I was informed that FedEx would show up tomorrow October 10th with an empty box. I would drop my notebook into the box and they would take it away. I waited all day for FedEx. They never showed. So I called HP Customer service in India and was informed that there was a problem with the box. I was amazed to find out that HP had a problem getting an empty box to me.

I then looked online and got the number for the HP Corporate Offices. I called the corporate offices about 5 times and was sent the first three times to the corporate customer support only to find that all mailboxes were full. On the 4th and 5th call I made the operator stay on the phone until I got a person. The first time the lady put me on hold and never returned after 15 minutes. These are not toll free numbers. Finally I go a 2nd person at corporate and told the whole story once again. After 10 minutes on the phone listening to my story they told me that they could not help me but they would send it to a case representative and I would have a call back in 24 to 48 hours.

Mind you, this is on how to get an empty box to me. The box finally showed up on the 11th, but the FedEx person set it at my door, knocked and literally ran back to his truck, took of, so I had no time to drop the computer into the box. Well, today is the 18th of October. That call was on the 10th and I have not had any calls back from HP corporate. So I looked online today to find the status of my repair which should have had my computer back to me by October 15th. It now says I will have it by October 23rd. So at this point the 5 days promise is estimated at 14 days. I also looked at the charges again.

My original agreement was 5 day turn around for the repair for $298.00 plus taxes came to $315.88. When I looked at the status today it says I am being charged $698.00. No calls informing me of anything. So I started the phone calls again today to corporate. About 5 phone calls later I got a person. I explained the whole story to her expecting that maybe I could get some help. Well, after 10 minutes of explaining the situation she informed me that she could not help me but she would e-mail my complaint to a case representative and I would have a call back in 24 to 48 hours. You can't even imagine how furious I was. So at this point HP has my computer.

I have no idea when I will see it again. They are charging more than twice the price that was promised by customer service in India. The sad thing is, they did the exact same thing to me about a year and a half ago when I had the exact same problem.

Junk Products and Service
By -

TENNESSEE -- I purchased a HP dv9260nr laptop on June 20th of 2007 from Best Buy. Shame on me for not trying the webcam on this product until 8/02/07. When I tried it for the first time it worked. Then I got out of the Roxio program I was using and continued working with the computer. I tried to get the webcam to work a second time and it would not.

After repeated attempts I gave up and decided to call the Geek Squad at Best Buy for help. I purchased an extend warranty through them. It was around 8 PM, and no one at the Geek Squad would pick up the phone. So I tried the 800 number and again no one there. So I called HP, since the computer comes with a one year warranty with HP.

I talked with a tech who helped me re-install some drivers and the webcam worked. Since it was around 11 PM, I shut the computer down and went to bed. My next time to try the webcam came on 8/05/07. It didn't work. Had to reload the drivers again. Web is working, now I shut down the computer. On 8/07/07 I try to use the webcam and it doesn't work. I reload the drivers and it works. But when I go to use it a second time it doesn't work. So I contact HP again. We go through the process of reloading drivers to make it work but it works only once again. The tech could not figure it out so he said he was putting me up to the next level.

At the next level the tech couldn't fix my problem either. He said he would have to do some research and call me back. After a few hours he called back. He tried to fix the problems but had no success, said he would call back the next day. So now it's 8/08/07, around 8pm and the tech does call back. He said he still didn't have a solution but would call back the next day after more research.

It's the next day and the tech calls saying that there is a known problem with the Ricoh camera in that system. He said that the webcam has to be replaced. I asked him if it's a known problem then how can HP let its vendors sell that system. He didn't have an answer. All he could say was someone would call me tomorrow about having the computer picked up. Well tomorrow is here and gone and no calls from HP. In fact I have no contact with HP till I call them on 8/14/07.

I demand to talk to a supervisor, when I explain it all to him he said that he would connect me to a person who would resolve my problem. He has me on hold for 5 minutes and then said that he will have to put me on hold again. Ten minutes later he said he was sorry and would have to put me on hold again. After waiting 15 more minutes I hang up. So now I drive to the Geek Squad at the Best Buy in Knoxville. I figure since I have a warranty with them I'll let them handle the problem.

When I explain the problem the tech, he asked why I called HP and not them. I answered that folks don't answer the phone at this location. He told me that they would have to send the computer out and it would be 2, maybe 3 weeks. After two and a half weeks, I called the Geek Squad. They told me that HP got my computer on 8/15/07 and were still working on it. I waited another week and called them back, they said that there was no status yet on my system. I wait another week and am told that nobody knows where the system is. I tell them someone better call me back. Nobody does.

Now I call the Geek Squads home office, tell them of my problems. They tell me that HP had my computer at the wrong site and was shipping it to another location for repair. I tell him this is no longer funny, I don't like the run around I'm getting.

On 9/14/07 the Manager of the Geek Squad calls me to say that the computer will cost over 300 dollars to repair. I tell her she better be kidding since I have a warranty on the unit. She said she will call me back. She does and says that she can have me come down to the store and pick out another computer. I asked what was there that was close to what I have. I'm told that a Toshiba was close. I ask what are the chances of getting another identical one. She said she could have one sent overnight to the store. I agree to that. Some overnight. On 9/20/07 she calls to say the computer is here. I drive into Knoxville to get my new computer.

Upon getting it home I start to set it up. When I try the webcam, it works but only once. This new computer, identical in every way to the original has the same webcam problems. The very next morning I drive to Knoxville to return this one for a full refund which I did get. Never again will I buy another HP product. And I told all of my friends not to either. My neighbor changed his mind and bought a Gateway rather than a HP after hearing of my problem. My sister returned the recently purchased Compaq she got for her daughter for a Toshiba. And I hope a lot of you folks change your mind about buying HP. MY HP case number was **.

Nonexistent Tech Support
By -

A little over a month ago I purchased an HP all in one printer/fax. It will not allow me to change the default setting. I do the steps and choose the "save new default settings" and it doesn't. Today I called their support line and was connected to someone who did not speak much English and did not listen to what I was saying. He kept asking the same questions although I had already answered them numerous times. I told him the new default settings would not save. He would say "It will not fax, right?" No, the new default setting will not save. "Did you say you wanted to fax from your computer?" No, the new default settings will not save.

This went on for over an hour as he put me on hold for 10 or 15 minutes at a wack while he asked someone else for help. Then he would come back with another question such as "Did you want to save your fax to the computer?" No, the new default settings will not save. After demanding to speak with someone else and being put on hold again, he finally said he would have a supervisor call me. The supervisor spoke worse English than he did, and we went through the same nonsense again. He either did not listen or he did not know anything about the printer he was trying to help me with.

In the end, after being on hold again for 10 and 15 minute episodes, he ended by telling me "There is a problem with the software." I said I wanted to schedule a service for the machine as it is under warranty. He said "It is not a repair issue. It is a software issue and there is nothing you can do to fix it." I said I wanted it replaced if it is not going to work properly. He said "It is not an issue. They will replace the machine for because it is not a problem since I can fax."

The machine has all of these options you can choose on how you want to fax, but I cannot use them and yet the machine is not defective. I do not understand. I also purchased a three-year extended warranty for this machine. What good is the warranty at all, if you cannot get anything done to fix a problem anyway? I just want to have it work the way it should – it was not cheap and I specifically purchased it because of the features and I cannot use the features – and it is not defective. This does not compute.

I called the sales department here in the US and they said they would refund the extended warranty, but I was stuck with the printer because it is over the 21 day return time. All I expect is the printer I purchased with all the options working. If they cannot give me that, I would say they are in default. She finally said they would replace it if it was defective, but that I had to go through the tech support!!! I had just explained all of the above to her and she wanted me to call them again!!! I guess she listens as well as the tech support folk in India. She was still unwilling to take the thing back.

She is now sending it to level 2 support in the US, but it will take 5 or more days before they will call me.
How can they get away with this? What can I do to get my money back or at least a machine that works? The extended warranty is worthless if they do not have qualified people to talk to or a place to take it to be repaired?

There is nowhere I can take it locally (so they say) and I am stuck with something that is defective. The selling point for the extended warranty was "If anything goes wrong with it that we cannot fix, we will just send you a replacement." Wow, that sold me. Is there a company that sells printer/faxes that are made in the US, repaired in the US, and have tech support here in the US that speak English? I would gladly pay twice the price for that printer. Any suggestions?

Inferior Product & Poor Customer Service
By -

TORRANCE -- In late July of 2005, I bought a Compaq Presario M2000 (M2105US) laptop. Since then, I've had nothing but trouble with it - so much, that I can honestly say that I've never had this much trouble with any computer in my life. If it wasn't one thing, it was another. When online, I couldn't download large amounts of text. If I tried, I'd get a "flag" telling me that it was too much, and later on, I was being flagged with a notice from Microsoft telling me that "a problem has occurred," and that Works needs to be shut down. No other computer that I've ever been on has ever had problems with large amounts of text.

I called Hewlett Packard's "800" number many times, and I'd be given a caseworker. Two or three times they chose to send FedEx to pick the computer up and have it "repaired." So more than once, it's been shipped somewhere and then sent directly back. I believe that they simply un-installed and then reinstalled everything. THEY DIDN'T DEAL WITH THE SPECIFIC PROBLEMS I'D COMPLAINED OF. At other times, when I'd call for help, I'd be switched over to someone in India (whose voice, due to the connection, I could just barely hear) who would walk me through a process whereby I'd supposedly be able to get the computer working properly again.

But the problems continued. The CD/DVD player originally worked, but only sporadically. However, at one point, the computer would no longer recognize that drive. As far as it was concerned, "D" drive no longer existed. So I was not able to install programs or play CDs. Finally, Hewlett- Packard sent me another drive with installation instructions. I installed it and it worked, but still sporadically, and there were times when I'd have to restart the computer in order to get the computer to recognize "D" drive again, and to get the player to work.

At the time of this writing (July 2007), the computer still can't even find "D" drive, so I cannot view photos, play music, or install programs. In July of 2006, the warranty on the computer expired and when I called to tell them that the problems had never been resolved, a woman told me that they'd have to charge me "a minimum of $200" to repair it. I thought that was outrageous, and I wrote to Consumer Affairs and to the Better Business Bureau because I paid, after rebate, $650 for this laptop. Although this may be inexpensive by today's standards, I still expected that I was going to have a reliable computer.

But even today, the problems continue: Presently, if the computer has been in "sleep" mode for a few hours, when I touch the touch pad or the mouse, the screen will not always come up. It might or it might not. I never know how it's going to react. When it chooses not to work, a blue screen will appear with much white text, informing me that a problem has occurred. Or I'll simply get a black screen with, "Compaq" in large white letters and at the bottom in small letters, it will say, "Press to change boot order. Press to enter Setup to boot from LAN." Then I'll have to shut down the computer completely and remove the battery FOR AT LEAST TWO OR THREE DAYS.

After that, it begins working again. I should also mention that the mechanism for the latch that opens the battery door actually broke from the inside, so that there was no way I could access it. I wasn't able to replace the battery. That latch, on future models, needs to be replaced with something of actual quality. It would be one thing if I'd only now begun to have problems with this computer, but to repeat: I'VE HAD NOTHING BUT TROUBLE WITH IT CONSISTENTLY.

This Compaq Presario is completely undependable, and everyone, from amateurs to experts, has told me that Hewlett-Packard should have replaced this laptop, or at least repaired it properly, which has never been the case since I bought it. I will finish my review with this: Imagine buying a brand-new car or truck that gives you nothing but trouble. So you call their "800" number for help. Then imagine that the operator switches you to some expert who tries to walk you through a complex set of instructions so that you yourself can repair the car! Frankly I think you'd be outraged. You'd say, "No! I just paid you people a lot of money for this car!

YOU need to repair it, not me!" Such is the case here. I didn't spend as much as I did on this thing so that I could then spend valuable time trying to repair it. This Compaq Presario is the worst computer purchase I've ever made, and Hewlett Packard's customer service is deplorable: They never made a true effort to repair their faulty product, and people need to know that." Thank you for listening.

Great Monitor for the Price
By -

I recently purchased a HP 22 inch widescreen computer monitor from Circuit City. I was in the market for an external monitor for my laptop, and the 22 inch models seemed to be a good size for the price. They seemed to range from $280 - $380. Going up just a few inches to the 24 inch models seemed to bump the price to the $500-$700 range. So I stuck with the 22 inch monitors.

Originally I had set my sites on the Samsung 225 and 226 models. I have a Samsung TV that I really like, and thought I would give one of their displays a try. I read great reviews about both models. The older model, the Samsung 225, had a better adjustable stand, whereas the newer 226 model was limited in this category. I was all set to go with the 225 model when I ran across the HP W2207 monitor at Circuit City.

HP W2207 Monitor The HP models use a technology called "Brightview", and they also have a glossy finish to the monitor screen itself. The combination of these two factors give the screen picture a brilliant contrast of colors. Put the HP next to any other monitor and you'll see it is definitely different. Some reviews I read said the colors are so vibrant that they are not actually realistic... meaning if you are a serious graphics designer, you may not want this monitor for testing true colors of what most folks will see.

My wife dabbles in graphics and she loved it. So I guess it is a case by case. We took some of her graphics work into the store on a USB drive to test out the various monitors, and we still found the HP model to be the best. I ended up paying $329 for it, but since my purchase the price has gone up to $359 at Circuit City. You might be able to find it online cheaper.

So what are the positives? Well the picture is incredible, not only for working but also watching DVDs... =) The stand is fully adjustable vertically and you can also turn it to portrait or landscape, which is nice, but requires special software that comes with the monitor. I did not install the software since I read some reviews claiming the software had trouble working properly on XP. Vista was fine. I just skipped the software and plugged it in out of the box. Works fine for me! Another huge perk is the screen space.

If you have never worked with a 20+ inch monitor before, it is really nice. I can have like 3-4 things open and all visible on the screen. If I want to edit two documents side-by-side, they can both fit. Very nice. Another interesting feature of the 22 inch models is the resolution. They work optimally at 1680x1050. This particular resolution is ideal for a 20 inch widescreen monitor, not a 22 inch. So what the manufacturers do is adjust for the difference by making the pixels slightly larger on the 22 inch monitors.

This makes the font/images/resolution slightly larger and easier on the eyes, helpful if you are an old-timer like me... ;-) The trade-off is the 20 inch models will have a more crisp display since the resolution is native to that size, but I have not noticed any problems with crispness on my 22 inch model. The images and text are very sharp and clear. While watching a DVD movie I did notice some light bleeding around the edges of the top and bottom. This was only visible when the background is completely black... and even then it is not really noticeable. I didn't mind it, but it is worth pointing out.

Another potential negative is the glossy finish on the display. I like it since it helps give the colors a nice vibrant and bright appearance, but some folks complained about the reflective glare. I have been using it for a week now and have not been bothered by it in both daylight and night time conditions. But if you have a desk with direct sunlight behind you, it might bother you. Something to consider. Overall I felt the benefits of this monitor greatly out-weighed the negatives. We ended up buying two since my wife liked it so much!

HP Tech Support - Highest Level of Incompetence
By -

I spent 6 hours with HP last night/morn. Almost one with the online chat to fix a software installation issue. This guy asks me the same questions not once but twice, I then knew he wasn't an expert and I ended the online chat. Then I called the 1-800 for support. Wow, support like you will NEVER want again in life. I was trying to get the Photosmart Premium (All in one and 1 week old) to print to the CD/DVD everything else works but this. Tech gains control of my computer (because I trusted that he was an expert) goes in changes some codes, has me to reboot and install the new windows 7 software (at least 3 times).

After one and one half hours of waiting for it to install, I tell the "expert" that this isn't normal. He tells me that my computer may be having problems. PLEASE! Yeah, probably right after he's screwed it up. Didn't have any computer issues prior to contacting him. After another one and half hours of going through rigorous functions he informs me my computer has issues. By this time I am bouncing off the walls, he transfers me over to the computer experts. I tell them that I had no issues with my computer (2007/hp spent $1900.00- custom built) but this guy tells me that I needed to register my core pack and transfers me to a unit that is what... closed.

Now it's 2 in the morning and I had to be in my office at 6 A.M. This morning I get up and figuured out what they couldn't. I called HP to get an address to send a written complaint and was told by the supervisor ** that they didn't accept complaints and I couldn't mail one in. Keeping my cool, because now I am on in the workplace, I asked if there was an email I could send my complaint to and was told no. At this point I knew I was dealing with the highest level of incompent individuals.

This is what happens when companies outsource services, the level of HP Tech support service is in the sewer. I have placed my frustration on FB and twitter. Now I am contemplating cancelling the new HP ($1300.00 dollar) computer that I have on order right now. I guess customer service isn't valued anyomore.

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