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Eats Ink!
By -

Purchased in April 2007 (1 year ago) in Europe. Problem-description: The black ink cartridge ran out of ink very prematurely. I printed 2 small photos and 85 pages and it ran out in less than a week of purchasing the printer. If I had known it would use this much ink, I would have bought another printer. I would like a couple of new cartridges. Thank you. By the way, I tried to register through your software and had trouble. It would not connect to your server. I will try again now though.

HP: The Nightmare AFTER Christmas
By -

Since my initial HP purchase in December 2004, I've endured so many problems, it is difficult to remember them all in detail. My zd8000 is a replacement for the zd7000, an exchange we made in February 2005 because the 7000 ceased to provide a wireless Internet connect.

Since that time, our extended warranty has been the only thing that has kept our computer going this long. We've sent the computer in 3 different times for overheating. In all three cases, the computer would stay on for 15 minutes to 1 hour, then get hot on the outside and shut down. It couldn't be turned on again until I allowed it to cool for several minutes.

Each time, HP claimed we don't have a warranty anymore though our warranty doesn't expire until March 2008. And each time, we've had to argue with several different reps, and repeat our information several different times, before they finally acknowledged our warranty and agreed to service the product. This has usually taken more than one phone call over a period of 1-2 weeks.

The first two times, they had FedEx pick up the computer for us, but the third time, we had to take the box down to FedEx ourselves. I don't feel I should have had to do this as it is not my fault that the machine overheated, but rather, the fault of their crappy hardware.

Every time this has happened, HP has had to replace my motherboard and hard drive and wipe my computer. They've also replaced two fans. This has meant that on 3 occasions, I've had to reinstall/re-register all of my software, which has cost me about a week's worth of time in personal labor and phone calls. Often, I've lost the registrations for my software because the information was saved in the computer itself. I of course couldn't back it up before sending the HP in for service because the thing kept overheating and wouldn't stay on long enough for me to do so.

I also had to have a battery replaced because it stopped charging. They initially tried to make us pay $80.00 for that and say that our warranty didn't cover the battery. We told them, "No way," because once that battery was replaced, something else would probably go wrong. And we were right... that happened just before the third overheating crash.

This was a Christmas gift from my husband that has instead turned into a movie sequel: "The Nightmare AFTER Christmas." Our phone calls have extended as high up the ladder as HP corporate headquarters, where we've BEGGED them to just let us send them this crappy machine back in exchange for a refund. They refused.

Furthermore, I've owned computers since 1994, and I have NEVER had problems with any computers like I've had with HP. I'm not a novice user. I'm in fact, quite good with computers. That is why the only time I have problems with other machines is when I have a virus or a power outage. Yet, in addition to the three overheating issues and the one battery issue, I've had more problems with my 8000 than I can remember anymore.

Whenever I've called HP, I've been forced to go through elementary troubleshooting steps that either I've already tried, that have nothing to do with the problem, or that I can't understand because they are from an overseas worker who doesn't clearly speak English. It's not surprising, therefore, that the troubleshooting never works.

At the present time of this post, we've just gotten our HP back from another crash and are having to send it right back in again. This time, the power cord keeps going out, and the computer keeps switching to battery. This is something we also had a problem with before, but that temporarily disappeared and was forgotten during one of the many subsequent computer crashes that followed. My husband called them a week ago and was told that they would send us another box to ship the computer back.

During the most recent crash, we totaled approximately five reps (two of which were supervisors), five claims that our computer is no longer under warranty (a claim that they make pretty much every time we call), six hours of phone time, all of which amounted to two-and-a-half weeks before we got the box for repair. Let's see if we beat that record. Or rather, I'll say let's see if my husband can beat that record. I have washed my hands of this POS totally. I told my husband he can have the thing as well as their offer of extending the warranty for another year in exchange for another $150.00, while I, at present, am shopping for a new computer.

If there is a class action suit for the zd8000 like it was for the zd7000, I definitely want to participate. I could probably claim damages for the mental anguish from the inconvenience I've endured, and the time I've lost dealing with this crashing computer as opposed to writing my next novel or working on my website (I am a published author). But all I want at this point is for HP to just refund my money so I can send this piece of garbage back and get a computer that works.

Thank God I've had enough experience with other computers to know that there are machines out there that perform better than this, that the old theory, "All computers are the same," is a bunch of malarkey. That's why I want a refund, so I can go out and get one of those better machines, and forget the day that I ever heard of HP.

HP Tech Support - Highest Level of Incompetence
By -

I spent 6 hours with HP last night/morn. Almost one with the online chat to fix a software installation issue. This guy asks me the same questions not once but twice, I then knew he wasn't an expert and I ended the online chat. Then I called the 1-800 for support. Wow, support like you will NEVER want again in life. I was trying to get the Photosmart Premium (All in one and 1 week old) to print to the CD/DVD everything else works but this. Tech gains control of my computer (because I trusted that he was an expert) goes in changes some codes, has me to reboot and install the new windows 7 software (at least 3 times).

After one and one half hours of waiting for it to install, I tell the "expert" that this isn't normal. He tells me that my computer may be having problems. PLEASE! Yeah, probably right after he's screwed it up. Didn't have any computer issues prior to contacting him. After another one and half hours of going through rigorous functions he informs me my computer has issues. By this time I am bouncing off the walls, he transfers me over to the computer experts. I tell them that I had no issues with my computer (2007/hp spent $1900.00- custom built) but this guy tells me that I needed to register my core pack and transfers me to a unit that is what... closed.

Now it's 2 in the morning and I had to be in my office at 6 A.M. This morning I get up and figuured out what they couldn't. I called HP to get an address to send a written complaint and was told by the supervisor ** that they didn't accept complaints and I couldn't mail one in. Keeping my cool, because now I am on in the workplace, I asked if there was an email I could send my complaint to and was told no. At this point I knew I was dealing with the highest level of incompent individuals.

This is what happens when companies outsource services, the level of HP Tech support service is in the sewer. I have placed my frustration on FB and twitter. Now I am contemplating cancelling the new HP ($1300.00 dollar) computer that I have on order right now. I guess customer service isn't valued anyomore.

Be Forewarned
By -

I am a 34 year retiree of Hewlett Packard Company and have read many of the customer reviews concerning HP Customer Service. Because of recent issues with my brand new high end desktop computer that I purchased from HP, I have experienced everything that you have all written about concerning HP's Customer Service. I have cut and paste “one liners” from your reviews and present them below for others to see. I concur with every word said; it's all true! I suggest that if anyone is considering purchasing from HP that they especially remember the last entry below: “BE FOREWARNED”.

“Hp does not listen to the customer”; “It has been nothing more than the biggest hassle”; HP did not bother to inform their registered customers…”; “Once they have your money the don't care anymore”; “The final straw…”; “The run around begins…”; “Displeased with HP customer service”; “They don't call me back as promised”; “it is obvious that no one is thinking”; “six weeks of troubleshooting with no resolution”; “most inadequate, disrespectful waste of time…”; “I do not have time to call HP every day”; “basically their warranties mean nothing”; “the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing”; “supervisors are condescending & patronizing”;

“a customer service representative should never berate & belittle a customer”; “needs to insure that customers are treated fairly and appropriately…”; “tech support is too ignorant to find & fix the problem… too eager to drop the problem”; “so much for in house service”; “I paid money for an extended service plan and so far I have received nothing but a headache.”; “they didn't understand the problem”; “how many times will I have to tell my name, product & serial number”; “I feel like it's a circus when I call”; “the language barrier is ridiculous”; “how awful they are”; “they keep telling me how sorry they are”;

“tech support angered me more than the actual problem has”; “it's been a nightmare…”; “he hung up on me when I asked for a supervisor”; “when I told them to transfer me to the customer survey… of course they hung up on me”; “he won't listen to me…”; "the case managers aren't technical… and seem unsure how HP support works at HP.” “BE FOREWARNED”.

Do Not Buy HP or Trust Anyone on 1800 Hp Invent
By -

On September 9, 2011, my PC, HP Pavilion Elite Desktop stopped working. I called into the 1-800 HP Invent line and was told that the PC no longer has any warranty. I was informed by the gentleman on the phone that he could repair my pc if I paid for either a one time or year warranty. I asked, "What happens if you are not able to repair my pc?" He replied that he would refund the charge. Against my husband's wishes, I agreed. After a few minutes, I was informed that the motherboard had gone on my PC. The call went on, whereby I tried to purchase a new PC, however the wait time on the Canadian line was much too long, and I opted to purchase an HP locally.

However, before I hung up on the call, I asked the man (who had told me he was from Calcutta in India) when I would receive my refund, since he was unable to fix my pc. He replied that he would process it and that I would see it on my next statement cycle. After purchasing a new HP pc last week, I called in to your 1800-HP invent line and was told by another person, that the refund was not done and he said that he would do so.

I then received a call back today from a man by the name of Richard regarding case # ** who explained that the charge that I was charged will not be refunded and that basically I should have known that these charges are never refundable. I explained, that is why I specifically asked what happens if my pc is not able to be fixed. It was only after the gentleman from India explained that he would refund my money if that happened did I go ahead with the service. Richard then went on to say, "What? You expect people to do this for free?" That is not what I expect, but I do expect that people will live up to what they say.

I asked Richard, "how a company can have employees state one thing and do the opposite, is that was HP stands for?" I encouraged him to go back and listen to the conversation, as I was told that my call was being recorded at the time. Richard's only concern was that I be told that I would not receive a refund. Am I naive in thinking that a company stands behind its employees, when an employee states something, or is this how HP does business these days? I am writing this letter with the hope that it saves other people the hassle and shock of how a company can promise things and do the opposite. Just a customer... I would hope this still means something.

Bad Customer Service Bad Product
By -

I ordered a new computer for my son through HP website. I called and spoke with a sales person. Once the order was completed, I waited for shipment. When I received the order, the Xbox was missing. I called HP after 1.5 hours. The issue was resolved and HP shipped the Xbox. When my son opened the computer, the new computer was defective. I called HP. Immediately I was informed we had to go without a computer for several days. I asked them to ship us a new computer so that my son would not have to go without. The representative said the only way to do that is to process a new order charging my credit card.

I asked to speak to a Manager. The Manager refused to help. After 2 hours, I agreed to send the computer back following your unfriendly customer way. I looked the order up online, I found my credit card was charged $3.18 for the return. I again called HP, asked to talk with a Manager. I told him this has been nothing but a hassle on the customer's part. He refunded the 3.18 and rounded the credit up to $15.00. Great customers service, $11.82 for my troubles. Now I see my Build Date is August 3rd. No priority on the order. I am embarrassed on your part.

I run a small business where I do repairs and consulting. I have recommended HP Workstations and Servers in the past, no longer will I do so. You lost a loyal customer. I received a phone call from Andy, no last name. I thought we had a resolution to the issue. Andy ask that I speak to him and no one else. The day after my conversation with Andy, my credit card was charged again. I called Andy on Friday, he stated that he was on the phone with another customer and asked if he could call me back. I said yes. Today is Monday 5pm eastern time, Andy has not returned my call. My credit card is over charged, my son has not received his computer. Do I need to take legal action?

Motherboard/Battery Problems
By -

Purchased a laptop from a Wholesale company on 02/09/09 along with a 3 year service agreement. On December 8, 2010, the fingerpad begin to get hot and began to melt, only power was from the battery. The only way to stop it from melting was to take the battery off. I called the service company and was told to send the laptop, battery and recovery disks back to their company. They received the computer on December 17th. I was told that the motherboard was bad and then they were having problems finding parts for the laptop as HP no longer manufactured that particular part.

I sent an email to the CEO at HP because I felt that there was no way that the motherboard should have failed in less than 2 years. He turned my information over to the headquarters in California. I received a call from a gentleman out of California, however, I was told that there was nothing that they could do because my 1 year warranty had expired. He offered to fix the problem but at a price. I paid over $700 for this laptop that did not last even 2 years. I felt cheated for the amount of money spent out for the purchase. I continued trying to find out what was going on with my laptop and felt as if I was being given the run around.

Finally on January 11, 2011, I received my laptop back. It appears that some parts from a lower model was used in the repair of my laptop. I was not told this but I received an email thanking me for purchasing a "1135nr" computer. To this day, I have not been contacted about using other parts to repair the laptop. I was/am very disappointed in HP and feel that they no longer stand behind the product that they manufacture.

This was my work computer as I own my own business and needed for my business. I have 3 computers in my home (all HP) because I thought HP was a brand that you could trust. I will no longer purchase any computer/printer from HP as any of the 3 begin to be replaced. As of now, I will tell anyone to beware of HP products because the quality just wasn't there.

HP TouchSmart Computer Is Garbage.
By -

OK, the HP TouchSmart looks high tech, and has some great features, but... The first TouchSmart I ordered was pretty much dead-on-arrival. It had so many problems that even Indian tech support was surprised. After spending a good 30 hours on the phone with tech support, I finally convinced someone that the computer had to be returned. I was talked into getting a replacement and accepted the offer.

The replacement worked for about a month and then developed a problem that prevented it from booting. It never got the blue HP startup screen. I spent another 20 hours on the phone with Indian tech support - running diagnostics (multiple times), updating the bios (multiple times), unplugging peripherals (multiple times) and nothing work.

One tech wanted me to reformat my hard drive - even after I told him that the problem occurred even when booting from a diagnostic DVD that did not invoke Windows. Another tech suggested I unplug the computer when not in use and then plug it back in to use. Seems that something stays charged when the computer is left plugged in that prevents booting. That worked, but obviously wasn't solving the underlying problem. Many more hours of my time on the phone got me to a case manager in Canada. By then the 30-day return option had passed so the only option I had was to get it repaired.

"Luckily" I purchased a 3-year in-home repair contract and HP sent me a new motherboard and arranged for a technician to do the board swap. I used the quotes because it turns out that motherboards in TouchSmarts can only be replaced in the factory. So what good is the in-home repair contract?

I sent the computer off to HP and it took more than 3 weeks to get it back. The good news is that they didn't reformat my hard disk which was a possibility. The repaired computer worked for exactly 2 days and then stopped booting. So I'm back to unplugging it and left a message for the case manager to call me.

Given that 2 separate TouchSmart computers failed and that HP cannot repair them, my guess is that the TouchSmart was either poorly designed or the Chinese factory that builds them has little or no quality control. Stay away from HP, and save yourself a lot of grief.

Hewlett-Packard company to most but HUGE PILE OF CRAP to me :) HPC
By -

My laptop that I purchased on 03/18/10 from Office Depot in Asheville, NC. Within 3 weeks my optical drive didn't want to read certain cds and I had to get cds from HP to reformat my computer because my hard drive didn't have the partition that it was supposed to have! I even had a Tech Support member from HP remotely go into my system to find out this issue. He stated there was something wrong with my system and decided to send me cds free of charge! 2 Months later and numerous calls to HP, I was still having the same issues. Well then on 06/29/10 my wireless card decided not to allow me to get on the internet with any ISP or networks!

On 06/29/10 I called in and they told me to reformat my computer and I advised the tech that I couldn't do that since the optical drive on my computer was going out and there was no way to do it from the hard drive. Well listening to the tech, I reformatted my computer and during the process my laptop restarted and stated that windows could not be installed. I had to call back into the tech support once again to get a box to ship my computer off because that the new tech couldn't get into my system nor could I. I lost all of my personal information and such! On 07/01/10 I was told I was getting a box on the 2nd business day.

Well on 07/06/10 I received my box I shipped my laptop off on 07/07/10 and HP received it on 07/09/10 which was a Friday. On Monday 07/12/10 they was shipping my laptop back to me and I received it today 07/14/10 only to find it not working like it was before I shipped it off! I am still having the same issues with this computer. I have been on the phone for 4 hrs today so far with HP! I demand a new computer or my money back!

I purchased this computer for business and personal use and have lost a good amount of money not only because my laptop isn't working but also because I am burning up minutes on my cell phone plan due to techs not listening or communicating with each other. I keep going in loops and there is no other option now but to report it! I haven't had a properly working laptop since April and I purchased it in March and it's now July!

Worst Service I Have Ever Had
By -

I bought my daughter an HP Netbook for Christmas 2009. She needed it for school and had taken perfect care of the computer. At the beginning of March 2010 she brought the laptop to me and said the enter key came off. I called the service line and was told that I would need to ship the computer to HP for repairs and it should only take 4 to 6 days. He gave me a return number and said he would ship me a box to return the laptop in but I had to pay for shipping. Shipping cost me $85 for the repairs. I was informed that they were waiting for the part and I received the computer back on 5/5.

When I received the computer, the screen was messed up and looked like there were lines under the screen and there was a chip on the front cover and scratches all over the top. When this was sent in it was in brand new condition and now you can't even see the screen. After 3 hours on the phone with the service department (who if they spoke and understood English would take half the time) and after being transferred from person to person I finally had someone who said they would ship me a box and they would pay for the return shipping.

After a few days I got the box and returned the computer for the 2nd time. On 5/20/10 I received the computer back from HP. The screen was repaired, but there were more scratched then before and the chip was still on the top cover. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor, then a supervisor who spoke English and after 3 hours and 4 disconnected calls I finally reached Ty in their escalated claims department. He told me to take pictures and e-mail them to him, which I did and he would send me another box with a prepaid label to ship the computer back again.

I received the computer back today, 6/4/10, it has been three months and each time the computer comes back in worst shape then when I sent it. It now has 4 holes in the top of the cover, more scratches and the screen is messed up. I called Ty and he told me he never got the first set of pictures (he also never called me to tell me he had not received them) so I resent the pictures and sent him new pics on the additional damage. He was going to call me right back and has yet to do so after 3 hours.

I own an appliance repair company and was in the process of purchasing 15 netbooks for our techs. I am no longer looking at HP for that purchase. I would never treat a customer this way. This is the last HP product I purchase.

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