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The True Meaning of Corporate Greed in America
Posted by Frbaltimoremd167 on 11/18/2011
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- We made the worst purchase buying a Hewlett Packard pavillion lap top. The customer service representative Was so rude and unhelpful I knew not to waste my time. To add it all we had a family medical emergency and Radio Shack told us we had to call 18004746836. Corporate greed and more corporate greed. The computer only work for 4 months. I owned my franchise in business for 29 years door to door sales man. I had to knock on a lot doors to pay for that computer and it was not worth the plastic it was made out of. So mr. Ceo I hope your company learns a lesson in life. What goes around comes around poor customer service and managers without and heart will shut you down for life. This is a review for future computer companies. Poor service you truly will not last a bad review goes far and fast. Especially with today technology and teenagers. They are our future. Thanks for nothing.
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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-11-18:
Your review does not provide a clear picture of what actually happened. What did the family medical emergency have to do with Radio Shack telling you to call the 1-800 number? I voted this review as not helpful.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-11-18:
All I'm hearing is you you're having a problem with an HP computer and customer service was rude & unhelpful. So what happened, be specific. You need to revise this when you are less stressed. Right now it is not helpful.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-19:
Well said - technology today is the future tomorrow.

Maybe it's the alcohol talking, but your complaint tickled me right in the funny bone... very helpful!
Posted by ok4now on 2011-11-19:
trmn8r: It's the alcohol, not helpful.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-19:
Oh. Well, thanks 4 the complimentary.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-11-19:
Hey you tried. Better to surf and type than drink and drive. I got your back buddy.
Posted by MRM on 2011-11-19:
Exactly what is the issue with your laptop?
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-11-19:
I've got to agree that this review provides no details and absolutely no help at all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-20:
umm just so we have our facts straight...."Mr CEO" happens to be a woman
Posted by Angel Eyes on 2011-11-20:
Interesting review. It's sad that corporate greed has gone the way it has.
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Awful Product, Lousey Customer Service No Wireless
Posted by Bbriden167 on 10/30/2011
WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND -- I have an HP Pavilion 9205, recently ( the next in a string of things ) the wireless simply stopped working. Sons Apple works fine on same network of course. There is no customer service on this issue other than old questions with no real answers. They rely on the public to answer each others questions Bought new wireless HP printer, that was junk as well.

Apparently they don't care or read this stuff, and neither does the public since we keep buying it. Buy Apple.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2011-10-31:
I love my HP products!
Posted by MRM on 2011-10-31:
I know this is obvious but have you turn on the wi-fi switch on your laptop?
Posted by Starlord on 2011-10-31:
In the Tech Service world, this would be called a malfunction between screen and chair.
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Do not buy HP or trust anyone on 1800 hp invent
Posted by Chavens29 on 09/23/2011
On September 9, 2011, my PC, HP Pavilion Elite Desktop stopped working. I called into the 1-800 HP Invent line and was told that the PC no longer has any warranty. I was informed by the gentleman on the phone that he could repair my pc if I paid for either a one time or year warranty. I asked what happens if you are not able to repair my pc? He replied that he would refund the charge. Against my husband's wishes, I agreed. After a few minutes, I was informed that the motherboard had gone on my PC. The call went on, whereby I tried to purchase a new PC, however the wait time on the Canadian line was much too long, and I opted to purchase an HP locally. However, before I hung up on the call, I asked the man (who had told me he was from Calcutta in India) when I would receive my refund, since he was unable to fix my pc. He replied that he would process it and that I would see it on my next statement cycle. After purchasing a new HP pc, last week, I called in to your 1800-HP invent line and was told by another person, that the refund was not done and he said that he would do so.

I then received a call back today from a man by the name of Richard regarding case # 7502111279 who explained that the charge that I was charged will not be refunded and that basically I should have known that these charges are never refundable. I explained, that is why I specifically asked what happens if my pc is not able to be fixed. It was only after the gentleman from India explained that he would refund my money if that happened did I go ahead with the service. Richard then went on to say, what you expect people to do this for free? That is not what I expect, but I do expect that people will live up to what they say. I asked Richard, how a company can have employees state one thing and do the opposite, is that was HP stands for? I encouraged him to go back and listen to the conversation, as I was told that my call was being recorded at the time. Richard's only concern was that I be told that I would not receive a refund.

Am I naive in thinking that a company stands behind its employees, when an employee states something, or is this how HP does business these days?

I am writing this letter with the hope that it saves other people the hassle and shock of how a company can promise things and do the opposite.

Just a customer....I would hope this still means something.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-23:
The only thing I can imagine is that the HP rep assumed that you meant "what happens if you can't figure out what is wrong?" and that you would get a refund in that event. But the rep did figure out what was wrong - your motherboard is bad.

That's all I could come up with. He did provide a service, but the communication may have been severely lacking. It is hard to know if there was a language barrier issue, but it is possible.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-09-23:
Overall, I like my HP products.

With that said, I would sure recommend simply disputing the charges, assuming you applied it to a credit card.
Posted by Mike Finn on 2012-07-19:
HP is a dishonest, immoral company. Do not believe anything any employee of HP says, they are all liars. HP makes junk. DO NOT BUY HP PRODUCTS. If you buy an HP Product, and it has to go in for repair, go buy a new HP to use while your piece of garbage is being repaired. When you get your piece of garbage back, take the new HP back to get a full refund. If repairing your piece of garbage takes too long, you might have to buy several new HP computers while yours is in for repair. Just make sure you return the new PCs in time to get a full refund. At Best Buy, that is 30 days. The new PCs you return will have to be returned to HP to be refurbished and then sold for half off. Thanks HP for treating me like sh*t.
Posted by Brenda Howell on 2013-10-14:
This is crap. I was informed by a computer repair co. to call hp invent I did they said Since my computer was out of warranty I would have to pay 99$ for tech support and then I could get a restore disc.. After waiting another 20 minutes the poor english speaking person told me that he could not send me a restore disc because the computer is out of date... WHAT my response was that... just because I won't pay for the 99$ tech support you refuse to send me the restore disc. This is a bunch of crap. This computer stuff is way out of hand. I will never by from hp again. I can't believe they let this stuff go on. They must be making money or they would monitor the unprofessional way people representing there company are with customers.
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HP computers do not work
Posted by Catdancing1 on 07/23/2011
Against my better judgment, my mother purchased an HP computer for me. I was not with her when she did this or I'd of talked her out of it.
This HP pc I have now has been replaced 4 times in the past 3 years for problems in the pc, or with the keyboard or internet connection. Each time it is replaced there is another problem with the pc. It has never been right and I don't believe it ever will be. The company obviously does not care about the products they make or how well they work. I think they should be put out of bsiness.
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Posted by Starlord on 2011-07-23:
I beg to differ with you, I have had this HP computer for four years, and have never had a moment's problem with it. You can get a bad item or two fronm any manufacturer, after all, they must hire from the human race, and humans, my friend, are not perfect, so how can you expect perfection?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-23:
Good review. very helpful. I would suggest trying Dell. they're much better than hewlett packard
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-23:
I don't think so. Just Google "dell complaint". I have one and the quality sucks almost as bad as the non-existent customer service and non-existent support. Nuff said.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-23:
disagree Ashley, this hp touchsmart is 3 or 4 yrs old and not had any problems. I've had too many friends get a "deal" from dell that turned into the deal from heck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-07-23:
well you have your opinion and I have mine.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-23:
Oh yeah, jktshff1. I got a "deal" on mine too. Biggest mistake I've made in a long time buying something. My error was I researched specs, not complaints. Last time I make THAT error.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-23:
Here are the most recent reliability specs I could find, from June 2010. Dell isn't on the list, and wasn't in 2009 either.
1. IBM/Lenovo (521)
2. Asus (446)
3. Apple (382)
4. Toshiba (262)
5. HP/Compaq (217)

(A higher score is better)

I have been planning to return to IBM (Lenovo) and this report gives me some confidence it might be a good move. I've used the best, used one of the worst, and I'm ready for something better next time.
Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-07-23:
Sorry to hear about your bad luck. I am currently typing on an HP laptop I bought earlier this year that I have had no problems with. The only thing I don't like is the stiff built-in mouse, but I use a wireless mouse most of the time so that doesn't matter. My first laptop was a Dell and I hated it. I recently got rid of my second one which was a Toshiba Satellite. It was not bad but it had very little memory. HP rules them all.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-07-24:
Thinkpad is one of the best I've owned.
That being said, imho, experience is worth 10x any "survey" taken.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-24:
I agree on both counts. I had a Thinkpad and that was built like a tank. Support was good *at that time*.

I have a feeling this particular survey does mean something. The numbers ring true. FWIW, the previous year Apple was on top.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2011-07-24:
I once spent 1000 bucks on a dell only for it to crap on me in a little more than a year. I have a toshiba right now, it works better than that ever did...but only have had it for 5 months, so i cant say if it will crap or not yet lol.
Posted by Kahula35 on 2011-09-08:
The odds of 4 different products being defective are way too slim. Have you considered there is something you are doing with the computer that may be causing it to fail or is it possible you are not quite sure how to use it correctly?

I have seen many people return computers claiming "defective" only to find they installed tons of questionable software onto it which wrecked it's performance.
Posted by bbriden167 on 2011-10-30:
I think they are junk as well , just lost the ability to connect wireless. out of thin air , son still can on his apple , web cam never worked , slow since used Microsft Vista . bought new wireless HP printer , threw it out after trying to use it . Junk they deserve to be unemployeed
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Bad Customer Service Bad Product
Posted by Rmikowski6 on 07/18/2011
I ordered a new computer for my son through HP website I called and spoke with a sales person once the order was completed. I waited for shipment When I received the order the Xbox was Missing I called HP after 1.5 hours the issue was resolved and HP shipped the Xbox. When my son opened the computer the new computer was defective I called Hp immediately I was informed we had to go without a computer for several days I asked them to ship us a new computer so that my son would not have to go without The representative said the only way to do that is to process a new order charging my credit card I asked to speak to a Manager. The Manager refused to help after 2 hours I agreed to send the computer back following your unfriendly customer way. I looked the order up on line I found My credit card was charged $3.18 for the return I again called HP asked to talk with a Manager I told him This has been nothing but a hassle on the customers part he refunded the 3.18 and rounded the credit up to $15.00 great customers service $11.82 for my troubles now I see my Build Date is August 3rd No priority on the order. I am embarrasssed on your part I run a small Business where I do repairs and consulting I have recommended HP Workstations and Servers in the past no longer will I do so you lost a loyal customer .

I received a phone call from Andy no last name I thought we add a resolution to the issue Andy ask that I speak to him and no one else. The day after my conversation with Andy my Credit card was charged again I called Andy on Friday he stated that he was on the phone with another customer and asked if he could call me back I said yes today is Monday 5pm eastern time Andy has not returned my call. My credit card is over charged, my son has not received his computer. Do I need to take legal action?

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No more HP's
Posted by Reba-red on 05/09/2011
Purchased the computer in August 2010. By October it was randomly shutting down when powered by battery. When I plugged it in, it said "plugged in, not charging", then I did a battery check and was told the battery was bad. So I contacted HP and was sent a new battery. Everything was fine for a few weeks, then the same exact problem began occurring again. Called HP again, and was told to send in for repair. According to the tracking on their website, they had it all of 12 hours before sending it back to me, this time with a new power cord.

Again, all was fine for several weeks before the same thing started again. Called HP again. Rep told me a new battery would definitely fix the problem. This is when I began asking for a replacement to no avail. Got the new battery, everything was fine for a few weeks until....yep, once again I've got a bum computer. So after calling HP and finally being connected with their escalated customer service program, I asked for and expected a replacement computer. The representative wouldn't budge and insisted I send it in again. So I did. This time they replaced the motherboard.

All wss great til last week (May 3, 2011). Once again, it's shutting down randomly and the battery won't charge. So I called the representative back. Left message, never heard back. I called back today (May 9) and finally got her to call me back. But instead of offering to replace the computer she tells me that I must again send it in for repair.

This is the 4th HP in our household, and it is the last one I will buy. I am looking to update my son's, but I will not consider an HP. After two times having to send it off for repair, I feel I should be offered a replacement computer. They have had enough opportunities to fix this problem. I'm done.
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Posted by 2ruthtech on 2011-05-11:
Unfortunately no manufacturer is going to offer you a replacement. Also you will find issues with each company with some issues. Most computers bought will be fine but some will also have issue unfortunately it had to be you. My suggestion is to consider a protection plan on the unit. While this is an additional cost it does protect against lemons and more than manufacturer coverage along with shipping!
Posted by Kurizumaru on 2011-05-11:
I had a similar problem with an HP Desktop back in 2003. I eventually sold it to a friend who wanted to rebuild it for $100. I now own 2 computers a Toshiba Sattelite laptop and a Samsung netbook. I love them both. I recommend Toshiba for a laptop. They're good quality and mine is over 3 years old with no problems.
Posted by HappyCamper on 2013-06-06:
If you wanted to sell "Insurance", you should come out straight and upfront about that but to say that "No Manufacturer will offer you replacement" is pure baloney! Have you ever heard of the word "WARRANTY"?
Try and familiarize yourself with " Consumer Rights" as regards electronic products. Ignorance should not be spewed publicly, the way you just did. The OP should be visiting the "Consumer protection Agency" in his area. he will surely get a replacement. happened to me before, you just have to know and be willing to enforce your rights.
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Thanks for not helping the handicapped
Posted by Markscheler on 05/05/2011
Sent out handicapped daughters computer to HP for repair since it was less then a year old. We informed them that she broke it while in the hospital and could they repair it. They informed us that we would have to pay 500.00 To get it repaired. With a husband unemployed and a daughter that had been ill there was no way for us to pay for the repairs and when we asked them if they could give us a discount they said that was the best they could do. So now she goes with out a computer until we can save enough up to purchase her one.

Since it was less then a year old I would of liked for them to repair it, but I geuss the years of kindness are over......
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-05:
I feel bad about your situation, but I would be surprised if any consumer electronics company gave a discount or special consideration to a handicapped customer who damages an item. HP isn't a charitable organization to its customers, but I wouldn't be surprised of they find other ways to be charitable, like many large corporations.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-05-05:
Posted by BEJ on 2011-05-05:
Is there a community resource that might be able to help?
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-05-05:
Does the computer part still work; that is, when the computer was dropped, the monitor stopped working.

If so, you can get a very inexpensive monitor and output the video from the remains of the laptop. This is not an ideal situation, but it could provided a temporary solution.
Posted by warddw1526 on 2011-05-05:
If the computer was "broke", as in some form of damage, the work is not covered by the warranty. If it was damaged, they are under no obligation to cover the cost, whether it is for your disabled daughter or not.
Posted by Skye on 2011-05-05:
I concur with warddw.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-05-05:
Try an independent computer repair shop. They might be able/willing to negotiate a repair price with you or at least let you set up a payment plan. Yes, it would have been nice if HP could help you out, but they're under no obligation to repair something that was damaged by the user.
Posted by 2ruthtech on 2011-05-11:
While your situation is indeed sad. Unfortunately as soon as you said that your daughter broke it you forfeited the option for repair under a warranty. Depending on the damage it may have been able to be under warranty if you hadn't of stated how it had become damaged. Also next time consider some type of accidental damage so that if she does break it you can have it repair free of charge just don't indicate that she purposefully did it or anything of the sort.
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I have called and keep reaching India. I wanted to speak to an American who does not have an accent
Posted by Chrismiss on 02/25/2011
I have called and keep reaching India. I wanted to speak to an American who does not have an accent as I do not understand their speech. They gave me another number and I three times reached India. Why is it that I cannot be connected to someone from the United States that speaks clear English. I bought a laptop from you and it constantly crashes. I put off getting hold of you for this reason and consequently I have a laptop for months that does not work. It will be out of warranty and I have not been able to use it. I have had professionals check it out. They claim it is not a virus, but a faulty laptop.

I wish to have you fix it or get me a new computer. I am a 71 year old retiree on fixed income, purchased your computer and have had nothing put stress and anxiety trying to get it to work!!!!!! Please contact me!!!!
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Posted by leet60 on 2011-02-25:
To the OP. It is very likely all of their customer service call centers are outsourced to India or other locations outside the U.S.

You may want to try to contact U.S. Corporate offices for HP here:

Corporate headquarters
Hewlett-Packard Company
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA

Phone: (+1) 650-857-1501
Fax: (+1) 650-857-5518

Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-25:
I would suggest giving all your id and purchase info to a person you trust, to act on your behalf, and have them call for service, if you are unable to communicate with those provided.

Or, have a professional repair it at your cost. I don't understand why you have let months pass by, if your warranty will expire soon. Waiting is not the thing to do in this situation. Goos luck.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-02-25:
Politely explain to the csr that you are unable to understand them and request to be transferred. Usually works for me.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-02-25:
trmn...Goos luck???LOL! as in duck duck goos!:)
Posted by getoverit on 2011-02-25:
trmn8r and jktshff1 both have some good suggestions.

You said that professionals determined that your laptop was faulty. That suggests a hardware issue but I would suggest to you that there might be something problemmatic in the various software products that HP ships on their laptops.

I bought an HP laptop about three years ago. I took me over three weeks to uninstall the crapware that came on that machine, clean up the registry, partition the hard drive, and just get it to where I could take a backup I could use as a baseline image.

It's been working well since then but I truly believe that, if I had not taken those initial steps, I would be facing the kind of frustration you are talking about - even now.

Maybe some of those professionals you are talking about can help you wipe the crud off your machine and get it into a usable state. Unfortunatly, I wouldn't expect HP support to be much help. HP installed the crud in the first place.
Posted by a lot happier now on 2011-03-11:
All these companies are hiring these people like Aley-Bobba in India to answer incoming calls. All they have done is put honest hardworking AMERICANS out of work. I will be cancelling Peoplepc at the end of the month, as I have the same problem as well. I heard that AOL did the same thing.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-11:
all about the $$$$
Posted by momsey on 2011-03-11:
Who is Aley-Bobba?
Posted by getoverit on 2011-03-11:
jktshff1: I'm sure your right, it's all about the money. Last I heard, Hewlett-Packard was a for-profit enterprise.

a lot happier now: Is everyone in India not honest or hard working?

At first, when you mentioned Aley-Bobba, I though of Ali Baba. But then I realized that can't be right, because he was suposed to be Arabian.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-03-11:
LOL get!
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Just Plain Wrong and Unhelpful
Posted by Uiscalish on 02/22/2011
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I needed a computer right away and ordered via the HP website. Computer arrived and was not what I ordered. After a half day of back and forth with 'customer service' reps who basically wouldn't do anything to help, I called HP headquarters in Palo Alto. Juanita, a snarky, unprofessional woman, hung up on me when I asked to speak to someone else with a bit less of an attitude. I called back and the operator hung up on me.
I will NEVER buy an HP as long as I live due to the lack of customer service.
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Hp g71 computer battery
Posted by Frankielowe1 on 02/19/2011
Just want to say, the battery on this computer is dead. only after 12 months never again to buy an HP product
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-20:
While I'm a big fan of brevity, this really needs more information.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-20:
Perhaps. If the computer still runs on the adapter, which is probably the case, it is likely that the battery is faulty.

We can further assume that the computer only had a 12 month warranty, or that the battery wasn't covered.

It's one of those things. Some people will pass this off as bad luck, and some will kiss off the manufacturer. Consumer's choice.
Posted by patiokitty on 2011-04-18:
Some HP batteries have been recalled - contact HP to find out if your battery has been recalled so that you can hopefully get a free replacement.
Posted by crKleff on 2011-07-27:
My wife has the same laptop and the same thing, exactly a year old and it's dead. Bought a replacement off eBay that won't charge, it's a hassle getting THAT one replace/refunded. Don't think this one is covered by recall.

Posted by Alandry on 2012-01-19:
I have this same laptop, though the battery doesn't hold a charge for very long (while using Wifi and high brightness), my battery is still working the exact same as it was when I bought it two years ago. (almost to date). I guess you win some, you lose some. The replacement battery is only about $25 US Dollars on most websites.
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