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Incompetence for anything but the simplest returns
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I was stupid yesterday-- my husband and I decided to try H&R Block instead of usual CPA, for various reasons. We should have suspected a problem when their office could not competently book an appointment-- there were issues right there. Then we meet our "tax preparer", who seemed nice but within the first few minutes something was a little off. She seemed in no rush as she misstyped nearly every entry of our preliminary information-- names, address, etc. Her three inch fake fingernails might have impeded her progress.

She then proceeded to spend the following two and half hours attempting to process our information. None of it was overly complicated-- we have a house, one very simple brokerage account, two kids, and a babysitter we pay taxes for. No other income, no side businesses, no self-employment, no dead relatives-- you get the picture. Despite this relative simplicity, the woman was utterly confused-- she did not appear knowledgeable about either taxes OR H&R Block's software. We were getting nowhere as the third hour ticked by-- she tried unsuccessfully to determine where she had gone wrong in several places. Numbers showed up in the wrong spots on the return, and at one point the computer calculated a $17K federal tax liability, which was grossly inaccurate. She casually acknowledged that it was wrong as she scrolled back and forth over the same screens, many of which were CLEARLY definition screen to tell her what the hell any of this stuff is. She faked her way through a conversation with me about alternative minimum tax, then proceeded to ask me five minutes later whether I had paid any the prior year (I had, and had told her as much).

So then I had to make the awful choice of what to do, and I told her, look, I have to be brutually honest with you-- I am not comfortable with this return and will need to have my taxes re-done by my CPA, so I am going to take my documents and go. She responded very professionally at first, but then calmly accused me of coming in without an appointment (untrue) and said that she had tried her best to help me by doing things such as claiming deductions without receipts (also untrue-- one Goodwill receipt had items only, no dollar figure, which is pretty common-- if it was improper she had failed to say so at the time).

I stayed calm, but as I walked out the door, I said oh CRAP, that woman has every shred of personal financial information about us short of our bank account numbers! For that reason alone I filed a complaint with their corporate office. The customer service rep who called me today admitted that H&R Block's business is ordinarily limited to people in low income brackets with no serious deductions. He made it sound like having a brokerage account is something limited to Thurston Howell III. Give me a break, it's our emergency fund coupled with a very modest balance in some mutual funds-- nothing fancy. If they can't do our return, they should get out of the business, plain and simple. Plenty of people in our income bracket with similar financial arrangements do their own taxes using home software-- I'm just not good enough with numbers to trust the result.

So now I have to take off work to see our real CPA on the very last appointment he has before the deadline. Live and learn.
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MRM on 03/10/2007:
With your tax return being so simple, I would suggest that you do your own taxes online such as TurboTax.com. Its free to file. Doing your own taxes means that you have entered everything correctly and the online service will walk you through the process making sure that there are no errors in your return. By the way, I did my taxes back in January when my W-2 arrived in the mail. That's a new world record for me!
DORCAS on 03/10/2007:
I commend you for having the guts to be truthful and say you were uncomfortable with her work. Sometimes that's difficult to do. I'm glad she didn't try to charge you for the wasted time. I was thinking of that commercial where there are 5 or 6 people in an elevator and the one guy had all the information in the world about taxes because he took the H & R Block course. Right! all those folks look like career people, not young people that only need a short form done. And they all want this guy to give them information on taxes. It even has a lady kind of coming on to the super tax guy and suggesting they get together for lunch and "talk tax". (Sorry for the commercial rant)
At least you will now have the peace of mind not to worry about being audited for that mystery donation mizz fingernails tried to add to your tax work.
Anonymous on 03/10/2007:
If you do decide to use Turbo Tax, beware of their electronic return scam: they will charge you top dollar for the electronic submission, and then they re-route your return through a third party (Santa Barbara Trust Company), that charges you AGAIN for the electronic return. They are fine as long as you want to print out your return and mail it in.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/11/2007:
I have to agree with everyone else, TurboTax is a really good product and painfully simple to use. I paid $25 for a copy this year at BJ's with a free state return included. I usually owe a little, so I print and mail like Ken suggested. But don't take our word for it - go ahead and get your CPA to do your taxes this year for your peace of mind, then get a copy of TurboTax and sit down and "prepare" your taxes again and see how they compare. It won't do anything you don't tell it to do, there is no danger of it double filing if you just want to take it for a test drive.
prcalmb4storm on 03/11/2007:
I've been doing Turbo Tax for 2 years now, you can't beat reasonable processing fee, privacy, direct deposit, email updates of the progress of your return. All without Third Party Morons. Plus you are backed by their guarantee. I don't know what took me so long. Ken, I never had to pay TOP DOLLAR for electronic submission.I used to go to H&R block, they had wrong information on my information had to keep correcting them, my returns took forever and even after I told them I wanted direct deposit they didn't listen had them mailed one of my checks got stolen I had to go back and forth for about 8 months with the irs to replace the check. Ridiculous!!!
Timboss on 03/12/2007:
There is also TaxAct that is free for Federal returns and quite easy to use (I worked overseas and had all kinds of weird stuff that TaxAct handled correctly). If your return is not too complicated and you can understand what numbers to enter, just use a software package, there is no reason to pay $100+ dollars for a return. Just a note - if you give someone a receipt with no dollar amounts how are they supposed to figure it out if you can't?
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H&R Block Scam me!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CONNECTICUT -- I got aproved for a $1000 dollar loan, out of that you pay a service charge plus the first installment. I got the Scam Card in DEC 20 2011. I did't try to use it until 2/22/2012 when I was notified that the card is no longer valid that I was supposed to had used it before Feb 15, I'm like WTF!!!

I was never told that!!! Now when I do my taxes I owe H&R Block $115 when I do my taxes. I paid $115 for a 3 month loan for the money I never used!!
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User Replies:
Alain on 02/23/2012:
You're right. Using a tax preparation company for loans or credit cards is not a good idea.
tnchuck100 on 02/23/2012:
People who use these tax refund loans are typically in financial trouble to begin with. This only makes their situation worse. I don't think most are even aware how expensive these "instant refunds" (LOANS) are.

They prey on those who do not understand what is happening.

However in this case I am sure somewhere in the documentation the conditions were given.

EDUCATION is what you get when you read the fine print.
EXPERIENCE is what you get when you don't.
nikalseyn on 02/23/2012:
Bottom line: you snooze, you lose. I suspect your failed to read through the conditions. Also, never, ever fall prey to these loan scams. If you want your tax refund quickly and cheaply, go online to turbotax.com and prepare and e-file your federal return for free. Why in the world would anyone pay to have a tax return prepared for them??? They are NOT that difficult for almost everyone nowadays.
Nohandle on 02/23/2012:
Some individuals honestly don't know how to complete the form so they will use a tax service. There is a difference in that and wanting money upfront from the preparer. Many are, as Chuck stated, in financial difficulty but there are always some who want that money right now to go spend on whatever strikes their fancy at the moment. No matter the fee, they want it right then.
Churro on 02/23/2012:
So true Nohandle. I haven't in the last few years but for many years I volunteered to do taxes for military members and their families. Pretty much all that involved was punching numbers into a software program and in almost every case it was of the 1040EZ complexity.

I'd say well over 90% of the people who use H&R block have the skills to do their own taxes but out of fear or the desire for a rapid refund refuse to do it.

I'd volunteer to do your taxes but I don't have a ten digit calculator. Now buy me something pretty.
tnchuck100 on 02/23/2012:
Churro, will ya do mine? You will only need to remove your shoes!
Churro on 02/23/2012:
Chuck, I would but seeing as you're a four star member you deserve only the best. Mario or Lexo which one of you 1040 hotdogs is going to step to the plate on Chuck's tax return.

DebtorBasher on 02/23/2012:
I forgot which one it is, but one of those tax software like TurboTax and TaxCut is actually an H&R Block product.
Old Timer on 02/23/2012:
DB, which one is the best one to use?
DebtorBasher on 02/23/2012:
I liked TurboTax. But last year I used TaxHawk and liked it better than all the others.
Churro on 02/23/2012:
If I recall correctly TaxHawk was A Churro recommendation.
DebtorBasher on 02/23/2012:
No, Churro just joined here in May, I had my taxes filed months before that...must have been someone else.
Churro on 02/23/2012:
I don't much care for it when you tell me 'no', Basher.
DebtorBasher on 02/23/2012:
You should be used to it by now, Churro.
lexophiliac on 02/23/2012:
Lol. Chuck wouldn't want me to touch his taxes. My fanciful figuring would garner a nice long vacation in a large institution in a very small room with a lousy view and no room service.
clutzycook on 02/23/2012:
Sounds like my house, Lol.
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Unhappy Customer
Posted by on
FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a home in 2010. We were able to take advantage of the home tax credit. We went to H & R Block to have an amendment done to our 2009 taxes. We paid almost $200 for this service. This service was done in a timely manner, however, it was not complete. The agent completed our amendment and gave us our documents in an envelope to mail out. All signed and mailed, we waited, and waited, and waited for our check. I called the IRS and was told that our paperwork would be sent back because not all of the documents were there. Once I received my documents from the IRS, I took it to H &R. They printed the missing document and gave it to me. I returned it to the IRS, only to find out that my paperwork has to the start the process all over again. I was informed by the IRS that now my paperwork will take 20 - 22 weeks, yes weeks for my paperwork to get processed. Something that would only have taken 8 weeks, has turned into months and months. These are tax professionals, their oversite is now affecting us. I would like to get a refund of the amount paid to do my taxes. You have lost a customer.
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Do it Yourself
Posted by on
I went to my local H & R Block because I had three years of returns that needed to be filed. I asked the preparer how much would it cost and he could not tell me. I asked "Don't you have a price list?" He said no because they have to prepare it first. He called me two weeks later and told me it was $400 (!) to do my returns and that I owed the government and the state money. I asked why it was $400 and he said because my returns were so complicated. I actually was contemplating paying him because they are the "experts" and the IRS was sending me threatening letters. Then a lady at a tax clinic told me I could do it myself. I went online and ordered the tax preparation software for the three years. It took me a little over three hours to do all three (both state and Federal) and I am getting almost $2,000 back from the IRS and $134 from the state.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Now you know why H&R Block, and Liberty Tax Service become millionaires during tax times. It's because most people are too lazy to do it themselves.
laklisa on 09/19/2009:
I wouldn't say that people are lazy jtf-it's actually confusing. However I do it myself anyway because I am cheap and don't want to pay someone to do so!
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Yes, and they don't work for free. They charge by the form. Simple forms are cheap. Complicated forms are not. Doing it yourself is good if you know what you are doing. However, if you make a mistake, YOU are responsible. If THEY make a mistake, they are. How much did you pay for the software?

And, you let them do your taxes, didn't like the bill, so you refused to allow them to file and pay what you owe? How many hours do you think it took them to do it?
karleebarlee on 09/19/2009:
it wouldn't have cost so much if you hadn't done your taxes in THREE YEARS.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Three years? Three years of taxes to be filed? HR Block is a big rip off, however. I use an online tax datebase which takes about an hour to use for both state and federal. It costs me $16 to use the system, but then again, being the responsible person I am, I do them every year. How do people not file their taxes every year? I don't understand how that is possible.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
H&R Block is no more costly than a regular accountant. The fact is the OP did not want to pay for the work he/she had done.
madconsumer on 09/19/2009:
if you owe 3 years worth of returns. expect no dollars to be sent back to you. after pemaslties and fees, you will owe for the next couple years.
clutzycook on 09/19/2009:
Yeah, I've never understood what motivates people to not file their taxes for years and years. The IRS was only sending you threatening letters? Just be glad that they weren't sending you men in suits to haul you to jail.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Lady, I respectfully disagree. The ex and I had our taxes done one time at HRB, and the bill was $128. A private tax accountant did them the year after, and she charged us $60. The two years were very similar in regard to the numbers, deductions, etc. In my experience, I think we got ripped off.
nstigator39 on 09/19/2009:
I agree that H&R Block is pricey. However I can see why the preparer could not give this person a price for doing three years of taxes without actually seeing what they had to do. That would be stupid. Block had nothing to do with the fact that this person had not filed for three years. Unless they have a refund coming from those years then they are going to be paying interest and penalites up the wazoo. If they have a refund coming, then it is no big deal. Uncle Sam does not mind holding onto someone elses money, interest free, just because they are too lazy to file the forms to get the refund. I do agree that doing it yourself is the most cost efficient way to go and with the software available, its so easy, even a caveman could do it. No wait that's another company.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Sherdy, don't forget that a private accountant has 1-2 employees to pay, where HR has thousands. :)

I don't mind paying the fees, since their guarantee saved me a couple hundred in penalties when they made a booboo. Had it been my error, I would have had to pay. I pay for piece of mind. :)
Anonymous on 09/20/2009:
No, the private account was just her. The online program I use now, TaxAct.com, asks every question about every deduction possible. It takes into account, too, that I am a teacher and runs me through deductions for that. I pay $16 for state and federal and I get more back than I ever have. The accountant wasn't giving me all of my allowable deductions and neither did HRB. In regard to the OP, it probably should have been pricey. They had a mess to untangle, which is time consuming.
madconsumer on 09/20/2009:
I use taxact as well. great program.
Anonymous on 09/20/2009:
I LOVE TaxAct. I have used it for years with no issues.
clutzycook on 09/20/2009:
I've used turbo tax for the last several years. I haven't had any problems with it other than the fact that It's only a little cheaper than H&R block. Maybe I'll use TaxAct next year...
Anonymous on 09/20/2009:
Sherdy, then your accountants costs are less than H&R Blocks. hence the lower price.
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H and R block do not guarantee
Posted by on
We have been filling with Hand R block for several years now, and each year they mess up in some way. We have had to send additional information on 2 separate occasios this tax year.
They're computer messed up our taxes and we had to pay for it. They guarantee they're accuracy but will not pay up when it comes down to it.
We will not be going back to H and R block and I would not recommend them to any one.

Also many of the staff do not speak adequate English and they receptionist speaks horrible English I had to repeat myself several times.
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skelly39 on 09/09/2009:
Too bad "they" receptionist doesn't speak perfect English. If they mess up every year, why do you go back to them?
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Still waiting!
Posted by on
LAKEWOOD, OHIO -- My fiance and I filed both of our taxes at the H&R Block in Lakewood Ohio back on April 12th. The employee preparing our taxes had to ask another person a few times for help. We should have walked out THEN! We were told we would receive the refund on our Emerald Card in 8-15 days. We are still waiting! My fiance is deployed out of the U.S. He can't just pick up a phone and make a call everyday to H&R Block to figure out what is going on. We really could use the money right now. I have tried but I can't get any information on where the refund is and what happened because it is in his name. The most information that he received out of his numerous calls to H&R Block is that personal information was not entered properly on him and it would be corrected and the refund would be put on the card in 24 to 48 hours. That was Monday May 11th. It has been over a month now and no refund of the Emerald Card!? Every time he calls H&R Block they say call the IRS. The IRS recording has said since April "Your refund will be deposited on the Emerald Card 8-15 days from the date it was confirmed by the IRS" and to call back at that time. Then all you here is a disconnect noise. To top it all off I just check the balance on the Emerald Card and now it says we have a NEGATIVE $2.50 balance?!? They are actually charging the Emerald Card every time he has to call them to help THEM correct THEIR errors.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/15/2009:
According to other reviews they are charging the card two dollars each time somebody calls with an inquiry. Each time you call about the card never appearing they deduct more and more money from your refund.

Based on your case, it appears to me that the mysterious "Emerald Card" is a scheme to steal from tax refunds. Contact your state's Office of the Attorney General's consumer protection division. This warrants serious investigation.
madconsumer on 05/16/2009:
have you checked on the irs.gov website to see if the returns were accepted? were they e-filed?

the emerald card is a rapid refund. IT IS NOT some H&R Block scam. the refunds are dependent on the indivuduals ability to secure a loan. a loan is secured 'against' the refund. this has a high dollar price.

no ivestigation is required, accept maybe the tax payors knowledge of rapid refunds.
ejack053824 on 05/16/2009:
Total ripoff!
Anonymous on 05/16/2009:
That sucks. An e-file with a direct deposit should have hit the bank by now.
I need to see if mine ever did. Maybe I'm wrong. Like THAT is possible! lol
steve101 on 05/16/2009:
After being told that 300 dollars in fees would cover the tax return and an advance refund that would take 2 weeks my friend bought TaxCut for ONE dollar at the Dollar store, mailed the return in and received his refund direct deposited into his checking account in 3 weeks. Total cost 1.42 and 20 minutes to prepare the return. Total savings 297.58. I think I will be doing the same next year.
CrazyRedHead on 05/16/2009:
I do mine online, I get the full refund direct deposited to my account in 8-10 days minus the 9.95 fee for filing. But then, I only have one W-2 and no childcare filing joint with my husband and kids.
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Customer Service Is Key...
Posted by on
I also had a problem with the Emerald Card. I made 2 purchases with my card at 2 different restaurants on 2 different days. When I looked at my statement, it showed the 1st purchase that was pending still deducted (bill without tip) and then a second purchase (bill with tip) also deducted. I called customer service immediately, and I was told that I personally had to contact each restaurant and get in writing that the funds for the first 2 charges could get released back to my card. I have NEVER heard of this before. I got all of the information sent to H&R Block, and it took them 3 weeks to put the money on my card.

The customer service reps that I got never spoke fluent English. They either couldn't understand my question, or I couldn't understand their answer. When they would get frustrated with me, they would either hang up or talk to me like I'm an idiot. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and all they did was take my number and hang up on me to have a supervisor call me back, which of course never happened.

I've been an H&R Block customer for almost 10 years. Due to this horrible experience, not only do I NOT recommend the Emerald Card, but I will not be a customer of H&R Block anymore.
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I Will Not Go Back To H&R Block
Posted by on
CHARLESTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS -- Went to H&R Block a month ahead of April 15th. I am a musician and work internationally throughout the year and this proved to be a real problem, even though I called ahead to make sure they knew how to file international taxes. When my boyfriend and I got there, we found out that they not only messed up his taxes from last year, but also that they had no idea what they were doing this year. The lady I had filed mine wrong and charged me $100 more than she was supposed to. When I finished and sat down with my boyfriend, his lady looked at my taxes to see how my lady filed. She said they were wrong and re-filed mine. It's been a month and I still haven't received my $100 refund from them!! I've called about it a few times and they are not helpful at all.

I would NOT recommend them and will NEVER go back. From now on, I will figure out my international taxes on my own.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
I wouldn't trust H&R block to do a highschool kid's 1040 EZ much less a complicated return involving international work. Find yourself a competent local CPA specializing in taxes. You'll be glad you did.
Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
There are definitely too many bad stories about H&R. Make sure you get a CPA that has some expertise in international tax situations. From my own experience, not all do.
Ponie on 04/14/2009:
One of our TV blabs had a segment on H&R Block this morning. One of these problem solver things. Seems a local woman had her refund of $6,000+ put onto an Emerald card. [She really must have overpaid her federal taxes last year! :)] She made a small withdrawal and the next time she tried to use it--empty! They claim it's identity theft.
Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
Have used TurboTax for a few years now. Even though we have a somewhat complicated return the Premier edition has always taken care of any issues that came up. The knowledge Base and online support are very good.
Maranda Rolling on 11/26/2013:
H N R Block sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Stay Away From H&R Block Midland, Mich
Posted by on
MIDLAND, MICHIGAN -- Please for your own benefit during this tax season, we had our taxes done a month ago by James @ the Midland Towne Center office 1527 Washington St. It took him 3 hours and 45 minutes to do a simple 1040a tax form, he seemed more confused about tax preparation then we where. We had to correct him ourselves on several errors he typed in and when it was all filed electronically he stated we were getting a big refund. But instead we received a letter from the IRS that stated there was a preparation error and we would not be receiving the refund amount that was told to us by H&R Block. We called and spoke with Jean? (She is the manager at that office) on numerous occasions and all we received from her was an attitude and that her preparer had done everything correctly.

Upon contacting the IRS we were informed if the person doing our taxes would have looked at all the information given and the taxes from last year (which was given to him at time of service) we would have known what we where getting back as well as an energy credit we could have gotten but now can not due to his error. H&R block refuses to take responsibility for this and return our fees much less even to give us an apology for their error. We are currently in talks with a tax attorney who informed us to stay away from them now and future for this and other errors they have made with people's taxes.

We will no longer use them again and hope that other's stay away from them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
I'd rather have a barbed wire enema than prepare taxes. H&R Block used to advertise they would stand behind their work with a 'refund guarantee'. But, remember too, the IRS could be wrong and probably are. Good luck trying to get them to admit it.
saj80 on 02/19/2009:
Find a competent tax preparer and have them file an amended return; this should get you the refund you deserve.
leopard on 02/19/2009:
Try turbotax next time. Its very simple, and free. I do get big refunds.
old fart on 02/19/2009:
Bayers Den I have had an excellent relationship with an accountant in the Saginaw Michigan area... I have used him for years and he is conscientious and reasonable..

Look up Nicholas Hall CPA in Saginaw.
He's a good guy... He works out of his home on Jefferson street in Saginaw
clutzycook on 02/21/2009:
With only three exceptions I have done my own taxes for the last 10 years. One of those exceptions was H&R block. What a rip-off that was. I've used turbo tax every year since my taxes have become too complicated for a paper 1040EZ. It's way cheaper than going to a CPA, and less aggravating than going to H&R Block
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Pissed Off In Wewoka
Posted by on
WEWOKA, OKLAHOMA -- It all started with the emerald card. We went to a casino and used it at the ATM. Little did we know a receipt came out saying to take it to the nearest cashier, so we did, well because the emerald card did not have our name on it, they said they would cancel the transaction and the money would be back on there in about 4 hours. Global cash is the owner of the ATM. We called them because hr block said that they had to fax a release to hr block. Global cash has faxed the paper 4 times now and we still don't have our money back. We have called and called and got nowhere with hr block. We have got bogus numbers and no satisfaction and its been about 18 days now.

Each time we call hr block they charge us 2 dollar fees, but yet they still keep telling us to call back.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/18/2009:
File a complaint with the BBB.
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
How did an ATM recognize the card without your information on it in the first place? These Emerald Cards sure do sound like a joke...I hope everyone is contacting H&R Block in writing of these terrible experiences.
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