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Credit Card
Posted by DebtorBasher on 09/10/2005
Ok. .. I notice my HSBC credit card has it's APR up to 30% ! I blow my top. .. I calm down and call them. Credit card companies can lower these rates upon request as a "Courtesy". All of my credit card companies have in the past. I call HSBC and speak to "Carlos" obviously from India, without giving him any of my information (although I'm sure it was right in front of him because I had to enter my account number before the call would be answered)I told him I needed to speak with a rep that spoke English. He asked what can he do for me. I repeated, that I wanted to speak with someone who spoke English. He put me on hold and hung up on me (accidently, on purpose).

I called back, entered my info again to get through, this time another rep from India answers, I couldn't even understand the name he gave because he couldn't speak English. I told him I did not appreciate Carlos hanging up on me. And I told this rep, that I wanted to talk with a supervisor that speaks English. He said there are none. I told him to connect me with a rep that spoke English and he said there were none. I said, "Are you telling me, in a company as big as HSBC, there isn't even one rep that speaks English or lives in the US"? He said they are global and no matter how many times I call, I will get someone in India. So, I asked him to transfer me to ANY supervisor, and that I didn't care what language they spoke as long as the can at least understand English. He hung up on me. I called back again... and spoke with "Sabrina" (yeah right), I told Sabrina that I was recording this call because Carlos and the other rep hung up on me and refused to get a supervisor on the phone. She asked me for my name and account number, I told her I will give that info to the supervisor when I get one on the phone.

Finally, a person came on the phone, ID'd herself as a supervisor (I don't remember her giving a name), I told her about the two reps that hung up on me, because I wanted to speak with someone who speaks English. She asked me if I was recording the call, (I guess "Sabrina" told her)I told her yes, I was. She told me if I didn't stop the recorder she was disconnecting the call. I asked her what the big deal is, because I was informed by them that they may be recording the same call. She said again, if I was recording the call, she would disconnect... so I said... "Ok, I shut the tape off"... I didn't though. She told me charging 30% isn't uncommon for them, and basically they can charge anywhere from 17.99 and up... I told her I've worked with credit cards for over 10 years, and I know they can bring the rate down for those with a good credit history with their company and being that I've never missed any payments and was never late on any, all of my other creditors have dropped theirs for me. I told them they should be raising the fees on the people who default on their agreement instead of the ones that don't.

She said there is nothing she can do about it, they have no special offers going on at this time, and I hung up on her. I'm not even sure what HSBC is, but they took over the original creditor, Household Finance... maybe they are the same, but just changed their name, I don't know, but I do know that there is no way I will pay 30% on any account. If I have to transfer the balance to another account, I will... but I'm not paying all those fees to feed the smart assed mouths in India!

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Posted by AZJEM on 2005-09-11:
I have two different lines of credit from different stores and when I got the bill I found out they were from the HSBC bank. I have and excellent credit rating and have low interest on other cards...except this company. If you actually paid the minimum due (which I never ever would do) you are actually paying more out then they are applying to your loan. It's legal loan sharking at it's worst. These babies are being paid off in full in the next month or so and shredded to pieces. Shameful isn't it?
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-09-11:
I agree! Mine will be transfered to another lower rate card.
Posted by bill on 2005-09-11:
HSBC is Hong Kong Singapore BanCorp. They bought out Household, Orchard Bank and a couple others.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2005-09-11:
Thanks for that info, Bill.
Posted by Ponie on 2005-09-12:
Glad I don't have that 'silly' problem! Of the 8 credit cards I use, each is paid in full each month. It's not that I have bushels of money--I just budget effectively.
Posted by squeekie on 2006-03-08:
HSBC sucks! they havecrazy aprs. my husband has a loan with them for 5k but because they tack on the intrest ahead of time it looks like the loan is overdrawn, and its current. I can't wait to be done with them. we arte just going to keep giving a little extra to it every month so it lowers the amount quicker
Posted by JUICE ANN on 2007-03-02:
Be glad at this juncture, you are where you are at. HSBC created a Master Card account, which no one would verify.
HSBC , after HSBC RECEIVED within 7 mo. 3 certified-signed received letters demanding paper/plastic/.
HSBC VERIFY NONE. My attorney, i've already submitted my documents.
We will file a class action suit.
Guess we are not the only???????????
Posted by tdub.u22u on 2007-09-29:
I read your posting, you were talking to the reps at the company demanding to speak to someone who speaks english. Well obviously they spoke english to tell you they were all from India. You are just an ignorant, racist a-hole! It's no wonder that everyone hates americans, because of jerks like you! I have a car loan through HSBC & I think they are a piece of crap company too. But people like you just piss me off. Maybe her english wasn't perfect, but how many foreign languages do you speak? My guess is ZERO! Imagine having to help someone on the phone from Norway, what would you do? Blame the stupid ass american companies for shipping the jobs overseas in the first place! In the meantime, go whistle yankee doodle dandy up a flag pole! - ASS!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-29:
tdub, I was agreeing with you until after the second sentence. The rest of your comment was as racist a rant against Americans. as you state the op is.
It is possible that the poster was having trouble completely understanding a particular strong accent. It is important on both sides that there is clear understanding and a meeting of the minds of the questions and answers.

BTW, blame the American Companies and their workers, for helping the US to get to a point, that it has to export jobs and contribute a significant amount to the global economy.
If America is so hated, why are more people trying to immigrate here than any other country?
And no, the majority of Americans are not bilingual (Spanish possibly the exception). We don't have to be. People legally entering the US are welcomed and encouraged to assimilate into society and become productive. Newly released statistics show that American per capita productivity is the highest in the world. There would be no global economy without the US.
Tell you what, the next time there is a natural disaster, plague, someone that needs defending, another major contribution to the UN.....
The greatest thing about the US is that ANYONE (emphasis) can be as much as they are willing to work for and attain, and have the right to do so.
The down side of our beloved freedom is that is also gives the right for someone to have STUPID written on their forehead..and there are a lot of them out there.
Posted by tdub.u22u on 2007-09-29:
I'll tell you why people from south of the border are trying to get up here. american companies that move down to me-hi-co treat their employees sven more shi%#y than they do here. No competetive wages, no benefits, & oh yeah no OSHA looking over their back so they can pollute & do whatever thay want. Why do you think they moved there STUPID! There was just a story in AZ where 2 illegals almost died because they stowed away in a shipping container that had new Dodge trucks in them. Boy must have been real tough to decide to run away from that great production line job for quality american products. - NOT!Real wages & buying power have been on the decline for over a decade!

Also you said: Newly released statistics show that American per capita productivity is the highest in the world. There would be no global economy without the US.

Sure, and those same statistics will tell you that we are ranked in the 40's amongst countries for life expectancy. We are overworked & underpaid, take the least vacations & are ridiculed as being the FATTEST country on earth. Not to mention we have the most people incarcerated of any country on the planet. More than Saudi Arabia, Iran, China etc. etc. It must be nice to sit high & mighty & CHERRY PICK your statistics. so to get your "meeting of the minds" & other dribble . . . look at all the facts.

Also you said: "And no, the majority of Americans are not bilingual (Spanish possibly the exception). We don't have to be."
This is exactly the american cave man mentality that I am talking about. We are in a global economy now, I live on a border state & to remain competetive, I learned spanish, I also know some Thai even though I grew up in an Irish catholic family. People who choose to keep their blinders on will ensure the downfall of american superiority to China & the E.U. - something I DON'T want by the way.

In conclusion, - YES I love this country, and BIG YES it sucks where it is going. But I care about it enough to get fired up about these issues and not just wave a flag. - ASS!
Posted by smoked on 2009-01-20:
Do what did cut the dam thing up and send it back to them with a nice F-you letter:)
Posted by Principissa on 2009-01-20:
I'd be angry as well. If these companies are going to hire people who do not speak English as their primary language they better make darn sure that these people can speak and be understood by their customers.

DB cut the card up and send it back to them with a letter telling them why you are taking your business elsewhere.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-01-20:
Princi...that card is looong gone. This review was from 2005 and I didn't even remember writing it...I must have realllly been upset. Anyway, it was interesting to read and who was the DebtorBasher who said a word from the Basher's "No-No Word" book? Geesh....I'll have to add .50 in my own swear jar...but honestly, I think someone hacked my review and posted that to make it look like it was me!
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HSBC closing my account
Posted by Bsh on 12/04/2006
CALIFORNIA -- I have had a HSBC Credit Card for approximately 7 months now. The card was sent to me as part of an online credit application for BestBuy. The card offered a $250 credit limit of which I used the card only one time (7/06), a purchase of $85 +-. I actually paid $1.00 over the balance as soon as the charge posted to my account. After running a credit balance for 6 months +/- I noticed that my credit limit was reduced to $5.00. I contacted HSBC and they stated that it had been reduced and was in the process of being closed due to inactivity. I have never heard of this in all of my life. So, in closing, if you have an HSBC credit card you had better use it so that they can make money off of you or they will take it away from you. Talk about greed and lack of customer loyalty. PS: It took them 6 +- months to send me a $1.00 refund check. CONSUMER BEWARE!
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Posted by Skye on 2006-12-05:
That's crazy talk. Charging people a fee for not using the card enough. Glad you got that dollar they owed you. Some people may say it's only a dollar, but it adds up when you have thousands of customers.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2006-12-05:
I had an HSBC/Best Buy credit card for about 5 years. Got it via some promotion they had when I bought something. NEVER used it. Last year I tried to close the account. I took 3 phone calls to India (naturally, they did not have a 3x5 card in front of them to recite from for closing an account) and a Certified/RRR letter to close the account. It was difficult to close. How do you figure these people?
Posted by Ponie on 2006-12-05:
Skye, I don't read this letter the same as you. I don't read he was charged a fee. He overpaid the amount owed by $1. They closed his account due to inactivity. Now, I've had accounts closed due to inactivity, but never received notification. It's usually department stores that do this. Over about the past 10 yrs., I've had 3 Penney's accounts. I've opened them to get the additional % off that day's purchases and never used them again. Couple of years later, same story. (There's a demon in me somewhere!) I disagree with the poster's comment '...you had better use it so that they can make money off of you...' I make money off *them*. I pay my credit card(s) in full each month, thus no interest charges, and I earn reward points on each purchase which I redeem for cash. I really don't see anything to 'complain' about in this letter--but that's just me. :)
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-12-05:
Yep Ponie...this poster wasn't charged a fee, their credit limit was reduced from $250 to $5 due to inactivity. The $1 was a refund from an overpayment. And if cards want to start reducing limits for inactivity they better seriously consider this...how much could it cost them to keep people on the books vs what they may lose when those people do make purchases.
Posted by qayyum on 2006-12-16:
My Annual Fee was India Rupees. 700/- and now the charges increased by India Rupees 2000/- due to late payment charges. This was not my mistake but HSBC employee problem who have not forwarded the request to the respective department for cancellation. If any one having HSBC mail Id where I can directly send ,my mail pls let me know that ID.
Posted by ac98 on 2007-03-07:
HSBC is a worthless company, I nearly fell over laughing when I recieved a not in the mail the other day saying they had reduced my credit limit from 1050 to 305, amusing thing is they tried to claim problems with my credit as the reason my fico average is over 720 and the other credit cards that I actually use have vastly greater limits and my debt ratio carried is less than 20%, So as it turns out they did it because I don't use the card and haven't used it in 6 or 7 months, I asked them for a better limit back then and when they said it was not possible I paid off the card, never used it again and went and got much better credit cards with all sorts of bene's and ten times the limit from better banks. Just amused me so much for them to send this notice as if I actually care about their crappy card. From what was written above I am expecting that their next step will be to close it big freakin woop. What a laughable company, refuse useful limits and then reduce what pathetic limit it has that really makes me want to actually use it again.
Posted by hsbcsucks on 2008-09-09:
This is a letter I just sent to HSBC: "I am VERY angry that you would just send me a computerized letter saying that you have suddenly just closed my credit card account due to inactivity! I have always been a very good customer with a very good credit rating. I have NEVER missed a single payment at any time with you. I have NEVER been late with a single payment to you. I usually doubled my the minimum payment due each time I made a payment to your company. The reason for the my recent inactivity is that I had simply consolidated my monthly credit card bills to a lower interest rate credit card and paid off my entire balance with you. That is supposed to be a GOOD thing as far as a person's credit is concerned! I had hoped to keep
your card for emergencies and for any future needs. By closing my account in such a way, you have negatively affected my credit rating and me punished me for being a responsible customer. HOW DARE YOU! I will NOT sit by and
allow this to happen. I am VERY protective of my credit rating and will NOT allow you to negatively affect it after I have given you my business and was a decent and loyal customer. Your customer service supervisor sounded like a computer and was completely unwilling and supposedly unable to help me. After doing some initial
research, I see a large number of complaints by other people online pertaining to this same issue. I intend to inform EVERY news agency, My congress person and any other agency or person I can think of to see that this NEVER happens to another person ever again. I intend to create a
substantial web presence to address this issue and to create a forum in order to start a petition to be sent to ALL of the above. I am not only very insulted by your actions, but YOU should be VERY concerned as a business that you now have a very large amount of angry and insulted former customers. Your supposed computerized policies will most definitely lead to a loss of business from many people with excellent credit ratings. I personally will NEVER use ANY HSBC service EVER again. I will also see to it that EVERYONE is made aware of this ridiculous policy and that your already unstable company loses every single remaining customer! It is time that
companies like yours stop leaving every action to a computer and put real human beings back into the machine! At the very least you should have sent out a warning letter that a person's account was in jeapordy of being closed if not used within a reasonable amount of time. You
have not heard the end of this. I
promise you!"
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Sneaky And Dishonest Customer Service
Posted by KKT on 11/12/2007
DENVER, COLORADO -- Here is a "cut and paste" of my recent email to Orchard Banks Customer Care that pretty much describes what they did to me:

Subject: RE: Orchard Bank Customer Care Message Confirmation (KMM51069276I31069L0KM)

"This morning, I just spoke to a customer service manager that explained that apparently I am now all of a sudden at a 29% default APR instead of the 14%APR. This is very sneaky the way this went down as every customer service rep I spoke with until today assured me that I was at the 14% APR rate. In fact, the very last Orchard Bank Customer Service Rep I spoke with a week ago assured me that my APR rate was still at 14% explaining that $5 would cover my 14% APR on $395. The previous customer service manager I spoke with weeks ago that approved the $100 increase bringing my credit limit to $400 never explained I was going from a 14% APR to a 29% APR. I am angry beyond words as this is horrible customer service.

I do not recall this in the original written terms of agreement. Repeatedly telling a customer by telephone that they are "safe" at their current APR even approving a credit limit increase is terrible to say the least. What makes this worse is that every single Orchard Bank Cust Srv Rep I spoke with up to a week ago REPEATEDLY ASSURED ME I WAS AT THE 14% APR RATE AND THAT AS LONG AS I LEFT $5 TO COVER THE $395 BALANCE IN MY ACCOUNT THAT I WOULD NOT GO OVER LIMIT. I HAD NO CLUE I WAS AT A 29% DEFAULT RATE UNTIL TODAY. Doing this to a poor person with a low credit limit who is on State Aid recovering from major surgery to "teach me a lesson" makes this even worse. I constantly kept on top of my account always contacting your customer service. I called the Colorado Better Business Bureau to file a complaint. Maybe legally Orchard Bank can get away with this but at least I can let other potential customers know what I went through. This is terrible. I am extremely upset as there is no excuse for this. Please do not send a reply email to me to justify why this was done to me by Orchard Bank as there is no acceptable excuse. Dealing with this today is making me ill so I will have to deal with this tomorrow."

I called this morning inquiring why my finance charge was $10 instead of $5 at 14% on a $395 balance only to be told by an Orchard Bank cust srv rep that I was now at a 29% APR. I could barely understand this customer service rep as he did not speak English that well.

He did not seem to know what he was talking about as well as a rude demeanor. After several minutes, I finally spoke to an extremely rude Orchard Bank Manager that explained to me that I was put at the default rate weeks ago without my knowledge. I then questioned her as to why weeks ago the previous Orchard Bank customer service rep Manager as well as the most recent conversations (a week ago) with Orchard Bank Customer Service Reps stated I was at the 14% APR rate. The rude Orchard Bank Customer Service Manager I spoke with today, Monday Nov 12, 2007, informed me this so-called 29% rate information "was never available to any of the customer service reps or the previous customer service manager" explaining I was given the correct information. Go figure as this makes no sense at all. I am filing quite a few complaints against Orchard Bank. My advice is Stay away from Orchard Bank as they are a rip off. My other credit card company is so much better processing my payments right away and working with good customers, not against them. JEERS TO ORCHARD BANK. SHAME ON THEM!!! Oh another thing is that Orchard Bank has constantly changing rules that deviate from the vague written "so-called" terms of agreement.

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Posted by Suusan B. on 2007-11-12:
So a couple of weeks ago you got a $100 credit line increase bringing your total limit to $400 to support a balance of $395 and based on the fact you were at 14% APR you felt that $5.00 was enough to cover your interest charges at that rate and you wouldn't go over your credit limit? Wow. Something tells me there is a lot more to this story - - and no matter your financial status, you are obviously running this account way to close to it's limit.
Posted by KKT on 2007-11-14:
To Suusan B. (11/12/2007). You must be an Orchard Bank Manager explaining your response. I think you need to go back and CAREFULLY READ my entire review, not just part of it to understand my complaint. In addition, maybe you need to read all the other complaints on this website against Orchard Bank. I find it interesting that everyone has similar complaints against Orchard Bank and none of us know each other. No, there is nothing more to this story than what I stated in my email response. I have told the truth. The whole point of my response was to show that Orchard Bank is deceptive and does not communicate properly with customers. I maintain that Orchard Bank is sneaky and dishonest as I found out Mon. Nov.12, 2007 that the 29% rate was implemented on Oct 9, 2007, the day BEFORE I was given the credit limit increase on Oct 10, 2007. The Ochard Bank customer service Manager that I spoke with on Oct 10th repeatedly assured me that I was still at the 14% apr never mentioning that my apr was changed as did every customer service rep I spoke with until Monday Nov. 12, 2007. This has nothing to do with being close to my credit limit and everything to do with Orchard Bank's deceptive practices. So, I stand firm in my original statement. I have no remorse as I did nothing wrong. They had no reason to put me at that rate as I was a good customer so I am not sorry for writing this review. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that $10 IS NOT 14% of $395. That is what prompted me to inquire as to why my finance charge was so high for this month. That is how I found out I was at a 29% rate. I stand firm on my complaint against Orchard Bank.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-14:
KKT, I gotta agree with Suusan B....you don't need a credit card.
Cut it up. These companies are all ripoffs
Posted by Mario The Great on 2007-11-20:
You said "YOUR OTHER CREDIT CARD" That almost made me laugh. Orchard Bank is for people with little, no or bad credit. I'm betting that YOUR OTHER CREDIT CARD is Capital One, First Premier, Applied Bank, etc. All of these cards are for bad credit, 2nd chance, etc. lol...My other card... I HAVE the Orchard Bank Card and Capital One. lol..It's an emergency credit card. Nothing else, nothing more. Pay the bill, lower your balance and get over it. You're lucky to have a credit card at all. lol...Sorry for the sarcasm guys.
Posted by KKT on 2007-11-21:
I could care less about the sarcasm from "Mario The Great" or others. I stand firm that what Orchard Bank did to me was wrong, deceptive and illegal. It does not matter about my credit rating, etc. I still deserve to be treated respectfully and fairly. I have enough confidence in myself as a person to know that what happened to me was unjust and unfair. No, I will not "get over it" as I am a smart, not a stupid person. Perhaps, you need to "really read" my review carefully. Then you will realize that this had nothing to do with a bad/good credit rating. This could have happened to a person with a 5 or 10 thousand dollar credit rating that was never late. I specifically stated, if you read carefully, that Orchard Bank did not follow their terms of agreement. To imply that I am stupid is an insult to my intelligence. I choose to forgive you anyway "Mario The Great" as I cannot control another person's bad attitude.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-21:
KKT: If you are on "state aid" the last thing you need is a credit card. You may be intelligent, not stupid, but you apparently have no fiscal responsibility nor the means to deal with it.
I read your review over several times. It is you that either do not understand your terms or have not read them.
Posted by kcmookie on 2008-01-07:
Let me see, you ran your balance up to $395 when your cc had a limit of $300, then called in and had the credit line bumped to $400? By going over your credit limit you were then bumped into the default rate. I think this is the rest of the story we are missing. I have been rebuilding my credit and currently have an Orchard account, by rebuilding my credit I work hard to manage my accounts and make good decisions. If this was to happen to me, I would take my business elsewhere. If nobody else is willing to give you open terms, maybe there is a reason for that. I agree, you hsould not have a cc.
Posted by KKT on 2008-01-08:
To kcmookie....Apparently you did not read any of my previous comments. I DID NOT RUN MY BALANCE UP TO $395 BEFORE I HAD MY INCREASE TO $400. That is not what happened. You need to go back and read all the comments I posted. Initially when my account was opened over a year ago, I WAS NOT CHARGED AN ENROLLMENT FEE. Furthermore, I was never informed in writing or verbally that I was ever going to be charged an enrollment fee. With that in mind, I DID NOT GO OVER MY $300 LIMIT. However, as I checked to see my account online a few days after making my OCT 2007 payment ON TIME, I was baffled as to why I had a huge charge that put me over $300 as I paid ON TIME AND DID NOT GO OVER MY CREDIT LIMIT. I then contacted a very rude Orchard Bank Rep who informed me that it was the enrollment fee that put me over the limit. I then spoke to a supervisor who advised me that I was informed of the enrollment fee on my previous statement. I found that statement that DID NOT INFORM ME THAT I WAS TO EVER BE CHARGED AN ENROLLMENT FEE. On Oct 10, 2006, this same supervisor went over my account telling me I am a good customer and that I would qualify for a $100 credit line increase to $400. This same supervisor on OCT 10, 2006 went over every detail of my account telling me that I am still at the 14.9% APR rate with available credit as well. I called Orchard Bank Reps on 4 different occasions after OCT 10th and was told every time that my account was fine at the 14.9% rate. The last customer service rep. I spoke with in OCT 2006 told me that I would be just fine as long as I had $5 to cover my finance charges at the 14.9% rate. So when I checked my account balance online, I was baffled as to why I was charged a $10.91 finance charge on $395. I called Orchard Bank only to be told that my APR jumped to 29.9% on OCT 9, 2006. I asked the Supervisor why the Orchard Bank Supervisor I spoke with on OCT 10, 2006 as well as all the other cust serv reps I spoke with after OCT 10, 2006 told me I was at the 14.9% rate when in reality I was raised to 29.9%APR on OCT 9, 2006 She said that none of the cust srv reps or supervisors have access to any of that information until the first week of Nov 2006. It was Orchard Bank that lied as there is nothing verbally or in writing that stated I was ever to be charged an enrollment fee since I never was charged an enrollment fee. Furthermore, I was NEVER informed on any statement that I was to ever be charged. I recently saw credit card holders testifying before Congress on one of the national news programs as to this practice of scamming customers this way. Yes, I was scammed. And what happened to me was very wrong. I think that all these previous negative comments about my Orchard Bank experience are actually from Orchard Bank Managers PRETENDING TO BE CUSTOMERS. I stand firm that Orchard Bank is a SLEEZEBANK that is sneaky and dishonest.
Posted by DieselBoi on 2008-01-25:
To kcmookie: If you read the fine print in your agreement, there is probably a cause that if Orchard Bank feels that you spending habits have changed or you become a higher risk, they can change your interest rate (it is a fairly common practice with certain cc companies). The fact that you were close to your total credit limit, which lowers your FICO score may have been enough. The fact that you requested more credit as opposed to waiting for a credit limit increase from Orchard bank may also have been enough for them to red flag you, unfortunately they do have perfectly legal ways to raise the interest rates if they feel that you're a liability. If I were you, I would decide how badly I needed the card. If you can live without it and are unhappy then I would cancel it. If you need it, I would bite the bullet and try to pay it off and keep paying it off in full each month.
Posted by Centaur DS on 2008-03-02:
Simple math tells you that even if you had the interest rate of 14% on a balance of 395, a $5 payment would not cover the interest that would be applied to the account.
Posted by jethangar on 2008-09-19:
HSBC BANK is the SCUM of the earth. They absolutely REFUSE to answer their phone. I'm just amazed that these criminals manage to stay in business. DON'T EVER, EVER USE THEM!!!! Currently they are refusing to release the Lien on my motorcycle despite that I paid in FULL 2 weeks ago. My buyer literally can't register a motorcycle sitting in her driveway with the DMV because of HSBC Bank. They are absolute thieves. There's a special place in hell waiting for the CEO of HSBC Bank. May his entire family get cancer and die a slow and painful death. F U HSBC BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Bait and Switch Credit Card Offers
Posted by Mwoods on 03/27/2008
INDIANA -- I have had a HSBC Gold MasterCard since 2002.I have been an excellent customer and always paid on my account. I recently received a replacement card - 03/2008 - and along with it was an offer for 0% APR on purchases made between March 1 and April 30 for 6 months.

I was considering taking HSBC up on this offer but wanted to confirm the terms before putting any major purchases on the card. What happened after I contacted customer service was just UNBELIEVABLE! First, I was told by a customer representative that they had no record of a 0% APR for purchases even being offered to me. He said there was an offer for a 0% APR for balance transfers for 6 months. I explained to him that a purchase 0% APR offer comes with no transaction fees and balance transfers do, so I preferred the offer that was SENT to me with the card!

I asked to speak to a supervisor and after waiting on hold for what seemed like forever, I talked to Latoya. She again told me that no offer for 0% APR on purchases was in my records, only the balance transfer offer. I then read the offer that was sent to me and asked if the balance transfer offer could be changed to the purchase offer that carry no fees. She then said I had to FIRST fax a copy of the offer that they sent to me! I told her that they should be aware of the offers they send out to customers and put it in their records FIRST before sending them out. I asked her why should I have to fax them THEIR OFFER! She refused to budge on the matter and would not change the balance transfer offer to the purchase offer.

To make a long story short, I just told her how ridiculous the situation was and how I would have been in a real bind if I had trusted their false and misleading offer. So to anyone out there carrying a HSBC Credit Card beware of their bogus offers!

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Posted by madconsumer on 2008-03-28:
these offers are sent automatically.
Posted by laklisa on 2008-03-28:
I don't work for HSBC, but we do work in conjuction with them (They issue our credit cards for my retail company). I know for our MasterCard they recently sent out some promotions and they do notate the accounts of the promotions they send to customers. It's possible that they did send out the wrong promotion to you. If it does say 0% APR for 6 mos on purchases (not balance transfers), I would take the time to fax it. The worst they will say is no, but you would have taken the time to show them that a mistake was made. If it happened to you, it might have happened to someone else.
Personally I can not stand the bank, as before we went with them (about 4 years ago) we were more lenient. Now that we are affiliated with them, we have to follow some of their practices.
Posted by aquasue on 2008-04-14:
no card is going to change your bt offer to a purchase rate offer. bt offers are always cheaper than purchases. this is not just a hsbc practice...and anyone could call in claiming a specific rate that is why you have to fax it..for verification and then they will give it to you...we are all human i am sure you are not perfect either.
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Ripoff and Scam
Posted by Sadworld on 10/15/2007
CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I want to report, what I feel is unfair and illegal(it is illegal for credit card companies to hold your payments. They are to post them the day they get them), practices by HSBC CARD SERVICES! I transferred a balance to them. And got 0% for 6 months. UNLESS I default!! (ex. late payment etc.)! I sent them a payment through the snail mail (yes, snail mail, computer was down for repair!) So I made DOUBLE~TRIPLE SURE I made the payment EARLY!! 16 days early!!! SIXTEEN DAYS!! Payment was due on the 26th of Sept. I mailed it off (AT THE POST OFFICE) Sept 10th!!! I know it's slow but not that slow. NO WAY!! It gets better!! They charged me with a late fee on the 26TH!!! YES ON THE 26TH THE DAY IT WAS DUE! THIS I CAN PROVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF DOUBT!! HOW CAN YOU CHARGE SOMEONE ON BEING LATE BEFORE THEY ARE LATE!!! Then THEY posted my payment on the 27th!!!! Now, this kills my 0% for the 6 months. And they want to RAISE my APR!!! Come on!!!

I SEE IT AS A SCAM, to get you to fall for the "OLD 0% for 6 months." Then when you transfer, they got you!!! This IS HSBC CARD SERVICES!! BEWARE BEWARE!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-15:
Did you pay them with a personal check? If so, look at the back of the check and see waht day they processed the payment. If it is before the due date, you have all the evidence you need to make them back off the late payment.
You are generally better using your bank's bill pay service to remit the payment. That way, you have a verifiable record of when you made, and when they received the payment.
Posted by bargod on 2007-10-15:
I still would not have trusted snail mail for something that important. Could you not have gone to an internet cafe or borrowed a friends computer?
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-10-15:
Sounds like a scam to me! If you had sent it 2 or 3 days before that would be a different story but two weeks is MORE than enough time for them to receive and process the payment!
Posted by Nohandle on 2007-10-15:
Brenda, I agree. This payment was mailed in ample time for it to be processed. I realize sadworld normally paid online but his system was down so payment was mailed. Some people still don't want to do online banking and that's their privilege without being criticized by others. Those I know who mail their payments receive their statement and mail payment the following day. I would thoroughly enjoy a review from a disgrunted (I expect it would have to be a disgrunted) former employee in the Payment Processing Department of some of the CC companies we hear so many complaints on. We might find some interesting answers.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-10-16:
If it is not in there by 12 noon on the day it is due it is considered late. I have been dealing with them for almost 2 years and have never come upon this, although I use the computer. If my computer is down I go to the library and make a payment. I don't trust snail mail, to slow. I even use the payment schedule for advance payments and they do what they say they are going to do. Check the back of the canceled check and see what date and time they processed the check.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Sadworld, you are right and you got scammed but its not just HSBC it's all the cc companies unless you are perfect like JayD who never does anything wrong. The best way to get away from the scams is to become cc free. Don't use the stupid thing; there is life with out cc's.

Good review and thanks for the information
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-10-16:
Lidman, Good call on JayD. He is incapable of forming a positive thought. All of his posts begin with: Why didn't you read..., You should have... You are an idiot... You are a liar, etc. Why admin allows this fool to assault it's first time visitors like this and to do it consistantly, is beyond me. There are a couple others just like him.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
DC - I'm glad to see others feel the same way about JayD. Heck, I was amazed he got a star which is suppose to be awarded by the number of helpful votes the OP awards the commentators on these reviews. Explain that one.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-10-16:
I agree Stew. There's no need for rudeness. Just because you had a good experience with a company JayD doesn't mean everyone else has.
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Invasive "Anti Fraud" Policy
Posted by Rick60508 on 03/21/2006
Recently signed up for HSBC "Cash or Fly" Platinum Master Card as they offered a true 1% cash rebate on purchases. During a recent trip from my southern residence to the Midwest my card was refused at a motel late at night. Upon calling the customer "service" number I was told by the Filipino lady that I had not given them notice of traveling out of my "home" area. While discussing how asinine this policy was, she hung up on me. In talking to a supervisor the next day I was told this was the policy and if I travel to various areas I have to let them know beforehand. I was also getting frequent emails from HSBC's "anti-fraud unit" each time I charged an air ticket or paid a hotel bill. Naturally, I canceled the card as I consider this a total invasion of my privacy as well as stupidity on the part of what would seem to be a sophisticated banking company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-21:
You should send this to "Home Land Security" but they probably sponsor it.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-03-21:
Just what does Homeland Security have to do with this? I'd be willing to bet these stipulations were spelled out very well in the 'terms and conditions' literature you got with the credit card. Not very long ago I applied for, and received, a new credit card. It took me about a half hour to read this information. I did so in order to not have any surprises down the road. Although I admit, this type restriction on a credit card is nothing I've heard of before.
Posted by bill on 2006-03-21:
Who wants to contact the credit card company every time they go out of town? 1% isn't worth the hassle.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-21:
Do you really want to be calling your bank, not knowing the integrity of the rep answering and taking your information, and telling them exactly when you'll be leaving town, for how long, and where? No thanks! I would have cut that card up too.
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Visa Customer Service - No where you want to be
Posted by Adelma on 11/19/2007
USA -- Jim Ivey
HSBC Credit Card Service
1441 Schilling Place
Salinas, CA 93901

RE: HSBC VISA Customer Service – No where you want to be

Case # 708 093 70556

Dear Mr. Nenezes and Mr. Ivey,

I would like to report an abominable customer service experience with an HSBC Visa billing dispute.

It has taken 4 months, 20+ phone calls from me, countless hours of my time and your banks time to solve a dispute of $114.68. The cost to service the dispute is undoubtedly higher than the disputed amount.

Further, a strategy of ‘wait and see if she calls back before we follow up’ was employed. These words were written in the notes in my file. Visa positions itself as being an advocate of the consumer, yet the burden of proof was continually put on me to prove that the charge was a fraud. I have been a customer for 20 years, dating back to Marine Midland Bank. I am leaving the bank as a result of this interaction but did not want to do so without bringing this issue to your attention.

Details and recommendations are below, but I believe this is an issue with the design of the process that does not empower employees to put the customer first and solve their issues immediately. One easy solution would be to have each case assigned to an individual who is empowered to make necessary changes. All of the 20+ individuals I spoke to were quite nice, they just couldn’t do anything.

Customer Unfriendly Hurdles:

1. When I initiated the dispute I was told that it was my responsibility to contact the merchant and have the charge removed. This socked me. American Express would never do that. I was unable to contact the merchant who is on a beach in Thailand. Time: Mid July

2. Written notification was required to begin the dispute. This delayed the process 3 weeks as I was camping and without access to a fax.

3. Faxes were frequently ‘lost’ in transmission, which I only discovered by calling to check on the case. I immediately issued a second fax each time.

4. Burden of proof was placed on me. On 9/28/07 Visa obtained a sales slip from the merchant and issued a letter to me stating that the case was closed because the merchant submitted a sales slip with a signature and card imprint and the card had not been reported stolen at the time. In fact there was no imprint on the sales slip and the signature was forged.

5. Two months of weekly calls were required to push the process along. Each time I called I had to speak to a different person who merely skimmed the case and told me I needed to fax in another document, call back in 5 days for HSBC Visa to confirm receipt of the fax and then call back 5 days later to confirm that the received fax had been read and was ready for the next step.

6. Evidence the sales slip was a forgery was ignored. I submitted a detailed fax on 10/23/07 with evidence that my signature was forged, including copies of my signature and a Visa statement for flights that put me out of the country on the date indicated on the forged sales slip.

7. A letter was sent to me requesting a copy of my Driver’s License to confirm the signature (I would have happily sent this with the other evidence, had a billing disputes representative told me Visa requires this as proof of official signature. But no one ever mentioned that.) This letter took two weeks to arrive at my home. I called in advance of the letter and faxed in a copy of my license that day, then called back 5 days later which was when I was told Visa could confirm they had received my fax. This fax was apparently lost as well, so I sent another fax immediately.

8. I called back about 7 days later to confirm receipt of the second fax and receipt still could not be confirmed. I was promised a call back on 11/12 to say that the amount had been credited to my account. I heard nothing.

9. On 11/15/07 I asked to speak to the supervisor’s supervisor and was told that the case should have been escalated to management review in October and my account should have been credited. I was told it would be credited immediately.

10. As of 11/19/07, the amount has not been credited to my account and a late fee has been assessed!!!!

• Put the customer first and recommend solutions to their disputes.
• Have one person responsible for each case so things don’t fall through the cracks.
• Fix the link between online banking and Visa so customers can handle disputes through their
regular banking interface.
• Allow verbal or email notification to begin a dispute.
• Check out American Express’s process for handling disputes. They have a great customer service
system on their basic Green Card.

I hope Visa HBSC take immediate action to address the gaps in the billing disputes process so that these types of customer service issues are contained.

I will also be posting this letter online.


Customer since 1987, soon to be ex-customer.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2007-11-19:
Thank you for a well written review/letter. I don't blame you for dropping them. I wish EVERYONE who has a legitimate problem (many are customer ignorance) with these companies with poor customer service (and there are more every year) would inundate their CEO's with letters such as yours.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-19:
I agree with chuck. This is a well written letter. You have a valid complaint and managed to get your point across without making ridiculous demands and threats.
Posted by writer731 on 2008-04-06:
Be glad that you found this out and it only cost you $120. HSBC is a horrible credit card company. They give cards to people with poor credit and then charge them fees for everything under the sun. They have no limits on the interest rates they can charge and they make it very difficult to close the account. I know this because I am trying to close an account of my daughter's. Run away from any HSBC credit card offers, as fast as you can!
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Stay Away From HSBC!
Posted by Shirleypix on 03/13/2009
GEORGIA -- I took out a credit card with HSBC April 2008. Me and my husband were to use the card for a house we were remodeling to flip. Their 0% interest drew me towards them and I got the card in April. Paid online via billpay, and on time as long as I got the bill in the mail, which has always been my reminder. All of a sudden I got a letter from them in August to let me know that I'd missed payments. Well, I called them and asked them why I'd not received a bill in the mail. The CSR told me that I had gone online and opted to receive my bills online, which is not true. Funny thing is that I'd not received any online bills either. The CSR would not budge, basically didn't believe me so all of a sudden I owed over $600 to bring the account current? Keeping in mind they'd added fees and all of a sudden I had a 38% interest charged to the account balance. I'd kept my credit scores at 700 and above until this happened. The CSR told me they'd work with me at $50/month for 4 months, which I agreed to and also told them to close the account.

They were to draft it from my account. This did not happen and I ended up having to make the payment via billpay. I continued getting phone calls and still got harassed. I finally received a letter from their company which I disputed and faxed my letter of dispute to their company (all documented). They continue to call me at least 6 times during the day beginning at 7 A.M. and sometimes lasting until 10 P.M. I don't answer the call because I recognize their number. They seem to refuse to respond via paper or mail. So for now, we're at a standstill. This company will not work with you. I was widowed in 2006 and then was married for 1.5 years to an abusive relationship in which I made a decision to divorce this man, finalized Dec. 2, 2008. He left me with ALL debt.

HSBC CSR's showed no sympathy and showed absolutely no compassion as to my circumstance. They also have ruined my credit. Furthermore, they've been in the news lately more than I'd like to say, with stories that are shameful and it concerns millions of dollars. Let me guess...my dollars? I'm sorry but if they can give a man a $22 mil. in a settlement to leave their company, can they not work with me on a measly $4,000 balance? Oh, I guess we need to add the $1000 in fees and charges they've attached to the bill which brings it to over $5,000. Shame on HSBC!

So, my advice? STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE....they're bad news.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-13:
"I was widowed in 2006 and then was married for 1.5 years to an abusive relationship in which I made a decision to divorce this man, finalized Dec."

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-13:
"...I got a letter from them in August to let me know that I'd missed payments."
I never understand why people fail to pay bills on the basis they that they never got a statement. Did they think they suddenly got a raise? A paper calendar taped to the fridge with last month's bills will work if you don't want to lay out bucks for a PDA or put the monthly reminder on your computer. (BTW: Kudos on getting out of the abusive relationship.)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-13:
It is easy to forget to pay a bill if you rely solely on receiving a monthly statement as a reminder. Most companies will tell you that the billing statement is a courtesy and not a reason to not make a payment....and, they are right.

Here's something simple I started doing a few years ago that helps me keep track of all recurring and non-recurring bills. Using Excel, I created a spreadsheet where I put down all my monthly recurring payments i.e. mortgage, car note, insurance, phone, TV, etc, everything that I know I have to pay monthly, as well as any non-recurring bills like dentist/medical/etc. I have columns that show amount due, due date, amount paid, date paid and I keep a running total of everything both monthly and yearly.

At the end of the year it also helps when I'm doing my taxes, I can easily find how much I paid out for child care expense for example by referring to the total paid for the year.

I know a few people that swear by software programs like Quicken but I've yet to try anything like that, but the point is that at the end of the day, rarely do companies let not getting a statement slide as an excuse to not pay/waive fees, so we have to be very disciplined and organized.

lastly, I 2nd the kudos for getting out of the abusive relationship...good for you!!

Posted by shirleypix on 2009-03-13:
Please understand my life was turned upside down at the time all this was going on so it was hard enough to remember my name, much less paying a bill. Thank you for your helpful comments and the "kudos." It was a good decision even if I am drowning in debt but no more fear for my life.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-13:
JBC, Quicken works well also. The Mrs like a spreadsheet also.
Posted by Csarol on 2009-03-25:
I agree.
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Credit Card Scam
Posted by Just say no to bestbuy on 04/04/2007
LAGUNA HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- I accepted best buy's credit card offer for a credit card of six months of 0% interest. While I was making payments during the six months I noticed my balance was not getting any lower. The payment was due on the 21st of each month, however they wanted you to send it buy the 12th of each month. If your check was cashed on the 2oth they would still charge you a late fee. I then sent them a money order and they still charged me a late and the put a hold on the credit card so I could not use it. I called them and waited on the phone for 45 min. When I got through the customer service person was so rude and unhelpful, it seemed as though they were trained to be that way. All of a sudden I looked at the APR and they were charging me 79.81% I was not late I made all my payments, however they process your payment when they want to process it in order to add on a late fee. I finally did a balance transfer to another credit card and cancelled HSBC, and they still say I owe them $30 at 79.81%. Please do not get this credit card.
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Posted by chemman on 2007-04-04:
79% interest rate?!?!?! Isn't that illegal! You'd be better off going to your local loan shark and risk a broken leg. Good job on getting rid of the card and thanks for the warning.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-04:
Your story doersn't add up. Best Buy credit cards have a payment due date and they don't "make up" a time a week beforehand that it has to be in by. Also, 79.81%...NO way.
Posted by Sparticus on 2007-04-04:
I'm hoping that was some sort of typo... Is that even legal?
Posted by Justusryan on 2007-04-04:
I have had a Best Buy card for seven years and I have never had this problem before! Something is not adding up here....
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-04-04:
No, it's not legal Sparticus. It's usury. I thought it was a typo too but he said that twice. I agree with the others... something isn't adding up here!
Posted by farhan_81 on 2007-04-23:
Best buy card is the worst thing you can have in your wallet,I recently went to best buy to get a camera and wanted to use my Credit card.At the register I am informed that my best buy card was declined ,so I decided to call them and ask them for a valid reason,the person transferred me to credit services,there I had to deal with a lady who I believe had undergone a recent divorce or just hated to be contacted by another human,at the very sound of me saying hello ,she went off saying your best buy account has been closed please fill another application.To my surprise I made a simple request of asking her the reason why it has closed,to this she replied in a very rude manner saying just put in another application ,it has been closed and still trying to get an answer to my question ,I said fine I can apply again but whats the guarantee that the account would not be closed again.I guess this question put a fire under her chair she said that I was asking her dumb compound questions.At this point I had lost of my cool and asked her for her name and supervisors contact.At that she came to answer my question by saying that we closed your account because you rarely use the card which is not true I make it a practice to use the card twice a year and pay it out just to keep my credit scores up,I instantly challenged her by saying that Best buy is not a not grocery store where I can use my card every month,she kept quiet and hung up on me.Worst service ever,would not like to do business with them,also they have some crazy late charges.BE VERY CAREFUL WITH BEST BUY CARD
Posted by hzlwd on 2008-01-28:
I recently had a very negative situation develop with a Bestbuy/HSBC account set up a while back when my wife purchased a laptop using a 12 months same as cash plan. I read the postings of others on this site and can tell you the late fee amounts, interest rates, etc. are extremely high, non-negotiable, and seemingly set up with the intent of doing everything possible to not accept your payment in a timely manner so the company can collect the fees and interest. Contrary to what some defenders have posted, the terms of the credit are set up through the bank (HSBC) by the retailer (Bestbuy). Bestbuy profits from the fees and interest through an agreement with the bank regarding their collection. They will not accept a payment on account in the store which in most cases, would allow account holders to insure their payment was received by a person with a receipt date like other large retailers (Sears, Penneys, Macys, Sams Club, the list goes on and on. Their intent is to collect fees and interest. There is no forgiveness and no negotiation unless you want to talk to someone in Pakistan who tells you their name is "Steve" or "Jane" or something else conjured up to sound American. Don't buy anything at Bestbuy using their credit. Use cash or another form of credit independent of their company. If you want to be treated like crap, by all means, sign right up!
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Ripped off by HSBC
Posted by Dandan on 09/16/2010
SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have to start by saying I am guilty of not reading my statement and just grabbing the top page and paying the bill. When I checked it the other day, I discovered I owed far more than the furniture cost. They have charged me over $700 in interest this year. I made two late payments and they are charging interest on the late charges.

When I called, the supervisor hung up on me after telling me to pay my bills on time. Believe me, I was upset but I was in no way rude to this women (Colette). I have been on line trying to find a link to an executive officer to further my complaint, to no avail. In my 60+ years I have never seen such shoddy lending practices. WHY HASN'T THE GOVERNMENT STEPPED IN TO SHUT THESE FOLKS DOWN?
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Posted by warddw1526 on 2010-09-16:
I believe that the late payment fees are just added to the total owing. And the interest is calculated on the total owing. The quicker you can get it paid off, the better.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-09-16:
Paying this off should be your main focus right now. Worry about taking your complaints further later.
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-16:
What furniture? Were you wrongly charged for furniture?

From what I understand from the review, you didn't read your bill and therefore didn't pay it properly. What do you want the government to do about that?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-16:
What is the interest rate on your card? I don't think two late payment fees could account for $700 in interest fees over the year, but yes they (and all CC companies) do charge interest on the late fees, too.

Big ticket items like furniture really should be saved up for and paid in full rather than charging to a CC, unless a person is able to pay off in 30 days. Depending on how long ago you bought the furniture and how much you paid for it, what your interest rate is with HSBC.. $700 in interest is not unlikely. Good luck paying this off and being done with them!
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-16:
It has been 9 months since commencing on my New Years Resolution in paying off my balance and so far, so good. Slowly, but surely.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-09-16:
Is this a case where you had an interest free loan until you had late payments, then you incurred all the interest? That's how they work.
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-09-16:
Is it one of those accounts where interest is accrued but deferred for the first few months? If you are late once, they will add on the entire amount of accrued interest to the balance and then charge interest on the new higher balance (which also includes the late fees).
What was the original amount charged to the card?
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-09-16:
Obsfucation...looks like we had the same thought at the same time!
Posted by Obsfucation on 2010-09-16:
Posted by momsey on 2010-09-16:
Obs and Fl, I bet you hit the nail on the head there! That didn't even occur to me. I bet that's it, the only HSBC card I have is my Best Buy card, which I only use for those interest free financing deals and I make sure that bill is taken of before any other bills.
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