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Bad Credit Practices And Fraud
By -

CA, NV, IL, BC, TN, MD, NY, DE, PA, NJ, FL, AB, MB, COLORADO -- On 1/10/08 I called to cancel a recurring charge on my HSBC credit card from an HSBC life insurance policy. (They are located in California and Nevada in my particular case... seems they have location everywhere except in states where credit practices are tight). The life insurance policy doesn't have me on file (I'm glad I didn't die!). I call HSBC card services (presumably in California), tell them my dilemma, and they claim they will stop all future charges as of 1/10/08. I pay off the balance 1/11/08. I think it's resolved... They said all future charges will not be accepted!

Another charge from the "life insurance" that doesn't know I'm alive on 1/22/08 and again on 2/22/08. I called HSBC card services on 3/10/08 and speak to the same manager. She sees that I called before, and what the problem was and that all charges will be reversed. She says I can disregard all future bills "it is taken care of". She goes through the normal routine when I ask to cancel the card...

I get a confirmation of the cancellation dated 4/11/08 that my card is closed BUT "all recurring charges" is my responsibility to cancel (I thought it was resolved!). I get a bill that says a LATE FEE is charged on this life insurance that doesn't know I'm ALIVE and on charges that were NOT supposed to be accepted on 4/16/08. I call HSBC card services on 4/28/08, and get a different "manager"... seems the customer service rep doesn't see that I've called before! ...and try to get my balance of $88.76 reversed and RESOLVED... but instead I get Holly telling me that she can reverse $70... not $88.76.

I'm trying to close off this card and everything associated but CAN'T. This card wants more money! I've have filed this card with BBB in Cal (will be on every BBB in every state they are located in), I am contacting every Attorney General in every state they are located in, plus the FTC. If I hear of any other government agency that deals with this sort of issue, I will contact them. HSBC cannot stop itself from charging itself even when it doesn't acknowledge what it is charging!

I will be contacting a lawyer through prepaid legal (never thought I'd really need it, but now I'm glad I have it). If HSBC card services ever tells you they will STOP ANY CHARGES... Don't believe them. P.S. I not only have a date that I called these people but I have time as well. So if any entity wants TIME as well as DATE I have it.

Fake Transactions charged
By -

NEW DELHI, FLORIDA -- This is to inform you that I ** is holding a credit card with account Number ** in my name of your bank with this I have been also issued a add on card in the name of **. Both the cards are now blocked from 10th December, 2007. In the January, 2008's monthly statement which I had received after repetitive request to your customer care officers, I saw that 4 transactions shown in the statement have not been done by me or the add on card holder. These 4 transactions have wrongly been credited to my account. The transactions I am talking about are as follows:

S no Transaction date Posting Date Details Amount
1. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 6830
2. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 5726
3. December 01, 2007 December 03, 2007 ClearTrip Travel Services , Mumbai Rs. 8222
4. December 02, 2007 December 04, 2007 Yatra Online(P) Ltd Rs.7223.25

Again to reconfirm that I ** has not carried out the above mentioned transactions via my card having account number **. Please revert back the unnecessary amount totaling to Rs. 28001.25. Please note I have already made complete payments for all the valid transactions done by me as guided by your customer care Officer. Amount of Rs 800 was paid on 1st January, 2008 which is being reflecting in my account.

All the Balance amount left to paid according to you is under dispute. I am not going to make any further payments for the balance amount which is Rs 28001.25 which is under dispute and which is for the transactions which I have never done. This has been confirmed from the merchant who has billed the amount.

Please note these transactions were for some air tickets booked via the mentioned travel portals. You can also confirm that the air travel were not done by me, any of my known persons. I had even requested the travel portals to cancel those tickets, but they said that this payment has already been cleared maybe by mistake by your Banker which is HSBC in my case.

If these transactions are result of some cyber crime or fraudulent mal practice, then this could have been stopped very easily if you people had taken some action like investigating the issue a bit early or at least after I had informed the bank about this on 9th December, 2007 via phone to your customer care officer. You can check my credit history that I have always made the payments on time, so please check the transactions and revert back the amount as soon as possible. Thanking you in anticipation.

HSBC Lies and calls it misinformation
By -

I lost my position and fell behind in paying HSBC. I spent a lengthy time talking to them and working out a "Re-aging" arrangement that they stated would freeze the monthly accruals, no late fees and as long as I made three monthly payments of 274.00 it would catch me up and the account would not be canceled. I paid 822.00 in three months. However it only reduced my debt 110.00 and at the end of three months, because the monthly minimums continued to accrue, I still owed 788.00 because the card was over its limit.

Just to recap - I fell behind, the late fees and interest is what made my card go over limit and then I had late fees and over limit fees. I made a great arrangement that HSCB did not keep and now I am out 822.00 with a card that I cannot use and if I don't come up with a single payment of 788.00 then anything I pay will go towards penalties, not the balance. When I called to ask what happened they stated that I was a victim of misinformation and there was nothing they could do but put me on a hardship arrangement.

Wait a minute. Another arrangement? What about keeping your word and bring my account current and under limit with the 822 I paid in three months. HSBC did nothing and now I have to decide whether to honor my commitment and pay them back or since they have already damaged my credit and canceled the card, opt not to worry about them. Morale of the story is to get any arrangement in writing. HSBC must have company policy to do whatever is necessary to rob, cheat, steal or lie to get the consumers money.

Before closing I must admit that a supervisor read the notes and acknowledged that I was told one thing and received another and is attempting to work a few things out. However, I will not hold my breath that the company will see it her way.

By -

EVERYWHERE, OKLAHOMA -- Firstly, do not assume I am a poor customer who doesn't pay my bills on time. My crime with these people was paying my bill "too early". Essentially they took my current month's payment and applied it to last month's statement even though I had made my payment for that month prior to the due date. To make matters even more puzzling, my statement did not reflect this payment for the previous month. According to their lovely customer care agents they must have processed the payment AFTER they sent my statement. Somehow it is my problem that they continue activity on my account AFTER they have closed it for the month and mailed my statement.

My first idea that something was going on was when I had a call from their collections dept saying I owe a ridiculous amount of money and didn't pay my bill this month. Can I pay it now over the phone. Completely confused, I pulled out my bank statements and explained that they are making an error. I sent my payment not only on time but three weeks before the due date. I was then told I sent it too early and they applied it to last month's statement. So, I pulled out my statement for this month and it did not show this credit ANYWHERE applied to last month's account activity.

It was then explained to me that the statements are mailed early in the day but they continue processing payments until midnight! Are you kidding me? On a side note, I'm still not convinced they received it as early as they are claiming. Essentially my check would have been delivered to them overnight and am I supposed to believe the USPS gets mail to them at midnight? Seems fairly cut and dry. I have the proof they did not apply that payment to last month. I asked how I should know they applied my current payment to last month and was told it will be on my next statement that I haven't even received yet.

Now they want double payments for this month but graciously offered to remove the LATE FEES. Late fees for a payment I made early - absolutely unreal. I will be transferring my balances once this issue is resolved but part of me believes this is what they want. Basically I secured a great interest rate with one of their "offers" and charged a good deal of moving expenses to begin law school and people ask why law?

I want people to know that this company is going after good customers, with excellent payment records whom just happen to appear poor and uneducated due to their debt. Unfortunately for them I did not charge up my card at the bar. I did it in school and will not take this laying down.

Ripped off by HSBC
By -

SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have to start by saying I am guilty of not reading my statement and just grabbing the top page and paying the bill. When I checked it the other day, I discovered I owed far more than the furniture cost. They have charged me over $700 in interest this year. I made two late payments and they are charging interest on the late charges.

When I called, the supervisor hung up on me after telling me to pay my bills on time. Believe me, I was upset but I was in no way rude to this woman **. I have been online trying to find a link to an executive officer to further my complaint, to no avail. In my 60+ years I have never seen such shoddy lending practices. WHY HASN'T THE GOVERNMENT STEPPED IN TO SHUT THESE FOLKS DOWN?

Rip-off and Scam
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I want to report, what I feel is unfair and illegal (it is illegal for credit card companies to hold your payments. They are to post them the day they get them) practices by HSBC CARD SERVICES! I transferred a balance to them. And got 0% for 6 months. UNLESS I default!! (ex. late payment etc.)! I sent them a payment through the snail mail (yes, snail mail, computer was down for repair!) So I made DOUBLE~TRIPLE SURE I made the payment EARLY!! 16 days early!!! SIXTEEN DAYS!! Payment was due on the 26th of Sept. I mailed it off (AT THE POST OFFICE) Sept 10th!!! I know it's slow but not that slow.

NO WAY!! It gets better!! They charged me with a late fee on the 26TH!!! YES ON THE 26TH THE DAY IT WAS DUE! This I can prove without a shadow of doubt!! HOW CAN YOU CHARGE SOMEONE ON BEING LATE BEFORE THEY ARE LATE!!! Then they posted my payment on the 27th!!! Now, this kills my 0% for the 6 months. And they want to RAISE my APR!!! Come on!!! I SEE IT AS A SCAM, to get you to fall for the "OLD 0% for 6 months". Then when you transfer, they got you!!! This is HSBC CARD SERVICES!! BEWARE BEWARE!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

APR / Interest Rate Raised for No Reason
By -

CAROL STREAM, ILLINOIS -- I had a GM card for nearly 4 years, and never had a problem with them. They even lowered my rate from 18.24 to 14.24 when I called them about it last year. Suddenly, a couple of months ago, they sent me a letter stating that due to their review of my overall financial situation, and despite the fact I had never missed or been late on a payment to them, they were going to raise my interest rate from 14.24% to 32.24%. I was furious, and immediately paid off the card and closed the account. I am trying to spread the word that you should avoid both HSBC and their GM card, because they will rip you off.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- I have been an HSBC MasterCard user for the last 2-3 years. Recently, HSBC implemented a fraud alert system that holds credit card member accounts whenever an out-of-state or out-of-country purchase is made, which can be a hassle if you are a frequent traveler.

On July 17, 2007, I contacted HSBC customer service at the request of an HSBC fraud alert email. I am a frequent traveler and my HSBC card stops working when I am overseas or out-of-state. I understand and appreciate the importance of card member protection against fraud, but when I asked the customer service representative (Kim ID# **) if there was anything I can do to prevent my card from being "held", she rudely told me that I can cancel my account.

As a consumer with good credit, I have an unlimited choice of credit cards. I chose HSBC for the cash back rewards and its global reputation. However, I have two other cards from Citibank that offer the same cash back rewards and also have a good global reputation. I will be posting this comment on all credit card consumer boards. HSBC customer service appears to be lacking in courtesy and respect. I will cancel my account and take my business elsewhere.

Credit Card
By -

OK... I notice my HSBC credit card has its APR up to 30%! I blow my top... I calm down and call them. Credit card companies can lower these rates upon request as a "Courtesy". All of my credit card companies have in the past. I call HSBC and speak to ** obviously from India, without giving him any of my information (although I'm sure it was right in front of him because I had to enter my account number before the call would be answered). I told him I needed to speak with a rep that spoke English. He asked what he can do for me. I repeated that I wanted to speak with someone who spoke English. He put me on hold and hung up on me (accidentally, on purpose).

I called back, entered my info again to get through, this time another rep from India answers. I couldn't even understand the name he gave because he couldn't speak English. I told him I did not appreciate ** hanging up on me. And I told this rep, that I wanted to talk with a supervisor that speaks English. He said there are none. I told him to connect me with a rep that spoke English and he said there were none. I said, "Are you telling me, in a company as big as HSBC, there isn't even one rep that speaks English or lives in the US?" He said they are global and no matter how many times I call, I will get someone in India.

So, I asked him to transfer me to ANY supervisor, and that I didn't care what language they spoke as long as they can at least understand English. He hung up on me. I called back again... and spoke with ** (yeah right). I told ** that I was recording this call because ** and the other rep hung up on me and refused to get a supervisor on the phone. She asked me for my name and account number. I told her I will give that info to the supervisor when I get one on the phone.

Finally, a person came on the phone, ID'd herself as a supervisor (I don't remember her giving a name). I told her about the two reps that hung up on me because I wanted to speak with someone who speaks English. She asked me if I was recording the call, (I guess ** told her). I told her yes, I was. She told me if I didn't stop the recorder she was disconnecting the call.

I asked her what the big deal is because I was informed by them that they may be recording the same call. She said again, if I was recording the call, she would disconnect. So I said... "OK, I shut the tape off." I didn't though. She told me charging 30% isn't uncommon for them, and basically they can charge anywhere from 17.99 and up...

I told her I've worked with credit cards for over 10 years and I know they can bring the rate down for those with a good credit history with their company and being that I've never missed any payments and was never late on any. All of my other creditors have dropped theirs for me. I told them they should be raising the fees on the people who default on their agreement instead of the ones that don't.

She said there is nothing she can do about it, they have no special offers going on at this time, and I hung up on her. I'm not even sure what HSBC is, but they took over the original creditor, Household Finance... maybe they are the same, but just changed their name, I don't know, but I do know that there is no way I will pay 30% on any account. If I have to transfer the balance to another account, I will... but I'm not paying all those fees to feed the smart ** mouths in India!

Defrauded and lied to
By -

Beneficial/HSBC is doing the same to myself and my family. We ran into difficult times a few years ago and we were convinced by them to refinance with them to catch up on the cc bills which were run up prior to this. The terms of the loan changed when we arrived the first time so we walked out. We were bothered for days following promising us this was temporary and we would be refinanced at a better rate within 6 months when their new 'program' comes out. Well here it is 3 + years later and no new programs.

We are in tough economical times and my wife's business isn't doing well. After paying over $100k in interest, we have made partial payments for the past 3 months and we have received a foreclosure notice. I called to see what we could do to work it out and was told that they will work with us to exit the house. I'll be damned if I walk out and let them have it! They over valued the residence and we are unable to refinance! I too agree that we need to initiate a class action, please email me if you are interested in participating. **

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