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HSS will hold your money until you have released them from all damages.
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RUTLAND, VERMONT -- If you buy your lumber at Lumber Liquidators..don't use their Contractors from HSS. The contractor stood by his mistakes however when we went to return the material to Lumber Liquidators they turned our refund over to HSS who was already holding our deposit. They will not send back our check until we sign a release of which they made up 3 different releases. The last one came with a gag order. If you don't want your business slandered I would think the best think to do is to run the business right. I am out 6 weeks on my flooring schedule and out ALL of my money. Lumber liquidators will not refund your money for 5 to 6 weeks so if you have a problem prepare for them to hold you money hostage so you can't go to another place to buy the merchandise or to hire another contractor. I would not use either of them again ever.
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face it on 05/15/2011:
HSS charges the contractor 15% of the job (18% if on the liquidators credit card)If the money is returned to the customer they keep there 15 or 18% and charge the contractor the full amount. So either way they still make there profit. They have no need to satisfy the customer nor the contractor due to there one sided contract they make you sign to be an installer in there "program" One thing they slip in is that if for any reason you are taken to court the contractor has to give HSS $10,000 off the bat for there legal team!! plus all cost involved (fee's, judgments, etc.) They literally get away with blackmail I personally was a contractor with them for several years, and had over $20,000 taken from me due to there so called contract. Having been in this business for over 20 years sure I have had customers call with minor issues, but never until joining there "program" have I ever seen this mass amount of customer complaints. The combination of poor quality material (lumber Liquidators) and a heartless company like HSS trying to control everything makes for a no win scenario for anyone involved except for HSS and Lumber Liquidators!

I am no attorney, but it seems to me it would be illegal for them to hold money from you that is not rightfully theirs. As a customer you sign an agreement with the installer, not with HSS. They have told me time and time again that all the jobs sold are my customers and they have no involvement with the customer other than to process payments and take there share! Times are tough out there for the largest percentage of people, especially for skilled trades. People (customers) see there advertisements and are suckered into using them, giving them a false since of security.

These pom-pas crooks need to be banned from ever conducting business in the USA. They need to be shutdown and made to payback all the customers and contractors they stole from. And no..STOLE is not an approximation....it is the plain truth!
face it on 05/15/2011:
As a matter of fact after getting out of the HSS program in mid 2010 I have not had 1 single complaint! Nor the daily calls from them demanding one thing or another. I find it very sad that people are trapped by there advertising and forced to go through all the hassles they provide. The economy and the well being of the contractors as well as customer satisfaction would benefit greatly from taking these crooks out of the mix. And all of this steams from Lumber Liquidators not wanting the liability of installing the products they sell!
PepperElf on 05/15/2011:
Was the gag order legal?
I mean it can't be since you're posting about it right?
face it on 05/17/2011:
With the homeowner/customer having no direct written agreement with HSS, because that the contract is between the installer/contractor and the customer. I would tend to believe that a Gag order is nothing short of a scare tactic and yet another way for HSS to protect themselves and to also benefit from yet another customers dismay.
face it on 07/15/2011:
Isn't it odd that there is no company response to this issue? They usually jump at the chance to gloat and go on about how great they think they are. Could it be there back is to the wall and they can not lie there way out of this one? Form your own opinion, I got mine.
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