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HughesNet Disaster
By -

My daughter and I are students in online classes, so internet service is a must have. We live in the country so many options for internet service aside from dial-up were unavailable. So, looking for a way out of dial-up (which is free) we thought HughesNet would be the best bet. My daughter called and set up the service and someone came out that week. However, from the day they step foot into our home (May 22, 2009), disaster after disaster followed.

Free installation was advertised and we wanted to take advantage of that option. However, upon seeing the satellite dish and the bolts/screws that needed to permeate roof, that would not have been practical. The dish itself was about 80lbs and the screws were about 10 inches long. These could have easily came through my ceiling. So, in order to get the service we had to install the dish in the ground next to the house, which was $125. We did not know then that the dish would not be working correctly. So for about 1 week we had good service. And then there was no service AT ALL.

I called and someone came out, and did a quick fix, and a few days later, it was out again. Someone came out again and this was when we were informed that the radio on the dish was bad, and it would be replaced with a REFURBISHED radio. It was replaced but service was still slow. I remember my daughter downloading 2 songs and that slowed the entire service down to almost a complete halt. It was so slow because of some ‘Fair Access' plan that was in effect for all customers. Well, that's fine we need to share the internet I guess, but the completely free times in which the policy was no in effect was during 3AM – 6AM, in which I am asleep.

I was upset about the poor connectivity I was receiving and that I had to pay for service that was not working, so in talking to technicians, I was compensated for two months free service. Now, I know that was just their way to keep me from canceling the whole thing before my 30 days was up and get me into the 2 year contract for sure. They replaced a radio on the dish once and have come here several times to fix it (June 4th, 7th and November 9th plus many other times that the tech person did not give me a receipt for).

Their commercials are so misleading. They are not fast unless you buy the Elite Premium package, which is the most expensive and still fall under a Fair Access policy, which I would like to say HughesNet is the only internet service I have come across that has this policy. Like I said, I purchased HughesNet to get rid of dial up (which was much better than HughesNet) because my exams take 3 hours to take online and I needed a reliable internet service. HughesNet was not the answer. There were numerous amounts of times that we were barely getting our work in on time because of our unreliable internet service.

In addition to that, I have had to get special permission from my instructor to restart 2 of my exams because the internet just shut down, and it was not storming or cloudy. Which brings me to another point, they say all you need is view of the clear blue sky, but in my house HughesNet has all lights working/blinking correctly during storms that include rain, lightning and harsh winds. Why on earth, would I need or try to get online while a storm is going on outside? And as soon as the storm is over, HughesNet is done as well, so no service before or after, just during.

I hate HughesNet! I don't understand the English the tech support people speak, they make me so frustrated, I have to hang up before getting any results. They want me to pay them an additional $400 to get out of the contract early. The service always seems to be down, even in good weather. I rarely even try to use it anymore. I want desperately to get out of this contract, but I do not have $400 to get out. I tell everybody I know how much I hate it, and nearly everyone I tell that also has it or has experienced it says the same thing, how much they hate it. I have since purchase Verizon DSL for internet service to make sure I can complete my online class work.

My co-worker has HughesNet also, her contract runs out within a few months and she says she is not renewing. I think it is the absolute worst internet service and should be banned from doing business. I do not recommend anyone wasting their money on HughesNet, I feel tricked and cheated every month they charge my account $71.23, not including the start up money I had to pay, which was well over $300. I am completely unsatisfied and if there was a way for me to get all of my money back, I would love to take the option. Each month I have to pay and the service is not used AT ALL.

All You Need to Know About HughesNet
By -

To all the HughesNet sufferers, who have been somehow cheated wrongly informed or have been promised something which was never delivered. I am about to let you know how to give them back, what you deserve.
I will let you know, everything there is to know about HughesNet (ISP). This article is referring to the following modem types: DW 4000, DW 6000, DW 7000, HN 7000, HN 7000S and HN 9000. I will discuss about the following: FAP (Fair Access Policy), slow speed (slow download/slow upload/speed disclaimer), OOW (Out of Warranty work order/Out of warranty modem), installers complain (wrong installation done), email issues (webmail, configuring email client), how to speak to advance tech support (Tier III).

FAP (FAIR ACCESS POLICY): This is what HughesNet has to say about it: Some activities are more likely to exceed the download threshold and trigger the application of the Fair Access Policy (FAP). Several examples are listed below: Full-length movie downloads; Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs such as Napster, Kazaa or LimeWire; Continuous downloading or viewing streaming media content such as audio or video programming
Hosting of server devices such as email, FTP or Web servers; Hosting computer applications such as Web camera feeds; Automated computer to computer connections used for archiving of local computer content; Extensive downloading of Usenet Newsgroups (NNTP); Use of BitTorrent applications; Simultaneous file downloads; Downloading large files (i. e., file sizes that are close in size to the download threshold of your service plan); Excessive downloading or use of the services described above may cause subscribers to be affected by the Fair Access Policy, or in severe cases, to be terminated from the service.

The above information is all bull. What is FAP actually is, any HughesNet subscriber can only download a certain amount of megabyte in any 24 hrs according to their respective plan. That means that you can only use your internet connect for a certain time only. Now when I say 24 hrs it does not mean one day (which everyone is confused about). It means your total download or internet usual should not exceed your total download threshold eg: 200 MB in the last 24 hrs. The 24 hrs is a cyclic clock and not a fixed 24 hr clock.

When I say download it does not mean you have actually download data. Any internet usage done online eg: surfing website like google, chatting, playing game etc. You have an OPEN Window which is 3 am to 6 am EST. But most of the time the usage data recorded in incorrect. Even when you have turn off the PC or the HughesNet modem still it will record some usage on it, which stats that the usage is very incorrect.

Now there is a good news for DW 4000, DW 6000, DW 7000, HN 7000 and HN 7000S users. HughesNet'€™s technical support can deactivate the FAP for a customer twice in a month. So you can call the technical support and tell them that, when the usage page shows data online the PC and the modem is turned off. You don'€™t use a router and the windows update or any other software update is turned off, because they will try to blame the router or the windows update.

The technical support will reset the FAP for you on the call then and there. Do not get off the call until the FAP is deactivated, because if you are informed they will forward the info to someone or some other dept then nothing is going to be done at all. MORAL OF THIS STORY: Call up HughesNet tech support has ask them to reset you FAP as they can do that. Twice in a month.

Slow Speed (slow download/ slow upload/speed disclaimer): What HughesNet has to say about it? With the Home service plan, you can connect to the internet with maximum download speeds up to 1.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 550 Kbps to 650 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 128 Kbps, are typically 70 Kbps to 80 Kbps during peak hours. With the Pro plan, connect to the Internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.2 Mbps, with typical speeds about 700 Kbps to 800 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 200 Kbps, are typically 100 Kbps to 120 Kbps during peak hours.

With the Proplus plan, connect to the internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.6 Mbps, with typical speeds about 800 Kbps to 1.0 Mbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 250 Kbps, are typically 130 Kbps to 150 Kbps during peak hours. With the Elite plan, connect to the internet with maximum download speeds of up to 2.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 1.0 Mbps to 1.2 Mbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 300 Kbps, are typically 165 Kbps to 180 Kbps during peak hours.

With the ElitePlus plan, connect to the internet with maximum download speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 1.6 Mbps to 1.8 Mbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 300 Kbps, are typically 165 Kbps to 180 Kbps during peak hours. With the ElitePremium plan, connect to the internet with maximum download speeds of up to 5.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 2.7 Mbps to 3.0 Mbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 300 Kbps, are typically 165 Kbps to 180 Kbps during peak hours.

If you choose to run a VPN over your satellite service, your data speeds may be reduced by as much as 50-75%. In addition, we do not recommend using HughesNet to run time-sensitive applications that require fractions-of-a-second user inputs (such as twitch gameplay or real-time equities trading). What I have to say about it: HughesNet connection speed sucks. All the ads on the television are lies.

You will always face slow connection speed with HughesNet and there is nothing you can do or they can do about it. Because it is that way the system is designed. HughesNet connection is based on SHARED BANDWIDTH. That means the entire HughesNet customers share the same band with available through HughesNet. So the more customer HughesNet has the lesser speed you individually you will get. Now when you will call HughesNet for any slow connection issue, let it be slow upload or slow download. All they (Tier 1) will do is they will ask you to delete your PC'€™s cache, cookies and browser history.

Restart the PC in SAFE MODE WITH NETWORKING. And at the end they will asked you to run the 5 web response test back to back (not the SPEED TEST but the response test). If the web response test is anywhere below 12 then they will ask you to run the test for 2 days and call back. What it does is nothing. Just buy time. And when you call back after 2 days and after running the test all you will get is a SPEED DISCLAIMER. That is you will get no more. Because the web response test will most of the time will be below 12. So if you want to get the issue resolved then you have to speak to the ADVANCE TECH support.

And the only way you can speak to advance tech support is when you don'€™t run the speed test. Inform the person that you can'€™t run the speed test. Tell them as soon as you click on Initiate Web Response test you get the error "Page cannot be displayed". And so they will transfer you to advance tech support and then you can run the test and do the troubleshooting that is required. And after that you don'€™t have to speak to Tier I as you can refer your case number that you got from Tier III. MORAL OF THIS STORY: DO WANT IS STATED IT ABOVE AND YOU WILL GET ISSUE RESOLVE OR CANCEL THE CONTRACT.

OOW (Out of Warranty work order/Out of warranty modem): What HughesNet has to say about it? Hughes warrants to the original buyer that under normal use and wear the equipment used to access the service (the "€œEquipment"), which includes the indoor unit (satellite modem), power supply, and outdoor unit (antenna & radio assembly), will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a standard limited warranty term of 24 months from the date of activation. Any equipment replaced or repaired under this warranty will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty (30) days, whichever is longer.

This warranty is not transferable. If under normal use and wear, the equipment becomes defective in materials or workmanship during the warranty period set forth above, Hughes shall at its option and expense, perform one of the following: We will repair or replace the defective equipment within thirty (30) days of the date the defective equipment was returned to Hughes'€™ designated address at your expense, to cause it to comply with the terms of this limited warranty. Reconditioned replacement components, parts, units or materials may be used if the equipment is repaired or replaced.

If service to the outdoor unit (satellite antenna and transmitter) is required, Hughes will, at its expense, repair or replace it pursuant to the limited warranty for the first six months after installation. From six months to the end of your limited warranty period, Hughes will cover the cost of the replacement equipment, but the cost of the onsite service technician visit, if necessary, will be paid by you. You may request a price estimate prior to the work, based on the type of the replacement. If your satellite antenna needs to be re-pointed after the first 6 months of service, a standard onsite visit fee will be charged to you.

Reconditioned replacement components, parts, units or materials may be used if the Equipment is repaired or replaced. We may upgrade the equipment to a later-generation product that performs the same function and complies with the terms of this limited warranty. THESE ARE YOUR SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES FOR DEFECTS DURING THE WARRANTY PERIOD IN ANY EQUIPMENT COVERED BY THE LIMITED WARRANTY. To request Limited Warranty service you must contact Hughes customer service, toll-free, at 1-866-347-3292 within the limited warranty period.

What I have to say about it: Keep a check on your warranty status check when it is going to expire. People whose warranty status is still active nothing to worry. But for those whose warranty status has expired there are options: Sign up for an Express repair home so instead of paying $125 for the out of warranty work order you will only pay $99. Ask for credits ask the tech person for credit speak to the sup and his sup till you get the credit that does not mean you get for 1-2 week. Credit means you should get the whole credit for the work order.

If there was a tech sent out to your location in the last 6 months then you have put an installer complain that the installation was not done correctly and they will have to send a tech out free. Speak with the Retentions dept and ask them to waive off the charge, they can do that. MORAL OF THIS STORY: HUGHESNET WILL AND SHOULD SEND A TECH OUT FREE. SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR AND IF REQUIRED SPEAK TO HIS.

Installers complain (wrong installation done): What HughesNet has to say: Nothing they don'€™t have anything to say. But we can get them. What I have to say about it: Well you can only file an installer complain if the installation was done in the last 6 months. If you think that the installer has not done his job properly, which is true most of the time or if the installer was rude to you. Call up technical support and file an installer complain speak to supervisor in this scenario. What you can do is call them up and tell them that the installer did not install the antenna in the right position, it is pointing toward the tree or something else.

The antenna is not fixed right it keeps on shaking or moving when there is wind. The cables are lying in front of the lawn or it is not put underground. When the complain is filed and you are given a case number, you will get a call back within 48 hrs from the install escalation dept. In this case always speak with a Supervisor. MORAL OF THIS STORY: HUGHESNET WILL AND SHOULD SEND A TECH OUT FREE. SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR AND IF REQUIRED SPEAK TO HIS.

Email Issues (webmail, configuring email client): What HughesNet has to say about it: We don'€™t support this we don'€™t support that. What I have to say about it: If you face any issue with your email. First check if you are able to access you emails from the webmail that is: **. Try to sign and check your email, check if you are able to send and receive emails from this website. If you are then HughesNet will say everything is OK. And will refer you to someone else. So try to configure the email client (Outlook/ Outlook Express etc) by yourself.

If you need help in it try the link: **. Other than that you will require. Incoming server: Outgoing server: Username: (This will be you complete email address). Leave the rest as it is. For more info check other links: **. MORAL OF THIS STORY: TRY TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE BY YOURSELF AND IF HAVE TO CALL TECH SUPPORT SPEAK WITH A SUPERVISOR AS THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DO.

How to speak to advance tech support (Tier III): What HughesNet has to say about it: "We can'€™t transfer you to Tier III, Sorry you will have to troubleshoot the whole thing again." What I have to say about it: Following are the ways to speak to Tier III: If you have spoken to tier III in the last 7 days refer the case number. And if they refuse to transfer tell them you refuse to troubleshoot and want to speak to tier III only. Speak with the supervisor and he will authorize the transfer.

If you have spoken to Tier III much prior to 7 last then. When they ask you to open the system control center by: They will ask you to ask you to provide the transmit status. Give the transmit status as TX code 9. What they will try to do is switch off the modem and restart it. What ever they do you have to say that the transmit status is still TX code 9. And they will transfer you to advance technical support. You can try this even during the Troubleshooting.

Other tips for all you Hughes users: IF YOU CHECK YOU SYSTEM CONTROL CENTER (TYPE in your address bar), check your system status. If your TX code is 6 or 7, you need to re point the antenna and at the end send a tech out or speak to advance tech support. 10 or 13, you will need a tech at your location. 9, you need to speak to advance tech support. 24, your transmit cable or the transmitter has an issue. You need a tech out. And one more thing: SPEAK TO THE SUPERVISOR€™S as they know what they are doing. And the reps have no idea what the issue all about. For any feedback or any info contact me on: **.

Internet Service
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Rating: 1/51

ORLANDO -- Took automatic payment without permission, extra charges without a warning customer. Service usage goes way too fast, so if you wanted to youtube or any video base, don't get them. Worst ever experience I tell you. Worst.

"BLUESNET" Because That Is What They Give you... the Blues!!!
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- Bluesnet!!! Deceit, fraud and attempted theft... the hallmarks of my transaction and experience with HughesNet. I have spent hours on the phone to get only partial resolution. HughesNet made 4 attempts to withdraw unauthorized funds out of my account after only 23 days of service!! Luckily, my bank recognized their illegal withdraw attempts. Forget forever any desire to hook up with this sinister company!!!

Awful! Slow and Unreliable
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH DAKOTA -- If you are considering a switch, DO NOT DO IT! The service is unreliable and slow. We cannot stream YouTube or Netflix. When our service went out completely, repair was scheduled for SIX DAYS later, or we could have service in two days for an additional $30 then the repair person couldn't come when scheduled but could come in four days for the additional fee. We are stuck with a two-year contract, and it will be an awful two years.

Hughesnet Canceled My Account
By -

Dateline: 5/28/2011. Today, HughesNet acted with even more stupidity than usual. A month ago, I asked HughesNet via email how much it would cost me IF I cancelled my contract on 5/28/2011. They emailed me back with the info, but stated they would cancel service on that date. I emailed back that I had not told them to cancel my service, and had not decided as yet to do so. I blocked HughesNet from my phone months ago, when I kept getting “returned calls” from people I couldn't understand at all, and voicemails using up my minutes. Even the call back numbers were beyond understanding.

Anyway, I received an email from what I believe to be an actual person two weeks ago telling me when my contract would be cancelled and the procedure to return their equipment. I emailed that person that I did NOT want the contract cancelled, I simply asked about the cost. As I stopped getting emails from HughesNet, I assumed it was taken care of. As you know, assume makes an ass out of you and me.

At around 2:00 a.m., HughesNet took the money from my account, and cancelled my contract. When I called, they told me I had to call the billing dept. I called the billing dept. It would take a miracle to get actual help from anyone I have EVER spoken to at HughesNet. Do they have a special employment manual that tells them to stall, misunderstand, and above all DO NOT HELP ANYONE???

I'm so pissed, I told them to go ahead and cancel. I've had it with HughesNet - the worst internet service in the world! I plan to complain to the BBB, every consumer complaint dept I can find, and every social network I can get away with! How can the corporate HughesNet have an excellent rating with the BBB, when all the individual companies I looked up have horrible ratings???

A list of unsolved problems I addressed to HughesNet that wasted a total of seven hours of my phone time -WITHOUT BEING RESOLVED: My download kept disappearing, even when my electricity was off for six hours. HughesNet said someone must be jacking my signal. First of all, how can someone jack my signal when my ELECTRICITY WAS OFF? Also, I live seven miles out in the country. My nearest neighbor is my sister-in-law, who has a LAN line. The only way someone could jack my signal would be for them to be PARKED IN MY YARD, AND KNOW MY PASSWORD FOR MY ROUTER!

The last three months, when I would buy one bundle of tokens (which are rip offs all by themselves), I was charged for TWO bundles. I was told it's a closed system that they have no access to, so I bought two bundles. Being told I'm a liar, even without using those exact words, is NOT something I would say to a client of mine! The whole 'DO NOT CANCEL MY CONTRACT' thing. They cancelled it anyway, since no one actually READS the emails that also have the ability to UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I have to believe they were skimmed only, if that.

When I sent emails to HughesNet, I started, ended, or both with: "DO NOT CALL ME. I HAVE BLOCKED MY PHONE SO I DO NOT WASTE ANY MORE MINUTES ON PHONE CALLS I CANNOT UNDERSTAND.” HughesNet response was "Someone will call you within 24 hours.” Until, that is, I pointed out that it is a violation of my privacy to ignore my request to NOT receive phone calls, which is illegal in Oklahoma. Of course, that only lasted till the next email. Can I sue? Can I make them pay for overdraft charges their idiocy has caused? Can I make it a Channel 4 consumer report? I will certainly try.

The only way I would EVER accept HughesNet as my service provider again is with NO FAP nonsense, NO contact with anyone whose SECOND language is English, and a repayment of all the overdraft fees I have had to pay because HughesNet hires people who cannot do their jobs worth a damn (or at least can read English well). Way to go, HughesNet! (SARCASM IS MY SECOND LANGUAGE). PS: I didn't cancel but their mistake will cost them several hundred dollars.

HughesNet Customer Service is a Joke
By -

This review is of HughesNet customer service. First off, I've been a customer of HughesNet since 2007. As a rural customer, satellite is my only “fast” Internet option. When in such a predicament, you take the least of the evils, and in our neck of the woods HughesNet service edges out WildBlue by a bit.

I'm a network technician by trade, so I work troubleshooting computers and other electronics day in, day out. I've had the dish long enough that I know when an outage is being caused by heavy precipitation, snow blocking the dish, or if the modem needs to be reset. Sometimes you just wait a day because the company is suffering an outage they don't want to announce. Recently the remnants of a tropical storm came through and blew the dish off target: it's pointing right at the ground. I thought this would be an easy case - boy was I wrong.

I called the toll free number; got a voice mail automated assistant that wasn't too bad - it understood my speech well, and I can mumble with the best. But when I answered that I wasn't at home I was told that the system could not help me unless I was at home because HughesNet couldn't troubleshoot the issue unless I was at home. Uh, the dish is pointing at the ground. How hard is that to troubleshoot, and since when do I have to be at home for that to make a difference? It will still point to the ground whether I'm at home, at work, or in the Bahamas.

I couldn't get back to the main menu, so I hung up and tried again. This time I lied when it asked if I was at home. Then the automated assistant asked me some troubleshooting questions for some of the basics, was there heavy rain (no), did I already try rebooting the modem (yes), were there any obstructions to the dish (yes, planet Earth, but I answered no).

I was then connected to a polite woman called "**" with an Indian accent. The line had some static and she sounded a bit like she was at the end of a tunnel. She of course asked me again for all my account info and then asked why I was calling. I told her right off the bat that I needed a technician - my dish was pointing at the ground because of a recent windstorm. But she didn't understand me, despite several different phrasings of this. Apparently she only knew a script. I had to go through the entire troubleshooting routine, AGAIN! Despite the fact that I already knew what the problem was.

During this she told me that my modem had failed and I needed a new one to the tune of $120. I wasn't sure how that would make my dish point back up in the sky so I refused and eventually convinced her that the problem was the dish. Then she couldn't even schedule a technician directly! She took my number, only to tell me a technician will call me within 5 days to schedule a visit.

My recommendation: If you have to use Hughesnet, don't EVER call their customer support. See if you can find a local technician. They'll know what the problem is when you say "My dish is pointing at the ground" and may actually get an appointment to you on the same day! What a waste of my time and patience. And I still don't have an appointment for a technician yet.

Satellite Internet: The Least Desirable Fast Internet but May Be Your Best Choice
By -

GERMANTOWN, MARYLAND -- I've had HughesNet about a couple of years. I purchased the 7000s system on eBay and installed it myself. Had to have the installer certify it and turn it on. Mine is a little longer run than most installs so I have boosters in the xmit and transmit lines. Most of the times the system functions good but there are some problems that come with satellite internet or Hughesnet that you need to think about before you go this route.

First off satellite internet is expensive. Expensive for Hughesnet and they pass the expense on to us. Typically, you can get the very best DSL from AT&T for $40 and it will be twice as fast as satellite. And if cable TV is available, it is about 4-6 times faster than DSL. But if you live rural, all you have may be dial-up or satellite. Oh I forgot about wireless. It's great but you only get 5 GB/month so I would be buying 3 contracts to equal my 425MB or about $180 so that's double my cost.

Back to Hughnet/ satellite problems: My worst complaint is during 3:30 PM and 10:30PM CST my system is so slow that my dial-up is actually faster. I expect that Hughesnet has over sold the service to fill up all the transponders and make the money to be in business. I thought I was going to give up my dial-up when I went to Hughesnet but because of their problems, I've decided to keep it. Every few weeks or may a month or 2, my modem will go down and I'll have to call the support people in India. They are excellent! Yes, sometimes a little hard to understand but they have a procedure they follow before they send it to the US team.

But you have to wait 2 days before you'll hear from them and sometimes you get up in the morning and the modem is working again. Just as if Hughesnet had turned it off and now turned it back on. Maybe you'll hear from the US technicians or may be not. So far I've only got a call about half the time but then on those times my modem was working again. But it still cost me 2 days of being down. So if you want reliable service, keep your dial-up as a backup! Oh my problems have NEVER been with my home equipment - the modem and the uplink dish and cables, etc.

My problems have always been with Hughesnet's satellite. Power to the satellite transponders or whatever but not on my end. Advice: Do not use satellite internet unless it's your last available choice. If there is anything else available, check it out because it's expensive. 1/2 speed of DSL at 2X Cost. Not reliable - maybe down tomorrow and it's not your problem but a technician has to come to your home and point the dish to a new satellite and guess what! You get to pay for that. Not your fault, not your problem, it's Hughesnet's but you get to pay. I've tried to paint a picture of how my service is with this company and I am actually trying to be fair.

I know it casts them a huge amount of money to launch a satellite and it must be hard to be a satellite business but poor service has also tainted my views. Best wishes reader!

Poor Implementation of Upgrades
By -

As a long time customer (eight years) it is sad to see the state that Hughes has come to. I have hung in there through DirecPC, DirecWay, and, but today I wish I was using some other system. I have both personal and business accounts with Hughes. While I applaud Hughes for trying to keep up with all of the new innovations, the procedures for implementing these changes are very amateurish and your planners should be fired.

You can verify my accounts through today's incident report number **. Since I plan on posting this on the various blogs, I will not include additional information. Hughes did a web conversion starting July 18th for your web hosting. In the last six months Hughes has done numerous upgrades and the implementation has been worst each time. Key data in large contact files has been lost, implementation has been started, but so poorly implemented, that it was abandoned.

Hughes boasts about the ability to get e-mails anywhere in the world for travelers like me, so I have store my e-mails online. I maintain a history of e-mails on your server to preserve them. There are at least five hundred. But these past few days have been unbelievable. An e-mail came out from that was three short paragraphs long stating: here is where you go to get your e-mails in the future, we are changing our billing name, here is where all of your old information is, and by the way you have seven days to “retrieve” it from the old server.

In this computer age, is it that hard to write a program to move the old e-mails and my 300 plus contacts? I contacted your 888-390-1243 number for help. Those in India who answered your line did not even have the correct information such as the old or new website. The man that was assisting me tried to help, and was assisting me in the transfers, but it was taking hours (and I do mean hours). This continued as he worked his way through the files until his manager told him that he had to stop, as it was my responsibility to transfer the information, even if I had to transfer them one at a time, not in a group as he was doing.

As to the contacts list, there does not seem to be a download feature to enable you to download all at once, and if there is, the instructions are certainly hidden. As a CPA, I would be ashamed of treating my clients this way. As a litigation expert, I also know the value of maintaining these e-mails, so I have no choice but to spend the time to transfer them myself. What has happened to your customer service that you imply is there in your national advertisements.

If I had the time, I would change my business and personal e-mails. As it is I have wasted time trying to figure out the instructions that were provided and writing this letter. That I took time to tell the CEO of the problem is an indication of how upset I am about this situation. This is one of many implementation problems I have encounter with Hughes in the last six months. If you expect to keep customers, you had better get new planners for your implementations.

Could Not Keep Home Phone Number
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Decided to switch to HughesNet after I was promised I could keep my original number, could take ten days. I called and asked why this hadn't taken place and was told it should have been done before switching providers and now I'm out of luck. They are liars and swindlers. Stay away if at all possible.

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