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Lawsuit pending
Posted by on

Defendant: Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Subsidiaries: SPACEWAY and Broadband Unbound

CLAIM AGAINST: satellite internet service.

HugheNet is perpetuating fraud.

I am a HugheNet customer who called and complained about their speed claims. They claim 20 times faster download than dial up. I have never gotten faster than 4 times faster and 95% of the time it was dial up speed. I’m in an online college and need fast and reliable service.

I was paying 10 dollars a month for dial up and now paying 70 bucks a month for dial up speed using the HughesNet service. This is on top of paying 220 bucks to set up the dish even though HughesNet advertised at 170 dollar setup fee.

I called Tech Support and was told that I am only allowed 200 MB of download usage during a 24 hour period (Which is equivalent to 10 minutes of streaming video) at which time I exceed this, HughesNet automatically slowed my internet transfer usage to less than dial up speed. (They call this Broadband Unbound?) What a joke! I informed the tech guy I called in India that I was not told about this at which time he replied that I could spend more money every month to take the block off. WHAT!!!!! What a rip-off! Since HughesNet illegally defrauded me I demanded that the contract be voided at which he replied that there is a 400 dollar cancellation fee. They know how to screw you coming and going. Why can’t businesses get rich these days by being honest with people?

[snip please see our terms and conditions]

Also contact the MD Attorney General and inform him about the fraud that is coming from his state.

Thank you,
Tim Dupree

HughesNet LLC
11717 Exploration Ln
Germantown, MD 20876

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
Similar to this?
sagood4 on 04/15/2013:
My complaint that they are the worst internet out there . They tell you nothing up front that we control how much you can download . I advice anyone Please do not get Hughes net for internet I really think they need to be shut down and run out of business . They tell you nothing up front. about what they do and I also will advise you they don't give care at all there support you wise well not even bother to call. They have been taking advantage of people long enough. Why are these Hughes net aloud to keep selling any of there business would have been shut down yet the problem keeps going on. No company in the United States all to be able to control How much you download or try to watch on your computer. Best place we can find for there satellite is bury it the back yard. And they never fix any problem. I called in told them I wanted something done this man wouldn't give me his name . His reply was you need to forget about watching movies on the internet or playing game. who has the right. And I ask why are they getting away with this. No other business is aloud to do what there during people
Jogn on 07/07/2013:
I signed up with Hughes net under the belief that I would be able to do online school. I was assured that it was plenty fast to handle it. Immediately I had trouble with getting kicked off my student website because my "high speed" service was so slow. They lie, they cheat, they steal. I'm all behind a lawsuit!
Steven and Lou on 09/05/2013:
Disconnected the internet from the Dish box, used my T mobile dongle, discontinued streaming (See disconnected from internet) and live out in the sticks so unless the foxes, deer and fairies are pilfering the internet I am dumbfounded as to how we could use 17 Gig in 5 days. Even using my 5 gig dongle from T mobile I have never exceeded 5 gig in a month of constant use. We will certainly join a lawsuit against Hughes and co defendant DISH. We also have data from an independent source to validate usage, Dish employees have said that it is a fraud and the only one in denial are the VP's more worried about their bonuses than providing a fair and equitable service to consumers.
wb on 12/10/2013:
Horrible, horrible service. Use your mobile hotspot if in an area that doesn't have dsl!! Do not waste your $$ on Hughesnet! They are terrible, slow, clunky. Even the Gen4! I had to cancel it and go with my mobile carrier. So slowwwww!
Anthony Adams on 01/02/2014:
Sadly, I was a Hughesnet customer about 3-4 years ago. Everything everyone has said happened to me. Their internet speed was ridiculous, their customer services was pathetic, and I was absolutely not informed of being limited to internet use per day. However, I dealt with being screwed over by them just because there was no one else. But when THEIR equipment malfunctioned (that I was paying for in my bill for "renting" the equipment) I was told I would have to pay $250.00 fee for a service technician to come out an evaluate the problem. I attempted to explain to the East Indian representative how I didn't agree with their policy and asked to speak to a supervisor. I got absolutely no where, except now I have a black mark on my credit report because I refused to continue to pay for services I couldn't use.
Hughesnet is a joke.
Vivian Brown on 01/04/2014:
My experience has been the same as all the above. I told them I had three college kids that needed fast internet for school. They lied and said the Gen4 was perfect. Three months have past and we probably only get one day a month of working internet service. We pay them $130 per month for nothing.
I would gladly join a class action lawsuit against them. Hughesnet is a scam!
Joseph R.Buteau on 01/20/2014:
I have now been on the phone 7 hours gotten nowhere bunch of morons I feel even more stupid for doing business with Hughesnet than the idiots I talked to. They even sent me to independent tech support . I do believe he too was wondering about how hughesnet could tell people what they do and get away with it. Hughesnet fix the problem stop hiring idiots. suing them OK putting them behind bars way better.
D. C. Pierce on 02/09/2014:
I have had better service on my TRS80 Tandy on dialup than I have had with Hughesnet. Its time for a class action suite and do Hughesnet in as their tech support sucks. Lets go get them.
Kevin McGee on 02/10/2014:
I hate hughesnet. They promise so much with Gen 4 but don't deliver. Never do they tell you about the FAP policy until after you sign up. I want unlimited satellite internet so I can enjoy the internet like I should be able to.
Linda Dickson on 02/14/2014:
We have had Hughes net for 7 months and figured out we get under 3 hrs of internet per month. The internet service is extremely slow and freezes up every few mins. I haven't even been able to watch a 3 min music video on youtube. the tech lied to me on the phone saying the lights on the box are supposed to be flashing all the time! They informed us we have to buy tokens to continue service.
D Meeker on 02/24/2014:
I would gladly join a class action lawsuit. I got Hughesnet and was not told about the amount of "Data Usage" during the day would be 1/3 of what it was from 2am-8am. That was a total joke. So WHEN I signed up, I had a 30 day "trial period". I hated it so I cancelled it when the 30 days were up. It took 3 times calling someone for my account to actually be cancelled. And after I was assured I would not be charged any more fees, I in fact was. So then I was sent the box to send my router back, but had to climb on the roof to get the radio off the dish. But they only gave us 6 days I was charged $347.28 for my equiptment through my bank without being told. They still have not sent me a refund from the monthly charges and now I'm sure I will have to wait for $347.28 to be refunded. They have terrible speeds, they lie and they steal!!! DON'T GET HUGHESNET !! I will be contacting the Attorney General regarding this company.
Fabio on 02/27/2014:
Do not use hughesnet. All the bad things you read about hughesnet are true. I have had that fraud of a company as an "internet provider" for the past three months. I'm ashamed to admit that I've been had
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Hughes FAP (Fair Access Policy)...What Tha’ ?!
Posted by on
CHENEY, KANSAS -- I started with DirecWay and now I am under the scrutiny of Hughes after their merger. When Hughes performed a major upgrade recently that was the end of my internet browsing as I knew it. The FAP in fact limits our time online (bandwidth per household/ business account), before subjecting us to slow-downs and ‘no-downs’. If you like to upload/download movies, songs, etc...get ready for a slow down which I have experienced, as slow as 5 bps (not kbs). I remember dial-up was much faster (slowest dial up download was 5 Kbytes/sec). I have been experiencing this for the past couple of months now. In this day of high tech internet usage we can’t even download our email through Outlook 2003 without the FAP Red light (Hughesnet Interfacing software which shows the customer’s their Status and the reason(s) for it).
Hughes Support directed me to Accounts Billing when I sent an email a week ago about this. I was finally fed up after accusing my grandkids of using up my BandWidth....but nothing has really changed with our internet usage. It is only Hughes that changed in what they allow and don’t allow....apparently they weren’t ready for the customer influx that they worked so hard advertising for.
This is why I was soooo relieved to find out that Pixius is now available in my rural area. I told Hughes (via email) that I would switch over if my internet (Business Account) didn’t return to full capability and that I am no longer under their 15 month contract that was required when I signed up. I told them in that same email that I am sure they will not survive as a company when other company’s expand into the rural areas they are so desperately clinging to, because those folks can’t get any other service. I never received an answer to that email or the 2nd one. I don’t dare call, because I don’t speak Indian.
I am no mathematician or accounting major, but even I can predict the future for this company (fading to India)...I see HughesNet operating out of India in the future, providing internet for the poor people in remote mountainous regions. Collecting cows and goats for service(s)...From the same people who currently man Hughes phones for Support!!! Good Luck Hughes!
One Final Note....On Tuesday, July 29th Pixius will be installing my new internet service, for anyone interested in an alternative High Speed Internet. You must live within the area of their radio towers (a pre-test will determine your eligibility). They operate using radio frequency waves and do NOT have a Fair Access Policy in place (FAP) limiting your internet up/ downloading...YAY!
(Pixius Cost per month varies depending which speed of pkg you may want.... $44. _ and $49. pkg's...I have been paying $75. for Hughes).
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User Replies:
MyDogsMom on 07/27/2008:
Collecting goats and cows for service?

How rude of you to say that!! I won't finish reading your complaint. I'm pretty sure you had a legitimate complaint but your unfair "strike" ruined it for you.

lahowe7 on 07/27/2008:
"Strike"?... What "Strike"? It sounds like you pretty much read the entire complaint if you got that far. Not sure what you are talking about when you say there was an "unfair strike". No strike...just moving to a better service as is my right.
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Poor Implementation of Upgrades
Posted by on
Sent Via E-mail and Mail

July 21, 2008

Mr. Pradman P. Kaul
President and CEO
Hughes Network Systems, LLC
11717 Exploration Lane Germantown, MD, 20876

As a long time customer (Eight Years) it is sad to see the state that Hughes has come to. I have hung in their through Direcpc, Direcway, and, but today I wish I was using some other system. I have both personal and business accounts with Hughes. While I applaud Hughes for trying to keep up with all of the new innovations, the procedures for implementing these changes are very amateurish, and your planners should be fired.

You can verify my accounts through today’s incident report number 2304118. Since I plan on posting this on the various blogs, I will not include additional information. Hughes did a web conversion starting July 18th for your web hosting. In the last six months Hughes has done numerous upgrades, and the implementation has been worst each time. Key data in large contact files has been lost, implementation has been started, but so poorly implemented, that it was abandoned. Hughes boosts about the ability to get e-mails anywhere in the world for travelers like me, so I have store my e-mails on line. I maintain a history of e-mails on your server to preserve them. There are at least five hundred.

But these past few days have been unbelievable. An e-mail came out from that was three short paragraphs long stating: (1) here is where you go to get your e-mails in the future, (2) we are changing our billing name, (3) here is where all of your old information is, and by the way you have seven days to “retrieve” it from the old server.

In this computer age, is it that hard to write a program to move the old e-mails, and my 300 plus contacts? I contacted your 888-390-1243 number for help. Those in India who answered your line did not even have the correct information such as the old or new website. The man that was assisting me tried to help, and was assisting me in the transfers, but it was taking hours. (and I do mean hours) This continued as he worked his way through the files, until his manager told him that he had to stop, as it was my responsibility to transfer the information, even if I had to transfer them one at a time, not in a group as he was doing.

As to the contacts list, there does not seem to be a download feature to enable you to download all at once, and if there is, the instructions are certainly hidden. As a CPA, I would be ashamed of treating my clients this way. As a litigation expert, I also know the value of maintaining these e-mails, so I have no choice but to spend the time to transfer them myself. What has happened to your customer service that you imply is there in your national advertisements.

If I had the time, I would change my business and personal e-mails. As it is I have wasted time trying to figure out the instructions that were provided, and writing this letter. That I took time to tell the CEO of the problem is an indication of how upset I am about this situation. This is one of many implementation problems I have encounter with Hughes in the last six months. If you expect to keep customers, you had better get new planners for you implementations.

Las Vegas, NV
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User Replies:
PatsyP on 09/26/2008:
It's hard to decide which is worse; Hughes.Net service or Customer Service. I am probably their most unhappy customer. We pay all bills by internet and it is so frustrating to be tied down in this way. It is actually faster to write a check and drive it to the the utility company than to try to pay it online with My recent speed test: 113/65, 92/71, 55/77, 202/79, 69/107. And these were on the good days. My neighbor cut off their automatic draft of monthly charges, but I hate to ruin my credit by doing that. DON'T use Go to dial-until you have other options in your area. I've yet to find anyone satisfied with their service.
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Worst Service Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Where do I begin telling what is wrong with this service?
• I am paying $63.12/month for 10 GB of data!
• I was told that the rain affected the speed of my internet.
• I was told that data was being used by my Wi-Fi connected devices – laptop, iPad - even when they are off.
• Automated “customer service” on the phone is a joke. There is no service provided.
• The internet is incredible slow. I had dial up in 1997 that was faster.
• When the speed test was run by an agent, it was faster than any time I performed the same speed test. How do they make that happen?
• Hughesnet provides its service in outlying areas and therefore does whatever they want because they are most likely the only provider available.

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Hughes Net Major Rip Off!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COEUR D'ALENE, IDAHO -- I called to cancel my service within the 30 day trial period and the sales person I was speaking with offered me their best service plan at no extra cost and she told me that Hughes Net would extend my trial period by 30 days giving me an extra month to decide. I figured what the heck its free right? WRONG! I called back in 25 days to cancel the service because even with the "best plan" it was still about 750K service which for $140 per month is ridiculous. 10 days later I noticed that there was a $400 charge on my credit card from Hughes Net. When I called and asked what the charge was for they explained that it was a early termination fee. I believe this is called stealing. I demanded a refund for the $400 which after 20 minutes or so they said they would try and get for me, they would check with the billing department. Finally they said they had the refund approved and would give the money back in 3-7 days. I wish there was legal action I could take against them. So learn from my mistake and stay away from Hughes Net!
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Customer Service, Tech Support an Pricing
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BELLEVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I have had Hughes Net for almost one year. Speed on internet is poor price is high but at the beginning of July a storm dented the dish. I paid an extra 10 dollar month for maintaining the equipment. When I called tech and customer sent someone out that could not fix it and then 10 days later after arguing with them till I was blue in the face they told me a new dish would be put on from 11 to 3 the next day. No one showed up, fired them poor company, be very careful no one ever came to fix equipment. They should not have a company no organization no customers and no tech support
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They Advertise Down Loading Movies Yet Half of Your Way Overpriced Time Is From 2am to.8am.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DOUGLASS, KANSAS -- Hugesnet is misleading and crooked. I have no choice but to stay with them. I feel like I am being robbed every month. It is unbelievable how they advertised so misleads customers.

Half of the $159.00 per month bill goes to the hours of 2am to 8am. On the other half just 4 movies can take you over the limit. So why are they able to steal our money knowing we our a society who relies on the Internet for work, school and day to day life. Someone needs to put a stop to their control over us who have no other choice for internet service.
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Late Charge for Equipment
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
After paying $90 a month for Hughesnet for 4 years, which went out anytime a leaf fell, we discontinued service when we moved into our new home. We returned all the accessible equipment, but the radio transmitter was up on the roof and we couldn't reach it (nor we we told in advance that we would have to return it). Hughesnet said they would retrieve it for $100. Several months later, they hit my credit card for $210.60 for unreturned equipment. They never even tried to retrieve the transmitter and they charged me for it without prior notification, which overDrew my credit card, and caused several charges to bounce. I have made every possible contact and have been denied satisfaction at every turn. You should never, ever, ever, ever deal with Hughesnet.
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Bait And Switch
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- This is the mail I sent to HughesNet and was called back by an individual who did not know anything and continually informed me they could not return my account back to its original status. I started sending them an invoice once a month for 3 months. Current to date there has been no response from them which tells me I can now file the lien against them and take HughesNet property enforced by the local Sheriff. This ANYBODY can do to any major company or corporation for proof of violation which I have. Like most who have posted here I was sold one type of account and 2.5 months later it was changed without my knowledge, hence Cyber Crime, hence FBI investigation because of what they do with customers accounts without permission. I will be filing on them the end of this month.

NOTE what I am doing is PERFECTLY legal, hence your warning of what I am about to do if you do not settle with me. I would appreciate it if un-knowledgeable people would STOP calling me. You cannot offer me a Popsicle and then try to convince me it is a steak dinner. If you cannot have a person call me who can speak fluent ENGLISH and be knowledgeable of your business and US Law concerning the call is wasted and I will terminate contact ! ! ! Imagine this information being made public to the proposed 19 million customers you have all across the United States. You have but one more opportunity to settle with me and this is the first information I will make public.
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HughsNet Screw Wounded Soldier
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ELMIRA, NEW YORK -- My name is SSgt Johnson, a combat wounded veteran. We recently moved to NY, we are located a few miles outside the nearest city so we tried HughsNet because of our location.

The first month the Internet worked but absolutely no downloading or streaming. We used up our allotment of coins just trying to stream but never successful. I called there customer service and they said I would have to pay for a tech to come out but to first try buying a new router and moving it to a different location in the house. I went and bought 50 ft of Ethernet cable to move the new router. We were still unable to download or stream and the Internet was too slow to use. I called again and they said they would not send a tech out unless I paid for it.

We decided to try a different service provider and cancel HughsNet. They said we were contracted in and it didn't matter that the service never worked. We have to pay a 500 dollar cancellation fee and remove satellite from the roof ourselves to send it back to them. I fell while trying to take down the satellite and landed on my prosthetic that covers the amputated part of my arm.

AVOID HughsNet at all cost. Even if you get service from them they have a very low cap to how much Internet you can use. There customer service is atrosish and they will screw you every chance they get!!
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