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Better Off With Dial Up!
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Reliable... That's the opposite of HughesNet. We got HughesNet a few years ago with the hope of a faster, more reliable internet service. Now, having been with HughesNet for several years I can safely say that dial up is actually a more reliable option.

Where can I begin. To start out with, if you run over your limited bandwidth, your account is "hard throttled" meaning that anything that is https secured will no longer work and anything else will load at a speed slower than dial up internet. The interesting thing, however, is that even with full bandwidth this happens with Hughesnet multiple times a week. Conveniently it only happens when I'm not doing anything important, just trying to pay bills, apply for loans, or check my bank account. So obviously, this isn't that big of a deal.

Over the past few years that we've had HughesNet, we've had to have them come out to fix problems with their equipment twice. Each experience was met with over 3 hours of hold, several phone calls, and multiple poorly trained customer service representatives, which ended with having to wait for a week or more in order to PAY someone to come and fix their faulty equipment. This is now happening for a third time, conveniently enough while trying to finish up a student loan disclosure that is due two days from now.

It was bad enough to put up with the time outs and satellite outages in the middle of emails, paper submissions, and document viewing, but this time they've gone too far. Their poor customer service, faulty equipment, and outrageous prices for the amount of bandwidth you get is beyond ridiculous.

One of the Worst Companies in the U.S.
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Rating: 1/51

ENGLEWOOD, FLORIDA -- HughesNet is one of the worst companies in the U.S. I cannot understand how a company such as they can stay in business. They totally misrepresent themselves from the time you call them until that equipment is in place. Once they have the equipment in your home you are screwed. You do not get service you pay for - we cannot even view pictures on Facebook most of the time and it takes everything forever to load. Dial up is much better.

We decided to cancel and were informed that we had signed a two-year contract. When asked for a copy of the contract with our signature they informed us we didn't actually sign it but it was explained to us by the tech. We informed them that wasn't so, so they came up with they emailed me a copy and I opened the email so therefore we had an agreement. My next move is the Better Business Bureau!

Do Not Waste Your Money
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I live in rural area and their advertising promised "high-speed internet everywhere." Well, before I signed up for 2 year contract, I made sure that - 5GB day and 50 GB 2 am-8 am would not be that bad as long as the speed of the download/upload, after the allowance GBs is reached will still let me use the internet at the slower, but doable speed. Service was as promised until about month ago. All the sudden, I could not open a single website.

The technical support basically informed me that they changed it and now, unless I pay for different plan (with the same issue after allowance) or buy tokens, I am screwed. My cancellation fee, as right now, is $400 (7 months left). So, basically, I have internet that is useless. Unless, of course, I am willing to wake up at 2 am to use these 50GBs.

I was promised unlimited internet with slower speed after I would use my data allowance. I was assured, that speed will be sufficient for web browsing at all time - I am at school. This information was accurate until the last month, when HughesNet changed it - without any warning, of course. The end of contract cannot come soon enough.

Dishonest and Lousy Company
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Rating: 1/51

LEAVENWORTH, WASHINGTON -- After reading the other reviews, I really can't add anything to them except to say that they are misleading, have horrible customer service, and WILL, I repeat WILL take money out of your account. Why they are still in business is beyond me.

Our service didn't work for weeks at a time. Techs came and went without a solution, yet, $80.00 was taken out of our account monthly. They wouldn't let us out of our contract, we didn't have internet connection, and their customer service was appalling. If you need to access the net, don't use this company. Go to EXEDE or anything other than HughesNet. I wish someone would sue the company and put them out of business, but no one seems to care about their dishonesty or the people they are ripping off.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- Their sales department did not disclose they would be conducting a hard credit inquiry.... Days before we were to sign on our house. When I tried to resolve it, I got the biggest run around ever. Sales said it was pre-install, pre-install said it was sales. Everyone condescendingly trying to tell me it wasn't a hard credit inquiry and would not affect my credit, even as I sat there staring at the credit report that showed otherwise.

Still hasn't been resolved. So I filed a complaint with their corporate (no reply yet), with BBB, and with the FCC. I also had to file a dispute with the credit agencies to clear up my credit. The absolutely worst experience with a service provider in my life!! They don't care about their customers.

Worst Company Ever
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Rating: 1/51

HughesNet is honestly the worst company I have ever dealt with. From the first moment we got installed we had problems. The guy that installed it damaged our gutters by putting a ladder up against them. When we called to complain and get the damages paid for we got the run around. They told us to email pictures to this email address they gave me. So I did about a month later after never hearing anything I called back. They closed the case saying they could not reach us and had called numerous times and that I never sent in the email.

After verifying they did have my correct phone number I told the lady no one ever called and had I missed a call. I did have voicemail and did not receive any from them. I also told her I could get phone records and had proof in my sent email that I did send them the pictures. Then one day my father in law who works in the cable business came to our house and informed me that they did not ground it outside. So if lightning struck the satelitte it would fry the computers. Which I might add are hospital property because I work from home but am responsible for the computers. So at this point I was fed up.

I called to cancel and the man was very rude. He kept saying I signed the installation paper that it was installed properly and I tried to explain to him that the satellite was on the roof and the internet was working. I do not do that type of work so I would not know if it was done correctly. I got nowhere with this guy, just kept saying "well you signed the paper." So I cancelled with them and they said they was going to charge me for cancelling the contract. I informed him I wasn't paying that. We was already out money with our gutters plus I paid an installation fee which was never even installed properly. Well I cancelled anyway.

They sent me a prepaid box to send back their equipment which I had no problem sending back. I put the two things that was inside the house in the box and then read that they wanted some kind of piece off the satellite dish on the roof. I called the guy to explain that we did not have a ladder or wire cutters which is what the paper they sent says you need to have to get the piece. He said well they could send somebody to get it but I would have to pay for it. I was livid. I told him it was their property and not my responsibility to climb on the roof to get some of their equipment.

Never got anywhere and he said I would be charged two hundred for the piece if I didn't send it in. I told him I wasn't refusing to send it just had no way to get it and was not paying for them to retrieve their equipment. We did receive a huge bill from them and needless to say we are taking them to civil court. On another note my husband called to get a corporate number so we could talk to someone here about everything and about going to court. They refused to give us any phone numbers. First the guy said there wasn't any phone then he said "well there is one but we can't give it to customers." This company is nothing but a joke and I can't wait until our day in court.

Internet Satellite Service Bait And Sell
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Rating: 1/51

GERMAN TOWN, MARYLAND -- On 13 March 2013 I finally was able to speak to an individual in the US who was able to understand the English language relating to setting up a new account with HughesNet. I was originally told they would NOT do business with me because I refused to give them my banking information. This in all accounts is against Federal, and PUC Law, they are not allowed to even speak the words. The next thing they attempted to do was charge $5 to send me an invoice for their service they make available on-line. Needless to say after a few quotes of law to them they backed off from the $5 a month, they seemed more than determined to charge me.

On 12 June 2013 I noted the attributes of my account had changed from the original settings agreed to at the time of enrollment. I had agreed to 10gig of access time during the day and UNLIMITED access between the hours of 1am and 9am. The account was changed to 10gig during the day and 10gig between the hours of 2am and 8am which you know makes this account useless for attempting to do much of anything. Considering nearly every ISP provider out there has a basic cap on accounts that goes no lower than 250gig which is AT&T where the rest pretty much cap their accounts at 500gig a month.

Since 12 June 2013 I have been in contact with HughesNet more times than I have digits to count on and every time I was told the original settings on my account would not be restored. Basically they do not have a plan with those settings. I informed them this was not my problem and they were NOT going to make me responsible for a mistake an individual in their company made. I made clear if the position were reversed they would be more than happy to charge me whatever they could get away with having the problem turned to me.

I have had some 3 to 4 calls returned to me from individuals who I could barely understand and were NOT fluent in the English language. Above all they would never answer one question, "€œAre you going to restore the original settings to my account??"€ But would always attempt to offer me some pacification to the account amounting to NOTHING acceptable. Always telling me there are no such setting on my account but could not answer why my account had these exact attributes for the last 2 months. I took to asking the one question as soon as I knew who I was speaking to and continued to ask the same question regardless of what was said to me.

Eventually in conversation with the last two people at HughesNet I spoke with would tell me "NO" and I would terminate the call with them. Nothing more was needing to be said if they were not going to restore the original settings to my account agreed upon at the time of enrollment. I have sent them several mails letting them know I am going to take action against them by first making public knowledge. People they have done this to can file a lien against the company by the individual simply sending them a bill for the lack of service they were and have been robbed of.

You are also allowed by law to charge the company a reasonable labor rate for your time it has taken you to deal with this situation, normally around $65/hr. Note links below: **. The next thing I allowed them to know was that I had intended to establish over 3K links to this information daily which would eventually put them in the top 5 of every major search engine showing their complaint status first and their business attributes second. Notably they seemed to be concerned at this prospect but not enough to restore the attributes of my account.

I made clear to them in mail they could not offer me a popsicle and attempt to make me think it was a steak dinner, just not going to work with me. I also allowed then to know any negative action on my account would be an admission of further guilt on their part for what has taken place on my account. They to this day have not tampered with my account but have not corrected it either. It is now 01 July 2013 and nothing has been done to correct the attributes of my account to what was agreed to at the point of enrollment 13 March 2013.

I can only hope as many people as possible get their hands on this information and not only use it against HughNet but any MAJOR company that has done any individual wrong, costing the individual where it should have been the responsibility of the company to make good.

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I signed up for HughesNet because I was told there were no other providers in the area (except WildBlue - who gets their services from HN satellites and they were "maxed on bandwidth, taking no new customers). I paid $99.00 for install, plus an additional $50.00 to the installer (contractor) because there was "no good place to put the satellite to get good signal" so he had to put a post in for the dish.

Apparently he used all my allowance for the day, because after installation the internet would not work. When I called in they told me that I had exceeded my bandwidth. I fought for three hours to get my service for the day reset, as I had yet to touch a computer when it was "used up". That should have been my first clue.

As an extremely low key internet user (a lot of browsing, email, not much downloading, etc) - I thought I could survive their limitations, I was never so wrong. Apparently somehow checking my email and playing Farmville on FB is enough to almost max out my usage in an hour, and I pay for 400mb/day (almost 100/month here after you add in the rental fee and insurance). After three or four days I called in to tell them where to put it, but their Indian tech talked me into going one higher on the plan, gave me free tokens, a six month discount, etc.

Another 1 1/2 days to realize that even the "upgraded" service was not enough to play Farmville and check my email - I don't know what they are counting as "downloads", but it's a scam, for sure. So I called back in to cancel my service. After trying to offer me everything except an indentured servant, I finally explained to them that there was NOTHING they could offer me except removal of the BS limitations to keep my service. They told me that since they had already taken the first month service (in advance) from my credit card, they would not cancel me until the 27th. I was unable to get them to refund me and cancel immediately.

They also informed me that after paying 149.00 for install - and only having service a few days, I would have to take the satellite down from the pole and disassemble it and modem for shipment back to Hughes. They would not send someone out, and if not they would charge me 300 for the equipment. I logged in and tried to change my billing info, to erase my debit card info after reading the horror stories online about unauthorized charges, etc, post-cancellation, and it does not give you the option to take payment information OFF their site.

The only thing you can even try and hope works is changing the expiration date on your card and updating - which I did in hopes of protecting myself... but I digress - they want me to take it down and ship it in. Umm OK, I can't swear I will be able to do it without damage, after all I am only a woman, a disabled woman at that. The next day my service went out, I cycled my modem, did all the techie type stuff that anyone who has been on the net awhile knows to do - to no avail, every light came back to the modem except the "system" light. Called customer service *repeatedly* and got service back for about four hours, at which point it went down again.

After 24 hours of BS and non-helpful "support" from their Indian phone bank, the service miraculously came back for another 6-7 hours at which point it went down again. I have begged them to just cancel me now but they refuse stating that since it is already scheduled for the 27th it cannot be changed (NO they just don't want to give me my money back). I have had to spend 1-2 hours per day on the phone with them to keep my service in working order, I would simply stop, but IF they are going to keep my money, they ARE going to supply me working service until that point.

The other person is right - some lawyer needs to start a class-action against this scam passing for a legitimate business. Their practices are questionable at best, and fraudulent bordering on flat out illegality at worst. If you are wise you will avoid this company at all costs, unless you don't mind paying a small fortune each month to be able to check your email, and not much else.

Is this legal?
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My gosh I wish I would have gone online and done research before ever thinking of getting HughesNet. This has got to be illegal. They sound so cheap and suck a lot of people in thinking they have reliable service. It is sad how they can get away with this. When I went to the local satellite guy who deals with HughesNet, and was asked if I have a debit/credit card, my card was debited for the installation fee before I was even installed. That was on the 3rd of this month. I got a pole the next day, and didn't get the satellite and service until the 5th.

I was told that the money wasn't going to be debited until I was actually installed being I was eligible for the govt recovery act program where I lived. I called my card company and was told HughesNet debited it and gave me an approval code. I called HughesNet and told them what was told to me, and was told they didn't take the money. Then I gave him info from my company and was put on hold constantly while waiting for a supervisor. They tried to keep telling me he was busy, and I said I know he is not the only supervisor on the floor in a big call center. Then when the supervisor did come to the phone, he sounded just like the CSR!

I was told the money was a holding fee - would be returned in 3 business days. That was a lie. The FAP policy is worthless. I only used the internet for Facebook, to check emails, and Youtube. The meter kept running and running. Then they offer a complimentary token once a month, other than that once you exceed, that's all the access for that day! Then they think you are dumb enough to buy more and put it on your bill! I cancelled in 12 days. These people are hard up for money and something needs to be done about this seriously. I have never had this poor type of customer service in my life. I was calling every other day asking questions.

None of the foreign people could help, they were just ready to transfer me to technical support. On the last day of my service, I called to find out why my meter never went back to 100 - it was still on 70 where I left it the previous night. No one in my house was even on the computer since that night. The rep tried to offer discounts, free service for months. I told her no way. Cancel me now. Seriously this is an illegal crime for a major company to rip hard working citizens off. They don't have to worry about getting any more money from me. I will get someone to cut the pole and dismantle the dish and throw that crap away!

SMDH at this sorry company. But don't worry, they will get what is coming to them in the long run! Everyone keep complaining, maybe someone is actually listening.

HughesNet How Wrong It Really Is
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I subscribed to HughesNet in March 2010 as it is impossible to get anything other than dial up service where I live and I was told that this would be a great way to finally get higher speed internet service. I was told that there was a daily download allowance but that it was high enough that it should not be easily crossed. This is where my problem begins I frequently cross that allowance but more often than not this is done when I am not on the computer at all and often when the computer is totally shut down.

For instance I went to school one morning leaving home at 8 am and returned approx 4:30 pm when I left the computer showed no recognizable usage and when I returned after having turned the computer off and unplugging the router just to make sure that no one was "borrowing" usage. I was told that I had exceeded the download limit 20 minutes before I got home and when this occurs I have service that is even slower than dial up. This sort of thing has occurred often enough that I am constantly calling HughesNet only to be told I am crazy that I must be doing something.

I do not listen to music online, I do not download programs and I do not watch any online videos which is what they have said would probably be causing the problem. I do exactly the same things day to day. I read some email, I look at eBay and list a few things for sale and I play a couple of games on world winner. This usually results in me only using about 10% or less of the daily allowance but there is that often day when I am not online or not home or even in bed that the system goes over the allowance.

I was given a window of time where there is an opportunity to set up a computer to download updates that won't affect the time which is between 1 and 6 am and I have set my computers to do their automatic updates between those hours. The customer service with this company does not exist. I have often been on the phone for hours and when I ask for some help I always get either hung up on or told I am crazy, I am streaming or downloading something and if I dare ask for a supervisor I am always told it is not possible to talk to one and if I press the issue they invariably hang up on me.

I was also told that I would be eligible for a 199 dollar rebate that had to be filed for in 2 separate envelopes which following their instructions I filed for and was promptly denied on the grounds my account was behind. That is a physical impossibility since they do not even send me a copy of the monthly bill. They just take it off my credit card, just another way that they manage to not follow through with anything that they say. My advise to anyone considering HughesNet is to run as fast as you can to anyone other than them. It is not worth the 60 dollars a month they charge when you often cannot use the service.

Not only all of this but when I complained to the BBB they had someone contact me and we set up a time when after they had done some system checks they would contact me and we would see what they could do. I have not heard from them since and I am still having the same problems. They are also extremely rude and secretive about what their email address is making it very difficult to contact them.

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