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HumanaOne Negative Review
Posted by L. K. on 06/28/2009
HumanaOne is a horrible company. I recently lost insurance through work and saw their commercials on TV that seemed to be specifically targeted to people needing individual coverage due to lose of job coverage. I was provided with the worse telephone customer service I have ever had to deal with. The employees are rude - they do not know the first thing about customer service. They continuously told me that they would have a decision for me by the end of the week on my application and every week I would call and they would not have a decision. I called for about 3 months. They never called me - I always had to call them to find out they needed me to send in more paperwork, and when I called, I was always given rude customer service. The customer service agents were either rude or clueless. After 3 months of waiting for them to make a decision, they denied my claim. I am a healthy 20-something female and they denied me because of a minor allergy. I cannot imagine what an older person with pre-existing conditions has to go through to get insurance. Do not apply for HumanaOne. This was the biggest waste of time I have ever spent on anything! They may be a little cheaper than other companies, but it is not worth it!
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Humana Wisconsin - Denial/Delay of Claims
Posted by on 10/22/2008
Yet another problem with Humana. They denied another claim due to running out of authorizations. Corp Health which is their mental health authorizer, had the wrong address for my provider in their system. They sent the authorizations to an old address so my provider did not know when the authorizations were up and when they needed to call to get more.

This has taken over a month to resolve. I am writing our company's insurance broker to try to get them to move to another insurance carrier.

If you have Humana - watch them like a hawk - since they will use ANY and EVERY excuse not to pay claims. I have heard "computer billing problems" and human error as excuses for their continued denials of legitimate claims.

I have complained to the state a few times which seemed to get some action out of Humana. All I can recommend is that you do the same if you sick and tired of fighting with them to pay their bills. Complain to your company and whoever contracts the insurance with Humana. They do a yearly review of the insurance and may have better contacts.
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Posted by Principissa on 2008-10-22:
It's the same with all insurance companies. They're all worthless. I've been fighting with BC/BS of Oklahoma for almost a year to cover claims that our policy said were 100% covered. It took 2 letters to their CEO and 1 to the insurance commission to finally get them to ante up. You're being to nice. Contact your state's insurance commission with a copy of your insurance card and a brief outline of what happened, who you spoke with, and what your desired outcome is. But do not give up.
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They Are Not A Good Company!
Posted by 10kim123 on 06/19/2008
FLORIDA -- My Husband and I are middle class citizens trying to make ends meet for ourselves and our 13 year old son on 49,000.00 per year more or less and our employers do not provide health insurance. We do own our home and we are now in our mid forties, so we thought we should obtain health insurance, to protect our son and our home, and our selves, should we get cancer or some other horrible disease. Humana seemed like the best bet three years ago when we signed up for basically major medical with a 2500.00 deductible and a premium of 360.00 per month for just me and my husband (our son has an affordable state insurance that is offered for children in our state THANK GOD). After one year of paying on time and filing no claims, we got a rate increase of 80.00 per month! We were barely able to pay the 360.00!

So Humana offered us a higher deductible of 5,000.00 in order to keep the same premium. Then after another 12 month period of filing no claims and always paying on time, they raised our premium again, this time by 105.00 ! They also said that we were already at the highest avail. deductible, so pay up or get out! Literally crying as I hung up the phone, I decided we would try to pay the 465.00 per month.. after all we'd already paid them thousands of dollars and never gotten sick. If we cancelled now and got in a terrible accident or got cancer, we'd have to sell our home to pay the medical bills. After the gas went up this year and the groceries went up , we were unable to pay the full amount last month. I made a phone payment of 420.00, hoping they would send a late note for the extra 45.00. No luck. They sent a cancellation letter. Now they are CONSIDERING re-instating us, but they are now putting a rider on allergies for me, since my doctor said on my recent appointment that I have allergies and need Flonase. What a scam!

They raise the rates so high that you cannot pay on time and then when you pay late, they look over the records and hold them over your head, saying well ... we might re-instate you after you pay up the money you owe.. but no more coverage for anything your doctor ever mentioned that you have or may have during the coverage period! Lucky Humana! I bet they love it when people pay late and have to get reinstated! this gives them an excellent opportunity to disallow anything that has come up the whole time. Beware cancer patients! Don't ever ever pay late! Humana would rather see you die than pay out another dime for you. They are evil!

In the end they will pay for what they have done to their fellow humans. And what a name HUMANA. yeah right.
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Posted by tander on 2008-06-19:
It's not just you, health insurance is expensive everywhere and the deductibles are quite high. Something needs to be done about it to make it more affordable for everyone.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
Even with my employer offered health insurance, the rate continue to increase yearly. My employer tries to absorb as much of the cost as possible but my weekly contribution still goes up. It doesn't matter if you have ever filed a claim. You are basically paying into a pool with others in your same "risk" category.
Posted by jenjenn on 2008-06-20:
Robf...you're right on!! It's just like car insurance. You pay all those premiums year after year, and never file a claim, but the premiums continue to go up regardless. The minute you don't have the coverage any longer, you would probably need it. It's a necessary evil!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-06-20:
From what I have read about them, you sound like you might be an ideal candidate for a medical savings account.

Basically, you set aside some money each month into this account. A portion of that money buys a high deductible catastrophic coverage plan that will cover you if you have a major illness or injury, but for everyday aches and pains you pay the doctor directly from the money you set aside.

I'm no insurance expert, but it might be worth you doing some research on one of these programs.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-20:
A solution that WOULD work:

If 100% of individuals and employers would stop paying all health insurance premiums then doctors and hospitals would be forced to charge what people could actually afford. There would then be no insurance company forking over ridiculous medical fees.

The reason it WON'T work is 10 people cannot agree on any course of action. Much less 150 million.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-06-20:
Here in Massachusetts, the state recently mandated reasonably priced health insurance for all citizens. You are required to be insured. I was dubious at first, but when I read a story like this I think maybe it's not such a bad idea.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-06-20:
I don't think your idea would work, chuck. Why? Because everybody would end up clogging the ERs in hospitals even more than they do now. And who then ends up paying for it? You and I do, through our tax dollars. I'm all for preventive medicine, but the reasons for running off to the doctor are getting to be ridiculous. When I was a kid, if I fell and skinned my knee, my Mom would wash the scrape, put some antiseptic on it, apply a bandage--and I'd get a good talking-to about being careful--the 'talk' usually applied with the palm of her hand!

Within the past year, a friend of mine suffered a slip and fall very near downtown Detroit. I was called for 'moral support' and transportation back home from the ER. We spent NINE HOURS in the ER waiting for X-rays and a cast applied to a broken wrist.

While waiting, there was a continual stream of Mommies bringing in little Johnny because he had the sniffles or he fell off his bike, all her passle of kids in tow because there was no other adult who could watch the kids. I got into a conversation with one of the triage nurses while waiting. She told me 75% of the patients seen have no primary care physician--so they come to the ER--and the state picks up the tab.

I certainly empathize with the poster because being self-employed, I, too pay a high premium for insurance. In the 8 years I've been with them, my premium has more than doubled. The only time I had a claim with them, for which they paid very little, was once when a heart condition was suspected and I had to undergo numerous tests to rule it out.

I agree, Hugh, that a medical savings plan should be looked into. However, they're not available in all states, are they? Last time I checked, about four years ago, I couldn't get one in MI. I think I should look into it again.

Ken, have you had any experience with MA's plan? I know Romney touted the plan quite a bit during the presidential debates, and often wondered how it worked. According to him, it was a good plan--but you know politicians--say anything to get those votes.

Good luck to you, poster. I hope you can see your way through this.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-20:
Ponie: My plan won't work because of exactly what I stated. People will not agree. You actually supported my reason for failure just now.

Your reason could not be the cause. Most insured patients go to a doctor and all others go to the ER. If there were no insurance for anyone the load would be distributed to the doctors. The load on the ER's would actually be less.
Posted by cherpep on 2008-06-20:
chuck, you make an excellent point about the ridiculous medical fees. On my medical bills, I see what the hospital, doctor, or lab has charged, and then I see what my insurance plan agreed charge is. It's amazing the difference. For instance, for a medical treatment that I received 3x/week, each session was charged over $2000.00. However, my insurance company agreed to pay approx $800.00, and that was accepted. IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO ACCEPT $800, WHY DO THEY CHARGE $2000 TO OTHERS?! I see this on test after test, procedure after procedure. To the uninsured - they would have to pay $2000.00. THAT'S CRAZY AND NEEDS SOME TYPE OF REGULATION.

Sorry for shouting, but I get a little emotional over this topic.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-06-20:
cherpep, you get emotional - I get pissed! You have just pointed out a fact I have never thought fair. And, I don't think most are even aware that condition exists. Those without insurance are expected to pay far more than the insured do. Also, most people have the attitude 'It doesn't matter what it costs, insurance is paying it.' What an asinine perspective!

As with the oil companies, it's just plain greed. The health industry is not about health, it's about money!
Posted by Scrap on 2008-06-20:
I, at one time had Humana as an HMO for the over 65 crowd. The service was great, and there were no increases in the premium. All of a sudden they dropped the plan and left a whole lot of people scrambling to find a new provider. Since that moment in time, I have received junk mail by the loads from them, and have seen ALL kinds of TV commercials espousing how great the are. Frankly, I would not insure my dog house with them. Keep looking on the internet, you WILL find a better deal, AIG ? RW
Posted by Scrap on 2008-06-20:
Hopefully you are looking for another provider.RW
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Hit Humana Where It Hurts
Posted by on 03/11/2013
KENTUCKY -- My story is very long and I will log it later. y mother had two strokes and required 3 hours acute rehab care and Humana Medicare denied our choice because they told us there were other facilities (1 and 2 star rated) that could do the same. No thanks. So we fought back and are still fighting.

What I wanted to get across to all of the Humana screws is to lodge your complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB must answer all complaints and currently Humana has an A+ rating. That's right AN A+ FRIGGIN' PLUS. That's gotta change and with the help of all of us and by spreading the word, it can quickly change to a C or D and then, they will be in hurting status.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2013-03-11:
Actually the Better Business Bureau is not a governing agency, cannot take any action against Humana and all Humana has to do get a A rating is become a member of the bureau. If Humana has an A rating, its probably because they are paid members. The BBB can take your complaint & contact Humana for a response but thats as far as it goes. They can be effective in resolving consumer complaints so I wouldn't write them off completely, just want to make sure you are aware of what the BBB can and can't do.
Posted by Susan on 2013-03-11:
The BBB cannot interfere with the health care plan you purchased - this sounds like the facility you wanted was not part of the Humana network.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-11:
The kind of issue you have is not something a BBB complaint or 10 BBB complaints is going to affect, in my opinion.

I am a beliver in the BBB for certain complaints against certain companies. If Humana has an A+ rating, it is likely not because they earned it but rather they paid to be members of the BBB. If that is the case, you won't be lowering their rating to a B or worse.

I don't know about the central issue of your complaint, which is whether or not you can turn down certain facilities.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-03-12:
The bad business buddies are usless and unreliable
Posted by Kathy on 2013-04-25:
Hey! I'm having problems with Good 'Ole Humana too! I contacted Medicare and issued a complaint which in turn they immediately launched an investigation and are watching it closely. Who pays Humana? Medicare does~ Social Security Dept told me to get an attorney. Also enter a complaint with your local Congressman. Not only do they accept the complaint-they also investigate.
Posted by diana on 2013-10-09:
I have a family member who has humana, he has lung cancer, humana will not pay for his pain medicine because it is cancer related. Who do you complain too?
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Eleven months of battling an incompetent company.
Posted by Rockford.lewis on 11/24/2012
MEDFORD, OREGON -- I spent several days going over my prescription list with a representative to insure Humana had all the information they needed to price my first Medicare approved Prescription Drugs or Pat D insurance plan. I accepted the plan and terms and it went into effect January 1, 2012.

The first time I went to the Pharmacy to pick up my medicine for Parkinson's disease, the prescription was filled for 24 days when it should have been for 30 days. The pharmacist told me it was Humana's decision to restrict their coverage to 8 pills per day and not the 10 pills per day as prescribed by my Doctor. I went around and around with Humana and finally a representative told me she put an override order on the restriction and assured me the problem was fixed. Next month the same thing happened. I asked about the override placed the previous month and was told it was a one time only override. The representative I was talking to told me to take the prescribed amount and come back for a ten day supply to carry me into the third month and everything would be resolved by then. It was not. In fact Humana informed me they were no longer covering the medicine in my plan, We are talking about the number one medicine prescribed to Parkinson's disease patients. I gave a copy of the letter to my Neurologist and he managed to convince Humana to reverse their decision.

I also have Diabetes and early inn the year, my doctor gave me a prescription for Insulin prefilled cartridges or "Pen injection system. I could not afford even my copay so I asked for an alternative lower cost system and was prescribed for the same medicine n vles that would load into syringe needle for my injections. My copay for this system was a third of the cost of the pen system. Last month a new prescription was written by a different doctor who mistakenly wrote it for the pen injection. The amount Humana quoted the Pharmacy was much lower than the previous quote. My wife was picking up the prescription. She was unaware of the mistake. I was out of Insulin and used the pen system since my wife paid for it.
Now we are in the eleventh month of the plan and I have just entered the gap coverage or "doughnut hole and now I pay full price for all of my medicine. The prescription cost in the pen system for one month is more than $275.00. I called my Doctor and asked to have my prescription modified to the vile and syringe method. the pharmacist told me the injection method was changed but the price remained the same. I called Humana and this time had two reps and a supervisor involved. They reminded me I was in the donut hole and expected to pay the full amount which by the way was over five hundred for a month. I asked why was the price quoted 275.00? From that point on all they were focusing on was why their own company quoted a discounted price and told me they only price they had on my insulin was the vile and syringe system. Well this is open enrollment time and as of January 1, 2013, I will have a new plan in place. I only hope I can make it that far without my medicine. no change, not resolved. :(
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Posted by ticia232 on 2012-11-26:
can you get some insulin from your doctor while you are going through this transition period? They seem to be the people who messed up (pen vs injection meds). I went through this with my son (he has Epilepsy) and when I was changing insurances to one that his neurologist took, he was able to prescribe me medication on the doctor account that he has at the local hospital. It was only for 2 weeks and he put the cost on the new insurance.
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Humana is a Rip Off
Posted by on 02/06/2012
I cancelled and replace our Humana Medicare Suppliment Plan in December 2011. I am still being debited for the plan in February.

I should have known better. Last year they cancelled my Humana Advantage Plan and replaced it, but I was still billed for the Advantage Plan in January and after several phone calls could never get the refund.

If you deal with Humana, be sure and get every transaction in writing and proof of cancellations
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-02-06:
The key thing to be learned here is not to allow auto-pay. Auto-pay can be an expensive nightmare to stop. Once you give a company direct access to your money they are very reluctant to turn off that money-spigot.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2012-02-06:
I concur re: autopay. I have never understood why people allow companies to debit money directly from their bank accounts. These are the same people who use debit cards instead of credit cards. Yes, there is a difference---the main one being with a debit card, your money is gone, gone, gone and when you have a problem, it is still gone, gone, gone. With a credit card, you get a couple of weeks(or more)to pay the charge and if there is a problem, either you have not paid it yet, or you can dispute it.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-02-07:
The convenience of autopay certainly does not warrant the risk of letting someone have access to your bank account. I agree that having payments billed to a credit card makes it much easier to dispute.
Posted by Easterday on 2013-05-28:
Humana Dental is a rip off. My dentist sent a preauthorization claim to see what they would pay. It come back that it would pay 50% of fillings and 50% of extractions. I had two teeth extracted and five fillings. The bill was $1200, and all they paid was $130. After I had all this done, they said they only pay for two procedure each year, one filling, and one extraction. So why did they tell the dentist they would pay 50%? This organization is nothing but a money-making racket.
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HumanaOne Scams Consumers
Posted by Jdkathy97 on 09/27/2011
After losing my dental Insurance from work I felt it would be worth checking into getting a family dental insurance policy. Humana is a well know company right??? I called the company representative on August 19th 2011 and this is what happened: In a very high pressure sales pitch about how great the policy was the representative told me that their in net work providers provide discounts of 28% for many procedures including crowns, root canals, and so on. The discount services were effective immediately. I asked if a specific dentist we just started seeing was an in net work provider. The representative stated yes. I said- so the discounts you stated will be honored by this dentist? He replied that they would be honored by this dentist. I signed up. Wow was I wrong. I talked with he dentist after I got off of the phone and guess what? They do not give any discounts to patients for HumanaOne. I cancelled my policy which was not in effect until September 1st 2011 ( full two weeks before coverage was to begin). Oh the night mare run around begins. You have to email the company to cancel you can't do it over the phone. I emailed over ten times-no response. Then I finally get an acknowlegement of my email to which I could not reply. It just said they received the emailfrom me to cancel nothing more. I emailed again. I finally get a letter stating my insurance was cancelled as of September 1st, no mention of my refund. I called the company on 9/27 to find out that I have to write to their grievance department to try to get a refund but they would keep $35.00 no matter what. The representative did not tell me this either. Now I am told that this is their service fee. What service? I was given false information about the policy coverage and discounts, given the run around to cancel the policy and given a huge run around about a getting a refund.
Stay away from Humana's service!

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Can't Get The Surgery That I Need
Posted by Acphunt85 on 09/22/2011
I need to have surgery on my neck and the and have had a problem finding a a doctor that takes Humana and now that I did and got things set up. Then I we find out that the hospital which shown in the book is no longer takes them and that is the only hospital that he use. When I call them about it they just gave me a run around. I ask them to find me another doctor and they just gave me a run around.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-22:
The provider directories are printed once a year and are not always accurate. Providers can term their contract during the year, even though the book still has them listed. Does Humana have a website that you where you can look up doctors and hospitals?
Posted by Skye on 2011-09-23:
As little suggests, try their website which will have updated information newer then the brochures.

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Because I'm 50+
Posted by Twinkiewinkie on 09/18/2009
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- In late April of 2007, I applied on behalf of myself and my then 8-year old son for health coverage with Humana. I received my first letter acknowledging my application on May 2, 2007. The underwriting information originated from Waukesha, Wisconsin. I signed the agreement effective May 1, 2007, and at that time I was 49 years old.

In that same packet of information that I signed and faxed back on May 2, I read in the “Additional Information” pages the underwriter’s comments regarding the health status of me and my son, Jesse. The comments regarding my health status were based on a thorough checkup and revealed no abnormalities. Moreover, the only medications I had taken in the past 24 months were penicillin as needed for dental work. The comments regarding my son were based on a normal school checkup in 2006, and the only medications he needed were miralax (over-the-counter) and antibiotics for an ear infection. No additional medications were needed within the last 24 months prior to our signing with HumanaOne. The whole point of this rendition is to establish that we were, have been, and still are, healthy individuals with no history of excessive filing for insurance benefits.

My “conditional receipt” was for the initial monthly premium of $247.98, applied upon approval of the policy. Again, I am still referring to the May 1, 2007 effective date and the May 2 packet of information faxed to me and then faxed and mailed back to them.

I received a letter from HumanaOne dated May 17, 2007 regarding an “application update”. In it I was told that my application was approved with modifications, and that I had two days upon receipt to acknowledge the modifications by my signature. The modifications in the form of an amendment stated that my monthly premium would be increased to $343.90, and the reason given for the “rate up” was “due to body build”. I was already committed to this plan, so I signed the amendment effective June 1, 2007. This represented a $95.92 increase from my conditional monthly premium four weeks earlier. Curiously, I had the same “body build” those same four weeks earlier.

In 2008 I noticed that my monthly premium had increased from $343.90 to $390.68, with no prior notice and no reason given. I called and spoke with an individual in the system who could only tell me that the reason was due to me turning 50 years of age (like I really had to be reminded). I accepted that and informed my husband that the automatic debit would show an increase every month by $46.10.

In 2009 I again noticed that my monthly premium had increased from $390.68 to $443.94, indicating a monthly increase of $53.26. When I called to ask why I was told simply that I was a year older, and that each year the premium would increase due to that.

During the past 24 months I have not submitted a single claim for myself. Please see the documents submitted by hard copy to show this.

During the past 24 months, I have submitted four medical claims for my son, (doctor’s visits) which totaled $278.30. Of that total, HumanaOne paid $20.09, consistent with our deductibles. Also during the same 24-month period, I submitted claims from prescriptions for my son totaling $91.02. The plan paid $00.00, but consistent with the agreed upon deductibles.

My point is this: my medical and prescription needs have been zero for the past 24 months, yet it is my increasing age that supposedly triggers each yearly premium increase. My son’s claims have been for normal causes for a boy his age, and not significant by any stretch.

My complaint is the rising monthly premiums assessed each calendar year with the reason being my age. My age has not contributed to one cent in claims and thus not one cent in cost to HumanaOne. I will inquire with appropriate authorities to see if this falls under insurance abuse or age discrimination without cause. I am a housewife and my husband is the sole source of our income. These ever increasing monthly premiums, assessed each year, impact my family and seemingly for no acceptable reason.
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Posted by queenmbs on 2009-09-18:
The SIX big insurance companies do this type of stuff to folks all the time. I had a problem with Cigna also. Let's keep praying that our Congress will have enough decency to approve a plan with a PUBLIC OPTION for the country. The big insurance companies have been paying people to go to these rallys to say "NO to public option" because then they will have to change their ways to stay in business. All of the Republicans are in some form on the insurance companies side of things when they are put there to look out for their citizens. Hopefully the next election we can clear out a few more of the Republicans and put men or women in who have our interest at heart and not the Insurance companies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-18:
Wow...you are really deluded if you think this will improve your situation. You are going to be mandated to have insurance, it will be more expensive, and you will be fined if you don't have it. BIG fines. Remember, along with paying for your own insurance, you are going to pick up the freight for 50 million currently uninsured. More, if you count the illegals, and don't think for a moment that they will be excluded.
Posted by Jambra on 2009-09-18:
I see that somebody (KenPopcorn) watches the Glenn Beck Show.

I'm an American who has lived in Europe for more than 20 years. That means more than 20 years of universal health care (socialism). There is nothing better! Sure I'm mandated to have insurance, and it's cheaper than most Americans pay. Don't believe the dingbats who try to say otherwise. What naive losers!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-09-18:
I don't want to pay for anyone else's insurance. I have a hard enough time paying for my own. I don't watch the Glenn Beck show but I do know there is no way in he// that illegals will be excluded from the plan. We have free clinics, clinics for the indigent which require a modest fee, Medicare, Medicade...all paid for with tax dollars. Let's just add an additional tax burden to the American citizens because apparently we don't pay enough.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-18:
Government public option will make it worse. It requires healthy YOUNG people to have insurance to subsidize sicker people. Europe is not cheaper because government there gives tax money to pay for the system.

All insurance is based on actuarial tables. They know exactly what percentage of 50 year old people will have a heart attacks. While it is great you are healthy, your premiums are based on those probabilities. You are insuring the future, not the past. As you know, each year older means the risk of illness goes up, and hence premium costs rise. Did you expect to pay your initial premium amount until you are 80? Not realistic.
I also assume "body build" was a nice way of saying "fat." You pay extra for that, just like if you smoke because the risk of illness goes up.
Posted by jenjenn on 2009-09-18:
Premiums go up every year regardless of age. ??!!
Posted by dan gordon on 2009-09-18:
welcome to pvt health insurance. Your just learning what Obama has been talking about. In Washington Blue Cross went up 20% this yr. My cobra insurance just went from a 0 deductible to $1250. Thats why the statistics say that if nothing is done health care will double in the next 10 yrs
Posted by skelly39 on 2009-09-18:
You already ARE paying for the uninsured's health care through your rising premiums. Health care is more expensive because of those who are not insured, and those of us who are "lucky" enough to have health coverage can barely afford it. To the OP, since you are seemingly healthy, are there cheaper plans that might cover catastrophic illness or injury but not preventative care? Seems to me you pay a ton more in premium than your basic medical care costs.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-18:
When this was happening to me, I kept raising the deductible to keep the premiums down. Also, I would question why you are submitting claims when they are within the deductible amount. I always figure, the less I claim, the less they have to raise an issue about.
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None Payment of covered procedures
Posted by Jimjudy3jp on 06/09/2002
I am still getting billed for the same Procedures that should have been paid in August of 2001 when we still had them as an insurance company.
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Posted by mmcgoug on 2004-03-13:
Humana is the worst health insurance I have ever had. Fortunately, my company wised up and got Blue Cross Blue Shield. When we had Humana, they had this book of physicians we could visit. None of the physicians I contacted from the book were still participating with Humana. I asked why but they were all too polite to tell me. I should have known it was for non payment of funds. If your company has Humana, speak up and tell them how horrible they are!! You need REAL health insurance, not scam artists.
Posted by KATIEKO on 2004-09-14:
Posted by goraceax on 2008-07-20:
Humana should not be in business. They pre approved my sugery and now I have spent 10 months doing everything the keep requesting to get my claims paid. At one point the denied my surgery nurse stating I didn't have coverage, when the nurse was the one that called for the pre approvals prior to my surgery.
The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing and unfortunately their customers pay the price, it's a shame when you need them the most they fight you.
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