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A Total Nightmare
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA, WISCONSIN -- I purchased a Wesley Allen iron bed with a special-order finish in mid-March. It arrived in late April and the headboard was damaged and unusable. I had to send pictures and deal with customer service who informed me it might take as long as 9 weeks to resolve but I would get a replacement headboard. Meanwhile I had to store the damaged bed and packaging. It would be picked up when the new headboard was delivered.

It arrived today. The driver did not know anything about picking up the damaged headboard and refused to take it. Then we opened up the new one and put the bed together. Not all of the parts were there and the instructions were totally inaccurate. To top it off, the finish on the headboard is completely different from the other pieces. I informed them how unhappy I was and their response was a form letter thanking me for my feedback! Worst possible experience. I am going to ask for a refund on the special finish but expect I will have to fight for that too.

Looks Nice but Poor Quality for the Price
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Rating: 3/51

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- Received bed yesterday and though it's a pretty color and "looks" nice, the quality of materials is poor at best. All the "flat" surfaces (headboard, footboard, and side panels) are made of a very thin, plywood type material, and the drawer sides and bottoms are made from 1/8" (or thinner) material that, at best, is only one grade stronger/sturdier than balsa wood. The headboard is warped suggesting that moisture had somehow gotten to it, and the plywood platform pieces have a strong chemical odor of whatever they're stained with. When set-up, it looks very nice, but underneath it's very cheaply, Chinese made.

For the price, even the sale price ($2150 down from $2650), it's very expensive for the quality of materials and workmanship. The free shipping may be all that saves this as a reasonable purchase, but beware of the "big" boxes they're delivered in, in addition to most delivery drivers not caring to hang around while you inspect and take pictures of every box. It's not the kind of bed that can be handed down from generation to generation, so don't expect anything super special. It's good for creating a nice "looking" guest room at best.

TERRIBLE Customer Service! Not Worth the Hassle.
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Rating: 1/51

TENNESSEE -- This is the absolute worst customer service I have ever dealt with. The product shipped a week late. When it finally arrived at the local destination and I called to schedule delivery (which was actually the day it should have already been delivered to my house), they didn't have all of the pieces because Humble didn't send all of the pieces originally.

I tried calling customer service twice and after holding for over 10 minutes, they never answered. I emailed numerous times and received no response at all to my last several emails. They are unreachable. I will never shop there again.

Complete waste of time
By -

SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered a bed from on May 25th 2010. On June 25th 2010 it arrived. Not the bed I ordered though. The bed I ordered has a cinnamon color and an open footboard with a rail on the top. This bed is dark, almost black and has a closed footboard with no rail on the top. In addition one of the headboard posts was cut too long and has been left unfinished where it rises in height (clearly the manufacturers fault not humbleabode's). I immediately called Humbleabode and was told they would contact the factory to see if they could get the correct footboard and if not would discuss "other options." Hmmmm, could this have happened before?

Well let's see what they can do. First thing they did was ask me to take photos of the headboard and the box it came in. Took the photos, had them developed and mailed them on. 2nd thing they did was ask me to take more photos, this time of the incorrect footboard and all 6 sides of the box it came in. Took those, had them developed and mailed them up.

Then I answered a couple of other questions via email and was informed that the design of the bed had changed and the old style open footboard would not connect to the new style side rails. Left unsaid was that this was the 2ND design change and that Humbleabode was still displaying a bed that had been changed TWICE. Other changes to the bed I ordered were the color (finish). I then asked (3 times) what good faith efforts were made by the manufacturer or Humbleabode to provide me with the item I ordered and paid for.

All 3 questions were met with a long history of how the factory had moved from Brazil to Vietnam, the wood species changed etc etc etc. Obviously no effort of any kind was made to procure the item I paid for. Which brings us to the "other options" of which there was one. My "advocate" as she calls herself who told me she was speaking "very strongly" to the factory about not notifying them of these changes and was negotiating "very hard" emailed me the following option.

The factory would replace the defective headboard and get this. Humbleabode would credit me $87.00 (later upped to $100.00) for accepting a bed that looks absolutely nothing like the one I ordered. After advertising something that had changed TWICE and not even attempting to provide it and then having me incur more expense and wasted time effort and inconvenience they are going to give me $100.00 off to accept a bed that I didn't order, don't like or even want.

Check out the difference in color on their website for the Hitchcock bed between the bed and the "matching" furniture and the factory couldn't even be bothered inspecting the item before it leaves. Please. Now a 2nd option appears. Donate the bed to a charity of my choice, mail the donation receipt and they will give me a refund. How much of a refund? I don't know. They won't say. According to my "advocate" after asking twice (and waiting 10 days for an answer) "the cost of the bed."

My question is who's cost of the bed yours or mine? Please send me an email with the numerical figure you will be refunding to me when you receive the donation receipt. How long will it take another 10 days? I'll keep you posted when my "advocate" gets around to answering her customers question and again when/if I get my full refund.

Excellent Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

In July 2014, I purchased two pieces of bedroom furniture from this company. The information I received online and via phone prior to ordering was very good. The anticipated ship date that I was quoted turned out to be accurate. The company provided explicit details about the shipment, shipper and process for damage claims. When the shipment arrived, I had very visible damage to the packaging and severe damage to the piece inside. I contacted Humble Abode and they assigned an exception case number to my claim.

Because I had photos that clearly documented the damage and due to the courtesy and friendliness of their employee, the claim was substantiated within a week. The company notified me that a replacement was ordered and an anticipated ship date. They kept me posted throughout with email messages. This time they used a different carrier that packaged the piece exceptionally well. I received the replacement within 2-4 weeks and all was fine.

My experience with Humble Abode was very good. I would recommend them to my friends and family. I rarely write customer reviews but I was so pleased with the resolution of my original complaint that I felt it necessary to pass along kudos to them.

Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered an iron bed from Humble Abode on May 11, 2015 with a shipment date of May 18. I haven't received my bed or been able to talk to anyone from Humble Abode. They do not answer calls, and actually redirect you to their website, then tell you to send an e-mail to contact customer service. I have written them 3 times and left a voice mail on their system. I have received NO help. I just want an update on my order. Humble Abode has the worst "customer service" I have ever experienced.

Customer Service Not Answering Calls or E-Mails
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- I ordered an Iron bed the end of March, they gave me a delivery date of 4/28/2015. I have not heard from them and after many calls at different times of the day they are not answering. I have sent 2 e-mails, both unanswered. I just would like to know is it back ordered or what? A business that has over $1000.00 of mine and I can't get in touch with them.

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