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Surprise your in the negative!
Posted by on
I am VERY unhappy with Huntington and taking my business elsewhere. They charge you insufficient fund fee's for transactions that haven't even posted to your account yet!! Ridiculous! and that's "company policy". Forget it, done with this bank for GOOD!!
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User Replies:
MaggieMcT on 09/10/2009:
Bad news for you, OP. The money is supposed to be in your account BEFORE you spend it.
msnanny on 09/10/2009:
It wouldn't be a surprise if you were keeping an accurate check register.
saj80 on 09/10/2009:
First, it's "you're", not "your", but I digress from the grammar lesson. I thought everyone knew by now that there is not "float" period regarding financial transactions, due to advances in technology. As Maggie said, with electronic technology, don't spend it if you don't have it.
tnchuck100 on 09/10/2009:
MaggieMcT, this COULD have been a pre-authorization that would not actually post. If so the bank is just plain exercising their legal ability to fleece the customer. Banks should not charge an NSF fee on pending items.

Amy, find a credit union. They are far better than the big banks.
tnchuck100 on 09/10/2009:
When it comes to pre-authorizations the most meticulously kept check register will not save you from this despicable bank tactic.
yoke on 09/10/2009:
Why did you make a transaction knowing you did not have the funds in your account? Even credit unions expect you to have money in your account when you make transactions.
tnchuck100 on 09/10/2009:
Are all of you missing the fact the transaction had not yet posted?
yoke on 09/10/2009:
Not missing anything, the OP made a transaction without the funds there. When was the OP planning on putting the funds into the account for the transaction? Did the OP contact the bank to let them know when they would be making the deposit? Even credit unions expect you to have the funds in the account before making a transaction, even if pending.
tnchuck100 on 09/10/2009:
But credit unions do not impose NSF on pending transactions. What is so hard to understand about that?
MRM on 09/10/2009:
Some people got thicker heads than others.
Skye on 09/10/2009:
How can this bank charge you for transactions that have not posted to your account??

Very fishy....Where is this Huntington bank located?
yoke on 09/10/2009:
When something is pending the funds have to be there. I have had things pend from an hour to a week. Exactly how long does the OP have to make a deposit for the transaction pending?
Suusan B. on 09/10/2009:
The bottom line here is that the OP did not have enough money in her account to cover all of the debits she authorized. The best way to avoid this is to maintain a balanced check register, consider all debits as posted and not spend more money that you have available. It is called basic banking whether you are using a bank or credit union.
Anonymous on 09/10/2009:
Just please don't say you're taking your business to Chase or Bank of America!
Suusan B. on 09/10/2009:
Actually, I'm a former Wamu customer who now banks with Chase. I've never had a problem with them because I keep close track of my money and never overdraw my account. No matter who you bank with, even if it is a credit union, you should not spend more money than you have in your account at any given moment in time. Why is this such a difficult concept for people to accept and understand?
Diabolical on 09/10/2009:
I am with a credit union and have been hit with Insufficient Funds fees before the transaction was posted - if the authorization states there's not enough money in the account, you will be charged the ISF fee, plus they will try again "no sooner than" three business days.

When this happened, I just called and explained what had happened and the teller was more than happy to remove the ISF fee. I was polite and simply told her I was confused.

You get more flies with honey...
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