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Huntington Bank
41 S. High Street
Columbus, OH 43215
1-800-480-2265 (ph)
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Non-Stop Harassment
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EASTLAKE, OHIO -- For the past 6 months, we have received collections calls from Huntington National Bank. We have never had an account through them. The calls are for someone else who had our phone number before us, even though we have had the same number for 3 years.

These calls never come when we are at home, always when we are at work, so we are never home to talk to the person calling. Literally every single day, we come home to a message asking "**" (not us) to call them. We have called them back close to 10 times to report the wrong number, but they keep calling. I have spoken to managers who promise to take our number out of the database, yet they keep calling.

They actually called us on a Sunday when we were home last week. Instead of talking to a live person to tell them they called the wrong number, I got the same recorded message. I have already filed complaints with the BBB and the Ohio AG's office to get this resolved.

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