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100% refundable Warranty Huntington Toyota/Stevens Toyota
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HUNTINGTON STATION, NEW YORK -- I bought a refundable warranty for my new 2007 Prius, was told if I never use it I will get all my money back. I received all paperwork and documents. Fast forward 4 years. New dealer name Stevens Toyota now Huntington Toyota. Could not get anyone to comment on refund after 3 visits and emails.

Finally was brought into the office of the guy who sells the warranty's and he asked me if Stevens had a third party insurer like "they do" I had to question his approach, "is not that the standard procedure" He just shrugged his shoulders! Now I'm in small claims court.

I need all the information I can get!
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trmn8r on 06/16/2011:
I don't understand this sentence:
"he asked me if Stevens had a third party insurer like "they do" I had to question his approach, "is not that the standard procedure" He just shrugged his shoulders!"

Can you rephrase it? Was he asking himself a rhetorical question, and what question was it?

I've never heard of a refundable warranty. Are these terms in writing, or was it verbal?
trmn8r on 06/16/2011:
Oops - did a search, and I see this "refundable extended warranty if not used" was a pitch used, at least back in 2007-2008, for Prius buyers.

What do you have in writing? On what basis is the dealer refusing to offer the alleged refund clause? Is the issue that it isn't the same dealer?

Good luck with this. Have you tried getting a Toyota district supervisor involved?
PepperElf on 06/16/2011:
I don't see why you are looking for information. You should already have it if you have a copy of your warranty in front of you.

The warranty will say on it which company it is with.

As for the refund policy - I've never heard of that, and unless you have specific proof of the agreement, no court will make ANY company - be it the warranty company or the lot-owner - pay it out... not without actual proof that they really own that amount.

Otherwise anyone could just walk up, wave an old warranty, claim they deserve a refund and get it, even if there was no such agreement.
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Warranty full refund
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In same boat as the guy looking for full refund of unused warranty from Steven's Toyota in Huntington NY. Haven't begun to fight to get our money back just hit the 100,000 mile mark. Just wondering if you had any success in small claims court? I have the certificate that they gave us when we bought the car that states if you don't use the warranty you get a 100% refund. Good Luck to you we will be following in your footsteps I'm sure. If possible put up a post of how you made out. Thanks
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HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK -- I am very dissatisfied with Huntington Toyota's customer service, more-so the attitude and reluctance met with by their Sales Manager, [snip]. I had a $500 deposit down for a new vehicle that they were to retrieve for me. After being contacted by their parent company who had a vehicle at a different location, I purchased it of the understanding that the deposit was refundable; that's what their parent company informed me of because it is NYS law. [snip] refused to refund my money stating that it had already been allocated.

Since I've spoken out about my dissatisfaction, I've heard of many people that have had much difficulty with this dealership. I would warn anyone to stay away.
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BobJohn on 07/18/2008:
Was the $500 applied (allocated) to the purchase price of the vehicle? If it was NOT applied to the purchase price then you do deserve it back, it is your money.
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Bad service, bad job
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HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK -- June 20, 2007

I own a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS with a mileage of 68,000. I am writing this letter to express my dissatisfaction and frustration regarding the service I received at Huntington Toyota (formally Steven Imports, Inc.). This dealership is located at 1720 Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743, tel. 631-423-6226.

On December 7th 2006 I had my remote control for keyless entry re-programmed and a new key made at this dealership. In less than one months time both my old and new remote controls are non-operational. This prompted me to again have both my remote controls reprogrammed on January 2nd 2007. Yet again, in less than 2 months time they stopped working. On June 12th 2007 I brought this issue to the Huntington Toyota dealership. I was informed by the Assistant Service Manager that the keyless entry computer is now defective. I was further informed that this computer is not under warranty and that I would have to pay the replacement cost of $813.58 + tax out of my own pocket (for comparison desktop computer cost is now about $600.00).

The sequence of events is clear, both of my remote controls stopped working only after the old one and the new one had been reprogrammed by a Toyota dealership. It would appear that the work has not been done right.
I brought this to the attention of Assistant Service Manager, Mr. Chris Garzone, and asked him if he could assist me in resolving this issue. His response was to inform me that he was not going to “bend over” and eat that amount of money! I was shocked by his response and amazed by the lack of customer service that this dealership has! It is obvious that they really do not care about customer satisfaction (though this is their slogan) and are willing to lose a long time customer, neglecting the profit he brings to the dealership. I rank Toyota vehicles as the best cars in the world and had hoped their customer service would be the same. This is why I am extremely disappointed with this dealership and believe it has tarnished Toyota’s reputation.

I am asking for your assistance in resolving of this issue.

Thank you very much for your understanding,
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Pomona Guy on 06/21/2007:
Toyotas are good cars, but they do break. I don't see how the dealer "broke" your car. Just pay to get it fixed or start using a key to enter your car.
Anonymous on 06/21/2007:
Don't mind JayD, he has ED! That's why he is so mean.
rhondam718732 on 06/22/2007:
Is it impossible for the computer to be broken thus causing your keyless equipment to not work? Go sto another Toyota dealer and have them look at your car w/out giving them the disgnosis from this place. If they say something else, then you may have a leg to stand on and they might be able to deal with Toyota for you. If it's the same outcvome, then PAY and move on.
Anonymous on 06/23/2007:
Actually Rhondam it is likley that the control unit is malfunctioning and "losing" the codes for the Keyless entry.
Ian on 01/09/2013:
first thing I thought of was dying batteries in the remote. have you tried replacing the battery?
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