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Bad Nursing Attitudes Backed Up By Hired Guns
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HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I have heart disease and have been in HH many times. Never in my life have I seen a hospital with Security Guards every 20 feet. The reason is simple, especially in the ER; normally nurses will work with you, when you are upset or even angry due to you or your loved one's treatment. Not HH nurses. They will take no lip. If you make a nurse angry, her supervisor will be called and if you make her mad, the Security Guards will toss you and call the police.

My wife had shingles on her forehead and in her eyebrow. She also had a high fever. Her doctor told me to call an ambulance. Went to HH ER. No bed available (that's understandable). She lay on a gurney in the hallway. I had to leave. I came back and she was ready to be discharged. They had done nothing to stop the shingles from spreading into her eye.

The ophthalmologist on call had never answered her page. I asked the nurse was she prescribed anything for her eye. She said no. I said "this was the main reason her doctor sent her here to the ER." She acted as though it was totally preposterous that shingles could get into my wife's eye. I called her an "idiot", in a matter of fact tone. No shouting at all, just the truth. She was pretty and the prettier they are, the more sensitive they are. I have found this out. It is an ego thing. They are used to people letting them get by with idiotic behavior.

She started to cry as she went to get her supervisor, who told me that the regular MD in the ER could not prescribe anything for my wife's eye. She told me the on duty ophthalmologist never answered her page. I became very mad and demanded she receive medicine for her eye. She summoned two Security Guards who came and told me that I was leaving one way or another. I refused to leave until my wife's eye was treated. Then they called the police, and I was removed from the area. My wife did get her eye medicine in the end. It was all so ridiculous. So mean spirited, inhumane and all so unnecessary.

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HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- In my opinion Huntsville Hospital commits Insurance Fraud. I was admitted to this hospital earlier this year and informed everyone in charge of my care that I had lost my insurance in October 04 and that I needed to speak to someone from the business office. In fact I was released by my doctor to help me keep cost down and allowed to come back to have the operation. That is two admissions and each time as I went through the admission process I told them I had no insurance. Yet when all was said and done they billed the insurance company and was paid by the insurance company and billed me for the deductible. I paid that and paid the doctor bills on my Visa.

They sent me a statement saying my account was paid in full. The insurance company caught the mistake and took their money back. Of course I am now being billed by the hospital. Isn't this fraud if they knew I had no insurance and billed the company anyway? Does anyone have advise on this problem and how I can get the hospital to work with me? Also they are billing me for the full amount not the amount they billed the insurance company for.

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