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Rip Off
Posted by PeteV on 08/05/2009
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I have traveled all over the world for many years and I have never been "taken" for excessive fees until now.

I had a reservation for 3 nightes and had to check out a day early. No problem right ?

So what did Hyatt do? They said they would have to charge me an early departure fee. They said the fee is because they could not sell the room for that extra day. I found out they are also at about 60% capasity but the clerk denied that.

Their extra "fee" amounted to an entire additional day hotel cost + state and city taxes.
So they charged be for services they did not provide and then discuised it as an early departure fee.

I will never stay at Hyatt hotels again and will let everyone I talk to know what they are doing.
This is just a complete rippoff and they know it.

Now everyone of you will too.
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Posted by Eloise on 2009-08-05:
If you made a three day reservation, you pay for three days. It's not the hotel's fault you decided to leave early. Rip off? I don't think so.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-08-05:
Good luck finding another hotel that is any different.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-08-05:
How early in advance did you inform them of your early departure? I think you will find that most hotels will charge you one nights stay if not more depending on how much advance notice you give them.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
I agree. You reserved the room which prevented them from being able to rent it. Sorry, every hotel I've been to has that policy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-05:
This is pretty standard in the industry, especially if you cancel at the last minute.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-08-05:
And furthermore, whether or not they were at 60 percent capacity is irrelevant and none of your concern.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Once again, I'll swim against the tide... Every hurricane we make reservations to leave and stay in a hotel, and so far, every hurricane I've cancelled with no penalty.

Is there a difference between what I'm doing and what the OP is doing? Cutting a stay short by a day may be different, I dunno.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
Good point Boki. I believe they make special provisions for disasters. I don't think this had anything to do with a dangerous situation.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Thanks! It was a sincere question, I don't wanna get charged if I have to do that again! VH :D
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
I live in hurricane country too so we would take similar precautions if we are targeted for a hurricane hit. Good question!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-05:
Congrats on 2 stars!!! You deserve it!
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-08-05:
Thanks guys!! OF, I've been reading your thread. Keep posting your next star can't be far away!!
Posted by Luckyvolunteer on 2009-10-13:
When you canceled your the final night of your reservation is what matters. If it was after the check-out time for that hotel, then you're sunk. If it was before the check-out time then you have some bargaining room, especially if you are a Hilton Honors member. But it's ultimately up to the individual hotel.
Posted by Dirk on 2012-08-29:
Even if your a Hilton Honor member...It doesn't matter....The Hotel holds a room for you when you make a reservation and you sign at check in that these are the days your staying...Done deal if you leave early you will pay for the room...How would you feel if you had a confirmed reservation for 3 nights and when you checked in they told you have you could only stay for 2 nights...
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Can't Get Credit Card Deposit Back
Posted by Johnmaggie11 on 06/01/2013
We stayed as distressed passengers at the Hyatt Regency, Chicago having missed our flight home from Chicago to Dublin. They took an extra deposit from my credit card which they promised to return but never did.
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Zulu Maid Brunch
Posted by Brookshiregirl on 02/06/2013
Food at Zulu Maids Brunch was cold and refilling the Buffet was slow
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Disrespectful/Unattentive Guest Services Personnel @ Check-In
Posted by Mathewswillie on 08/26/2012
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had made reservations prior to arrival at the hotel (Hyatt Regency Center). As I arrived at the hotel, I asked a valet for directions to guest services. The valet was very helpful. As I approached the guest services desk, I was just stared at briefly by three reservationist assisting guests ahead of me. A few minutes later all guests were completed with reservations and walking away from area.

I stood waiting for someone to assist me. I stood waiting as each of the three reservationist never looked up to assist me. I finally got their attention by saying, "excuse me can one of you assist me, please?" The middle reservationist asked the reservationist to his right, "could you please help him please." Not using the term, " I'm sorry sir, sorry for the inconvience, how can I help you? No apology, NOTHING IN CORRECTIVE MANNERISM/PROFESSIONAL COURTESY. My room 1523 had a bed that was squeaky. It was late when I arrived at the hotel. I wasn't in a mood for debating. I just wanted to go to my room. I've never been treated so rude.
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Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-08-27:
Reading the review, indicates that you waited back from the counter, instead of being right up at the counter, while the other three persons were being helped. As a suggestion when the other guest walk away, it would help to walk up to the counter instead of just "standing there" away from the counter. The clerks may not know what you were doing, e.g. reading information posters, looking at clock, etc.
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Service Was Awful
Posted by Gmontgo13 on 10/28/2011
I was upsold a suite for twice the price two months prior to my stay. I asked for a regular room and was told they were out. I later learned that 3 people I talked to booked after and even on the day I arrived.

On my arrival I was made to wait in 90 degree heat for three hours for my room. They said they had till 4:00 and I got my key at 3:55.

Service was bad, and the front desk was rude.
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Posted by bhskittykatt on 2011-10-29:
It is possible that they were sold out of the room type you requested, but later had cancellations.

Did you request an early check-in when you booked the room? 4:00 seems like a pretty standard check-in time for most hotels.

You say the service was bad and staff was rude. How were they rude to you?
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Damaged my vehicle and did not repair
Posted by The Jet on 05/21/2011
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- Recently stayed at your hotel in Jacksonville Florida and I valeted my vehicle, I left that evening to purchase food and returned my vehicle to valet that evening. I checked out that morning. My passenger and drivers doors opened for me and my luggage loaded. I drove 30 minutes and pulled over for gas. I returned from the attendant cashier and got a look at my front hood and noticed a 4 inch scratch and dent on my vehicle. I contacted the hotel and a claim form was faxed to me. I completed the claim form and contacted the management regarding the status. Mr. Liscomb said that he had completed his investigation and that he would not honor my claim because I had not realized the damage before I checked out of the hotel. I am sure that all parties will claim that they are obsolved of liability. I valetted my vehicle in care your establishment and upon it's return it was not in the same condition as it was in when I released it to your care. The reason I stayed in your establishment rather then choosing a motor lodge or a Motel 6 or any other hotel is because I have an expectation of care, service and responsibility. Until this is resolved I can't really tell the difference between your organization and any other hotel establishment that is along the side of the road. This never happened at Ritz Carlton, InterContinental, or Marriot, but it did happen on your watch. I can definitely see why this organization made the mistake of not bringing resolution to this, but I can afford the repair. I just wanted to give you and your affiliates the opportunity to do the highest and best action that you could offer. What I have gotten so far is that no one wants to own any responsibility for wrong doing. The fault then is mine for choosing irresponsibility over responsibility. I am sure that you can relate to this. No legal issue here just a moral issue.

I never left my vehicle during the time I went out for food because nothing was opened. The location of the dent suggest that a gate bar closed down on the hood. Because the dent and scratch are above the headlight on the hood passenger side. Actually it could have gone unnoticed with the exception of the hood dent which really stands out.


Chet Jones
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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-21:
what part of the bonnet was the damage?
Posted by MRM on 2011-05-21:
How would you know that the dent was caused by the valet? It could have been other guests or a falling object from the sky that could have dented your car.
Posted by momsey on 2011-05-21:
It's a very frustrating situation, but it would be bad business to accept responsibility for every situation like this. You didn't notice it until you were a half hour away, and while it's likely it happened on the valet's watch, it's possible it didn't.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
If something fell from the sky and dented the hood of the car in the 30 minutes the OP had it back in his possession, I think he would have noticed a big crash or boom. It is unfortunate that you didn't notice the condition when you received it back from the valet service but I understand their position that anything could have happened in the 30 minutes after you left their establishment. Of course you know it didn't but I think it leaves you out of gas. Good luck with your insurance company (and I hope it isn't Met-Life).
Posted by Nohandle on 2011-05-21:
You left that evening to purchase food and my question is were you in possession of your vehicle at all times then? I had a friend go out one evening, dined at a restaurant and the next morning discovered a huge dent on the side of his car. It being dark, he didn't notice it until the next day. Obviously not valet parking but it was aggravating to him.

I've been some places that valet parking was the only option and a guest would not use his personal vehicle his entire stay. In that case I'd blame it on valet parking. This review almost reminds me of checking out rental cars before/after the rental. Nice warning and I'll keep it in mind.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Regardless of whether or not it was caused by the valet, once you checked-out and exited the property, they are no longer liable. While I honestly believe your version, you have to look at it from the hotel's perspective, as a business. A customer could theoretically damage their vehicle anywhere along the way, and turn around and blame valet.
Posted by Nick9075 on 2011-05-21:
You should always self park your own car and always park on the outer edge of any lot. People these days are careless and don't care about other peoples property.
Your best course of action at this point is to send a letter to the corporate office requesting reimbursement. If that fails then of course there is court and it probably will come to that due to the arrogant nature of many corporations and the I couldn't give a da*** about anyone but myself attitude of many employees in retail
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Your complaint with Hyatt was 30 minutes to late.
Posted by James_236 on 2011-05-21:
The position of the scratch and dent suggests it was not done by the valet. Negligent driving may cause scrathes and dents to the sides and front of the vehicle or at the back if hit by another vehicle. But a dent on the hood has to be something falling on the vehicle while parked. The most likely scenario was when you went to buy food and unless you bought your food in a drive-thru, you would have parked somewhere and some object fell on your car.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-05-21:
I too wonder how the scratch ended up on the top of the hood if this is somehow a valet's issue. I just don't see it happening. Sounds like someone else dragged their bag across your hood or rubbed up against it talking to someone else or God knows what. Point being, you can't prove it was the valet, and they can't prove it was you. Case closed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Coincidentally (and much to my dismay), when I left my house this evening I noticed a ding in the hood of my car. No one has driven the car but me and I did not notice it this morning. I went to a Little League baseball game this morning and parked the car. I approached the car from behind when I left the game so I can't say that it happened in the lot but I imagine the kids were probably throwing a baseball around and one popped my vehicle. These things happen.
Posted by Skye on 2011-05-21:
This is not unusual. The minute you drive off the property, that you claim damaged your vehicle, they are under no obligation to do anything.

You cannot prove it was done there, or somewhere else along your travels. This is a great reminder to always check your vehicle over after leaving valet parking services, but before you drive off the property.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
I have a dent on my driver's side and I don't know how it got there. It's an inch long and it's near the window. Could have been from another car. Could have been a shopping cart. Who knows. Dents and scratched sometimes happen
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-21:
I believe it *is* a legal issue. You drove away. There is no way to prove when the damage was done. It wouldn't be right for the hotel accept responsibility or pay the bill, IMO.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-21:
little -> I did that to your car. I'm sorry, I meant to tell you about it. I guess it slipped my mind.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Trm I KNEW it was you! I'll be sending you the bill
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-21:
You'll have to find me first (:
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
I'm gonna send wally out after you
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-21:
He'll get hung up at all the fast food joints and never make it to me.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Lol that's probably true
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-21:
Did someone say fast food:)

Posted by The Jet on 2011-05-22:
I never left my vehicle during the time I went out for food because nothing was opened. The location of the dent suggest that a gate bar closed down on the hood. Because the dent and scratch are above the headlight on the hood passenger side. Actually it could have unnoticed with the exception of the hood dent which really stands out.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-05-22:
I believe it *is* a legal issue. You drove away. There is no way to prove when the damage was done. It wouldn't be right for the hotel accept responsibility or pay the bill, IMO.

Posted by madconsumer on 2011-05-22:
without evidence of what caused the damage, it could have been caused by anything. another patron dropped their luggage, a hoodlum threw a brick, anything.

seems this would have been noticed as the vehicle was being picked up.
Posted by The Jet on 2011-05-23:
Flora Tommie I agree, definitely a moral issue. However, being their name is the Hyatt Regency, I will pass this on to people I know who book hotel rooms a lot...will let my niece know too because her group travels a lot & uses a lot of hotels. Thought the Hyatt Regency had better class...a legacy gone.
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Hyatt Place Ft Lauderdale airport North and Priceline Policy and Customer Service STINKS!
Posted by Hyattplace&pricelineROT on 10/12/2010
FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- After pre-paying through Priceline for a room over a month in advance we arrived at 330pm to check in and, for starters, had to wait 20-30 minutes while they got a room ready for us. We finally got our room keys and got all our luggage up to the room only to find out it was a 2 double bed room. So we didn't unpack and I went to the desk only to be told they would let us know when a King room came open and switch us into it. Disappointed we went to dinner and after 3 hours came back only to find that no rooms were available yet. So we gave them another hour or so and went down again to complain to the manager who was "not here" until the next morning at 930. So I asked that he call us when he arrived. So we ended up scrunching into the double bed which might have actually been kinda romantic if it weren't for the rock hard mattress and cardboard pillows (thank God we always bring our own) and the water bugs near the window ac unit that vibrated like a semi truck all night. After a horrible nights sleep (btw the way the upset bride wasn't in the "mood" by this time either!) the next morning we got no call from the manager so we had some supposed Seattle Best coffee and raisin bran (nothing else looked better at the comp breakfast) I went down to talk to the manager hoping he might be interested in an idea I had that wouldn't cost them anything to turn us into happy customers by allowing us to park at the hotel and use his shuttle during our cruise the next day and for 2 more hours all we got was "he is on a conference call" and 3rd party reservation policy regurgitation that doesn't guarnatee bedding preferece until we finally checked out MAD. They wouldn't even give us a receipt showing no further charges would go against my card saying I had to have Priceline give me a receipt. Since then I have contacted Priceline and Hyatt Place to no avail.. only Priceline has even contacted me back with policy regurgitation that bedding preference is NEVER guaranteed with any reservation through them. Thats the kind of customer satisfaction response that makes you want to NEVER do business with either company EVER again.
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-10-12:
When you book via Priceline, I don't believe you can specify what type of room you get (double beds, king suite, etc.). As for everything else, Hyatt-branded facilities seem to have deteriorated recently, and I'm not sure why.
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Hyatt Chesapeake Was Worth It.
Posted by Danman on 09/12/2010
After a small "snafu" this staff made everything enjoyable. The place was packed (prelaborday) but they were amazingly calm and attentive. We will be back.

I have now changed my business bookings to Hyatt!
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Posted by Sparticus on 2010-09-12:
We are huge fans of Hyatt properties. Always nice accommodations and friendly staff.
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I have rights!
Posted by Aydenmcu on 09/05/2010
We ate a dinner at their restaurant and they say that the pool is for guests only. we are guests so we had to talk to the manegment and they saw me wearing a towel that they claimed was theirs, so we had to get kicked out!
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Posted by bunnyhead on 2010-09-05:
If you were guests, why did you get kicked out?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05:
It sounds like they were restaurant guests, rather than hotel guests.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-09-05:
The pool is for guests who are staying at the hotel, not those eating at the restaurant. Simple to understand.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-09-05:
I guess soon we're going to see signs for the signs.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-09-05:
I've never heard of hotel restaurant patrons being allowed to use the pool. You may have rights, but that's not one of them.

Were you wearing a towel at dinner?
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-09-05:
I also have never heard of restaurant patrons only being able to use the other facilities offered to hotel guests. Extra towels are still often provided at poolside, gym etc for hotel guests which might account for the OP having a towel.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05:
Hey, you're in Hawaii. The beach is a much better option. I never even used our condo pool when we lived there.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05:
what a strange review. Who in their right mind would think that?
Posted by oldisgood on 2010-09-05:
restaurant patron and hotel guest are 2 different things. You knew that too, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten a towel at the pool to try to fool people that you were a guest. Right?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05:
Someone not in their right mind?
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-09-05:
I'm not sure I believe this review, I just don't want to believe someone out there thinks dining at the hotel restaurant is the same as being a hotel guest, and they get all the perks and pool privileged with it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05:
Just another case of someone who doesn't think the rules apply to them
Posted by FlShopper on 2010-09-05:
If you were guests of the hotel(and not simply dining at the restaurant), that would've been very simple to prove. The fact that they asked you to leave would indicate that, despite eating at the restaurant and having a towel, you were not a guest.
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Grand Hyatt, San Antonio, Texas
Posted by Fed Up With Hyatt on 05/29/2010
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My wife and I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio Texas on May 21&22, 2010. We had previously stayed at a Hyatt in Sarasota Florida and discovered that they used my debit/credit card to freeze $40 in my account in case any additional charges should pop up. I only learned this because I checked my account on-line. I called and complained but they said that was Hyatt's policy. Unfortunately, I had already booked a stay in San Antonio using my same debit/credit card. I always pay cash so I just use the card to hold reservations.
When I arrived at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, I had to pay an extra $50 in cash in case we should purchase something or use some service. When we left, I paid the total in cash. A few days later, I noticed that there was a hold again on my checking account exactly equal to one day's stay (to the penny) for our room. I called the Grand Hyatt and was told that that was their policy. They say they hold the money for 72 hours but it is actually much longer than that before it is released.
So, if you're traveling, staying at Hyatts, be prepared to have hundreds and even thousands of dollars being held in your checking account if you are using a debit/credit card and staying at several Hyatt hotels.
Don't bother complaining because they simply don't care. For us, we will never stay at another Hyatt ever again.
I asked personnel at Country Inn & Suites and Marriot whether they also did this and they said they had never heard of it.
As a side note: The Grand Hyatt in San Antonio nickeled and dimed us to death - even to the point of charging a minimum of $9.95 for 24 hours use of internet connection. Hyatt's actions has shown that they don't need my business; there are plenty of others who do.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-05-29:
I think you will find that many hotels do this. Without placing a hold on your debit or credit card, they have no idea if you really have enough money to cover the cost of your stay. Since you pay when you check out, it is to late to do anything... They can't take your hotel nights back from you.

I suggest you ask every time you check into a hotel as it can vary between hotels within one chain.
Posted by Fed Up With Hyatt on 2010-05-29:
"I think you will find that many hotels do this." Hyatt is the only hotel that has done this with us and we travel frequently throughout the US and Europe. I always prefer to pay in cash, and I check my bank account on-line, so I know who does it. Placing money on hold for over 72 hours is ridiculous. It only reflects upon their poor bookkeeping.
There are too many hotels to choose from to have to deal with a hotel who arrogantly says, "That is our policy," and expresses no concern for their patrons.
Posted by Fed Up With Hyatt on 2010-05-29:
"Without placing a hold on your debit or credit card, they have no idea if you really have enough money to cover the cost of your stay. Since you pay when you check out, it is to late to do anything..."
Not true. Hyatt insisted that I pay in advance with a $50 deposit to cover other costs which may occur. I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is freezing a significant amount of my money without informing me. It was 6 days before the money was available to me from my bank - far longer than their promised 72 hours.
We just returned from a 12 day holiday where we spent a night at a different hotel each night except the 2 nights at the Hyatt. None of the other hotels placed a hold on my account, and none of the others required payment upon arrival.
It is their hotel and they can implement their own policy. I can choose to not ever stay at a Hyatt again. That is my policy.
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