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Fraudulent C.C. Charges & Horrible Customer Service Attitudes
By -

WWW.HYDRODERM.COM -- My wife wanted a sample from Hydroderm, I guess it's some skin lotion or something. Anyway, they wanted a couple bucks for the shipping and yada yada so I let her put it on one of the credit cards for my company. Well, the product arrived and she wasn't impressed with the quality or claims from Hydroderm so she called their customer service and told them not to put her on the monthly supply mailing or whatever and they gave her a cancellation number. She mentioned that the lady had been very short and snotty to her. I said, "Well, she's probably just was having a bad day."

Needless to say, 4 weeks or so later I notice a $61.00 charge from Hydroderm on my credit card. No products received, no authorization for the charge, nothing!! My wife called to find out what was going on and was treated with quite a bit of hostility. The customer service person informed her that unless you specifically request them not to. My wife explained that she had done so and had a cancellation number. The person told her that wasn't a valid number and that she would issue her a new number.

Well, the charge still has not been reversed and when she called again to complain the person she spoke with told her the cancellation number was issued after the charges to my C.C.!!! She explained that they told her she needed a new number and the lady called her a liar. All of these contacts with them have resulted in my wife being very upset afterwards at the attitude and insinuations from these customer service reps.

Anyway, the charge is still on my card 11 days later, she still has received no products, I phoned Hydroderm's customer service number today to try to get some answers. Some rude crass person named ** answer, told me basically that it was not her concern, refused to provide me with a manager's contact info and hung up on me in mid-sentence. Very condescending and smug. I cannot believe the way she spoke to me.

I have filed Fraud Claim with my Credit Card company and I am considering filing with the FBI and FTC as well. Even if it was legitimate they should have only charged her $45 anyway and they charged $61. These people should be shut down.

By -

CALIFORNIA -- Hydroderm FREE trial is anything but! I sent for the free trial and received the package with product and the paperwork inside said I would be charged $50.88 if I did not return the product in 30 days! How the heck is that FREE? So, I follow the instructions, went online and got the return number, put all the product back in the box, added all the paperwork, wrote the return number on the box as instructed.. so at this point I have paid for shipping twice and all for nothing! Then I get a $50.88 charge on my visa!

I call and they admit receiving my package but claim that some of the product is missing and the only way they will not charge me is if I can produce a receipt showing the "weight" of the package to prove that all the product was in the box... that they did receive! And to top it all off, when I saw I was going to get no satisfaction, I asked if the Culver City address was the central offices, ** the "supervisor" I was then talking to said that it was...

I then asked the CEO's name and he refused to give it to me, referring me to the website, and when I pressed him for it... asking "Is there a reason you can't give me the name now?" ** hung up on me!!! Wow, no one should ever buy anything from this company!!!

Hydroderm is a RIP-OFF!
By -

CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- They come on with "get the product free... all you pay is shipping." If you don't cancel within 21 days, you are invoiced $49.95. When you call to cancel, they don't tell you that you need a return authorization and to return the unused portion of the product. Thus, as soon as you cancel, you are billed $49.95.

If you don't return it within a 30-day window, you don't even get your money back. All you get is a store credit for more crap that you don't need nor does it work. This company is rude, crude, and needs to be closed. It is ripping the public off.

Hydroderm Free Trial Return Policy
By -

DO NOT USE HYDRODERM. IT'S VERY MISLEADING. Hydroderm Free Trial is VERY MISLEADING! They said that it's a free trial. I got a very small container of eye cream. Less than a month, I called to cancel it, and they said that I need to ship the remaining amount or else I'll be charge 40 some dollars. When did a person need to return a sample or else you'll be charge at least $40.

Hydroderm Free Trial
By -

This was the most ridiculous “free trial” ever!!! Not only that I didn't like the product, but they charge you $50+ to try their product for free! You can't get refund although you cancel the subscription. It's clear how the company makes money. Total fraud!!! Don't buy any of their products!!!

False, Deceptive Advertising
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- FREE TRIAL OFFER JUST PAY SHIPPING -- 30 DAYS SUPPLY. What was unsaid was if you don't send the unused portion back or cancel within 30 days - you will be charged for the FREE TRIAL OFFER. This is deceptive advertising. I cancelled my order 3 days after purchase when I found out my bank would be charged the amount of the product that was to be FREE.

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