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Hydroderm is a RIP-OFF!
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CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA -- They come on with "get the product free . . . all you pay is shipping. If you don't cancel within 21 days, you are invoiced $49.95. When you call to cancel, they don't tell you that you need a return authorization and to return the unused portion of the product. Thus, as soon as you cancel, you are billed $49.95.

If you don't return it within a 30-day window, you don;t even get your money back. All you get is a store credit for more crap that you don't need nor does it work. This company is rude, crude, and needs to be closed. It is ripping the public off.
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tammyrr on 03/20/2006:
Buyers Beware!

Now the real question? What can we do about it?
tammyrr on 03/25/2006:
Contact the BBB! That's what you should do.
I did and received a refund.
There are 500+ complaints against this company through the BBB alone.
Make a Difference on 08/26/2006:
THANK YOU for saving me from trying the FREE (ha) trial crap! Report them to the BBB!
Make a Difference on 08/26/2006:
THANK YOU for saving me from trying the FREE (ha) trial crap! My friend had just sent me a link to their site and I am thrilled I checked my3cents before considering signing up for their bogus freebie!
ezsbookpal on 08/04/2007:
Hydroderm stinks! Avoid this company completely!!! I ordered Hydroderm aware that I had thirty days to evaluate the product. When I got the stuff, it was a gunky mess -- couldn't even stir it up, just a coagulated mess of creamy stuff with oily goop around it. I sent it back - to the wrong address at the shipping cost of $15.00 then found the $69.00 charge on my bank account the following day. When I called the company, I was told it should have been returned within thirty days in order to avoid being charged. I explained that the product was substandard and I wanted the charge credited back to my account. At this point, the woman said that couldn't be done because I had missed the thirty day cut off. I asked when it had been shipped; she replied that it was shipped on the 2nd of July (the day I called and received the charge was the 2nd of August). Not pretty and I'm irritated. While I will challenge the charge due to poor quality merchandise, I anticipate I'll end up out 89 bucks for absolutely nothing but irriatation.
Don't fall for the hype!!! None of the wrinkle stuff works anyway. Go see a plastic surgeon who sells cosmetic products. The doctor will tell you which products offer the most benefit.
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Say Not To This Stuff
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They have gone Bankrupt. The successor company claims records "are in a mess." "Phone numbers don't work. Nearly impossible to get them to stop mailing this junk. To boot, it is a useless product.
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