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Do Not Ever Ever Ever Buy Hydroxytone
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- Do not ever ever ever buy Hydroxytone....I ordered the "trial" sample for $9.95 5 Months ago...I cancelled after 1 month...4 Months later I am still being charged $69.95 On 2 of my bank accounts...I have emailed the company 4 times requesting cancellation and I have called the company 4 times to cancel. Each time I email I get no response and each time I call they say they have no record of my cancellation. I have paid $69.95 X 2 x 4 = $960.00 Dollars more than I originally agree to!!!!!!!!

Now I am filing a claim with my bank to try to stop the charges. Each month I have also had to pay bank fees because of the overdraft fees incurred due to Hydroxytone maliciously overcharging me...Do not ever ever ever give Hydroxytone. Com your credit card number or bank account...The charges will never stop until you close your credit card or bank account closes...Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
Trying to get a trial of any product and then quitting on them is almost always going to end up like this. They don't allow people to get away with what you tried.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/21/2009:
If you have to pay anything then it's not a free trial...these things are scams. Send them a certified letter / delivery receipt requesting your cancellation of their product. File a dispute with your bank and advise them to deny any charges submitted by this company. Good luck to you!
Chinita on 12/12/2009:
Hydroxytone did a number on me that is too long to relate here. The "free" is a bad joke. I was charged $89.90 two weeks after I returned the product which contained perfume but the ingredients are not listed on the jar. This deduction from my bank account without my knowing it caused overdraft fees of $225.00. It will be a cold day on the serengeti when I buy anything by mail or by phone.
Lifemates on 10/24/2010:
Never give your credit card number to any of these 'free' trials. Even if you escape without having to pay money you might have to first deal with a lot of anguish.
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Don't Fall For the "FREE" Trial Offer!
Posted by on
HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY -- They advertise a 30 day no-risk trial. All you will be billed is $6 or $7 for shipping and handling and if you cancel before the trial period ends, you are under no obligation. Bull! They conveniently sent me not one, but two jars of the product and a statement saying that I would be billed $69.95 for each by a certain date. I called the company and told them I was not interested in an ongoing subscription to their product and would like to cancel. They told me to send back any unused product which I did. Thankfully I sent it with delivery confirmation! Two weeks later I see that I am being billed for $69.95! I called them back which is no easy task. These people deliberately make it hard for you to contact them and plan to be on hold forever and that means hours! Most people don't have time for that. I did find a better number to call so if you have experienced the same problem call this number 888-721-0928 rather than their customer service number. No one ever answers that one. I was given a claim return and told that I would receive a refund in 48-72 hours. That remains to be seen. If you have problems with them, call or write to the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. This company's business practices are very dishonest and many people have lost a lot of money with this scam. Even if they have a great product, it would not be worth the trouble they give their customers. Since this charge was to my checking account I am out that money for 3 days and have to hope I don't have any overdrafts due to their trying to get my money after I followed all their instructions and trusted them to live up to their claims of no risk
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Hydroxytone trial a scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I sent for a "free" sample of Hydroxytone with understanding I would be charged for shipping--(this is how they get your credit card information). I was surprised when I received 2 jars of the cream rather than the anticipated one jar. After a couple of weeks I notified the company that the cream didn't live up to my expectations and I didn't want to receive anymore. They never responded but for several months continued to charge me over $70 each month for the cream, including $70 for the supposedly free trial. I finally was able to stop monthly charges only by notifying my credit card company. Now Hydroxytone continues to call and harass me for payment of creams which I never ordered. They are rude and don't listen and insist that I owe the money despite the fact I cancelled. Is there anything that can be done to stop this?
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 04/07/2012:
That is horrible. Free trials that autoship are very very hard to get out of. I am not sure what you can do other than what you have done, which was cancel your credit card. If they take you to collections though, I would get a lawyer.
Old Timer on 04/07/2012:
In the real World outside of scams like this FREE means FREE. Not add S&H, then put the customer on an autoship. Don't let them cancel and keep banging away at their credit card as long as possible. They probably have their back covered though, in the very fine print on page 37 of their terms they spell all of this out.

You could very well be stuck for the current charges and will have to cancel your credit card to get rid of them. Best of luck to you!
lexophiliac on 04/07/2012:
You can stop it by going to their webpage and reading their FAQ's page which outlines the terms and conditions of the free trial offer and gives instructions on how to cancel. Here is their phone # and customer support email address:

Customer service number at 1-800-672-2259 or email support@hydroxatone.com, and they will cancel your membership immediately.

To avoid this scenario in the future it is always a good idea to read the terms and conditions of every company you consider doing business with. If the terms are non-existent or unclear, contact customer support for clarification before committing.
tnchuck100 on 04/08/2012:
Cwazy: The card was not canceled. Only the charges.
lexo: The OP already notified the company.
OT: You got it right.
lexophiliac on 04/08/2012:
tnchuck100 -
The offer is offered on many 3rd party sites, but membership must be cancelled directly through Hydroxatone by following the cancellation procedure outlined in the T&C of the trial offer which the OP did not read.
tnchuck100 on 04/08/2012:
lexo: "I notified the company ..."

"the company" IS Hydroxytone. Where did the OP indicate "the company" was not Hydroxytone? Where did you find in the the review that the OP failed to follow the procedure? Unless I missed something you are making assumptions not in the review.
lexophiliac on 04/08/2012:
tnchuck100 - Where in the review did the OP indicate the company they contacted to cancel was the official Hydroxatone website? There are more 3rd party sites that sell Hydroxatone products than the official Hydroxatone site itself. They all state that though you can order the product through their sites, to cancel membership you must go through Hydroxatone itself.

Not having the benefit of reading the T&C of the site it was ordered from, it would be easy for a consumer to mistakenly assume they could cancel via the same site. In any case, it is apparent from the review the OP attempted to cancel membership after the free trial time frame to cancel without financial obligation had passed, and is now being held accountable for payment by the company.

The OP clearly did not follow the cancellation procedure stated in the T&C, if she had, she would know that by accepting the free trial offer she would be enrolled in an autoship program and what her financial obligation and cancellation procedure was. She is clearly surprised by this.

The Op notified the company. Once. Never received a response. Was it the right company, the right dept.? Did the OP check her spam file?

The phone # I provided from the Hydroxatone website gives direct access to a live CSR from Hydroxatone. A direct appeal to a CSR or higher up in the company may yield a satisfactory outcome for the OP. It never hurts to ask.
tnchuck100 on 04/08/2012:
Yup, lexo, you're making assumptions not in the review.

You have assumed the OP did not use the Hydroxatone website. A poor assumption.

You assumed the time had past for cancellation. OP states it was within 2 weeks. The Terms allow 30 days from receipt of the product. Another bad assumption.

You state "The OP clearly did not follow the cancellation procedure ..." Another assumption based on your previous questionable assumptions.

When commenting on a review it is best not to use assumptions that may or not be valid unless you qualify them as such.

lexophiliac on 04/08/2012:
And you are assuming the Op ordered from the official Hydroxatone website and is using the accepted definition of "couple" tnchuck100. Most people in my experience misuse that word regularly, myself included. When I say a couple of times, I could be referring to a handful of times.

The terms clearly state the consumer wishing to cancel membership must send the product(s) back within that 30 day period, (or will continue to receive autoshipments AND be charged for the free trial sample as well) which the OP in her review was unaware of, and which the OP did not do - no assumption there.

When rebutting comments on a review it is best to have a valid, qualifying argument.

The OP did not read the T&C and did not follow the policy and procedure to cancel membership. Nothing questionable there. The only thing questionable is whether or not the company will yield its policy in her case.
tnchuck100 on 04/08/2012:
Again, you are assuming too much. This is the OP's experience with Hydroxatone. There is no indication a third party site was used. There is no reason to assume the OP's "couple" was over 30 days. I assume you could continue to add assumptions till the cows come home.

I'm done. You're on your own.
lexophiliac on 04/08/2012:
Bottom line is the Op did not read the T&C of what she was agreeing to and authorizing, and did not follow the procedure to ensure proper cancellation whether or not a 3rd party site was used, whether or not it was over 30 days, and is being charged accordingly. No assumption there, just a logical conclusion based on the Op's own words.
jktshff1 on 04/08/2012:
Were the unordered products returned?
Cwazychicken on 04/08/2012:
OK well if they cancel the card it should stop but I have read other reviews that it does not stop, that they threaten with phone call, send letters in the mail. If they do that, they just might take them to collections. Talking to someone with legal advice would not be a bad idea in this case.

As far as wherever they ordered it from, it has been known that this company has had many many problems with their autoship (being told they could send it back in 30 days from when they get it, when its actually 30 days from when they send it out.) So I tend to think the OP did order it from the site. It is not easy to cancel from these things. I have done so before and had to change bank accounts...not from this company but another "free trial" similar thing or a beauty product.
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Hydroxy Scam
Posted by on
I got Scammed by "Hydroxy Cream" thought I was getting one trial cream for $7.95, they sent 2 of them, then the credit card bill had a $1.95 membership charge first, PLUS there was also 2 more $1.95 charges from SEM***800-475-1942 (ANOTHER CC SCAM see http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-475-1942/7 for hundreds of complaints on a monthly membership charge scam). Then there's the $138.00 charge for 2 creams (called and they told me it was buy one get a 2nd one for $7.95 LIE), and also had two more $1.50 charges for "ACM Beauty Advisors". She called both Hydroxy cream and this 800-475-1942 and they said they would refund. we'll see, meanwhile I have filled a complaint with both the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office the Florida Attorney Generls office, and the FEDS Consumer Protection Agency and sent a dispute letter to the CC Company.

They try and offer you magazines, free gas cards, Walmart cards, etc etc and then (SEM***800-475-1942)charge you monthly recurring membership fee's people scammed for hundreds of dollars, dbl billed, WARNING...WATCH YOUR CC STATEMENTS!!!

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User Replies:
Skye on 04/01/2011:
A free offer should never require a credit card number.

Thanks for warning others.

msnanny on 04/01/2011:
It wasn't advertised as FREE. The OP said they expected to pay $7.95. It's all of the other things that he failed to opt out of that is causing his heartburn. There's no scam here, only the OP failing to read through everything that he was agreeing to.
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A Total Scam to Take Your Money
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I saw an ad for a free trial of Hydroxytone on a "Women get it free" site. There's nothing free about it. Without your knowledge, you end up signing up for recurring shipments of this stuff, which is nothing special.
I tried to cancel the order, once I received the confirmation email and read the fine print. They claimed it had already shipped, even though I called as soon as I got the email.

I have cancelled my account for the recurring shipments, and they tell me that I owe them more money! They already took $68.00 for the "free trial", now they tell me I owe another $70.00? I'm NOT paying it!

This is two small tubes of tinted sunscreen and a small bottle of cleanser that broke my skin out.
Do NOT get suckered by this scam company!!!
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 07/26/2013:
As many before you have found out. most all of these auto ship scams are crooks and thieves.

"Hydroxytone - A Total Scam to Take Your Money" Yes it is.
Weedwhacked on 07/26/2013:
Nothing is free! If you live by that rule then these scams will not work on you. Think about it, if its free why and how do they have your credit card info?
Susan on 07/26/2013:
The time to read the fine print is BEFORE you provide your debit or credit card number.
John Nicholson on 07/26/2013:
You should always read the "fine print." I am sure that somewhere in the website it tells you that you are agreeing to automatic shipments, etc. They count on people not reading very closely what they are signing up for.
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Buyer Beware
Posted by on
Wow. I consider myself to be pretty intelligent, but did I not only "fall" for this "free product" ad, I am being harassed by the co. After ordering product, before opening it, I had stumbeled upon poor reviews and complaints about what a scam the co. was. I quickly sent product back, cancelled my debit card, and thought that would be it. I get letter after letter of threats for the 171.00 they want. I have mailed 3 letters stating I mailed product back. They ignore my letters and just keep on harassing me. Smart ladies, DON'T BE FOOLED. If it sounds too good to be true.....beware
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
Oh, my. You should have taken a few moments to look at the reviews before ordering. And it's never a good idea to use a debit card. I'm sorry you fell victim to this but consider it a lesson learned.
Alain on 02/23/2011:
Give the ftc a call about this at 877-382-4357. I think they'll be familiar with the problems associated with this company.
Anonymous on 02/23/2011:
Sounds like the company is upset they were unable to screw you over. Screw em. Don't worry about their letters unless they have the guts to send it to collections, which wouldn't surprise me if they do.
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Total Rip Off
Posted by on
JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY -- I ordered the trial to the tanning cream and it does nothing. Then when I wanted to return it I got a very rude person on the phone that actually yelled at me because I didn't want to hear the spill about how good the product was when I already knew it was worthless.
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User Replies:
MJGoldfarb on 06/20/2011:
If you gave them a credit card number - or a checking account number - check your statement carefully to be sure they don't bill you - or charge you for affiliate companies you never heard of . If you return something to them, be sure you have a confirmation number. This seems to be a common complaint against this company!!
Alain on 06/21/2011:
Also file a complaint at http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm and at http://myfloridalegal.com/contact (since Florida was where this company was operating out of, unless they moved again). There is no reason to buy anything from this company that I can think of.
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Rip off
Posted by on
I ordered the free trail offer.$7.95. Supposed to be $7.95. So far they have taken out $14.85. I just received it today. I ordered it 2/13/- today is 2/18. When I opened my package I opened one jar to smell it. While reading the paperwork. I was looking at a bill for $238.80!!!! Don't think so!! I will box it right back up without trying it or the instant effects. I will also let anyone that ask know about how they are stealing from people.
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User Replies:
Skye on 02/18/2011:
Anytime a free offer, asks for your credit card information, the offer is not FREE.

What was the $238.80 for??
Disaster Worker on 02/19/2011:
OP, read the other posts here QUICKLY! If you gave them access to your debit or credit card, they will continue to drain your account. Suggest you cancel whatever account you gave them. Keep us posted!
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