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Service or lack there of
Posted by Marti on 02/21/2006
CHARLESTON AREA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My mom purchased a Hyundai Sonata in May of 2003. She absolutely LOVED that car. the problems began the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2005. She heard a noise, and brought it into the dealership as the car was under warranty. Low and behold, the technician could not hear the noise, convinced her that she needed a radiator flush to the tone of $100+. Less than 2 weeks later, she is back at the dealership because the noise has not gone away but gotten worse. This time, when she pulls in the driveway everyone can hear it. This time they tell her the idle pulley needs to be replaced but of course, they do not have the part. They order it, on Dec 7 which is a Wednesday the car is back at the dealership for the part to be put in. On Dec 10, the car is back at the dealership again, because the noise that was there from before Thanksgiving is still there. On December 17th, the car goes back in for yet another new part, this time the water pump, which they noticed needed to be replaced when they did the idle pulley but did nor said anything.

Still had the noise through the rest of December. On December 21 drop car off again, they have it from 8:30 am to 4:30 call to pick up the car because it is all fixed. Yeah RIGHT!Less than an hour later the noise is back and we call the service department who said "We are not going to replace your engine." Never mind the fact that no one asked for the engine to be replaced! Car back at the dealership in January because the check engine light comes on, but still have the original noise. Call dealership to say car is coming in due to the check engine light, and are told, by the service department manager mind you. I have a life outside of Hyundai and things to do when I leave here, so if you are here before I leave great if not you'll have to come back another day. Once we get there, since we have called Hyundai USA and miracle of miracles, the service dept manager has decided to stay to. They even give her a rental car. SO, after she leaves service she decides she wants to speak to the General Manager. While she is speaking with the General Manager, guess who shows up with tons of attitude, you guessed it, the Service Manager, and interrupts whenever she or I try to speak. Well they keep the car for a few days, and ta da, the noise is still there when the car is returned. By know several calls have been made to HyundaiUSA customer service about the situation, and they decide to bring in a District person, well about time right. Well, the District person sees the car on Jan 27 and is the actual first person with Hyundai to actually hear a noise. They keep the car again for a few days, giving a rental car. When the car is returned, still have the noise! The car goes in a couple more times, and get the "Gee, don't know what to tell you." ON February 14, the check engine light comes on again, which is the second time in as many weeks, and yet another trip to the dealership. On February 19 the check engine light comes on again!

This time, my mom decides we should not bring the car to Victory Hyundai on Savannah Highway in Charleston, SC since they seem not to know what they are doing. We take the car into Altman Hyundai in North Charleston, which is quite a drive from where we live. Go in at 10 AM out by 1:30 with the check engine has gone away and have scheduled appointment for 2/21 for them to finish up with the mystery noise. My mom shows up at Altman for the 9:30 appointment, and at 10:15 she is told, oops, we forgot to mention we needed to order the part, guess you don't need the appointment afterall today. So, she leaves to run a couple of errands, and well gee she is no further down the road than 10 minutes, and well, the check engine light has come on again. For those keep tract that is 4 times in less than 1 month. When she brings the car back, the sales manager is no where to be found. Typical right? When he finally does appear 2.5 hours later, he is the one who is pissed because a meeting he was in was interrupted. No one seems to know what the problem is nor can they fix it. I know that we have called Hyundai USA at least a dozen times, with complaints trying to get something jump started, and we are treated like the bad guys with the dealership.

If you want a great car, you will probably love the Sonota; however, the problem that you will find is in the ability of the service department to actually fix the vehicle when the time comes. There recurring solution is to sell my mom a new car even though she is upside down in her payments. Buyer definitely BEWARE! Customer service all around stinks. No one wants to take responsibility to fix the problem nor do they want to give the information of a supervisory person so you can follow the chain of their command!

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Posted by tander on 2006-02-21:
If it was my car, I would take it to a different auto repair shop, have them look at it, tell you what is wrong, and bring it back to the car dealership and tell them how to fix it, they sound like their to dumb to figure it out themselves.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-22:
Tander: finding noises in an engine sometimes requires a process of elimination, going to yet another mechanic will likley result in a third differing opinion. Has anyone replaced the belt yet??? If you had a bad idler pulley, it is possible that it wore the belt causing a continuation of the same noise. That is only a suggestion, as there are several items in that area that could be the true cause of the noise. As far as the check engine light goes, did they tell you what the code is for??? Every time the check engine light comes on a code should have been recorded in the diagnostics. Good Luck
Posted by slimjim21 on 2007-04-04:
i have a 2002 hyundai sonota, the 2nd day i had it the check engine light came on and i took it back to the dlr ship, (i got it at a kia dlrship) and they determined it was the O2 sensor, they repalced them free of charge, i havent had probs since. i hope yours gets resolved.
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Posted by Shari on 06/17/2006
I am writing after more than two weeks of unpleasant encounters with one of your Hyundai service dealerships. I purchased a new Hyundai in 2003. I have a 17 year old son and was considering giving him this car and purchasing a new Hyundai for my use, however, after this experience I have second thoughts. It is extremely unfortunate and should be of great concern to your corporation that this dealership represents the service Hyundai advertises and promises. I trust someone of authority in your corporation will assist me in the repair of my vehicle.

I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT purchased new in February 2003 .

In March 2005 my car overheated and stalled as I pulled into the Hyundai service facility in Mt. Kisco. I was told I needed a “head gasket”. I found this unusual being the car was only 2 years old. My car was under the 10yr/100000mi warranty and was repaired.

On Thursday June 1, 2006 my car overheated and stalled. Unfortunately I was not near the Hyundai service facility but had the car towed there that night.

The next morning (Friday June 2nd) I called and was told by the service manager that because there were scheduled cars to be worked on, mine may not be seen until Monday June 5th. I rented a car on Sat. June 3rd because the Mt. Kisco service facility does not have “loaners”.

On Monday June 5th I called the facility on three occasions and was told the car still had not been looked at.

On Tuesday June 6th I called the facility and was told by the service manager “Your head gasket is blown” I asked what happens next and stated that the car was still under warranty, he replied “We did that job in 2005", “I haven’t seen this car in a year”, I haven’t seen the car since then”, “Bring me your maintenance receipts and the district manager will decide if we can fix the car” “I need receipts from April 2005 through May 2006".

I was surprised and concerned with the request. It was then I decided to make your consumer affairs department aware of the situation. My file number is 990691. I was made to feel that somehow I had done something to cause this and because of the service manager statement “I haven’t seen this car for a year”. I made it known that it was not mandatory to have my car serviced at his facility. At this time I became concerned an extremely disappointed in the way I was being treated as a Hyundai consumer.

I gathered my receipts and on Thursday June 8th delivered them to Mr. Dthe service manager personally. I was told that the district manager “Greg” was not going to be in until Monday June 12th. I now have to rent a car for another week. I’ve had the rental car for one week while my car has not been touched and is sitting in the Hyundai service facility.

Monday June 12th, I waited until 12:30pm before calling consumer affairs. After explaining my situation, Nanette called the facility. Nanette explained that she had spoken with the service manager, that the district manager was on site and that I would get a call in a few hours. By 4:55PM I had not received a call and called the service manager who told me he was doing “one more test on the thermostat” and if I did not hear from him by the end of the day (it is now 5PM) that I would hear from him before 9AM the next morning (Tuesday June 13th). I again called the consumer affairs dept. and spoke with Kathy who told me to wait until the next morning and if I didn’t get a call to call consumer affairs yet again.
I am exhausted, furious and frustrated. I am still renting a car (my second week!!!) and still do not have an answer as to if my car will be repaired under my warranty which it should.

Addendum: On Tuesday June13th I hadn’t received a call by 9AM and asked Kathy at Cosumer Affairs to contact the service facility. By that afternoon I received a call from Joe DiPrima and was to my thermostat was factory and my car will be fixed under warranty. GREAT!!!! I thanked everyone and began planning the return of my rented vehicle and preparing notices to all that I had written.

On Thursday June 15th I called Hyundai and asked for an approximate date of completion because I had to return my rented vehicle.. I was told by Anthony that I should need my rental for an entire week, which I understood as my car should be ready by mid-week (June 21 or 22), again GREAT!!

Friday June 16th - 3:45PM I received a call from Anthony stating -my car “WILL NOT BE REPAIRED AS STATED ON JUNE 13TH - THE DRM (?) HAD DECIDED FROM WHAT HE OBSERVED, MY CAR WAS DRIVEN WHILE OVERHEATING” I was told that my radiator had melted (?) which was a “SIGN” that I was driving while the car was overheating. THAT WAS THE FINAL WORD - THERE WAS NOTHING ANYONE COULD DO - MY CAR WAS NOT BEING REPAIRED UNDER WARRANTY.

Hysterical and frantic, I called Consumer Affairs who called the service facility. Consumer affairs was unable to help me other than document a complaint in my file.------- NOW WHAT??? I asked!!! Is there anyone I could discuss this with - the answer was NO - the DRM- was the last word.

I cannot comprehend that in a corporation - “ Hyundai” there is no one in position above the District Regional Manager to take problems to.

I am now in a position where I am responsible for what I feel is a faulty job done on my car in 2005. I feel I am being held responsible for a “melted radiator”- I would have had to drive MILES with the car billowing smoke in order to MELT A RADIATOR!!!! - As I’ve stated to the Hyuandai repair facility and consumer affairs - I saw smoke, pulled over and stopped the car. The were no warning light or bell on the dash, the car was smoking, I looked at the gauge and it was on “H”.

Hyundai prides itself in service, quality and consumer relations - with this experience I must disagree. AND AGAIN I REQUEST THAT SOMEONE OF AUTHORITY PLEASE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS DISASTER AND CONTACT ME. SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE DRM - Whom I was lead to believe is the last word in the Hyundai Corporation.

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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-06-17:
So much for Hyundai receiving all those reliability awards. What good is a great car of the dealership/service departments won't take care of it. That is one thing I have always noticed about Toyota. Every service dept I've gone to seems to take great pride and making sure your car is well kept. I'm sorry to hear about your experience and hope you the best in the future.
Posted by miketech on 2006-06-17:
All cars have a vast potential to be junk. The best thing to to find a dealer that will support you. That means picking one with a loaner program and getting the car serviced there. If you get the car serviced there they care much more about you would probably wonder why bother? Well the why bother is so you can do the service.
My uncle had one of the 1st Hyundai dealerships in Tennessee. It was not pretty in the early days. Ugly cheap crappy cars, no parts network, no profit. (A brand new dealership of a brand new brand doesn't have the service either.) He got out of it as a lost cause 20 years ago. He certainly now wishes he hadn't. They have done very well.
It is a shame they are doing this to you espessially with the reputaion they seem to have atm on service and warranty.
All that said you are in for a bunch of money between the rental car and head gasket. Wow that's a shame. And if it melted the radiator that is probably not the last problem you will have with it. I'd trade it fast after 2 head gaskets things don't lvl out. I learned that on a Mercedes.
Sorry to ramble on.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-17:
Wow! "Yes, we will. No, we won't." I have a feeling that the service manager influenced the DRM. I don't know why, but I think there may be more to the story. Maybe not. But, why would the DRM suddenly take the side of the less than helpful SM? As to the charge you drove the vehicle in spite of overheating (melted radiator). Very possible, if the temp sensor is faulty and it doesn't take long for today's engines to develop a significant amount of heat. I think you have some warranty rights here. Read you warranty for how you handle disputes...probably arbitration.
Posted by beedub on 2006-06-17:
I can relate. 2 years ago, I bought an accent GL with 5,000 miles on it at the Hyundai dealership in Christiansburg, VA. This dealership, Duncan's Automotive, brags and brags about the great service and reliable cars. Well, one night I came outside to start the car, and the transmission wouldnt shift out of 3rd gear. Not up or down. I called Hyundai service and the dealership. They came and got the car and demanded service receipts. They almost acted like I was a criminal. The car had a 60,000 mile warranty. Then the dealership told me that my car would be ready on a Wednesday, so on Wednesday I took back my rental. I had it since Monday. Well the car wasnt ready. I was without a car for over a week while they put a transmission in my car, under warranty, that I had to provide maintenance records for. I have since traded the car off. Never liked the crazy shifting feeling, the low power or the dealership. It seems like the hyundai dealerships are all coached, if they can get out of repairing a warranty repair, do so by all means. I wrote the company and the dealership right afterwards, but no response. I buy a new car every 2 years for my work, but this dealership and car brand have sold me my last Huyndai.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-18:
I am a big critic of some auto dealerships and their tactics against women. I had a similar circumstance about 7 years ago with a dealership. I put my foot down (paying $400- $500 twice) to fix a car problem - STOP THE INSANITY. Take a deep breath be patient. 1/ Check the dealership in question here (http://www.newyork.bbb.org) although you did not name the actual dealership, there are a couple that are not members who have cases open because of their business tactics. Better yet, call them. 2/ Make sure you have car rental on your auto policy in case your auto goes kaput though your insurer will vary. 3/Through that same BBB site look for an auto repairer with a good record. Once you find a good mechanic, and establish a rapport you will sleep better.Keep saving your service receipts. 4/ Should you keep your car - Get a manual, and study it carefully, that way you can refer to it when they tell you (in my case) it's probably a fault thermostat.. The most important item, if your car dies out and if it is safe pull over to the side of the road, then shut off the ignition, hit your emergency lights. It happened to me once on the freeway yet the mechanic told me it is a good thing you pulled over otherwise it would have been a very costly repair. It will all work out, be patient, I'm sure your BBB will give you hand.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-18:
Puh-leese Mrs. M..."tactics against women"? Consumer issues are gender neutral, unless you want to raise a flag that women are actually more vulnerable than men when conducting business. Pseudo-feminists make me barf. Either women have the same skills or no. If they don't then you admit that women shouldn't be in the market. Dealer's play off of gullibility and stupidity...neither is an entirely male or female trait.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-18:
Submitted Doc J's comment to the administrator as violation of the My 3 Cents TOS policy, "Harassing another member"
Posted by Shari on 2006-06-19:
Thank you all very much for your comments. They were somewhat comforting. I will pursue the issue, meanwhile have the car repaired elsewhere as I will not give
Hyundai Healey Brothers of Mt. Kisco another cent. Thanks again.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-19:
And I should report Mrs. M's repetitious male bashing violations as "offensive" content. But, I shall not. I do not harbor a desire to censor, or label as "harassment", the comments of those who disagree with whatever dogma I subscribe to. "It's the hit dog that yelps." You are welcome, Shari. Good Luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-19:
#1 If the DRM has denied the claim your ship has sailed, no one has or will override him. #2 Don't lie, You did continue to operate the vehicle in an overheating condition otherwise the radiator would not have melted. #3 Don't try to blame faulty workmanship on a job that was done in '05, you would have never made it this far if there was. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-19:
Here ya go Shari, http://www.dr.bbb.org/autoline
Posted by nancyinflorida on 2006-11-01:
My 2001 Sonata was a piece of junk. Now it's just a piece of metal sitting in a shop. The engine blew at 55K and the factory will not honor the 100,000 mile warranty. I can't buy a new car without any trade at all. I am losing about $4,000 in trade value. The factory rep said I should have replaced my timing belt earlier. Every recommendation I've read, including the sign at the dealership says "60,000 miles." Just last week I got a new front axle, in Sept I got a new alternator and a new battery. Why didn't they tell me I needed a new belt then? This car has been a nightmare to own. The list of repairs is too long. I need to find an agency that will help me find someone at Hyundai that will listen. The service department has tried to help me, but the factory rep said I need to get a new engine for $3,500! I might lose my job over this.
Posted by Tricia0312 on 2007-09-18:
Shari - may I ask what the outcome of this was? We have a 2003 Elantra that the DRM has denied stating that we drove the car when it was overheated which casued a "catostrophic event" to the engine and they will not cover. It sounds as if the same thing that happened to you. Any help?
Posted by chrome_101 on 2008-10-31:
Greg Burch is his name - and he did the same to me. Said that my warranty wouldnt cover a hood that flipped up while I was driving on a highway! He blamed it on me saying someone mustve been under the hood recently and not closed it fully because the latch was fine. Well for one, I looked at the latch - and it is not fine, it's corroded a little. And no one has been under that hood since they did the inspection in August! And my warranty is fully intact...
Posted by chrome_101 on 2008-10-31:
oh and I forgot to mention that Ive been a loyal customer of hyundai for more than 4 year - Ive recommended them to everyone I see - up until now. If this doesnt get fixed - it's the last I'll be treated like this; or have anyone else be treated like this. No more recommendations from me.
Posted by chrome_101 on 2008-11-04:
Update: though I had trouble with greg, there is still a hopeful light for cars everywhere, a gentleman named Bill was very courteous and helpful.. I wont put his last name here as he may not appreciate it, but I sure do appreciate his help - he did everything he could for me within his power. He made me think twice about not having the work done there, and not lose total hope for good people in the car industry.
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Does Not Honor Their Warranty
Posted by Rdwarden on 07/13/2009
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My 2004 Hyundai Elantra blew the head gasket and I was told the 100,000 mile power train warranty can not be honored because I had a new radiator put in at a radiator shop and it is not a factory part. The head gasket blew because the original radiator caused the engine to overheat thus causing the head gasket to blow about 3 months down the road.

Any way they can get out of warranty work they do. I will never buy another one and this was my third.
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Posted by skata_kev on 2010-04-21:
Unless Hyundai has an ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT part to diagnose, there is no warranty component to cover. In this case, you should read your owners handbook where it says you have to bring the vehicle into the nearest Hyundai dealer for warranty coverage. You failed to do that, and did not use Hyundai roadside assistance to get your inoperable vehicle into the dealer. It was not Hyundai's fault, it was yours that ruined your warranty.
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Not Sure About Hyundai Assurance America's Best Warranty?
Posted by Hit back hard on 10/02/2010
I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Genesis and with less than 6,000 miles the a/c condenser failed.

I was told by one service manager that my warranty would cover this. The next day another service manager called me up and said that the a/c condenser was damage and Hyundai would not cover it.

I feel that Hyundai should have cover the a/c condenser I had the car for less than a year and I only had 6,000 miles on the car. Hyundai claims to have America's best warranty back by Hyundai Assurance. The only thing Hyundai assured me was a bill for $579.21.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-04:
If it appears there is external damage made to the AC condenser they won't cover it with warranty as it is not a defect.
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Chaos and non empowered Customer Service
Posted by PPadPat on 09/25/2006
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My daughter's Sante Fe has a reoccuring problem. It will start but dies when you release the key. I've used Hyundai Roadside Assistance twice. The last time however, the Hyundai authorizd tow truck driver backed into the front of my daughters car. Hyundai Road side assistanc can't give me a damage claim # for 48-72 hours!!!!!!!
Cunsumer Affairs refered me BACK to Road side Ass. RA sent me to Hyundai Incident Management, who transfred me, without telling me where I was bnig transfered to, back to Consumer assistance!
Dead End.
I'm inconveninced, first, because the car wasn't fixed the first time, now in addition to that, they've damaged the car, and can't give me a claim # for 48-72 hours.
Hq in California said to call consumer Affairs. No one will tak the problem for resolution.
they have taken the Art of "Buck Passing" to a new level.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-09-25:
Unless the towing company is owned by Hyundai I think you are going to find your claim is against the local towing company that did the damage - you might try contacting them as well.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-25:
Hyundai subscribes to a roadside assistance company similar to AAA. Who then contracts through local towing companies, so I believe Hugh is right, you are going to need to file against the towing company to get results. Good post Hugh, as always. Good luck
Posted by PPadPat on 2006-09-25:
Well, that even muddis the water further. Hyundai is initiating the claim. if they, then, do not follow though and hand this back to me after 48- 72 hours, I'll be even further inconvenienced.
A corporate lawyer acquaintance told me that the tow truck company was acting as a DeFacto employee of Hyundai, and as such, is to be considered under the control and fudiciary responsiblity of Hyundai. More to follow, I'm sure.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-26:
I would be surprised if Hyundai did not follow through on this.
Posted by Toni I. on 2006-09-26:
Do yourself a favor in the future and don't buy Hyundai. I know people say that their cars are just as good as Honda and Toyota, but they are wrong.
Posted by PPadPat on 2006-09-26:
Amen to that!
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Warranty work
Posted by Redotis on 11/18/2010
We purchased a 2008 Hyundai Tuscon with 22,000 miles on it. 7 months later, the abs module caused a fire resulting in $6,000 in damages. After 2 months, Hyundai is STILL reviewing paperwork, vehicle, etc to determine IF they should pay to fix it. I was under the misconception that they have the BEST warranty out there. My bad! The wheels at Hyundai move VERY, VERY slowly and we are truly at their mercy. So, if you expect quick, efficient service, DO NOT buy a Hyundai. It is our first and last!
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Rusted Engine Cradle Sub-Frame
Posted by GreenSpotAmerica on 06/25/2009
My 2001 Sante Fe recently developed an acute pull to the right and misaligned (to the left) steering wheel. I was advised by my local Firestone Service that the engine cradle had rusted through and they actually recommended that I take the vehicle to the dealer, which to me meant that it was going to be expen$ive.

I soon learned that resulting from a NHTSA investigation that Hyundai is about to commence a recall of 2001-2003 Sante Fe and most likely some Sonata's within specified "Salt-belt" states.

The culprit is that a poorly designed drain structure allows for salt and brine to deposit on the sub-frame without a way to drain out. This allows for the salt to continue to work on the metal and thereby weaken it.

While officially the recall hasn't been announced as of this writing, Hyundai is addressing vehicles that are a safety concern.

If you own one of these vehicles and live in a salt-belt state, you should schedule an inspection at your local dealer to see what, if any work needs to be performed.

In the case of my Sante Fe, the tie-rod had actually pushed itself through the frame and had a high risk potential.

Here's the good news: Hyundai provided all the materials and performed all the work at no charge. While it's unfortunate that the problem occurred, I am extremely happy with their resolution.
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Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-25:
Thanks for the info! Good post. VH
Posted by skelly39 on 2009-06-25:
Good to hear that a company is standing behind a promise.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-06-25:
Good post.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-25:
VH post, indeed.
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Hyundai AC Condense:r poor design and routine failure
Posted by DOBBSGEORGE on 04/02/2012
BOWIE, MARYLAND -- My 2007 Tiburon is still under warranty. The Air Conditioning stopped working completely. I took it in for warranty repair and the OURISMAN BOWIE MD Hyundai dealer refused to fix the AC, saying instead that I had to pay over $200 just for them to determine what was wrong with it. They also accidentally admitted that many Hyundai ACs malfunction because the condenser is situated in a bad spot. Poor design. The fragile and vulnerable condenser unit is placed too close to the front and too close to the road that the tiniest pebble can make a hole in it. This design flaw is peculiar to Hyundai cars and they know about it but refuse to accept responsibility. To make matters worse, they still charge you over $200 just to check it out, knowing full well that they intend to tell you that the warranty does not cover it. So you are out the $200 for their so-called inspection, plus your AC still doesn't work, plus it will cost you over $1100 to fix a tiny hole caused by poor design. So, warning: don't buy a Hyundai: they don't honor their warranty plus their cars seem to have peculiar design flaws and their dealerships seem to employ low quality deceitful people.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-02:
Honda had the same issue with one of it's models, possibly the CRV. They partially compensated some owners IIRC, but it was a bad design and can easily happen again. I assume that what you reported as far as this being common is true. Good complaint and tough problem.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-04-02:
Since they want to charge you 200 dollars to analyze the problem before they determine whether it is under warranty you could take your car to a different place to get an estimate of repair. A few places offer this service free. After you find out what is wrong and how much the new place will charge to repair your problem you will have better information to make your decision on what to do. Good luck.
Posted by MD in PA on 2012-04-10:
Just got the same story from my dealer when the A/C on an Elantra purchased 11/2010 failed first try this year: a small pebble had punctured the condenser, needs (non-warranty) $680 replacement. At least no "inspection fee"... thanks, guys.
Posted by Keith lucian on 2013-08-01:
Same problem with my 2013 Veloster. Strange how a company refuses to accept responsibility because a team of "highly trained engineers" didn't do their job. They know the compressor is a extremely sensitive piece of equipment, yet they place it in spot which leaves it vulnerable. Needless to say, this will be the only Hyundai I ever own.
Posted by CoronelS on 2013-11-30:
Same problem with my 2012 Hyundai Accent.
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No Adjusting Hole on Rear Drum Backing Plate
Posted by Suzonka on 12/12/2013
When replacing the rear drum shoes on these type of no hole adjusting backing plates, you can't get the drums off if there is a ridge built up on the inner drum. You can adjust the shoes away from the inner drum to release it and make it easy to come off, poor design.
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Doesn't Cover Warranty
Posted by Slenzin on 08/19/2013
CANADA, MISSOURI -- My wife has a 2010 Santa Fe Limited & I have a 2010 Mercedes E-Class.

Obviously I paid lots more for my car but when I sell it down the road I will also get a lot more.

Hyundai gets some good reviews from media when they do their test drives with new vehicles, but what they are not looking at is that same vehicle after 50,000KM. Our Santa Fe seems loose and cheap with things breaking and falling apart.

They have been fairly minor, but always something, while my Merc has had zero issues and still looks and drive as good as when I bought it.

I am not sure why people even complain about Hyundai, knowing they are much cheaper than a comparable manufacturer.

The best analogy I use when describing our SUV is it a disposable lighter, it works OK at the beginning and after a while you throw it in the garbage and buy a new one because the re-sale value is also useless.

I suggest you buy Japanese, or even some very good product coming out of N. America, but the Koreans still have a long way to go, to get their vehicles long term quality to every other manufacturers stands.
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Posted by Susan on 2013-08-20:
It's a bit of a stretch to compare a Mercedes and a Hyundai, isn't it? You obviously get what you pay for in terms of resale value.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-20:
I wouldn't be so sure about your MB's resale value, luxury vehicles depreciate *very* quickly once the warranty is up. People buy them at low prices then find out the hard way that it costs the same amount of money to keep an 8 year old Benz/BMW/Audi/Volvo/Jag on the road as it does a new one.

The Koreans have come along way in the past 7 or 8 years. They still aren't quite up to the Japanese makes in terms of quality and reliability, but they've made great strides in recent years, and their vehicles do tend to be an overall good value for the money.
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