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Poor Quality Product And Poor Customer Service
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DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I traded in my Hyundai Accent for an Elantra because after an injury, I needed an automatic. The vehicle was brand new and at 4 months, I took a vacation 300 miles from my home. While traveling down a mountain, the master cylinder failed. I had to use the emergency brakes to stop the car. I was traveling with 3 other people at the time and we all lived in the same state. Road side assistance towed my car to the nearest dealership which was an hour from where we were staying. I asked the dealership for a loaner to get back home and was told that wasn't possible even though dealerships trade vehicles all the time. I asked if one of there people could drive us back and again the answer was no. We had to rent a vehicle to get back home and once there, I contacted my dealership. I was stunned to hear that they would not give me a loaner to used to get to work while my "brand new" Hyundai was 300 miles away. I contacted the dealership where the car was towed and it took 2 days for them to find my car. I had to spend over an hour trying to convince the service department that the car was actually there. It took over a week to fix and then I again contacted Hyundai to see if there was any way they could give me a loaner to go and pick up my car. I was treated so disrespectfully that I called Hyundai Corporate. The person I reached at the Corporate headquarters told me she was sure that I could take a cab or a bus if I couldn't get a friend to take me. I cannot explain how angry I was.

I ended up taking a bus and asked if Hyundai could at least pick me up at the bus station. Again, I was told to "take a cab". I did pick up my car and one week after I returned home, I received a coupon from Hyundai for a FREE LOANER on any major repair!!!!! I felt like this was a slap in the face especially after the dealership that repaired my car told me that it was Corporate policy to give loaners when a brand new Hyundai has a major component break down. I would think that losing your entire brake system would qualify. I still have not received any refund for my car rental or my bus ticket. I actually do not expect to. I made a license plate that says PLS DO NOT BUY A HYUNDAI and I wrote to Consumer Reports. I was so angry with the lack of customer respect and treatment that I sold my car. I have been told by several repair shops that the Hyundai warranty does not good if your car is always in the shop....I guess you really do get what you pay for. Cheap equals Cheap!!!

Please beware, especially of Millennium Hyundai in North Carolina. I was even threatened by the salesman and was never contacted about any of this situation.
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Anonymous on 08/07/2007:
Very few dealerships offer loaners. I am guessing that it is too much of a liability. Do you have a roadside assistance plan either through your auto insurance or a private plan that will cover rental expense when you have a mechanical breakdown? If not it might be a good idea (especially when driving a Hyundai).
Pomona Guy on 08/07/2007:
You said you sold it? What did you buy to replace it? A Kia?
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False Advertisement
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EVERYWHERE, VIRGINIA -- I can create a quote online for a 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited.
Black exterior, beige interior with the tech package.
Without the cargo net, cargo tray, floor mats, etc.

When I ask a dealership, they never have these and refuse to order it, stating Hyundai does not take request.

Additionally, all the cars on their lot have the crap I do not want (cargo net, cargo tray, floor mats, etc.) This adds up to $400 worth of junk. I ask them to remove it and they won't.

If that is the case, isn't that false advertisement?
The webite advertises something the dealerships will not deliver.
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trmn8r on 12/26/2011:
It has been traditional that you can't order foreign cars in the configuration you want them. Since they started being manufacturered in the US, I don't know if that policy has changed for any manufacturers.

I don't think it is "false advertising". They advertise that different configurations are possible, but I don't believe there is a requirement that they all be made available. I've often had a new car dealer tell me "you won't find any with the top-mounted 20mm tank killer gun - they don't send any like that."
Old Timer on 12/26/2011:
When I was a kid my Dad would order say, a new Chevy Impala the way he wanted it at a dealer. Then wait for delivery. They don't operate that way any longer. The system is set up to get you to buy what they have on the lot. A dealer can trade around sometimes, but they really want you to buy what they have on the lots. Not saying the custom order is dead, you can still do it but it takes time and they will try to talk you out of it if they can.
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