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Not Sure About Hyundai Assurance America's Best Warranty?
By -

I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Genesis and with less than 6,000 miles the a/c condenser failed. I was told by one service manager that my warranty would cover this. The next day another service manager called me up and said that the a/c condenser was damage and Hyundai would not cover it.

I feel that Hyundai should have cover the a/c condenser. I had the car for less than a year and I only had 6,000 miles on the car. Hyundai claims to have America's best warranty back by Hyundai Assurance. The only thing Hyundai assured me was a bill for $579.21.

Rusted Engine Cradle Sub-Frame
By -

My 2001 Sante Fe recently developed an acute pull to the right and misaligned (to the left) steering wheel. I was advised by my local Firestone Service that the engine cradle had rusted through and they actually recommended that I take the vehicle to the dealer, which to me meant that it was going to be expensive. I soon learned that resulting from a NHTSA investigation that Hyundai is about to commence a recall of 2001-2003 Sante Fe and most likely some Sonatas within specified "Salt-belt" states.

The culprit is that a poorly designed drain structure allows for salt and brine to deposit on the sub-frame without a way to drain out. This allows for the salt to continue to work on the metal and thereby weaken it. While officially the recall hasn't been announced as of this writing, Hyundai is addressing vehicles that are a safety concern.

If you own one of these vehicles and live in a salt-belt state, you should schedule an inspection at your local dealer to see what, if any work needs to be performed. In the case of my Sante Fe, the tie-rod had actually pushed itself through the frame and had a high risk potential. Here's the good news: Hyundai provided all the materials and performed all the work at no charge. While it's unfortunate that the problem occurred, I am extremely happy with their resolution.

Chaos and non empowered Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My daughter's Sante Fe has a recurring problem. It will start but dies when you release the key. I've used Hyundai Roadside Assistance twice. The last time however, the Hyundai authorized tow truck driver backed into the front of my daughters car. Hyundai Roadside assistance can't give me a damage claim # for 48-72 hours!!! Consumer Affairs referred me BACK to Roadside Ass. RA sent me to Hyundai Incident Management, who transferred me, without telling me where I was being transferred to, back to consumer assistance! Dead end.

I'm inconvenienced, first, because the car wasn't fixed the first time, now in addition to that, they've damaged the car, and can't give me a claim # for 48-72 hours. Hq in California said to call Consumer Affairs. No one will take the problem for resolution. They have taken the Art of "Buck Passing" to a new level.

Service or lack thereof
By -

CHARLESTON AREA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My mom purchased a Hyundai Sonata in May of 2003. She absolutely LOVED that car. The problems began the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2005. She heard a noise, and brought it into the dealership as the car was under warranty. Lo and behold, the technician could not hear the noise, convinced her that she needed a radiator flush to the tone of $100+. Less than 2 weeks later, she is back at the dealership because the noise has not gone away but gotten worse. This time, when she pulls in the driveway everyone can hear it. This time they tell her the idle pulley needs to be replaced but of course, they do not have the part.

They order it. On Dec 7 which is a Wednesday the car is back at the dealership for the part to be put in. On Dec 10, the car is back at the dealership again, because the noise that was there from before Thanksgiving is still there. On December 17th, the car goes back in for yet another new part, this time the water pump, which they noticed needed to be replaced when they did the idle pulley but did nor said anything.

Still had the noise through the rest of December. On December 21 drop car off again, they have it from 8:30 am to 4:30 call to pick up the car because it is all fixed. Yeah RIGHT! Less than an hour later the noise is back and we call the service department who said "We are not going to replace your engine." Never mind the fact that no one asked for the engine to be replaced! Car back at the dealership in January because the check engine light comes on, but still have the original noise. Call dealership to say car is coming in due to the check engine light, and are told, by the service department manager mind you.

I have a life outside of Hyundai and things to do when I leave here, so if you are here before I leave great if not you'll have to come back another day. Once we get there, since we have called Hyundai USA and miracle of miracles, the service dept manager has decided to stay too. They even give her a rental car. SO, after she leaves service she decides she wants to speak to the General Manager. While she is speaking with the General Manager, guess who shows up with tons of attitude, you guessed it, the Service Manager, and interrupts whenever she or I try to speak.

Well they keep the car for a few days, and ta da, the noise is still there when the car is returned. By now several calls have been made to Hyundai USA customer service about the situation, and they decide to bring in a District person, well about time right. Well, the District person sees the car on Jan 27 and is the actual first person with Hyundai to actually hear a noise. They keep the car again for a few days, giving a rental car. When the car is returned, still have the noise! The car goes in a couple more times, and get the "Gee, don't know what to tell you."

ON February 14, the check engine light comes on again, which is the second time in as many weeks, and yet another trip to the dealership. On February 19 the check engine light comes on again!

This time, my mom decides we should not bring the car to Victory Hyundai on Savannah Highway in Charleston, SC since they seem not to know what they are doing. We take the car into Altman Hyundai in North Charleston, which is quite a drive from where we live. Got in at 10 AM out by 1:30 with the check engine has gone away and have scheduled appointment for 2/21 for them to finish up with the mystery noise.

My mom shows up at Altman for the 9:30 appointment, and at 10:15 she is told, "Oops, we forgot to mention we needed to order the part, guess you don't need the appointment after all today." So, she leaves to run a couple of errands, and well gee she is no further down the road than 10 minutes, and well, the check engine light has come on again. For those keep track that is 4 times in less than 1 month.

When she brings the car back, the sales manager is nowhere to be found. Typical right? When he finally does appear 2.5 hours later, he is the one who is pissed because a meeting he was in was interrupted. No one seems to know what the problem is nor can they fix it. I know that we have called Hyundai USA at least a dozen times, with complaints trying to get something jump started, and we are treated like the bad guys with the dealership.

If you want a great car, you will probably love the Sonata; however, the problem that you will find is in the ability of the service department to actually fix the vehicle when the time comes. Their recurring solution is to sell my mom a new car even though she is upside down in her payments. Buyer definitely BEWARE! Customer service all around stinks. No one wants to take responsibility to fix the problem nor do they want to give the information of a supervisory person so you can follow the chain of their command!

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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, OHIO -- I was current on payments. Lost my job. Hit a raccoon that did $3500 damage. Had car repaired 4 hours after I picked up car. I hit another Raccoon approx a mile from where I hit the previous one, on US Route 33 south of Logan, Ohio. Because of the 2 claims my insurance co cancelled me, and they American Family Insurance, reported this to some insurance bureau and no other company would give me insurance.

In Ohio you must have insurance on a car to drive it legally. So I called Hyundai and turned in the car on the Hyundai Assurance and they refused to pay the finance co. Finance co told me that I bought the car outright and did not lease it. They said "only applied to lease vehicles." They told me to read the contract. I called Citizens Automobile Insurance Co. back and gave them my Certificate # and read "thank you for your purchase or lease and here is your Assurance policy." That was at the top paragraph of the Assurance contract.

Now over 2 years later I hear from the bank they want $5,000. I said to collect it from Hyundai. Car purchased from Ricart Automotive. The Tiburon does not have enough front end protection, such a small animal to do so much damage.

Hyundai Warranty & Customer Service Department
By -

After reviewing the complaints regarding Hyundai Warranty issues I know I'm not alone. Here it is 2011 and they're still having the same issues voiding customers warranties and no assistance from the customer service department. I too have experience the long drawn out issues.

I have a 2007 Tucson and they voided my warranty because their "Authorized" dealership install a car alarm system without my knowledge and permission. Because of this, Hyundai voided my warranty after they spent the whole year trying to repair my vehicle because of cranking issues, fuel smell and car skipping into another gear without notice. I guess when they couldn't figure out what was wrong they decided to get rid of me by voiding out my warranty because of an issue I didn't even know that existed.

In the end, don't buy Hyundai. They will void your warranty and the customer service department (Consumer Affairs) is a JOKE. Yeah, the cars may look good on the outside but wait till the lemon breaks down. As their commercial say, "We shoot straight with our customers." I guess you do when you have to tell them you are voiding their warranty because of reason they caused.

2008 Cd/Radio
By -

I have a Hyundai Elantra bought new in May of 2008. In first week of June 2009 the cd player stopped working... they replaced it. Just last week - June of 2011 the cd player stopped working (same problem). Because it was a few weeks past the warranty they will not fix it. I take very good care of the car plus I love music so... NO! I did not do anything to cause it to stop working. I called the place that replaced it in Ohio and they told me to bring it in and they would look at it. But I have moved to AZ. When I called Click Hyundai here they didn't even want to see it. A cd player should last more than one or two years!!

Christmas in July?
By -

I am writing today because I wanted to compliment you on your Christmas 2010 TV advertising campaign. Usually I ignore commercials, but the fetching young lady in green tights and red ear muffs belting out Up on the Housetop and Jingle Bells held me in rapt attention. She has a little Jan Smithers thing going on, but she is prettier and perkier. I don't think the woman said or sang a single word about your cars, but if I were in the market for one, I'd hop in the sleigh and head down to my local dealer. I'm not, and I don't have a clue as to where my local dealer is or if I even have one.

If you're smart, you'll keep that lass' phone number in your Rolodex, and give her a ring next Christmas. Or, just play the same commercials - that would be fine with me, as I wouldn't notice the car is the same one. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider a July 2011 Christmas-themed commercial with her. I hope your business continues to do well so that you may air more commercials.

Don't buy a Hyundai
By -

BROOKLYN,, NEW YORK -- I have a 350 gxl car. My Hyundai has been discontinued. So to get part is hard for this car. I had a fender bender and found out what the value of my car is. My 2002 is only worth in good condition $4500.00. The warranty is the worst, very expensive. Since the mechanic shops are individually owned they do not send out promotion to the customers. My friend heard this he went and bought a Honda Accord and get promotions every month I complained to Hyundai. But it was on deaf ears.

Every time I bought my car in for repair since the mechanic shop has to be certified Hyundai I spend a lot of money. When the car was ready the prices of the repairs cost me more than what the car is worth. I am not in 6 figure bracket. I am on a fix income, every time my walk out with my bill the price is over $400.00 plus labor. Sometimes they still do not fix the car the right way. I always have to bring the car back to have repairs done again. This place is in Brooklyn NY versus repairs on a Honda is much less.

If I have to buy another car I do not know what I want but I know it will be American Car versus Foreign car. Universals parts are cheaper on American Cars versus Foreign cars.

Hyundai does not honor warranty
By -

Hi everyone. I have a 2006 Azera and on a cold start it revs up to over 2000 rpm then drops down... It didn't do this when I bought it, and other Azeras don't do this. The dealer has tried to figure this out but cannot. I suggested swapping the ECM, but they said they can't because the factory representative won't let them until they can prove that's what it is.... It sounds like the motor is going to blow when starting, I am worried at this high revving without oil pressure being up.

Now the car is accelerating on its own while driving. They are totally giving me the runaround, telling me for 3 months they are trying to contact the factory rep... This purchase has been my worst nightmare.... The warranty is not any good at all, what a joke.... next stop is an attorney.

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