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2008 Cd/Radio
Posted by on
I have a Hyundai Elantra bought new in May of 2008. In first week of June 2009 the cd player stopped working...they replaced it. Just last week-June of 2011 the cd player stopped working (same problem). Because it was a few weeks past the warranty they will not fix it. I take very good care of the car plus I love music so...NO! I did not do anything to cause it to stop working. I called the place that replaced it in Ohio and they told me to bring it in and they would look at it. But I have moved to AZ.

When I called Click Hyundai here they didn't even want to see it. A cd player should last more than one or two years!!
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trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Unfortunately, it will be almost impossible impossible to find a warranty that lasts longer than 1 year for a CD player.

Your complaint reminds me of the window regulators I replaced over an over in a Volkswagen, at my cost.
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Christmas in July?
Posted by on
Dear Hyundai representative,

I am writing today because I wanted to compliment you on your Christmas 2010 TV advertising campaign. Usually I ignore commercials, but the fetching young lady in green tights and red ear muffs belting out Up on the Housetop and Jingle Bells held me in rapt attention. She has a little Jan Smithers thing going on, but she is prettier and perkier.

I don't think the woman said or sang a single word about your cars, but it I were in the market for one, I'd hop in the sleigh and head down to my local dealer. I'm not, and I don't have a clue as to where my local dealer is or if I even have one.

If you're smart, you'll keep that lass' phone number in your Rolodex, and give her a ring next Christmas. Or, just play the same commercials - that would be fine with me, as I wouldn't notice the car is the same one. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider a July 2011 Christmas-themed commercial with her. I hope your business continues to do well so that you may air more commercials.
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User Replies:
momsey on 01/06/2011:
Ugh, I guess I'm glad someone likes these commercials. I want to punch the TV every time I see them.
MDSasquatch on 01/06/2011:
nice review, good for a Thursday-morning chuckle.
trmn8r on 01/06/2011:
Ha! momsey, you feel the way I did with the "Overstock" holiday commercials. I wanted to throw my tv right out the window.

Let's face it - what I liked most about these commercials was the woman. I did find them less offensive than others. There was another import, maybe Suzuki, that had one that annoyed me.
Anonymous on 01/06/2011:
Trmn8r, interesting review.
db1105 on 01/06/2011:
If you want to see more of that fine lass you can see her on YouTube. She in a duo called Pomplamoose. You learn a lot of stuff from your kids.
trmn8r on 01/06/2011:
I figured she is somewhere. Thanks for the tip -the search continues. That name sounds familiar for some reason (!)
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Posted on
SALT LAKE, UTAH -- Have had the car in 4 times for maintenance to fix a rattle in the dash and they have yet to fix it. Brought car in the first time at 55,000 miles, 5,000 miles before the warranty expires.

5/20-Called Beth at Hyundai. She said she’d reopen the file and to call Intermountain Hyundai on 5/22 to schedule maintenance or something. Said she’d try to get Human Resources to call me. Left 3rd message for Mike

5/21-Called Brad at Intermountain. He didn’t know anything. Called Beth back up and she said she’d call Brad and call me back. She called back and said that Brad was in a meeting and she’d call me later that day. No call back.

5/22-No call from Beth.

5/23-Called and left message for Beth to call me back. Called back and she was unavailable. No one called back.

5/24-Left message first thing for Beth to call back. She said that she couldn’t get ahold of Brad and then told me that I would have to pay up front for the repairs and I asked to talk to her boss, Mike Viljack.(?) Mike called back and said he would contact, pass on, a message to Mike Bolen to contact me.

5/29-No call. Filed complaint with the BBB. Received service records from Riverton and Intermountain.

6/3-Mike from Hyundai called and I told him my side of the story. He said that the BBB wouldn’t involve themselves in the dispute. I told him I’d discuss that with the BBB. He said he’d call/visit Monday 6/10.

6/13-No show from Mike on Monday, 6/10 or call. I called and left a message. BBB sent letter declining eligibility. I’ll call them to explain how incompetent they were. Left message for him to c/b. BBB said to talk to local BBB to see if they could help 892-6009. Local said to call AutolineBBB and have them fax over everything on my file. I called and made the request w/ Bruce Lighten to fax Judy and he obliged. Waiting now.

6/14-Mike called said he was in his home office earlier this week, didn’t say why he didn’t call me. Said he’d be in town today and call me around 1:30 pm. I’ve told the man several times, the noise only happens when it is cold. What the HELL temperature does he think it is going to be in the mid-afternoon in the middle of JUNE?! 11:36am, Mike called said he would be here around 1:30pm. Showed up at 1:40, took him for a drive and of course it was too hot for the sound to be made. Talked and he said that he would do some research and possibly thought it was the shift cable and I also made my case on the rental. Also commented about a mechanic looking into the passenger side door and why it’s sticky to open and close. Said he’d call me back.

7/1-Left a message for Mike 714-965-3351 to call back.

7/2-Received message from Mike and he said that he had a technical training class the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and said he’d put me in a rental so they could work on the car and call me back the 8th to arrange that.

7/10-Left message for Mike saying that I thought he was going to call me on 7/8 to get my repairs done.

7/18-Called BBB New Jersey and they said they didn’t have any info on me and didn’t know why Utah would send the info to New Jersey and said to call Utah to find out why and the correct BBB to send the stuff to.

Called Mike and left another message to find out what was going on.

BBB/Utah-Talked to Jody Young and she said that the New Jersey office should be the one to take care of it and she would talk to them and call me back.

7/19-Left message for Mike to call me back.

Called Jody @ BBB/Utah 892-6009 to find out what was going on. She said she emailed and talked to Trenton, N.J. office and hadn’t heard anything yet.

7/29-Left message for Mike to call me back.

8/1-Left message stating that I thought Mike was dogging me and that it was unprofessional and if he would like to correct that, to call me.

8/2-Made several attempts to get a hold of someone at the labbb but the phone just rang and rang.

8/5-Called Hyundai customer service and talked to Steve 800-633-5151 x 45034. He wouldn’t give me his boss’ name or number and he said he would take care of the situation and I said I’d give him two days to take care of it and get my car into the shop and get me a rental while it’s being fixed.

8/6-Mike called from Hyundai and said to bring it to Ken Garff Hyundai Thursday 8/8 and drop it off and a rental would be supplied and he and the mechanic’s from Ken Garff would look at it on Friday morning. Steve also called @ 12:18 to make sure I’d been taken care of.

8/8-Took car into Ken Garff Hyundai. Mike didn’t bother to tell Brad I was bringing in my car so Brad couldn’t authorize the rental so I left and told Brad that Mike better call me on 8/9.

8/9-l/m for Mike to call me this morning and that he screwed up! 10:25am, no call. Called Ken Garff, 257-3330, and asked Brad if Mike was there and he said he was. I asked to speak with him. Brad came back and said Mike was busy and took a message for him to call me. Called Hyundai customer service and talked w/ Steve again and said that Mike was again dogging me. Mike put me on hold while he called the dealer. Steve said he talked to Mike (gee, just two minutes before he was busy in a meeting) and that Mike had talked to someone who forgot to give the message to Brad. Steve said that Mike would arrange his schedule to be back at Ken Garff on 8/16 and to drop my car off on Thursday and a rental would be waiting for me. Doh! I’m on vacation. Called Steve back up and rescheduled for 8/23.

Called LABBB 909-825-7280 to check on status. Complaint #10283471. Complaint sent 7/3 to Hyundai and follow up letter sent 8/9. If Hyundai doesn’t respond by 8/22-8/23, they will send me a letter and I fill it out and send it back to them. Then, I will need to file a complaint with the Beurea of Auto Repair 1-800-952-5210.

8/12-Steve called from Hyundai Customer Service to set up a time/date to bring my car in. Called him back and said 8/19, 20 or 21st would be good w/ me and he said he’d call Mike and see if it was good for him and then call me back. Steve called and said to bring it in on the 22nd and they’ll have a rental for me.

8/21-Received letter from BBB.

8/22-Took car into Ken Garff and got rental.

8/23-Called Brad to see if car was done. Someone else answered and checked and said that Brad said it wasn’t done and he’d call me when they were finished.

8/26-Received message from Mike from last Friday and returned his call and l/m. 3:50pm, Mike called and said that Brad was going to flush the system and that he said he heard a bubbling noise. I told him that that was not the noise I am complaining about! It’s not the HEATER CORE!

8/27-Picked up car. All they did was flush the coolant. Not fixed. They didn’t even look at the door that Mike had said they would check out.

8/28-Called Steve @ Hyundai Customer Service. L/m for him that my car is still not fixed.

Called BBB (Placentia 714-985-8922) and talked to Gale and said that my car was not fixed! She said that Debbie Motty closed the complaint because the car was out of warranty. I explained why my car was out of warranty. It’s because the problem hasn’t been fixed in 7 MONTHS! She said I should talk to Debbie or Mary Lou at the Colton office 909-825-7280. Talked to Elizabeth she said, after a long and retarded conversation w/ her and her subordinate, she would send another letter and after that and if my car is still not fixed, they can’t do anything more and I should seek legal advice. She said to call back in 7-10 days to find out what Hyundai’s response is.

8/29-Called Hyundai customer service and talked to Steve 800-633-5151 x 45034 and l/m to call me back.

Steve called back and explained that my message yesterday got cut off and I explained that the only thing that Ken Garff did was flush my coolant and didn’t repair the squeak. He wanted to check it out and said he’d call me back.

9/5-Called Steve to find out what was going on. L/m. Steve called back and said he’d left multiple messages for Mike and hadn’t heard from him. He said he’d leave one more message before trying to contact someone else.

9/12-Called Steve. He said that Mike said that I could bring it back in but wouldn’t give me a rental. Then he said he had done all he could and that to talk to Mike’s boss, I’d have to call the dealership and get that information.

Called Ken Garff and was told I would need to speak w/ Denise Becker to get Mike’s boss’ name and number but she doesn’t get in until 9am. C/b, not in. C/b and spoke w/ Denise Becker 257-3330 and asked for Mikes superior’s name and number. She said she didn’t have it but would get it and call me back.

Mike called. Said he wouldn’t give me his boss’ name or number. He said he would not authorize any more repairs seeing how it was out of warranty. I told him my problem was not resolved and I wanted to talk to his boss. He also informed me that no flushing of the engine was done and ABSOLUTELY NO REPAIR ATTEMPT WAS MADE! After several requests, he reluctantly gave me his supposed boss’ name, Eric Bondus, but refused to give me his number but gave me an address of 10550 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, Ca 92728.

Wrote Eric a brief note and attatched this also.

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Not Sure About Hyundai Assurance America's Best Warranty?
Posted by on
I purchased a new 2009 Hyundai Genesis and with less than 6,000 miles the a/c condenser failed.

I was told by one service manager that my warranty would cover this. The next day another service manager called me up and said that the a/c condenser was damage and Hyundai would not cover it.

I feel that Hyundai should have cover the a/c condenser I had the car for less than a year and I only had 6,000 miles on the car. Hyundai claims to have America's best warranty back by Hyundai Assurance. The only thing Hyundai assured me was a bill for $579.21.

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Anonymous on 10/04/2010:
If it appears there is external damage made to the AC condenser they won't cover it with warranty as it is not a defect.
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Rusted Engine Cradle Sub-Frame
Posted by on
My 2001 Sante Fe recently developed an acute pull to the right and misaligned (to the left) steering wheel. I was advised by my local Firestone Service that the engine cradle had rusted through and they actually recommended that I take the vehicle to the dealer, which to me meant that it was going to be expen$I've.

I soon learned that resulting from a NHTSA investigation that Hyundai is about to commence a recall of 2001-2003 Sante Fe and most likely some Sonata's within specified "Salt-belt" states.

The culprit is that a poorly designed drain structure allows for salt and brine to deposit on the sub-frame without a way to drain out. This allows for the salt to continue to work on the metal and thereby weaken it.

While officially the recall hasn't been announced as of this writing, Hyundai is addressing vehicles that are a safety concern.

If you own one of these vehicles and live in a salt-belt state, you should schedule an inspection at your local dealer to see what, if any work needs to be performed.

In the case of my Sante Fe, the tie-rod had actually pushed itself through the frame and had a high risk potential.

Here's the good news: Hyundai provided all the materials and performed all the work at no charge. While it's unfortunate that the problem occurred, I am extremely happy with their resolution.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/25/2009:
Thanks for the info! Good post. VH
skelly39 on 06/25/2009:
Good to hear that a company is standing behind a promise.
Slimjim on 06/25/2009:
Good post.
Anonymous on 06/25/2009:
VH post, indeed.
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Hyundai Service Is Unreliable
Posted by on
FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA -- 3 weeks ago my 2002 Hyundai Accent started smoking under the hood. So I took it to the dealer. I was told that there was no charge for the Diagnostic fee if the problems that were found are covered under the warranty. So I called later that day for an update.

They didn't get a chance to look at the car yet, but according to their records, I was not covered under the warranty, because I was not the original owner. I purchased the vehicle off the lot with 8 miles on it, and both The title and contract say "new"!! And I had another issue about a year ago and it was covered!
The dealer was easily able to wash their hand of the issue and told me I would
have to contact Hyundai directly.

So finally when they diagnosed the vehicle they found 3 problems, 2 of which are covered under warranty. (I was charged the diagnostic fee. Not because of the warranty issue but because, one of the problems was not covered under the warranty.) I contacted Hyundai and they needed a copy of the title and contract. I had to fax 3 copies of the requested information before they received it. Each time the fax was submitted, it takes a day to confirm that it was received.
(It went through fine on my end.)

So 3 days were lost just submitting the information to them. Not too mention
they are closed on the weekends. I was then told that it normally takes 3-4 weeks to process this kind of thing. But they will put a rush on it. So it will be an undetermined amount of time before they can clear my warranty. The paperwork was received on June 1st and it is now the ninth of June and still no answer. Meanwhile the vehicle is inoperable and Hyundai is well aware. Worst of all Hyundai has not even apologized or admitted that it's there mistake. Needless to say this is my last Hyundai.
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I Would Never Take My Vehicle Here Again
Posted by on
NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA -- I was in Hyundai service department back in may of 2008 in wesley chapel. I took my vehicle to get service like an oil change, tune up and alignment. When I left 3 days later I realized I had oil coming out of my hoof of my new car. I called anthony the service advisor and told me to come by he would clean it up out of my engine. I noticed about a week or two later was having issues with my car. I called and called and called to have the advisor that there was a problem with my car and never received a call back. So I talked to the general manager [snip] at wesley chapel and explained that there was an issue with my car and noticed my gas millage decreased. Well told me would call me back on a Monday never received a call back. So I called the owner of both dealerships in new port richey. Explained what was going on; well I took my car up to the new part richey store and that I had left my car there for two weeks but they gave me a rental car and was on empty so I filled up. Well [snip] the service manager which he never returned my phone calls when my car was in there for two weeks. So I get my car back and said they fixed the issue so I got down the road about a mile and started shifting very unusual and that I had called on a Monday morning and explained that my car is not running right so I brought it back. So when they called me to tell me there was nothing wrong with my vehicle and I proceeded to talk to [snip] the service manager. He was very nasty and left threatening voice mails on my cell phone. Not 1 not 2 but 3. What a crappy dealership and shaky this place is. I would not even buy a car from this place or take my car back.

Still have issues this very day. If it was me I would not take anything from this place and that the owner needs to take better care of his customers and take care of them. Instead of taking up for his employee when the customer is right.... Go to Brandon Hyundai.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/10/2009:
I suggest that you file a police report about the threatening messages.

I also recommend that you sue them in small claims for the repair costs and for the harassment.
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No Adjusting Hole on Rear Drum Backing Plate
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MEDFOR, NEW YORK -- When replacing the rear drum shoes on these type of no hole adjusting backing plates, you can't get the drums off if there is a ridge built up on the inner drum. You can adjust the shoes away from the inner drum to release it and make it easy to come off, poor design.
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Warranty work
Posted by on
We purchased a 2008 Hyundai Tucson with 22,000 miles on it. 7 months later, the abs module caused a fire resulting in $6,000 in damages. After 2 months, Hyundai is STILL reviewing paperwork, vehicle, etc to determine IF they should pay to fix it. I was under the misconception that they have the BEST warranty out there. My bad! The wheels at Hyundai move VERY, VERY slowly and we are truly at their mercy. So, if you expect quick, efficient service, DO NOT buy a Hyundai. It is our first and last!
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Don't buy a Hyundai
Posted by on
BROOKLYN,, NEW YORK -- I have a 350 gxl car. My Hyundai has been discontinued. So to get part is hard for this car. I had a fender bender and found out what the value of my car is. My 2002 is only worth in good condition $4500.00. They warranty is the worst, very expensive. Since the mechanic shops are indivually owned they do not send out promotion to the customers. My friend heard this he went and bought a Honda Accord and get promotions every month I complainted to Hyundai. But it was on deaf ears. Every time I bought my car in for repair since the mechanic shop has to be certified Hyundai I spend a lot of money. When the car was ready the prices of the repairs cost me more than what the car is worth. I am not in 6 figure bracket, I am on a fix income, every time my walk out with my bill the price is over $400.00 plus labor. Sometimes they still do not fix the car the right way. I always have to bring the car back to have repairs done again. This place is in Brooklyn NY verse repairs on a Honda is much less. If I have to buy another car I do not know what I want but I know it will be American Car verses Foreigne car. Universals parts are cheaper on American Cars verses Foreign cars.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/29/2010:
umm....I'm confused.....Promotions? Promotions for what? Your car is 8 years old. It sounds to me that you should be blaming the auto mechanic for not fixing your car right if you have to keep bringing it back in. If you are paying more than what the car is worth, then maybe its about time to junk it and look for another car.
Skye on 01/29/2010:
Trade your Hyundai in, and buy a Honda.
Critical_level2 on 01/29/2010:
I agree with Tennboy, If your car is not fixed correctly when you bring it in, then demand they fix it correctly instead of accepting it not being fixed. I see the problem as you accepting very shoddy repair work and blaming Hyundai for it. My suggestion is get a new repair shop and stop paying for shoddy repair work if it is not fixed when you got o pick it up.
bunnyhead on 01/30/2010:
I love my Hyundai. Well made car for a reasonable price.
hyundai350 on 02/08/2010:
I have 2002 hyundai 350 which is not made anymore. It is hard to find parts for this car. Yet I still have my warranty. But not everything is covered on this warranty. Now my car refuse to pass inspection. Something stupid pops up like evaporative system. What is that no one know. I brought the car to Plaza Hyundai they told me ride the car for 100 miles then come back and we will see what we could do on why the car refuses to pass this inspection. I went to a few mechanic no one know what the phase means, it could be senors but which one. The machine that does inspection does not describe elaborate on evaporative system. Mixed up.
hyundai350 on 02/09/2010:
Today cars are so expensive if I had to buy a new car I would not know what to buy. I am thinking of buy a used car with the way roads are today.Prices they are asking for a new or used car is out of line. None of the cars are really worth it. Very disappointed with what is happening with all the dealership. One car dealership is going out of business , or moving, or merging. Warranties are changing also.
Irene on 05/28/2012:
I am the owner of the 350 gxl and let me add to the comments. I now have to put rack and pinion in , air conditioner, upper control arms they were never replace I have the original parts that I paid for, upper bushing, etc. I brought the car back to the repair shop from Hyundai and they laugh in my face. I paid for the job while car was under warranty now I am out of warranty. By the way the repair shop hired a convict who screwed a lot of customer and the shop does not care about what this man did. I would buy another car but I don't like their prices, and how the cars are made. I can not see paying over $30,000 and drive in NY streets. But now I will sue Hyundai by small claims court.
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