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Hyundai does not honor warranty
Posted by on
Hi everyone. I have a 2006 Azera and on a cold start it revs up to over 2000 rpm then drops down...It didn't do this when I bought it, and other Azeras don't do this, The dealer has tried to figure this out but cannot. I suggested swapping the ECM, but they said they can't because the factory representative won't let them until they can prove that's what it is....It sounds like the motor is going to blow when starting, I am worried at this high revving without oil pressure being up.
Now the car is accelerating on its own while driving.
They are totally giving me the runaround, telling me for 3 months they are trying to contact the factory rep...
This purchace has been my worst nightmare....the warranty is not any good at all, what a stop is an attorney.

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Hugh_Jorgen on 01/29/2010:
Sounds like it's time to notify the NHTSA about this problem - especially if you are getting unintended acceleration. With Toyota being in the news this week for their problems, I would imagine the NHTSA would be interested in your problem, as it appears the company that made the accelerator pedal assemblies for Toyota made them for several manufacturers. You can start the complain process at their site:

goduke on 01/29/2010:
The toyata thing is really quite scary. If they didn't know, you have to wonder how they missed it. If they did know and didn't do anything, well, you have to wonder other things.
Anonymous on 01/29/2010:
I'm willing to give them the benefit of doubt, I think they really thought it was a floor mat issue and that they had fixed it. This kind of problem is a nightmare, the kind that they cannot reproduce in order to diagnose and fix. I think that by stopping sales and production speaks to the integrity of the company. It is unprecedented.
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Mislead and Shafted
Posted by on
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Hyundai does not honor their commitment to warranty their vehicles. Their salespeople are misleading when selling the vehicle and its' warranty. They look for loop holes to avoid fully repairing your vehicle. One loop hole is if you don't get specific service at a certain mileage...if something happens to your vehicle they will tell say it is because you didn't have that specific service done.....can you tell me...does a timing belt have anything to do with a sensor light that did not activate causing sever overheating to the point of melting the radiator? Hyundai thinks so.....good thing the Customer Service Manager at corporate headquarters is not a mechanic...he just thinks he is.
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Critical_level2 on 12/17/2009:
A bad timing belt could possibly lead to overheating. Many Honda, Toyota, etc. have timing belt driven water pumps. IT is possible. How many miles are on your vehicle and have you ever had the timing belt changed?
Hugh_Jorgen on 12/17/2009:
It's not a loophole if it's written into the warranty. All manufacturers will void their warranty if you don't get preventative maintenance performed on time.
Anonymous on 12/18/2009:
"One loop hole is if you don't get specific service at a certain mileage."

if it is written in the warranty, why do you thing you should be exempt? They don't write these because they are bored you know. The conditions are there for a reason. YOU did not follow maintenance schedule.
Bob on 02/01/2012:
It's a loophole. Stop defending a bad warranty.
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Does Not Honor Their Warranty
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My 2004 Hyundai Elantra blew the head gasket and I was told the 100,000 mile power train warranty can not be honored because I had a new radiator put in at a radiator shop and it is not a factory part. The head gasket blew because the original radiator caused the engine to overheat thus causing the head gasket to blow about 3 months down the road.

Any way they can get out of warranty work they do. I will never buy another one and this was my third.
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skata_kev on 04/21/2010:
Unless Hyundai has an ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT part to diagnose, there is no warranty component to cover. In this case, you should read your owners handbook where it says you have to bring the vehicle into the nearest Hyundai dealer for warranty coverage. You failed to do that, and did not use Hyundai roadside assistance to get your inoperable vehicle into the dealer. It was not Hyundai's fault, it was yours that ruined your warranty.
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Hyundai America's Best Worthless Warranty
Posted by on
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I own two Hyundais. One is a 2003 accent and one is a 2005 Elentra. Both have had their fair share of trouble. Every time I take them to a dealer they try to charge me for some unneeded service. Then they tell me the part isn't covered under my "Complete Bumper to Bumper" warranty. Then they say the dealership lies about coverage. I asked for a list of what's covered and what's not and they say "There is no list the dealership decides what is covered". I had a customer service representative tell me that my car was bout used and my warranty expired, when in fact that was untrue.

I was left on the side of Route 66 in southern CA for eight hours while they told me I have no coverage. It was not till I told them I would sue them that they finally sent help.

The managers that handle the complaints say they have no say so over what dealerships do yet make you take you car to the dealership. Who in return takes weeks to fix simple problems and tries to make you pay for things the warranty covers. I watches them scam a elderly woman for 460$ for 1 yes 1 new tire. Then they asked to leave when I told the woman a tire shouldn't be more the 100$. Planet Hyundai is a horrible place.

Hyundai motors America is a worthless company which writes "America's Best Warrant" that is not worth the paper its written on.
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Anonymous on 04/09/2009:
Don't you have the warranty in writing?

That should tell you what is and isn't covered.
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Customer Service Manager
Posted by on
I am a Customer Service Manager with a large Hyundai Dealership. I can only speak from my experience. Hyundai does not offer the loaner car as part of the basic warranty but it is available with the extended warranty if you choose to purchase it. Some dealerships offer free loaner cars for emergencies only such as tow ins or when parts have to be ordered. Anything mechanical no matter who makes it is subject to breaking down even a new car. I have been in the automotive business for over 20 years in sales and service for many makes and models.

Also know most service departments want to help you if they can but if its not under the warranty there is nothing they can do. It is always a good idea to give your paid service work such as oil changes and fluid changes to your dealership service department. Not because you have to but because it establishes you as a good paid customer and builds a trust relationship with you and the dealership.

This is helpful if you need records or if the factory representative has to make a warranty call that is in a gray area. Hyundai has proven to me to be a good company that cares about its customers. Just remember staying calm and trying to work through the issue is the best solution to any concern you may have.
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Rip Off Artists!!!
Posted by on
WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- They managed to rip us off even though we're related to one of their mechanics. After much negotiation and haggling with them over a 2008 Elantra, they agreed on 14750, and the 1500 incentive would be deducted from that. Well, sitting in the finance office with Pete, fast talker, and trying so hard to rush us through hoping we'd miss something, I noticed the price of the car was 16,250, not 14,750. They then used the 1500 rebate to get to the 14,750. That's not what we discussed!! It should have been a final number 13,250. What sharks! Then I wasn't aware of the 99.50 charge for the 'free service card' Pete handed us for some oil changes and alignments, until I read the other review on this site! Wow, I'm so mad at myself for taking the deal, my daughter needed the car to replace the totaled one, and she was fine with the monthly payment, and she wanted the car yet I knew better. The sale price of the vehicle wasn't what was agreed on. Car dealerships are very slick and will always make sure they make their profit. They are hoping the buyer isn't paying attention or just worn out enough like I was to take the deal and call it a day.

Lesson for me is: Never sign the paperwork until I'm satisfied, no matter how pressured or tired I am. There is always tomorrow and other dealerships, and public transportation if needed!'
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tnchuck100 on 02/01/2009:
Always know the market value of what you are buying. Know what the maximum is you are willing to pay, all fees included. Let him play numbers on paper as much as he wants. If the bottom line exceeds your target...WALK!

If you are being coerced into "you MUST buy today" ... WALK!
Anonymous on 02/01/2009:
Always take your time reading the paperwork. Sign absolutely nothing until you are satisfied with it. Be alert for those freebies like the oil change card. 99% of the time the cost is worked into the price. If pressured or they say it's a standard contract, walk away. If you are trading in a vehicle get the key back before you review the paperwork.
Aerocave on 02/03/2009:
Good lesson learned...However I have to ask (being in the car business myself)...why is everyone so against a car dealer making a profit? (assuming its made honestly and ethically)
jktshff1 on 02/03/2009:
Aero good answer. possibly because a car is the 2nd most expensive thing a person usually purchases outside of their house.
I don't think that people mind the profit, It's the way it's done in most cases that people mind.
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Am I Covered Under Warranty For A Loaner Or Rental While Car Is Being Serviced
Posted by on
SMITHS FALLS CANADA -- We took our 2007 Tuson into the local dealer here in Smiths Falls Ontario, Canada
the Power steering went. It was repaired but days later it burst again and it now needs to be in for 3-4 days for service .

Wait for the parts and the work done. The dealership did loan us a used car a Honda accord a very old one a rust bucket to be exact .. not really fit for the road .

I was under the assumption that we would get a rental or certainly a better loaner than what we received.. I have emailed Hyundai to ask but still waiting for response but wanted to check if anyone knew about policy .. its a New vehicle we have only had it little over a year..
also if anyone has a link to where to send email to customer service for Canada might be helpful.. as I'm not sure I sent to the proper place..

Barb in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
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madconsumer on 12/01/2008:
it all depends on your final sales contract. mine states clearly, no rentals, only ride to or from work/home.
ringostar on 12/01/2008:
Check your warranty, that's the part that pays for rentals!
Anonymous on 12/01/2008:
Manufacturer warranty does NOT allow for rental cars as a rule of thumb. There are exceptions to this but they are rare circumstances. Dealers in an effort to promote customer satisfaction have been using loaners when available but again the key word is "when available" with no guarantee of a similar or better vehicle. If someone else has the cars out then your only option is a rental at your expense. Good Luck
Anonymous on 12/01/2008:
Manufacturer warranty does NOT allow for rental cars as a rule of thumb. There are exceptions to this but they are rare circumstances. Dealers in an effort to promote customer satisfaction have been using loaners when available but again the key word is "when available" with no guarantee of a similar or better vehicle. If someone else has the cars out then your only option is a rental at your expense. Good Luck

PS Some insurance policies may provide a rental and most extended warranties do have allowances for car rental
Barb53 on 12/02/2008:
TY All for your replys ..
Barb53 on 12/02/2008:
Hello again .. just wanted you all to know heard from Hyundai Canada.. good news we are covered we have Hyundai Protection Plan extended warranty .. so we are covered for rental 35 dollars day for 5 days if needed .. the dealership has been notified .. we are to get our car back on Thrus. Lets hope it fixed .. I am pleased that I received a email back so quickly with a phone number for future
ringostar on 12/03/2008:
dealerdirect most manufacturer warranties do have rental allowances built in with them. And most dealers go through rental companies not loaners.
Aerocave on 12/03/2008:
Rental and/or loaner vehicles are typically offered in situation where the vehicle is not drivable...most manufacturers do include this provisionin the standard factory warranty.
ed king on 08/24/2012:
when a car is under 3years old and under 40000 miles and is under warranty and the starter bendix goes out either the dealer or hyundai should pay for a rental or have loaner cars this car has only been serviced by the dealer and I am told it could be several days in the shop. needless to say I am not happy
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Defective Thermostat
Posted by on
DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I loved my Tiburon until 2 months ago when the thermostat failed, no warning not even a check engine light. It resulted in a very expensive fix to repair or replace: thermostat, radiator, heads were blown, spark plugs, spark plug wires, there was water in the fuel line. All over a freaking thermostat!!

If an item does not last the life of the car then it should be in the owners manual as an item to replace, if it isn't in the manual then it is defective and therefore Hyundai should step up and take responsibility for defective/faulty parts and the consequences of very bad quality.

But no, I spoke with Hyundai and all I got from two people was that it was out of warranty. Please!!! Why do they have people when a recording would of worked the same!!

I'm not done yet, I will be contacting them further with documentation. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and any and all media that I can.

I will NEVER buy ANY Hyundai again!!!!!
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Anonymous on 09/17/2008:
To the best of my knowledge, most thermostats are designed so if they fail, they remain open. That way the engine will run too cool, not too hot. To cause the damage you describe, the thermo would have to fail while closed and the car would have to be driven a lot of miles with the engine overheating. Do Tiburons not have a temp gauge?
sherrylynn1965 on 01/28/2009:
Yes it has a thermostat gauge. Out of nowhere it started to overheat. It had plenty of coolant/water. No check engine light came on. It was driven a short distance. I ended up having to replace the themostat, heads,gaskets, flush fuel line, spark plugs and wires. I lucked out and was given a discount and could pay it out. It ended up being $2k. Hyundai wouldn't own up to it. Got the run around from them. I don't plan on buying Hyundai again. I still have the car but when it's paid off I am trading it again before it does it again.
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Warranty Doesn't Matter
Posted by on
NANUET, NEW YORK -- The best warranty in America doesn't mean anything if Hyundai finds a way to tiptoe around it, which is exactly what they do. My 2003 Accent had transmission leak that was not a result of negligence, but a manufacturer defect. I had to fight with the dealership AND corporate for almost 2 weeks to get the repair covered under warranty. Even then, the clutch(which normally isn't covered) needed to be replaced because it was damaged as a result of the leak. Corporate agreed, but the dealership didn't, and I had go elsewhere to get my car fixed correctly.

I'm still waiting for Hyundai to compensate my for my loss, since it was their malfunction.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
I purchased an 07 Veracruz in October and have had nothing but problems with it - minor problems, but still things that I need to take the vehicle in for.

I also had a head-on accident where the airbags did not deploy. I am getting NO help from Hyundai Consumer Affairs, and in fact, am getting a complete run around. They don't call back when they say they will, they only send letters, and they will not let you speak with a supervisor or the person who signed the letter that was sent.

Customer service says so much for a company and I really think that Hyundai has the worst. Hyundai obviously does not care about the safety or concern of their customers.
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Anonymous on 05/23/2008:
That the OP notes that the airbags did not deploy earned this post a VH rating. Was the vehicle purchased new or used? A substantial number of used vehicles have had the airbags removed and resold (the aftermarket is brisk for them). A few new vehicles are stripped of their airbags by thieves. I would take the vehicle (PRONTO!) to an independent mechanic and have the airbags inspected...if there are airbags!
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