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Rip Off Artists!!!
By -

WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- They managed to rip us off even though we're related to one of their mechanics. After much negotiation and haggling with them over a 2008 Elantra, they agreed on $14,750, and the $1,500 incentive would be deducted from that. Well, sitting in the finance office with Pete, fast talker, and trying so hard to rush us through hoping we'd miss something, I noticed the price of the car was $16,250, not $14,750. They then used the $1,500 rebate to get to the $14,750. That's not what we discussed!!! It should have been a final number $13,250. What sharks!

Then I wasn't aware of the $99.50 charge for the 'free service card'. Pete handed us for some oil changes and alignments, until I read the other review on this site! Wow, I'm so mad at myself for taking the deal, my daughter needed the car to replace the totaled one, and she was fine with the monthly payment, and she wanted the car yet I knew better. The sale price of the vehicle wasn't what was agreed on.

Car dealerships are very slick and will always make sure they make their profit. They are hoping the buyer isn't paying attention or just worn out enough like I was to take the deal and call it a day. Lesson for me is: Never sign the paperwork until I'm satisfied, no matter how pressured or tired I am. There is always tomorrow and other dealerships, and public transportation if needed!

Am I Covered Under Warranty For A Loaner Or Rental While Car Is Being Serviced?
By -

SMITHS FALLS CANADA -- We took our 2007 Tucson into the local dealer here in Smiths Falls Ontario, Canada the Power steering went. It was repaired but days later it burst again and it now needs to be in for 3-4 days for service. Wait for the parts and the work done. The dealership did loan us a used car - a Honda accord; a very old one, a rust bucket to be exact.. not really fit for the road.

I was under the assumption that we would get a rental or certainly a better loaner than what we received.. I have emailed Hyundai to ask but still waiting for response but wanted to check if anyone knew about policy.. it's a New vehicle. We have only had it little over a year.. Also if anyone has a link to where to send email to customer service for Canada might be helpful.. as I'm not sure I sent to the proper place..

Defective Thermostat
By -

DALLAS-FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I loved my Tiburon until 2 months ago when the thermostat failed, no warning not even a check engine light. It resulted in a very expensive fix to repair or replace: thermostat, radiator, heads were blown, spark plugs, spark plug wires, there was water in the fuel line. All over a freaking thermostat!!

If an item does not last the life of the car then it should be in the owner's manual as an item to replace, if it isn't in the manual then it is defective and therefore Hyundai should step up and take responsibility for defective/faulty parts and the consequences of very bad quality.

But no, I spoke with Hyundai and all I got from two people was that it was out of warranty. Please!!! Why do they have people when a recording would of worked the same!! I'm not done yet, I will be contacting them further with documentation. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and any and all media that I can. I will NEVER buy ANY Hyundai again!!

Warranty Doesn't Matter
By -

NANUET, NEW YORK -- The best warranty in America doesn't mean anything if Hyundai finds a way to tiptoe around it, which is exactly what they do. My 2003 Accent had transmission leak that was not a result of negligence, but a manufacturer defect. I had to fight with the dealership AND corporate for almost 2 weeks to get the repair covered under warranty. Even then, the clutch (which normally isn't covered) needed to be replaced because it was damaged as a result of the leak. Corporate agreed, but the dealership didn't, and I had go elsewhere to get my car fixed correctly. I'm still waiting for Hyundai to compensate me for my loss, since it was their malfunction.

Customer Service
By -

I purchased an 07 Veracruz in October and have had nothing but problems with it - minor problems, but still things that I need to take the vehicle in for. I also had a head-on accident where the airbags did not deploy. I am getting NO help from Hyundai Consumer Affairs, and in fact, am getting a complete run around. They don't call back when they say they will, they only send letters, and they will not let you speak with a supervisor or the person who signed the letter that was sent. Customer service says so much for a company and I really think that Hyundai has the worst. Hyundai obviously does not care about the safety or concern of their customers.

By -

MT. KISCO, NEW YORK -- I am writing after more than two weeks of unpleasant encounters with one of your Hyundai service dealerships. I purchased a new Hyundai in 2003. I have a 17 year old son and was considering giving him this car and purchasing a new Hyundai for my use, however, after this experience I have second thoughts. It is extremely unfortunate and should be of great concern to your corporation that this dealership represents the service Hyundai advertises and promises. I trust someone of authority in your corporation will assist me in the repair of my vehicle.

I have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT purchased new in February 2003. In March 2005 my car overheated and stalled as I pulled into the Hyundai service facility in Mt. Kisco. I was told I needed a "head gasket". I found this unusual being the car was only 2 years old. My car was under the 10yr/100000mi warranty and was repaired. On Thursday June 1, 2006 my car overheated and stalled. Unfortunately I was not near the Hyundai service facility but had the car towed there that night.

The next morning (Friday June 2nd) I called and was told by the service manager that because there were scheduled cars to be worked on, mine may not be seen until Monday June 5th. I rented a car on Sat. June 3rd because the Mt. Kisco service facility does not have "loaners"€. On Monday June 5th I called the facility on three occasions and was told the car still had not been looked at.

On Tuesday June 6th I called the facility and was told by the service manager "Your head gasket is blown."€ I asked "What happens next?" and stated that the car was still under warranty. He replied, "€œWe did that job in 2005", "€œI haven'€™t seen this car in a year," "I haven'€™t seen the car since then." "€œBring me your maintenance receipts and the district manager will decide if we can fix the car."€ "€œI need receipts from April 2005 through May 2006".

I was surprised and concerned with the request. It was then I decided to make your consumer affairs department aware of the situation. My file number is **. I was made to feel that somehow I had done something to cause this and because of the service manager statement "€œI haven't seen this car for a year€." I made it known that it was not mandatory to have my car serviced at his facility. At this time I became concerned and extremely disappointed in the way I was being treated as a Hyundai consumer.

I gathered my receipts and on Thursday June 8th delivered them to Mr. ** service manager personally. I was told that the district manager ** was not going to be in until Monday June 12th. I now have to rent a car for another week. I've had the rental car for one week while my car has not been touched and is sitting in the Hyundai service facility.

Monday June 12th, I waited until 12:30 pm before calling consumer affairs. After explaining my situation, ** called the facility. ** explained that she had spoken with the service manager, that the district manager was on site and that I would get a call in a few hours. By 4:55 PM I had not received a call and called the service manager who told me he was doing "€œone more test on the thermostat."€ And if I did not hear from him by the end of the day (it is now 5PM) that I would hear from him before 9 AM the next morning (Tuesday June 13th).

I again called the consumer affairs dept. and spoke with ** who told me to wait until the next morning and if I didn't get a call to call consumer affairs yet again. I am exhausted, furious and frustrated. I am still renting a car (my second week!!!) and still do not have an answer as to if my car will be repaired under my warranty which it should.

Addendum: On Tuesday June13th I hadn'€™t received a call by 9 AM and asked ** at Consumer Affairs to contact the service facility. By that afternoon I received a call from ** and was to my thermostat was factory and my car will be fixed under warranty. GREAT!!!! I thanked everyone and began planning the return of my rented vehicle and preparing notices to all that I had written.

On Thursday June 15th I called Hyundai and asked for an approximate date of completion because I had to return my rented vehicle.. I was told by ** that I should need my rental for an entire week, which I understood as my car should be ready by mid-week (June 21 or 22), again GREAT!!

Friday June 16th - 3:45 PM I received a call from ** stating -my car "WILL NOT BE REPAIRED AS STATED ON JUNE 13TH - THE DRM (?) HAD DECIDED FROM WHAT HE OBSERVED, MY CAR WAS DRIVEN WHILE OVERHEATING" I was told that my radiator had melted (?) which was a "SIGN"€ that I was driving while the car was overheating. THAT WAS THE FINAL WORD. There was nothing anyone could do. My car was not being repaired under warranty.

Hysterical and frantic, I called Consumer Affairs who called the service facility. Consumer affairs was unable to help me other than document a complaint in my file. NOW WHAT??? I asked!!! "Is there anyone I could discuss this with?" The answer was NO -the DRM- was the last word. I cannot comprehend that in a corporation - €œ"Hyundai"€ there is no one in position above the District Regional Manager to take problems to.

I am now in a position where I am responsible for what I feel is a faulty job done on my car in 2005. I feel I am being held responsible for a "melted radiator."€ I would have had to drive MILES with the car billowing smoke in order to MELT A RADIATOR!!!! As I'€™ve stated to the Hyundai repair facility and consumer affairs - "I saw smoke, pulled over and stopped the car. They were no warning light or bell on the dash, the car was smoking, I looked at the gauge and it was on "H"€".

Hyundai prides itself in service, quality and consumer relations - with this experience I must disagree. And again I REQUEST THAT SOMEONE OF AUTHORITY PLEASE GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS DISASTER AND CONTACT ME. SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE DRM - Whom I was led to believe is the last word in the Hyundai Corporation.

Warranty work
By -

We purchased a 2008 Hyundai Tucson with 22,000 miles on it. 7 months later, the abs module caused a fire resulting in $6,000 in damages. After 2 months, Hyundai is STILL reviewing paperwork, vehicle, etc to determine IF they should pay to fix it. I was under the misconception that they have the BEST warranty out there. My bad! The wheels at Hyundai move VERY, VERY slowly and we are truly at their mercy. So, if you expect quick, efficient service, DO NOT buy a Hyundai. It is our first and last! Thanks.

Does Not Honor Their Warranty
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My 2004 Hyundai Elantra blew the head gasket and I was told the 100,000 mile power train warranty cannot be honored because I had a new radiator put in at a radiator shop and it is not a factory part. The head gasket blew because the original radiator caused the engine to overheat thus causing the head gasket to blow about 3 months down the road. Anyway they can get out of warranty work they do. I will never buy another one and this was my third.


SALT LAKE, UTAH -- Have had the car in 4 times for maintenance to fix a rattle in the dash and they have yet to fix it. Brought car in the first time at 55,000 miles, 5,000 miles before the warranty expires. 5/20-Called ** at Hyundai. She said she'’d reopen the file and to call Intermountain Hyundai on 5/22 to schedule maintenance or something. Said she’'d try to get Human Resources to call me. Left 3rd message for **. 5/21-Called ** at Intermountain. He didn'’t know anything. Called ** back up and she said she’'d call ** and call me back. She called back and said that ** was in a meeting and she’'d call me later that day. No call back.

5/22 - No call from **. 5/23 - Called and left message for ** to call me back. Called back and she was unavailable. No one called back. 5/24 - Left message first thing for ** to call back. She said that she couldn'’t get a hold of ** and then told me that I would have to pay up front for the repairs and I asked to talk to her boss, **.(?) ** called back and said he would contact, pass on, a message to ** to contact me. 5/29 - No call. Filed complaint with the BBB. Received service records from Riverton and Intermountain.

6/3 - ** from Hyundai called and I told him my side of the story. He said that the BBB wouldn'’t involve themselves in the dispute. I told him I'’d discuss that with the BBB. He said he'’d call/visit Monday 6/10. 6/13 - No show from ** on Monday, 6/10 or call. I called and left a message. BBB sent letter declining eligibility. I'’ll call them to explain how incompetent they were. Left message for him to c/b. BBB said to talk to local BBB to see if they could help 892-6009. Local said to call Autoline BBB and have them fax over everything on my file. I called and made the request w/ ** to fax ** and he obliged. Waiting now.

6/14 - ** called said he was in his home office earlier this week, didn’'t say why he didn'’t call me. Said he'’d be in town today and call me around 1:30 pm. I’'ve told the man several times, "the noise only happens when it is cold." What the HELL temperature does he think it is going to be in the mid-afternoon in the middle of JUNE?! 11:36 am, ** called said he would be here around 1:3 0pm. Showed up at 1:40, took him for a drive and of course it was too hot for the sound to be made.

Talked and he said that he would do some research and possibly thought it was the shift cable and I also made my case on the rental. Also commented about a mechanic looking into the passenger side door and why it’'s sticky to open and close. Said he'’d call me back. 7/1 - Left a message for ** to call back. 7/2 - Received message from ** and he said that he had a technical training class the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and said he'’d put me in a rental so they could work on the car and call me back the 8th to arrange that.

7/10 - Left message for ** saying that I thought he was going to call me on 7/8 to get my repairs done. 7/18 - Called BBB New Jersey and they said they didn’'t have any info on me and didn’'t know why Utah would send the info to New Jersey and said to call Utah to find out why and the correct BBB to send the stuff to. Called ** and left another message to find out what was going on. BBB/Utah - Talked to ** and she said that the New Jersey office should be the one to take care of it and she would talk to them and call me back.

7/19 - Left message for ** to call me back. Called ** at BBB/Utah 892-6009 to find out what was going on. She said she emailed and talked to Trenton, N.J. office and hadn'’t heard anything yet. 7/29 - Left message for ** to call me back. 8/1 - Left message stating that I thought ** was dodging me and that it was unprofessional and if he would like to correct that, to call me. 8/2 - Made several attempts to get a hold of someone at the labbb but the phone just rang and rang.

8/5 - Called Hyundai customer service and talked to **. He wouldn'’t give me his boss’ name or number. And he said he would take care of the situation. And I said I’'d give him two days to take care of it and get my car into the shop and get me a rental while it'’s being fixed. 8/6 - ** called from Hyundai and said to bring it to ** Hyundai Thursday 8/8 and drop it off and a rental would be supplied and he and the mechanic’s from ** would look at it on Friday morning. ** also called at 12:18 to make sure I’'d been taken care of.

8/8 - Took car into ** Hyundai. ** didn’'t bother to tell ** I was bringing in my car so ** couldn’'t authorize the rental so I left and told ** that ** better call me on 8/9.

8/9 - l'm for ** to call me this morning and that he screwed up! 10:25am, no call. Called ** and asked ** if ** was there and he said he was. I asked to speak with him. ** came back and said ** was busy and took a message for him to call me. Called Hyundai customer service and talked w/ ** again and said that ** was again dodging me. ** put me on hold while he called the dealer.

** said he talked to ** (gee, just two minutes before he was busy in a meeting) and that ** had talked to someone who forgot to give the message to **. ** said that ** would arrange his schedule to be back at ** on 8/16 and to drop my car off on Thursday and a rental would be waiting for me. Doh! I'’m on vacation. Called ** back up and rescheduled for 8/23.

Called LABBB 909-825-7280 to check on status. Complaint #**. Complaint sent 7/3 to Hyundai and follow up letter sent 8/9. If Hyundai doesn'’t respond by 8/22-8/23, they will send me a letter and I fill it out and send it back to them. Then, I will need to file a complaint with the Beurea of Auto Repair 1-800-952-5210.

8/12 - ** called from Hyundai Customer Service to set up a time/date to bring my car in. Called him back and said 8/19, 20 or 21st would be good w/ me and he said he'’d call ** and see if it was good for him and then call me back. ** called and said to bring it in on the 22nd and they’ll have a rental for me.

8/21 - Received letter from BBB. 8/22 - Took car into ** and got rental. 8/23-Called ** to see if car was done. Someone else answered and checked and said that ** said it wasn’'t done and he’d call me when they were finished. 8/26 - Received message from ** from last Friday and returned his call and l/m. 3:50 pm, ** called and said that ** was going to flush the system and that he said he heard a bubbling noise. I told him that that was not the noise I am complaining about! It’'s not the HEATER CORE!

8/27 - Picked up car. All they did was flush the coolant. Not fixed. They didn’'t even look at the door that ** had said they would check out. 8/28 - Called ** at Hyundai Customer Service. L/m for him that my car is still not fixed.

Called BBB (Placentia 714-985-8922) and talked to ** and said that my car was not fixed! She said that ** closed the complaint because the car was out of warranty. I explained why my car was out of warranty. It'’s because the problem hasn’'t been fixed in 7 MONTHS! She said I should talk to ** at the Colton office 909-825-7280. Talked to ** she said, after a long and retarded conversation w/ her and her subordinate, she would send another letter and after that and if my car is still not fixed, they can'’t do anything more and I should seek legal advice. She said to call back in 7-10 days to find out what Hyundai'’s response is.

8/29 - Called Hyundai customer service and talked to ** 800-633-5151 x 45034 and l/m to call me back. ** called back and explained that my message yesterday got cut off and I explained that the only thing that ** did was flush my coolant and didn'’t repair the squeak. He wanted to check it out and said he’'d call me back.

9/5 - Called ** to find out what was going on. L/m. ** called back and said he'’d left multiple messages for ** and hadn'’t heard from him. He said he'’d leave one more message before trying to contact someone else. 9/12 - Called **. He said that ** said that I could bring it back in but wouldn’'t give me a rental. Then he said he had done all he could and that to talk to **'s boss, I'’d have to call the dealership and get that information.

Called ** and was told I would need to speak w/ ** to get **'’s boss’ name and number but she doesn'’t get in until 9am. C/b, not in. C/b and spoke w/ ** 257-3330 and asked for **'s superior’s name and number. She said she didn’'t have it but would get it and call me back.

** called. Said he wouldn'’t give me his boss’ name or number. He said he would not authorize any more repairs seeing how it was out of warranty. I told him my problem was not resolved and I wanted to talk to his boss. He also informed me that no flushing of the engine was done and ABSOLUTELY NO REPAIR ATTEMPT WAS MADE! After several requests, he reluctantly gave me his supposed boss’ name, **, but refused to give me his number but gave me an address of 10550 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, Ca 92728. Wrote ** a brief note and attached this also.

No Adjusting Hole on Rear Drum Backing Plate
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Rating: 2/51

MEDFOR, NEW YORK -- When replacing the rear drum shoes on these type of no hole adjusting backing plates, you can't get the drums off if there is a ridge built up on the inner drum. You can adjust the shoes away from the inner drum to release it and make it easy to come off, poor design.

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