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Hyundai Motor America
10550 Talbert Ave.
Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850
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Hyundai does not honor warranty
By -

Hi everyone. I have a 2006 Azera and on a cold start it revs up to over 2000 rpm then drops down... It didn't do this when I bought it, and other Azeras don't do this. The dealer has tried to figure this out but cannot. I suggested swapping the ECM, but they said they can't because the factory representative won't let them until they can prove that's what it is.... It sounds like the motor is going to blow when starting, I am worried at this high revving without oil pressure being up.

Now the car is accelerating on its own while driving. They are totally giving me the runaround, telling me for 3 months they are trying to contact the factory rep... This purchase has been my worst nightmare.... The warranty is not any good at all, what a joke.... next stop is an attorney.

Mislead and Shafted
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- Hyundai does not honor their commitment to warranty their vehicles. Their salespeople are misleading when selling the vehicle and its warranty. They look for loopholes to avoid fully repairing your vehicle. One loophole is if you don't get specific service at a certain mileage... if something happens to your vehicle they will tell say it is because you didn't have that specific service done..... Can you tell me... Does a timing belt have anything to do with a sensor light that did not activate causing severe overheating to the point of melting the radiator? Hyundai thinks so..... Good thing the Customer Service Manager at corporate headquarters is not a mechanic... He just thinks he is.

Does Not Honor Their Warranty
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My 2004 Hyundai Elantra blew the head gasket and I was told the 100,000 mile power train warranty cannot be honored because I had a new radiator put in at a radiator shop and it is not a factory part. The head gasket blew because the original radiator caused the engine to overheat thus causing the head gasket to blow about 3 months down the road. Anyway they can get out of warranty work they do. I will never buy another one and this was my third.

Hyundai America's Best Worthless Warranty
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I own two Hyundais. One is a 2003 Accent and one is a 2005 Elantra. Both have had their fair share of trouble. Every time I take them to a dealer they try to charge me for some unneeded service. Then they tell me the part isn't covered under my "Complete Bumper to Bumper" warranty. Then they say the dealership lies about coverage. I asked for a list of what's covered and what's not and they say "There is no list the dealership decides what is covered". I had a customer service representative tell me that my car was about used and my warranty expired, when in fact that was untrue.

I was left on the side of Route 66 in southern CA for eight hours while they told me I have no coverage. It was not till I told them I would sue them that they finally sent help.

The managers that handle the complaints say they have no say so over what dealerships do yet make you take you car to the dealership. Who in return takes weeks to fix simple problems and tries to make you pay for things the warranty covers. I watches them scam a elderly woman for 460$ for 1 yes 1 new tire. Then they asked to leave when I told the woman a tire shouldn't be more the 100$. Planet Hyundai is a horrible place. Hyundai motors America is a worthless company which writes "America's Best Warranty" that is not worth the paper it's written on.

Customer Service Manager
By -

I am a Customer Service Manager with a large Hyundai Dealership. I can only speak from my experience. Hyundai does not offer the loaner car as part of the basic warranty but it is available with the extended warranty if you choose to purchase it. Some dealerships offer free loaner cars for emergencies only such as tow ins or when parts have to be ordered. Anything mechanical no matter who makes it is subject to breaking down even a new car. I have been in the automotive business for over 20 years in sales and service for many makes and models.

Also know most service departments want to help you if they can but if it's not under the warranty there is nothing they can do. It is always a good idea to give your paid service work such as oil changes and fluid changes to your dealership service department. Not because you have to but because it establishes you as a good paid customer and builds a trust relationship with you and the dealership.

This is helpful if you need records or if the factory representative has to make a warranty call that is in a gray area. Hyundai has proven to me to be a good company that cares about its customers. Just remember staying calm and trying to work through the issue is the best solution to any concern you may have.

Rip Off Artists!!!
By -

WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- They managed to rip us off even though we're related to one of their mechanics. After much negotiation and haggling with them over a 2008 Elantra, they agreed on 14750, and the 1500 incentive would be deducted from that. Well, sitting in the finance office with Pete, fast talker, and trying so hard to rush us through hoping we'd miss something, I noticed the price of the car was 16,250, not 14,750. They then used the 1500 rebate to get to the 14,750. That's not what we discussed!! It should have been a final number 13,250. What sharks! Then I wasn't aware of the 99.50 charge for the 'free service card' Pete handed us for some oil changes and alignments, until I read the other review on this site! Wow, I'm so mad at myself for taking the deal, my daughter needed the car to replace the totaled one, and she was fine with the monthly payment, and she wanted the car yet I knew better. The sale price of the vehicle wasn't what was agreed on. Car dealerships are very slick and will always make sure they make their profit. They are hoping the buyer isn't paying attention or just worn out enough like I was to take the deal and call it a day.

Lesson for me is: Never sign the paperwork until I'm satisfied, no matter how pressured or tired I am. There is always tomorrow and other dealerships, and public transportation if needed!'

Hyundai Gets "F" On Mobility Program Customer Service
By -

PASADENA, MARYLAND -- My wife & I purchased a 2006 Hyundai Sonata on Dec. 29, 2005. We absolutely love the car. However, because of my disablity, I was interested in the Mobility Program which will pay up to $1000 for any special, adaptive equipment, needed to make the vehicle handicap accessible. The programs gives buyers 6 months from the date of purchase of the vehicle to purchase the special equipment.

I needed hand-controls and finally purchased them on June 15, 2006. With parts and installation, it came out to a little more than $1000, but the vendor only charged me $1000.

After downloading the rebate form from the Hyundai website and attaching all required documents (form, registration, purchase agreement and invoice for the hand-controls) I sent it off to the address listed on the form. About 3 weeks later, I received back, the form and ALL the attachments I sent, along with a handwritten "post-it" note that said, "Please resend with Invoice." The form had been date-stamped "June 21." Apparently, the person who opened my envelope never looked at all the pages, because the Invoice was attached (stapled) as page 4.

I called the Hyundai America corporate telephone and was transferred to a customer service rep who didn't seem to understand anything about a Mobility Program and instead, kept telling me that I had to see the dealer about any 'rebates' I was entitled to. After trying to explain the difference to her several times, she suggested I just resend the form and paperwork. I resent all the forms back with a note stating that the Invoice had been, and still is, attached as page 4.

Today is Oct. 17, and I still haven't heard back in any way, shape nor form. Is this Mobility Program just a sham or does it really pay out for those of us who need the incentive to help pay for adaptive equipment? I'm sure we would have purchased this car without the program in place, HOWEVER, if you promise an incentive, then you should stand by it, 100%. I question whether I will buy another Hyundai if there is a question of ethics in my mind.

Chaos and non empowered Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My daughter's Sante Fe has a reoccuring problem. It will start but dies when you release the key. I've used Hyundai Roadside Assistance twice. The last time however, the Hyundai authorizd tow truck driver backed into the front of my daughters car. Hyundai Road side assistanc can't give me a damage claim # for 48-72 hours!!!!!!!
Cunsumer Affairs referred me BACK to Road side Ass. RA sent me to Hyundai Incident Management, who transfred me, without telling me where I was bnig transferred to, back to Consumer assistance!
Dead End.
I'm inconveninced, first, because the car wasn't fixed the first time, now in addition to that, they've damaged the car, and can't give me a claim # for 48-72 hours.
Hq in California said to call consumer Affairs. No one will tak the problem for resolution.
they have taken the Art of "Buck Passing" to a new level.

I just purchased a new BLACK AZERA...
By -

OCALA, FLORIDA -- Any advice on keeping it looking good. Also has anyone taken their car in to be serviced?

Am I Covered Under Warranty For A Loaner Or Rental While Car Is Being Serviced
By -

SMITHS FALLS CANADA -- We took our 2007 Tuson into the local dealer here in Smiths Falls Ontario, Canada
the Power steering went. It was repaired but days later it burst again and it now needs to be in for 3-4 days for service .

Wait for the parts and the work done. The dealership did loan us a used car a Honda accord a very old one a rust bucket to be exact .. not really fit for the road .

I was under the assumption that we would get a rental or certainly a better loaner than what we received.. I have emailed Hyundai to ask but still waiting for response but wanted to check if anyone knew about policy .. its a New vehicle we have only had it little over a year..
also if anyone has a link to where to send email to customer service for Canada might be helpful.. as I'm not sure I sent to the proper place..

Barb in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada

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