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Iams Makes Animals Sick
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P & G Pet Food Products sold me tainted food and my dear dog is terribly sick due to this. I reported the incident to them on July 31, 2010 when the recall was announced. My dog has been terribly ill since eating this food - in fact all 4 of my dogs got sick from the carelessness of IAMS.

My 8 year old dog isn't getting better and was hospitalized this week for 3 days and still is not improving! IAMS did this to him! Then to add insult to injury IAMS has the worst customer service ever, rude to say the very least; not to mention the poor quality control. Never did they follow up and get back to me. Per IAMS'€™s request, I gave them my vet information. IAMS never followed through as they said they would do - big surprise from such incompetent of an organization.

After calling them yesterday and advising them of exactly what they did to my beloved dog they became even more rude and uncaring. I advised them I was contacting the BBB, the States Attorney'€™s office and the FDA. Well guess who called me today? IAMS! Since I rescinded my authorization to speak to my vet they try to intimidate me! They tell me if I won't give them the authorization they are closing my case. They won'€™t of course if I give in to them. What is that? This is how you run an organization?

They had the opportunity to contact me, and my vet, for over 30 days and they did nothing. Now that I made good on my word of what I was going to do before my eyes closed for the night they call me back and tell me I do this or they do that. My vet is not even involved anymore. I was referred to specialists after my dog has ended up with Aspiration Pneumonia since he was so violently ill from consuming the contaminated food IAMS distributed. I absolutely adore my dog, he is a therapy dog and now look what they have done. Then to intimidate me? What is that about? They should have contacted me when I so desperately was seeking help from them.

Now that I did as I promised in notifying the FDA, The BBB and States Attorney'€™s office as well as consumer affairs -€“ they call! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS -- what type of business are you running? I have not asked for 1 cent from IAMS in reimbursement for the over $5,000 in medical expenses I have incurred at this time. Honestly, their money is blood money in my opinion. Then to tell me if I did not grant them a medical release at this time to speak to my vet, they were closing the case. I asked for them to give me a good reason why? How does this help me at this time? I needed that 1 month ago. Well they want to hear what my vet has to say.

Yes, IAMS is really concerned about my pet - they want to cover their BUTT -€“ that is what it is about. Too bad IAMS, my records will be sealed and used for the appropriate parties at the appropriate time. I do not need their threats while in the middle of my pets medical crisis -€“ which IAMS caused. No -€“ I won'€™t be intimidated by such SCUM -€“ I did not give in and they told me they closed the case! Clearly having the case open has been of absolutely no benefit, but I will see what the rest of the organization has to say about this. I do have the information on who called and stated this to me.

IAMS showed not one ounce of compassion for the situation they created. I advised them yesterday that before I closed my eyes that evening; I will have all parties notified and I did. My medical records are not their business any longer - when I feel it is appropriate, that information will be released. I want this company to have to be accountable and responsible for the damage they have done to so many families. No, I don't want their dirty money -€“ it is BLOOD money literally, for the loss of so many beloved animals.

As stated my dog has now been hospitalized for 3 DAYS; now the complication developed of Aspiration Pneumonia because he was throwing up so much thanks to the distribution of salmonella within the food. IAMS distributed tainted food to thousands of consumers. My pet was healthy prior to consuming this food. P & G claims this is a voluntary recall yet the FDA found salmonella within the plant for the prescription dog food which our dear dog was on. P & G (IAMS) claims that it is voluntary -- what choice is there when the FDA finds it and tells them?

IAMS acts as though no pet has been affected through the customer service area. IAMS takes no ownership over the damage they have caused. I received a stinking check for the price of the food from IAMS. Who cares, I want my dog healthy. I have spent thousands of dollars in medical care since this happened and I have not asked for a penny from them for it.

I expect ACCOUNTABILITY and PROTECTION to the consumer and our dear pets from such incidents. Our pets count on us, then to have these idiots from this organization sell tainted food and not be accountable? This is unacceptable! All I want is my dog healthy again (how I am hoping for that and doing everything medically possible to achieve it).

IAMS has demonstrated once again the gross incompetence they are capable of. This is now the second time they did this to our beloved animals. It was in 2007 they also had to "recall" dog food they manufactured and distributed! When I surfed the internet, I see 1,000's of pet owners are going through the identical problem I am with their loved pet who consumed IAMS VET FORMULA since July 2010, despite IAMS claims to the contrary.

IAMS dog food has moths in it
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Rating: 1/51

OROVILLE, WASHINGTON -- I have used IAMS dog food products for 8 years. Recently bought a new bag. It had moths in it. My animals became sick, runny stool and vomit, refusing to eat. Contacted IAMS, their solution was to send me coupons for 2 new bags of the same product. One of my dogs is so sick took him to the vet. His electrolytes are low and protein is low. All of my animals are now on a special high protein diet.

I refused the coupons. This is not the solution that will save my animals lives. This is like them saying "oh if we give you this then it will all be better". They wanted me to do the lab research and then send it to them. This is obviously not a new problem. Moths in the food is reported back as far as 2003, 9 years and they still can't clean it up. My vet was shocked that it was IAMS that sickened my animals, lab test, vet bills and they want me continue to feed this trash.

I am telling everyone not to feed IAMS products. If I would have accepted their payment of coupons they would figure the case closed. P&G clean up your warehouse. If anyone is having this problem, the one question others ask is where in your state is the warehouse. Well according to IAMS they make, package in their warehouse, it is then trucked direct to the store, so the problem lies in their factories. They are trying to pass the buck. It isn't their problem they just want the almighty dollar. To say that because we don't cooperate with them giving our information is a cop out. They just keep covering it up.

PETA is after them too for animal cruelty. They test animals in their facilities. The animals are confined in dirty small cages. Don't take my word for it do your own research. The FDA also has many complaints. Check things out for yourselves. Don't attack those of us who have the sick animals. We are the victims here not IAMS.

Live mice with every bag for last 4 months
By -

I keep my dog food in a plastic waste basket with a spring loaded lid. We are very careful to NEVER leave it open. For about 4 months now, I have been finding live mice in the dog food. I have been feeding them Iams for years but that too will stop with this bag. I have noticed no mouse droppings in my garage. Simply finding the mice in the food container. How many people have found this problem?

Dog Food Rodent
By -

WALL, NEW JERSEY -- I found a dead mouse in my IAMS dog food mini chunks for adult dogs. I purchased the dog food at the A&P in Wall, New Jersey. This matter needs to be addressed.

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