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Horrible Customer Service
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I had/have this problem with my IBM laptop. For some reason I was unable to do a system restore to correct it as the system restore file became corrupted. As a result, I had to ask IBM to send me a copy of the file in CD form.

After waiting 3 days for the CD, I open it up and begin working on it. Midway through, I notice that a disc is missing. SO I call IBM, get hassled by their reps, and told finally that the people sending out the CDs are different than the company and that there is an error on their side. However, they are talking to them about it. So far so good.

However, they said the best we can do for you is to resend the CDs which will probably not contain that CD you're missing. What? So now I wait to see if my goody bag of CDs has that one CD I am missing.

I then called back 1 hour later (but waited 30 minutes for someone to pick up) and this guy gives me an attitude about calling too much (2x in 2 hours). Anyway, I'm waiting to see what happens and if I get those CDs that I am missing in the next shipment that they said probably won't even have what I need. Great job guys.
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Pomona Guy on 07/26/2007:
Didn't IBM sell their computer division to China? How old is your laptop?
ejack053824 on 07/26/2007:
Gave you an attitude about calling too much? I would have loved to respond to that schumuck!
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buyer beware of IBM
Posted on
TORONTO -- my 4 year old IBM monitor ( p260 ) broke. it had a 3 year warranty. I was told at an authorized service centre it could not be repaired because no parts were available. I took it for a 2nd opinion and the other place said this is common with IBM. $3000.00 4 years old unrepairable!!! buyer beware of IBM! I'm very happy so far with my new non-IBM monitor.
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Anonymous on 09/10/2003:
There are plenty of parts for the IBM 6552 P260's still to this day. More likely the service center was too lazy or just wanted to blow you off. Judging by your attitude, they probably just wanted you to leave the store.
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