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Absolutely outraged!
Posted by Ash16 on 08/24/2011
SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI -- I booked an appointment for the free consultation everything was great until we sat down and started talking about prices BEFORE ASKING ME SHE STARTED RUNNING MY CREDIT REPORT! when she asked me for my social I said why would you need my social?? She said oh I am running your credit, and I said why, I didn't want to finance this, WE HADNT EVEN DISCUSSED PRICES YET! SHE SAID OH WELL IT'S 7700.00 if you pay upfront. RIDICULOUS! I found another place with no high pressure sales pitch and it's going great so far, and is so much cheaper it's funny. I recommend laser hair removal but not from here. I reported them to the BBB.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2011-08-24:
very helpful review!!
Posted by loved it! on 2011-11-26:
Hmm that sucks I bet you wont get the hair all the way gone then thats why its more expensive and I heard the other places im springfield make you scar my friend has scars from it. Ideal Image is expensive, but it's a lifetime guarantee! Id recommend it! Plus my RN is awesome!
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Posted by GAVA on 12/06/2009
SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I went to Ideal Image because I heard that they had a 50% discount during the month of October. I went in just for a consulation and ended up agreeing and signing up for $2,700.00 worth of treaments. The sales person was pushy and did not seem to care about my situation. She was almost mad when I told her I could not afford more and at first said it was too late bc she had already got me approved for $3,800.00 worth of treatment. Finally she took off one of my areas after I stressed how unrealistic it would be for me to pay that much. In the deal she explained to me that I would have 2 years to pay off my treatments so I would make monthly payments of $113.00. When my first bill came it it said I only had one year to pay it off or I would suffer a 16% intrest fee. I called her up expecting her to tell me it was an error and she would fix it. Instead she told me that technically I could pay it off as long as I like and I would only have a small intrest rate and that she never said 2 year no intrest. I told her there was no way I would have agrred to pay that off over only one year. She then said that if I hadn't been okay-ing everything with my boyfriend (we share our bills and expenses) then maybe I would have heard her correctly and it was part of her "ethics" to let customers leave without know what they've agreed to. I am beyond disappointed with this company and the sales person. On top of everything else, I've spoken with other people hwo have had laser removal done from other companies and they have told me that what I am paying (supposedly at half price) was more than what they paid at full price. Do not do business with this company, you will get ripped off. The only positive thing I have to say was that during my 1st treatment the technician was amazing, nice and caring. She had a far different attitude than her co-worker.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-06:
"The only positive thing I have to say was that during my 1st treatment the technician was amazing, nice and caring. She had a far different attitude than her co-worker."

That's because the first employee is in sales and works on commission.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-12-06:
Didn't they have any paperwork on this agreement? If the salesperson had to get you approved, you probably had to sign something.
Posted by Sugar1Sav on 2011-05-26:
The technician must be gone now because they are baaaaad. Seems like all the good ones are gone.
Posted by Sassygirl on 2014-01-24:
They are Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners not Techs. And don't work on commission.
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Amazing Experience!!!
Posted by A1sound on 03/05/2014
GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- My experience with the Garden City Ideal Image has been nothing but helpful and enjoyable!! My initial consultation with Maria was so informative and made me so eager to get started!!! When I finally got treatments I didn't start seeing hair for months, I have had a total of 5 treatments and I haven't seen any regrowth!! Whenever I walk in the guest services girl Ashley is always so welcoming and friendly, she always talks to me about my son and always seems to remember when I went on vacation! The nurses are very nice although I have had 5 different nurses for my 5 different treatments. They are so lovely and caring there I honestly can say money well spent!!!!
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Ideal Image Is Amazing and Changed My Life!
Posted by Honeybee810 on 03/04/2014
GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK -- The staff and services at Ideal Image are incredible! The healthcare professionals and guest services are very friendly, accommodating, and highly knowledgeable. I am nearing the end of my hair removal journey and love my results! It's unfortunate to read reviews dictating this company's services as a scam. I am proof it is not! I have been with them for a year and a half and at least 90% of my body hair is gone. I practically laser my entire body so that's massive success for me. The process requires baseline patience and intelligence. Laser hair removal is safe and effective but it takes TIME to see results. Patience is a virtue. I myself am a Pharmacist and am blown away by their patient care and exceptional knowledge base. I highly recommend Ideal Image at Garden City for those struggling with unwanted hair. Ideal Image is the permanent solution. They are the BEST there is!

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Posted by Lala on 2014-04-10:
I felt the same way as you. I should have done my research before I fell for it. Sure you'll see results during your treatments. After your treatments, totally different story. I now understand why they say in the advertising "You will never have to wax, tweeze, or shave again...". It's not because after the treatments, all the hair will no longer grow back but that you can get re-treated by them, but of course you will have to pay. WE WERE MADE FOOLS!
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Not Fully Informed
Posted by Gretarothe on 02/16/2014
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I have completed my treatments with Ideal Image (underarms, lower leg, and bikini).. Overall I am very happy with the results HOWEVER a few things to note- like don't throw away your razor:

- MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS. Hair "removal" should be clarified to Hair "Reduction". After my 9th treatment when I pointed out to the nurse that there was still come hair the word "reduction" was suddenly offered up.

- Read the details of what "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" means. While I though I did my due diligence in asking a number of questions on the front end shame on me for not reading all the details of my contract. That is my fault. However shame on Ideal Image for being intentionally misleading. I specifically told the laser activates hairs that may otherwise have never grown which is how they are able to remove all hair. I then pushed more and asked what if your hormones do change and new hair grows to which I was told this would be covered under my lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately lifetime guarantee does not mean the thousands of dollars you have already spent will cover those unwanted hairs. It means you can pay the lifetime guarantee cost to have them removed.

- MAINTENANCE- I further learned that it is expected to need to come back for maintenance after your hair "removal" is completed. Some people as often as 3 or 4 times a year! Needless to say I was really pissed off my last appointment when I learned this is to be expected because I was never told this during my consultation even with my probing questions. Furthermore, your maintenance costs are not a set fee- it is based on how many laser pulses you need! I am sorry- I have very long legs. That could be several hundred dollars per maintenance visit.

Again overall I am happy and do only shave about once a month which is so much nicer that every day. I am just unhappy in supporting a company that is misleading. Especially since I so highly recommended them during my treatments and have several friends and family that signed up. I wish I had known the above items so that I could disclose those with my recommendation. I also really hope that my once a month shaving continues and that I don't find myself shaving more and more frequently as more time passes from my last treatment.
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Posted by Paul on 2014-02-18:
It is nice to finally see a review of this company that makes sense and sounds honest.
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They are LIER!
Posted by Bluejeen on 02/15/2014
They lie to you to buy the package, after you are done your hair still there and they will said oh it is gone by 85-90% like we told you. NO, they never tell you that when you buy the package. They will tell you that when it is not working!
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Amazing results
Posted by Kymberleecox on 01/22/2014
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- From the moment I walked in the office in Little Rock AR I felt like they all really cared about me. I had my first treatment on 11/09/2012. I seen some results but nothing would compare to the results I have today 01/21/2014. It has changed my life completely. I have now have no embarrassing facial hair and cut all my hair off and wear it with confidence. If it wasn't for Ideal Image I would still be very self-conscious and hide my face behind my hair. They have saved me and I would highly recommend this company to everyone looking to have laser hair removal treatments.
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Posted by Randa.mullins on 12/14/2013
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I have blonde hair and I was told that the treatment would work for me because my blonde hairs had dark roots. I would not have paid the outrageous price if I was told that the laser would not work on blonde hair. I was also told that any "touch ups" would be free. After 12 treatments (the original 9 plus 3 "touch ups" that I did not pay for), I was told that I now have touch up fees. And I am now being told that the laser will not completely get rid of my blonde hair. It is also very annoying to have to wait 3 months if you ever have to reschedule an appointment.

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Posted by Mascarenas_p on 2014-01-26:
I feel so scammed by this company. I have brown hair and was told I was a perfect candidate. 9 treatments later they tell me my hair has a reddish tint to it and there isn't anything they can do. Almost all the hair has come back in three months, more will come I'm sure. What makes me furious is that they should have known this before they started, they probably did, they just wanted the money. I paid 4,800.00. I don't want anyone else to spend thousands for nothing. If you have even the slightest red or blond tint, don't go. Don't believe what they say. Also if you are going thinking it's less painful than waxing, it isn't. It is extremely painful. They are so dishonest. Don't go unless you have thousands to gamble with, and be prepared to lose it all
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Non Effective and Non Responsive Staff Regarding Your Concerns
Posted by Heleny03 on 07/10/2013
GATDEN CITY -- I like to inform anybody who goes with this company to be aware. Despite their highly and non competitive fees you will see minimal and temprory results. I have been getting treatments for the past 3 years and have spend thousands and the results are not even noticeable and very minimal. At the initial consultation they assure you results and they are friendly and professional, but that also changes when they have your money and commitment, also be extremely careful about their deceptive maintenance fees which they told you to be lifetime guarantee.

You still pay as much as the original fees. The staff is another issue they act friendly when you sign up but after that they are non responsive and rude if you have the slightest issues regarding your treatments .After so many treatments all they have to say regarding the non effectiveness of treatments is 'those areas are hard to treat" My question is so why do you take my money knowing the areas are hard to treat. They are plenty of companies with much less fees and more updated machines so don't fall by their phony advertisement and phony sales.
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Posted by Mike C on 2013-08-13:
Hauppauge----- And this is the Ideal Image at Garden City Long Island? I go to the one in Hauppauge!! Everything has been fine with my appointments and treatments till last week when I know and believe the laser was not used the right way on my upper legs. The lowest setting possible was used on upper legs when it was my 5th overall treatment for that area and no reason for it to be set at the lowest setting where I felt no pain, no burning hair smell and my skin never got red or hot like its supposed to! Plus it was my 4th technician overall who treated me in a year. Just hope my last experience was a fluke and maybe she set it to that low setting since I was supposed to get full legs done and lower couldn't get done because I got a tan on them and maybe she figured not to advance the upper legs part too far ahead of the lower legs or something. Ill soon find out next week when I get my chest/abs done to see if a trend continues or not
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Total Rip-Off!
Posted by Kjoyce75 on 05/01/2013
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I originally chose Ideal Image over the million other laser hair removal centers because they state to have a 'Lifetime Guarantee.' So, you could only imagine my shock when after spending $3,000 for laser hair "removal" of just my bikini area, to find out that after the 5 sessions, I still had hair and that I was expected to pay MORE money each session thereafter in order to 'Maybe' have it work this time!?! Caution: READ THE FINE PRINT OF THE SUPPOSED 'LIFETIME GUARANTEE!'.

They totally make it sound different than what is in actuality. I found this procedure to be a complete rip-off of a lot of money for something that did not even work. I do not recommend this totally over-priced laser center!!!!!

I suggest to shop around and find a laser center that speaks the truth and doesn't over charge like Ideal Image.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-05-01:
Laser hair removal has zero effect on gray, red or light colored hair.
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-05-01:
Really? Old timer, you sure are smart.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-05-02:
Really, that's what I am told.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-05-02:
very helpful review, and voted a such!!
Posted by onlooker on 2013-05-02:
Places I've been or taken people to, inform potential clients about the color issue. One place had very 'low settings' ? laser strength vs injury to pale skin.
It is good to hear the other side of the glowing ideal image comments. Something is not right for that consumer.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-02:
I remove my hair with old technology - a Howizter. Takes off the hair and stubble in one huge flash.

Old tijmer is right on top of things, as usual.
Posted by Alain on 2013-05-02:
A "Lifetime Guarantee" for any product seems to be valid only if the "lifetime" they're referring to is that of a hamster.
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