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Stay Away: Rude Staff and Was BURNED
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Overall, the staff is not courteous or friendly at all in addition to it being WAY overpriced. I warn you to not take advantage of their so-called special offers because really, their services are not worth the money they want you to pay. The staff is very disingenuous and actually, quite rude. Especially, the manager/sales consultant on site whose name is **. She is like a Stepford wife. When I went in to tell her I had been BURNED and wanted a refund, she gave me one of her mannequin smiles and was not concerned in the least that I was injured in her facility. She never even apologized.

I had gone in for my 2nd series of treatments but due to a work issue which had to be addressed, I ended up late for my appt. Now I even called up there approx 40 minutes beforehand to tell them I was running late, but the receptionist who answered the phone was very rude and curt... completely unprofessional behavior. She could not guarantee I could get in.

Now having had laser treatments before, I knew that my actual service would take all of 5 minutes (which it ultimately did). However, they were not willing to 'squeeze me in' after driving through horrible traffic to get there in the 1st place. They only have 4 locations in the city, so even their nearest office was an inconvenience... but then again, I went out of my way thinking I was receiving this fantastic service.

After asking them to squeeze me in, then watching them take care of another customer (in no more than 5 minutes), they still didn't want to service me which was when I asked for the manager (**) who gave me one of her mannequin smiles, apologized and said 'no problem'... She said the front office staff should have been more courteous, blah, blah, blah and yes-- "of course we can squeeze you in." (Pause for fake smile again.)

So I received the treatment (which took 5 minutes) and then proceeded with my day. Well sure enough, I ended up burned in one of the treatment areas. After being burned, I decided that I no longer wanted their services and wanted a refund. Now after leaving a message as to what happened I NEVER received a call back from ** or their offices. That was when I had to pretend I was a new customer coming in for a consultation in order to even speak to her. Again, upon asking ** for a refund she proceeded to give me one of her mannequin smiles and tell me there were no refunds.

That was when I had to contact corporate to work this matter out. I received a pro-rated refund for the services received (less the treatment for my burned underarm) but no thanks to the Buckhead office that have acted and behaved horribly through this whole process. I strongly caution against using their services... They are over-priced for what you are getting and are a very rude staff. Anyway, I do have documentation and pictures of me being burned and am seriously considering pursuing further damages because of this experience.

Very Frustrated After Being a Client for Years
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Rating: 2/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I have been going to Ideal Image for almost 10 years. I have had many parts of my body treated. After about 4 years I noticed hair coming back so I started getting touch ups again. There has been a complete change from the way Ideal Image used to be ran to the way it is ran now. The inconsistency of service is terrible.

The first four years I went for treatments they always made me feel like they understood my embarrassment and they genuinely wanted to make sure when I was paying $1700.00 for an area that it was treated correctly and the hair was gone even if it took additional treatments they did it right. Now it's managed very differently where every pulse is charged after 40 and it costs $50.00 per touch up for 40 pulses.

I had the front part of my neck treated because of PCOS and hirsutism and the first four years they treated all the way to my ears covering the whole under part of my neck. They shaved all of it every treatment and then treated it. When I returned for the touch up they said the part of my neck they always treated before was not covered and I could pay to have that done. It's ridiculous.

I do appreciate the people and know they are just doing what they are trained to do but I have spent massive amounts of money at Ideal Image to have no hair on certain parts of my body and the way every pulse is charged now is crazy. When I get a touch up on a part of my body I have paid for the entire part of the body should be treated again. Not just 40 spots. I should get a thorough treatment on the whole area if it's needed. I have spoken to the manager about getting other areas done but have chosen to not work with Ideal Image in the future because of this.

Not Fully Informed
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Rating: 4/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I have completed my treatments with Ideal Image (underarms, lower leg, and bikini).. Overall I am very happy with the results. HOWEVER a few things to note - like don't throw away your razor: MISLEADING ADVERTISEMENTS. Hair "removal" should be clarified to Hair "Reduction". After my 9th treatment when I pointed out to the nurse that there was still come hair the word "reduction" was suddenly offered up.

Read the details of what "LIFETIME GUARANTEE" means. While I thought I did my due diligence in asking a number of questions on the front end shame on me for not reading all the details of my contract. That is my fault. However shame on Ideal Image for being intentionally misleading. I specifically told the laser activates hairs that may otherwise have never grown which is how they are able to remove all hair.

I then pushed more and asked, "what if your hormones do change and new hair grows," to which I was told this would be covered under my lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately lifetime guarantee does not mean the thousands of dollars you have already spent will cover those unwanted hairs. It means you can pay the lifetime guarantee cost to have them removed.

MAINTENANCE - I further learned that it is expected to need to come back for maintenance after your hair "removal" is completed. Some people as often as 3 or 4 times a year! Needless to say I was really pissed off my last appointment when I learned this is to be expected because I was never told this during my consultation even with my probing questions. Furthermore, your maintenance costs are not a set fee - it is based on how many laser pulses you need! I am sorry - I have very long legs. That could be several hundred dollars per maintenance visit.

Again overall I am happy and do only shave about once a month which is so much nicer than everyday. I am just unhappy in supporting a company that is misleading. Especially since I so highly recommended them during my treatments and have several friends and family that signed up. I wish I had known the above items so that I could disclose those with my recommendation. I also really hope that my once a month shaving continues and that I don't find myself shaving more and more frequently as more time passes from my last treatment.

More Than Three Times the Cost of Other Places and They Burned Me!
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Rating: 2/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Thought I was getting a great deal, turns out it was all a scam like the other posts suggest. I paid over 3K for bikini laser hair removal which doesn't even include your back side! While there is significant hair loss, I do still have dark brown hair growth that they say "won't go away because the hair is too thin." They also burnt my skin very badly last time.

When I called to tell them they had me come in to get some pictures but then nothing else was done. Three months later and I still have burn scars where the pigmentation in my skin is much lighter than the rest of my skin. I would NOT recommend using Ideal Image. The staff is friendly but the amount it costs is not worth it! I have since gone to Village Point Med Spa for other laser hair removal treatment. They charge 1K for the same treatment INCLUDING the back side. I will never recommend Ideal to anyone.

Hair Removal? Don't!
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Rating: 2/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Yes, it's a nice, private, clean, nice staff, yadda-yadda... but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a scheme, a scam! I paid around $5,000 for 5 areas. It was considered 5 areas just to keep adding thousands but in essence I only had a few coarse hairs here and there on my face, neck, & chest area that I was tired of plucking and didn't want to shave. I was told in the consult that I would get free touch ups for life. So, I thought, smooth skin and no blemishes from plucking? I will take it!! Once I came back to sign contract, I was told touch ups would be a small copay.

Almost 3 years later: the hairs aren't as coarse, but they STILL grow and now WAY MORE! I went from having 2 or 3 hairs on my jawline, to a full 12 o'clock shadow, peach fuzz so I feel like I HAVE to go get the expensive touch-ups or shave. It's so much hair now that shaving will make my face look like my hubby's. I can't even afford to get touch-ups in all my original areas, for I would be paying hundreds per visit.

Keep your money & do a pay as you go deal with another company. They will tell you, "Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance", but don't fall for it. It initially seems awesome with having to shave less, but years later I am absolutely ashamed of the way I was handled with Ideal Image. I can't even get into the bumps and scarring from the laser.

Big Waste of Money & Lied To
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Rating: 1/51

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I am in a very bad financial situation but also, really need to feel better about myself. They had a Groupon sale and I got it even though I shouldn't have. I was promised that I would notice a difference in my clothes. Just about eight pounds overweight, but can't get rid of a flank problem. I was promised I would notice a difference by the salesperson and then once again by the person who did the treatment. I explained that I really could not afford to do this but if it would make a difference in the area that I couldn't lose I would do it.

Have not lost even a pinch. Of course the person I met today was not either person that promised me that there would be a difference and she said they never should have said that. Bait & switch. Waste of $2500!!! The women who took the pictures was trying to tell me that she could see the difference, but trust me, NONE. Don't believe what they say or waste your money unless you can afford to have many treatments & then maybe it would work. I only have a small problem and it did nothing! RIP OFF! Will never go back there for anything again

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Rating: 3/51

BROOKFIE, WISCONSIN -- I spent $4000 to get my lower legs done. Their ads that say you can throw out your shaver are a lie. After several treatments, I still have some leg hair that has to be shaved. Also, you can't get tan at all during the treatment period or they won't do them. The whole process takes 1-2 years. They don't mention this when you sign up. Who is going to stay out of the sun for a year? I feel like for $4000 I should have no hair. Would not get this done again. Everyone there was nice and professional. Only plus.

Does Not Work - Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- I am a male and did my whole face and my whole hair outline all around (tape). I did all 8 treatments that I paid for which was around $2,000. After still having hair, they gave me 4 treatments for free and today I look worse than ever. I should have stayed shaving, it's not worth it. Now, I look terrible with hair patches on my face and still shaving. When I went back after the last treatment, they said I had to start a new contract and pay way more money $$$$$ . I really hope this business goes down the drain. Don't waste your time and money. Trust me!

Horrible experience!! Do not go if blonde! Waste of money!
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Everything started our great. My first treatment I saw a good amount of hair go away about 30-40%. After that treatment the next couple of treatments I didn't see a difference in loss of hair. I asked them why there was no loss and the very rude nurse that I had told me it was blonde hair that was never going to go away. Now yes I am blonde but my underarms were always black hair. When I had them check my hair before I even signed my papers they said they could do it all with no problem.

Now all of the sudden I have blonde hair that won't ever go away. It's not like it's just a couple of hairs it's about 30% of my underarms!!! My time was up with them and they told me there was nothing they could do for me and I can't get any money back! If I had known that after a couple laser treatments my black hairs would turn to blonde and then never go away I would have not spend the $1000, yes a $1000 on my underarms. It was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent! Now on top of it I have nothing to show for it and have to shave just like I did before! Very pissed off customer!!! Would never recommend them to anyone!

Don't Waste Your Money. Don't Trust What They Tell You
By -

AVENTURA, FLORIDA -- I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the results or lack of same from the treatments I received at the Aventura Ideal Image. When I had my first consultation I was assured that I was the right candidate to obtain excellent results, etc, etc and that the treatment would be:

1-PAINLESS. Only if one enjoy being tortured or is into S&M to consider the treatments painless. Few times I had to ask the technician to stop and give few seconds between zaps because it was just too much pain. Upon reading several complaints about Ideal Image I later learned that there are ways of treating sensitive areas that can be less painful.

2-PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Only between my toes! I have more hair than before. I have hair growing in places that I had a peach fuss before. Now it is either shave it or wax it. I went in with one particular area on the chin with 5-6 stubborn hairs and now I have my neck full of dark hair to deal with. Whenever I complained about it, the technician said that by the end of the treatment I would be free of all the hair.

Another technician told me that sometimes when one area is treated it stimulates other areas. The way to deal with it is to apply ice immediately after being zapped. That was never discussed or done before and now it is just too late. I was promised to get few additional free treatments if not totally satisfied.

3-FULL SATISFACTION. Totally opposite! Upon my LAST treatment I was asked by a very professional technician if I had cancer. When I told her that I have skin cancer I was told that I could no longer be treated. I left and was told that someone would call me to discuss the matter.

4-CUSTOMER SERVICE. I received a call from ** days later telling me that I no longer could be treated. When I asked her about being reimbursed for whatever treatments might be left or for all the hair that now I was told that she was waiting for headquarters to get back to her and that they take a long time to take care of these matters. I kept calling and calling and only when I contacted headquarters directly via email chat I started to get results. I got a call from ** and shortly after from **.

Ms. ** told me that I had used all my treatments and I could no longer be treated due to my condition. I told her of my dissatisfaction with the end results and again was denied any sort reimbursement since now I am left with more hair and no longer can be treated for it. I asked her to send me the confirmation of her decision in writing and she said she would not put anything in writing. Unfortunately now that it is too late I started surfing the web and found several of the same types of complaints and wonder what was the end results of those complaints.

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