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Rating: 3/51

BROOKFIE, WISCONSIN -- I spent $4000 to get my lower legs done. Their ads that say you can throw out your shaver are a lie. After several treatments, I still have some leg hair that has to be shaved. Also, you can't get tan at all during the treatment period or they won't do them. The whole process takes 1-2 years. They don't mention this when you sign up. Who is going to stay out of the sun for a year? I feel like for $4000 I should have no hair. Would not get this done again. Everyone there was nice and professional. Only plus.

Misleading Advertisement, Misinformed, Scammed
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Rating: 1/51

BOISE, IDAHO -- BUYERS REMORSE. There are plenty of other places to go through for laser hair removal that will provide the same or better service for less than $500 as opposed to $5,000. Do your research. Do not pay top dollar to be scammed. I was pressured into signing a huge stack of paperwork at my first consultation so that they could laser me that day. I was told I would be hairless after that first appointment. Not true. They didn't bother to tell me I had to be completely shaved for the treatment to be most effective, and the technician certainly didn't care or bother to tell me to shave prior to burning my hair with a laser.

I was told at consultation that hair, grows in three phases and after three treatments I would have no more hair and the following 6 treatments are just for spot treating. I have now had 4 treatments, and my bikini hair is growing out thick as ever and there are huge patches that the technician has missed every time. I was verbally guaranteed results but when I went in to voice my concern, was told that I am only guaranteed 9 treatments, and have to pay after that. I was told at my consultation that results are guaranteed or my money back. I should have recorded the doctor saying this. I am paying top dollar for a service that is not being provided.

You can get laser hair removal for $500 with the same lasers. Do not be scammed into going through Ideal Image. The only reason I went with them is that it was, “guaranteed lifetime results.” They have a huge stack of papers for you to sign that they rush through with you and don't expect you to read the fine print on every page. No matter how nice the doctor seems, these people know they are scamming you. They are successful because of advertising and misrepresentation. I chose to pay over $4,000 because the doctor told me at consultation that I was only paying more because it's 100% guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

She said if my hair ever grows back, I can go to any Ideal Image in the country and be treated free. This is what the doctor told me, but the fine print words it a little differently. You're only given 9 treatments and have to,“co-pay” for anything after that, even if the treatments don't give you results. You can, “co-pay” for your treatment at any laser hair removal place. Ideal Image is ridiculously expensive and it does not provide you a better service than the other places that charge less than $500.

BUYER BEWARE. There are plenty of other places to go through for laser hair removal. Do not pay top dollar to be scammed. If Ideal Image were to actually provide me the service they told me I was paying for then I might change my mind. But presently, I am experiencing the worst buyers remorse of my life. Do not go through Ideal Image. If you have already made the mistake of going through Ideal Image, talk to any lawyers you know about getting out of contract.

Biggest Regret Ever
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Rating: 1/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- BUYER BEWARE!!! This place is a scam and full of liars who will tell you whatever you want to hear. I had started treatments here about two years ago and I am much worse off now than I was two years ago. First off, at my consultation, I was told “You are a perfect candidate” and “hair grows in three phases so after three treatments you will have no more hair and the rest of the treatments are just for spot treating." So I was pressured at the consultation to sign the paperwork so they could hurry up and start working on me right away. (mistake number one)

Well after about four treatments, I spoke to someone about my concerns because I still had almost all of my hair growing back (And when they tell you hair doesn't grow back darker and coarser, they are lying to you some more because in fact it does). While talking to this employee about the situation, I was assured they would take care of me. They said if they needed to get me extra treatments at no charge they would to guarantee I would not be unsatisfied with the product. This was promised to me several times so at this point I went on with the treatments hoping they would stick to their word (get it in writing).

Close to the end of my paid treatments (I was paying for my whole entire arm, front and back up to my shoulders) I was pointing out to the technicians that the past couple times, the technician had completely skipped the back of my arm. I voiced my concern again because they charge you based on the area you are doing. So I am now paying for the service they are not providing me. When I pointed this out, once again I was promised extra free treatments to make up for the missed sections. I had accepted that offer at this time. (I should have gotten it in writing!!!)

During my last paid treatment, once again I voiced how I don't think the treatments had been working the whole time. She once again said she would file an unsatisfactory report for me and get me extra treatments till the problem was fixed. She schedules me for my next appointment and I come back as scheduled. This time however, I am asked for like $150 before they will treat me. When I inquire about this charge, I find out no one had ever filed anything about free treatments.

At this point when I point out how I am not happy with this product and was promised it would be taken care of, they pull me in back and look at my arms and are like “oh yea, it appears you still have a lot of hair. Let me take some pictures and file an unsatisfactory report which will take two weeks. And we will call you back then and if that doesn't work we can talk about getting your money back.”

It has been over a month and I have heard nothing back from them. My hair on my arms is WAY worse off now than it ever was before I started. They had charged me almost $5,000 for this service. I feel like this place is a scam and they will continue to tell you whatever you want to hear until they have taken all your money. This place is successful because of misrepresentation. They will promise you things the whole entire time but will not act on any of it. If they ever end up making the situation right, I will take down this review but in the meantime, look out for this place. IT IS A SCAM!!!

Stay Away: Rude Staff and Was BURNED
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Overall, the staff is not courteous or friendly at all in addition to it being WAY overpriced. I warn you to not take advantage of their so-called special offers because really, their services are not worth the money they want you to pay. The staff is very disingenuous and actually, quite rude. Especially, the manager/sales consultant on site whose name is **. She is like a Stepford wife. When I went in to tell her I had been BURNED and wanted a refund, she gave me one of her mannequin smiles and was not concerned in the least that I was injured in her facility. She never even apologized.

I had gone in for my 2nd series of treatments but due to a work issue which had to be addressed, I ended up late for my appt. Now I even called up there approx 40 minutes beforehand to tell them I was running late, but the receptionist who answered the phone was very rude and curt... completely unprofessional behavior. She could not guarantee I could get in.

Now having had laser treatments before, I knew that my actual service would take all of 5 minutes (which it ultimately did). However, they were not willing to 'squeeze me in' after driving through horrible traffic to get there in the 1st place. They only have 4 locations in the city, so even their nearest office was an inconvenience... but then again, I went out of my way thinking I was receiving this fantastic service.

After asking them to squeeze me in, then watching them take care of another customer (in no more than 5 minutes), they still didn't want to service me which was when I asked for the manager (**) who gave me one of her mannequin smiles, apologized and said 'no problem'... She said the front office staff should have been more courteous, blah, blah, blah and yes-- "of course we can squeeze you in." (Pause for fake smile again.)

So I received the treatment (which took 5 minutes) and then proceeded with my day. Well sure enough, I ended up burned in one of the treatment areas. After being burned, I decided that I no longer wanted their services and wanted a refund. Now after leaving a message as to what happened I NEVER received a call back from ** or their offices. That was when I had to pretend I was a new customer coming in for a consultation in order to even speak to her. Again, upon asking ** for a refund she proceeded to give me one of her mannequin smiles and tell me there were no refunds.

That was when I had to contact corporate to work this matter out. I received a pro-rated refund for the services received (less the treatment for my burned underarm) but no thanks to the Buckhead office that have acted and behaved horribly through this whole process. I strongly caution against using their services... They are over-priced for what you are getting and are a very rude staff. Anyway, I do have documentation and pictures of me being burned and am seriously considering pursuing further damages because of this experience.

Don't Waste Your Money. Don't Trust What They Tell You
By -

AVENTURA, FLORIDA -- I am writing to express my extreme disappointment with the results or lack of same from the treatments I received at the Aventura Ideal Image. When I had my first consultation I was assured that I was the right candidate to obtain excellent results, etc, etc and that the treatment would be:

1-PAINLESS. Only if one enjoy being tortured or is into S&M to consider the treatments painless. Few times I had to ask the technician to stop and give few seconds between zaps because it was just too much pain. Upon reading several complaints about Ideal Image I later learned that there are ways of treating sensitive areas that can be less painful.

2-PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL. Only between my toes! I have more hair than before. I have hair growing in places that I had a peach fuss before. Now it is either shave it or wax it. I went in with one particular area on the chin with 5-6 stubborn hairs and now I have my neck full of dark hair to deal with. Whenever I complained about it, the technician said that by the end of the treatment I would be free of all the hair.

Another technician told me that sometimes when one area is treated it stimulates other areas. The way to deal with it is to apply ice immediately after being zapped. That was never discussed or done before and now it is just too late. I was promised to get few additional free treatments if not totally satisfied.

3-FULL SATISFACTION. Totally opposite! Upon my LAST treatment I was asked by a very professional technician if I had cancer. When I told her that I have skin cancer I was told that I could no longer be treated. I left and was told that someone would call me to discuss the matter.

4-CUSTOMER SERVICE. I received a call from ** days later telling me that I no longer could be treated. When I asked her about being reimbursed for whatever treatments might be left or for all the hair that now I was told that she was waiting for headquarters to get back to her and that they take a long time to take care of these matters. I kept calling and calling and only when I contacted headquarters directly via email chat I started to get results. I got a call from ** and shortly after from **.

Ms. ** told me that I had used all my treatments and I could no longer be treated due to my condition. I told her of my dissatisfaction with the end results and again was denied any sort reimbursement since now I am left with more hair and no longer can be treated for it. I asked her to send me the confirmation of her decision in writing and she said she would not put anything in writing. Unfortunately now that it is too late I started surfing the web and found several of the same types of complaints and wonder what was the end results of those complaints.

Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal - Complaint. They scarred me!
By -

I've been going to Ideal Image for hair removal and had many treatments already and it's not working! The hair keeps growing back and on my last treatment I got burnt. They used the wrong laser on me and I had burns all over the treatment areas, my skin bubbled and peeled and I felt like my body was on fire and they didn't do anything! She acted like nothing happened and sent me home but I couldn't drive so I came back and they just put ice on me and aloe vera... and gave me numbing cream.

Now it's over 2 months after and I have scars everywhere where I was treated! I got dark brown circles on my skin from the laser and they still act like it's no big deal and keep telling me it's going to fade and that it's better looking than it was the first few days after the treatment! They told me to buy some $70 cream that I had to pay for from my own pocket when it was their fault that I had this happen to because she used the laser for very fair skinned people on me when I always use the one for darker skin tones!

ULTherapy, Totally Sucks.
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- So like most women, I want to look younger. I searched web-site and found Ideal Image and went for a consult and I got sucked in, hook, line and sinker. It was a very painful process, left my face bruised, sensitive to heat, tingling and just went for my 6 month follow-up and the after picture results look worse than my before pictures.

People beware of the what a scam this is. And no MD on property whatsoever and only a registered nurse, and technicians. I could kick myself. Even the clinician stated she could not see any difference. She knew I was upset, especially after I said what a waste of time and money and what frauds you all are, and she said she would get in touch with her upline manager and see what they could do. I won't hold my breath waiting for that phone call.

Don't Fall For The Scam!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is a terrible service and they guilt you into it! I got my face, neck, and lower back done for about $4,000 and I'm so disappointed! In the consultant room I asked them "Will it make my hair go away." They said "Yes 100% and if it doesn't you come back until it's gone away." What they didn't tell me was every time I came back after my basic 9 treatments would be $400.

Then I went to the nurse who does the laser and she said that I'll notice a "hair reduction" but it won't all completely go away! Two totally different things and I was lied to! My hair is still dark and it still grows back maybe a little thinner but that's about it. What crooks they are.

Laser Hair Removal - Followed by White Hair Growth
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Rating: 2/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I was treated at Ideal Image and had moderate results. The laser didn't do a good job on my thighs. Also, no one told me that afterward, I would still have hair growth on my legs, but it would be white. I now have long white hair which means I STILL HAVE TO SHAVE. I also have black hair growing on my thighs. After spending thousands of dollars, I am extremely disappointed. I called, and the woman told me that she also has "peach fuzz" and still shaves due to this. She said that she always tells the clients that. Well, no one told me. Had I known this, I would not have spent all that money for mediocre results.

Had ultherapy on my entire face about 9 months ago
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Rating: 1/51

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO -- I had ultherapy on my entire face about 9 months ago. We looked at the pictures before and after ultherapy and there was no difference at all. I first person that looked at it said there might be a small wrinkle on my forehead that looked a little better now. The second person said that she would have to study the pictures to see if there was any improvement. I was hoping for any kind of "noticeable" improvement. I see NO improvement at all. It was very expensive and very painful. I would advise all to stay away from it unless you are a rich masochist.

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