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The Truth About Idearc
Posted by on
I have read many reviews of Idearc/ from many angry customers that feel that have been ripped off,
but have not really read any solid explanations of why Idearc/ is a rip off.

My name is Lisa, I work for the company in Everett, WA and have done the research to know why. It is my hope that by divulging
the truth someone will be able to use the information to take action against this company. I've made a lot
of money selling worthless advertising and this is my attempt to make it right.

First off, it's important to know that Idearc/ employs a very specific sales tactic that they
refer to as "Salesology." This is the very basis of all training and as an employee of the company, if you do
not follow this method, you will be reprimanded. Salesology is taught to all employees by Jay Hughes. Utilizing this sales method, most customers don't even realize that they just purchased
advertising. Here's how it works:

1) A Business receives a cold call and they are asked if it's "a bad time."
2) Rep tells them that "We have people in your area looking for (fill in blank) in your area, are you
currently taking on more work/new customers?"
3) Then we ask how much more work they can handle and how much they make per job. Multiply the amount of work by
the profit per job and that's their gap. Let's say an Electrical Contractor averages $500 per job and can take on
10 more of those per month. "So, if I were able to help you close that $5000 gap per month in your business,
would it be fair to ask for $500 on the back-end in return?"
4) Customer says "of course."
5) Almost no explanation is given on how we are going to get them this promised work. We get GTI
(General telemarketing international) on the phone who records the customer agreeing to a 12-month
contract. They are told we're doing this "To enter them into our database." Most people have no idea
what just happened, but this is 100% legally binding. Our only goal is to get them through GTI.

In the initial training, they state we're to find the gaps in small to medium sized businesses and help
them grow. The funny thing is that no matter what state their business is in, no matter what they sell, how
much they make per's all the same. The solution to every business is a minimum $500/month program to
meet their objectives. They don't really encourage anyone to sell over a $500/month plan because that
requires a signed contract in lieu of a GTI recording. If you sell less than $500 you're scoffed at, even if the
business doesn't need it.

So, what does a business get for $500/month? We are told to tell businesses that we are selling "SuperLeads."
However, these are nothing more than clicks with a theoretical conversion rate. Their collateral even shows how
this works. So, for $500 worth of SuperLeads a business will get 125 clicks with the minimum of $4/click (some
categories are more). They state that, on average, for every 5 clicks, a customer will actually make a call
to the business. $500 should then relate to 25 calls in a month. Again, this is how we are trained and this
is what the collateral we can send out states.

If the above actually worked, then it wouldn't be a bad deal. However, most businesses will not get any calls
for their $500 per month. Why? Most (at least 90%) of these clicks aren't even from, Google, Yahoo
or anything you've ever heard of. They are from obscure partner sites that pull out a single keyword from the
business and get the needed clicks to bill out $500. As an example, let's say a kitchen contractor installs sinks.
Let's say someone googles "sink holes." A few wrong clicks and the contractor is out $4. Again, at least 90%
of these clicks have nothing to do with what a business does. The customer doesn't have any access to
these click reports, and there are no audits done to ensure it's actually working at all. The fact is that
most sales are made to oversaturated markets where businesses will not get any return on their
investments. We can sell to the same type of business in the same cities as much as we want and tell everyone
"we have people looking for your services." In all actuality, gets little traffic, and if a business
gets even one call per month for $500 they are doing better than average.

Next, is there click fraud going on? ( i.e. the company clicking on its own ads to turn a profit.) I'm not 100%
sure here. We used to be able to see the IP addresses that were clicking on the ads, but not any more.
In the past, I did random sample searches to cross reference the IP addresses by location and a large amount
of the IP addresses were not even in the same state as the businesses. Many of these IP addresses seemed to
track back to where Idearc has physical offices. I have asked many times if I click on someone's ad from work, will
they be charged a click and have always been told no. I'm not so sure about that.

We also sell postcard mailers. When these came out I was excited to sell something that actually works. We are
told to tell customers they can expect a 0.5% - 2.0% return of them. I've heard of a few businesses getting
work from these, but I also know of businesses that have sent out 10,000 cards (at $5000) with zero return.
The artwork on these is generally poor, as they have the sales reps do the basic design and ad copy for
them with very little training. It's mostly a joke to see just how bad they come out. Many contractors have
actually gotten in trouble from the State because License numbers have to be on their ads. This also is not

[snip - no personal information please]

Good Luck!!!

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User Replies:
Billy10 on 03/29/2010:
As a current employee of Super Media (formerly Idearc Media) we promise that we will always take care of the client. We are very clear and even bring on an independent company to clarify the details of the agreement. On top of that, we email out the detailed contract to the client. At any point, if the client is not satisfied, or just plain has second thoughts and wants to cancel, they have a full 14 days after the agreement to cancel simply by sending an email or faxing in. No questions are asked.

I will say that I am fully aware of who and why this post was placed. Let's just say that this group did not leave on their own, and were the perpetrators of shady dealings.

Super Media only employs the most honest and qualified consultants and I am proud to be a part of this flourishing business. I have been with them for a long time now, and stand behind all that they do.

Feel free to visit At least 80% of the businesses that are partnered with us are here by choice, as they have been with us longer than a year (they go to a month to month plan after the 1 year agreement). In addition, Super Media have strong alliances with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing. They are the largest yellow page site nationally, and that only happens by making clients and end users happy.

Thank you, and we look forward to helping your business succeed.
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Will Never Do Business With Again
Posted by on
I am a new plumbing contractor in the Richmond Virginia area. From the beginning dealings with this company were very irritating! I couldn't get a hold of my rep either at his office or on his cell. Once I signed the paper work to go in the yellow pages I couldn't get him! I guess he didn't care anymore just like the company themselves! I told him of certain things that needed to be put on the ad an he told me he would take care of them. Well when the book came out I had people calling me (friends) telling me well the ad looks good except why doesn't your ad have licensed and insured on it!!!

Well that was 1 of the things I told him about and wasn't taken care of!!!! I called him and he said he would look into it(I actually got him!). Well he called me back and told me they messed up in the art department and that the company would be contacting me soon. Well about a month later they called me and said that because it was not a text error they could do nothing! I went off. Then they offered me free advertising for the next year. I told them well how does that help me now!

I may not be in business next year I'm a plumbing service company I need advertising and if people don't know I'm licensed and insured they aren't going to call me! She tried to feed me a bunch of bull about business and that if my company messed up that I wouldn't give money back or fix the problem! I don't know what plumber she deals with but my company does not work like that! Well she offered me 200 dollars off a 1400.00 ad! Then when I laughed at her about that she said there was nothing else she could do for me or my company! An she denied me talking to a supervisor! I started making more calls and e-mails and had no response then I sent them a letter they called me after I called and told them I had contacted my lawyer. An she told me I had signed a final with the ad that went in the paper. I told her I never signed a final I never saw one!!!

Well they sent me the fax with the supposed final and the paper she is talking about was the rough of the ad! Not the finished ad! That paper was only the paper stating that I would be putting an ad in there book and somewhat what it would look like and that when it was done to my approval that I would sign the final to go in the book! And the agent said nothing would go in without my approval!!! Well it did!!!

An now they are saying it is not there fault that it is my reps or agents fault!!! So I said to her "So now I have to pay for something your employee did not do correct I have to pay for your employee's screw-up!!!! and she said yes you do!!! I can not believe this company!!!!! How do they stay in business!!! There are other plumbing companies in the area that they have messed up to and they are not going to advertise with them again. The only way my company is making it now is off other plumbing companies that know my work and by word of mouth. I WILL NEVER AGAIN ADVERTISE WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN! I am on my way to taking them to court! I'll let everyone know how it went. What needs to happen is everyone needs to take them and they need to be shut down permanently!!!!!!
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I will never use them again!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I don't know how a reputable company like Verizon could turn their advertising customers over to a bad outfit like Idearc Media. For years Verizon Yellow Pages was the only place I advertised. I had just one bold listing, and it brought me enough business. Then they turned their advertising sales over to Idearc Media. Late last year, one of their reps convinced me to take out six small ads in the 2009/10 edition. She was so pleasant and called and emailed me all the time. That is, until she'd firmed up my contract. After that, it was impossible to reach her. She had promised to send me proofs which I never received. Out of frustration I left a message for her supervisor. But he never returned my call either. Finally, I spoke with someone in Customer Service. Shortly after that, I got a curt voicemail from her saying that the phone books had been delayed and that I'd be getting my proofs shortly. I never did. When the phone books finally came out, they were of appallingly poor quality - cheap, thin paper, blurry printing, binding so far to the inside that parts of some ads are unreadable (like when a used book has been poorly rebound). But, my main complaints are that the 2009/10 small, companion book, which is used at least as much as the larger book, is just a copy of the 2007/08 edition. My six ads aren't even in it. Yet, I'm being charged as much as if the ads were in both books. Also, there's a problem with the ads themselves, which could have easily been corrected if I'd seen the proofs in advance. I certainly won't ever advertise with them again them unless Verizon takes back the Yellow Pages. With all the complaints against Idearc Media, it seems that customers should have recourse of some kind.
Company Response 05/04/2010:
We are never pleased when one of our clients is unhappy. Please give me the opportunity to review your issue. I promise someone will get back to you within 48 hours with an update. Please provide me with the following information and e-mail back to me at:

Your full name and title:
Business Name:
Business Telephone Number:
State in which your Business resides:
Your contact number:
Best time to call you:
E-mail address:
Brief complaint description:
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User Replies:
imo on 10/23/2009:
You are assuming that Idearc is a different company than Verizon, and that is the source of their corporate misbehavior. Having been employed as a sales rep there for over a decade, I can tell you that the only difference between Verizon & Idearc is the name. A short history: Bell Atlantic merged with GTE around 2000 to form Verizon. The new corporation placed Kathy Harless in charge of the yellow page/internet advertising division, and she proceeded to single-handedly destroy that part of the company. Around 2005, Verizon decided to sell off the yellow page advertising division, but couldn't find a buyer at the $14-$19 billion asking price. So they engaged in some Enron accounting, spinning off that business as a separate entity called Idearc Media, and shifting approximately $9 billion worth of debt to the newly formed company. During all of these maneuvers, the staff and offices have remained the same, except for a few heads at the top. It is essentially the same company, following the same misguided policies.
Through the 1990's, Bell Atlantic had some level of business ethics, and its mission was to try to help its clients build there business through advertising. After the GTE merger, the overriding concern was to drive up Verizon's stock price - at any cost. Ethics & morality were swept aside as so much dust. A wide path of disenchanted employees and abused customers was left in the wake of the pursuit of sales numbers.
Today, Idearc is floundering around in an attempt to survive the consequences of its tattered reputation. Its employee morale is at an all time low, as are its customer relations. My understanding is that, once it comes out of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it will once again change the corporate name. The idiots at the top must think that a simple name change will help it escape its ugly past.
The bottom line - Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and his cohorts are the ones who created this mess to begin with. It is a mistake to think that a return to the Verizon days would make any difference whatsoever.
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Can't Get Hold Of Them To Dispute Bill Then They Send My Account To Collection Agency
Posted by on
I cancelled my advertising with Idearc Media and they continued to bill me. I cancelled again, but they wouldn't stop. I tried contacting them and finally after getting through, the call mysteriously disconnected in the middle of the conversation. Had to start all over with the automated system and then once I get someone we're disconnected again. I gave up. I try calling them from time to time, and now their latest voice mail message now is: "we're in a meeting right now and can't come to the phone." Huh? What are you, the corner ice cream shop? I've tried emailing, tried everything and they will not respond. So now they're ruining my credit by sending a collection agency after me. I will not pay the damn $116.00 to these scam artists. They are evil. I believe I will sue them and let's see if they show up in court. Maybe then, if they show up in court, I can finally have a conversation with someone without getting disconnected, or told they're in a meeting. That is, if I can restrain myself from throwing the person up against the wall by his neck. This company cares nothing about their customers or about their reputation.

I can't believe it was associated with Verizon, who has great customer service. This company is evil and should be put out of business. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! They will screw you. Trust me.
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Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
The only association they have with Verizon is printing phone books.

Here is their contact info:
Idearc Media LLC
2200 W. Airfield Drive
P.O. Box 619810
DFW Airport TX 75261
Tele: 9724536082
Fax: 9724536869
madconsumer on 02/18/2009:
great review.

very helpful.

but as you notice, their mail box is a drop box at dfw airport. maybe a court case is in order here. have you tried contacting the DA?
Anonymous on 02/18/2009:
If they are a Texas LLC doing business in Texas, contact the Attorney General of Texas and the Secretary of State. The former will assist (diligently) with your complaint as a consumer and the latter will help you track down the persons forming and managinig the LLC. Good Luck! That the only contact with them is an airport drop box suggests a very portable operation able to disappear in the twilight.
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Fraud in Advertising
Posted by on
LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- Idearc Media does the yellow book advertising for Verizon. They contacted us for an ad. We submitted what we wanted. They always sent incorrect proofs, then we canceled. We went to Customer service, handed in all our proof including times and dated faxes, certified letters. Nothing we can do you signed a contract. Yes, BUT WE CANCELED BEFORE DEADLINE! Too bad, we are not doing anything. We were cursed at, by sales rep and all they do is laugh.

SHAME ON IDEARC MEDIA. And SHAME on VERIZON for having such companies defraud the public. Contact us with any similar complaints. Class action lawsuit.
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User Replies:
eventgrp on 03/25/2008:
In January of 2008 we received our first bill from Idearc Media, Inc. Not knowing who they were, we investigated and found they were handling the Verizon Print Directories. We decided to cancel since the directory was really of no used to us.

After notifying Idearc in writing that we wished to cancel we were informed that we could not cancel until September of 2008.

Since this company was new to us, we had not received any explanation of the change and we had not received a renewal notice, we feel we are being taken advantage of.

We asked for a copy of the written contract and were told that the contract was verbal and was made by an employee in our San Dimas office which has been closed for 2 years. We were able to obtain a copy of the third party verbal verification, but nothing else.

Today I tried to get to the bottom of things and was transferred at least 5 times and was hung up on twice. Eventually I encountered Elliott Levi who told me that we were on automatic renewal and that renewal notices were rarely sent out and would have gone to our non existent San Dimas office. He told me that if there was no response to the notice then the assumption is to publish the ad. All cancellations must be in writing.

We did not have the opportunity to cancel because we were not informed of the renewal until we received the first bill. At that point, it was too late. In addition, the bill came from a company we did not recognize.

Idearc has used unethical business practices to force us into paying for advertising we do not want. The dollar amount may be small, but we may sue just on principle.

noc12 on 04/16/2008:
Hey docwaz
I had the exact same thing happen to me today. I placed an add with Verizon superpages back in 2003 and eventually canceled in 2004 because of horrible service. Then 3 years later I get Idearc Media calling me, telling me that I owe them $590.00. When I called them to ask why that was, they said that it automatically renewed and that I never canceled (when I did cancel). So they were charging me for over a year when I thought it was canceled. When I spoke to their reps they had attitudes and they seemed to really enjoy me being upset. I had to end up paying a collections company they sent after me. I already reported them to the Better Business Buerau and Consumer Affairs. If your interested in filing a class action lawsuit I am right behind you. This company is out of control and needs to be regulated.

netman206 on 04/13/2009:
Wow, These people are crooks the same thing happened to me.
I disagreed on the proofs of the add and told them to cancel and not run the add due to a change of business numbers. The crooks there ran the add anyway with the old numbers on the add and not only that it was a full page display, Once again nothing was agreed on but still the add was posted.
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Lack of service
Posted by on
TEXAS -- Marvin Schuster
Fasco Air Conditioning
17038 West Dixie Hwy #224
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
phone: 786 -877-5899

To whom it may concern:
Hello There. This is David Messenger of Truth.

The truth is that Verizon Yellow Pages and IdearcMedia etc. are 2 companies that have conducted business with me in an unprofessional manner.

I am advertising in their Verizon yellow pages in Miami, Florida, and I have many issues with them ranging from artwork mistakes, no artwork proof given before they printed the book, and the internet campaign I had done with them was not done right. They just don't seems to care about their customers at all. They just seem to care about money.

After they get your money, they forget about you. My rep given to me by there company "[name removed]" #100245 is a rep who is really working at IdearcMedia Verizon Yellow Pages for a paycheck only. When it comes to taking care of customers, she really does not care just like the company she works for. Her supervisor Roslyn Parker is really there for a paycheck. She does not care about fixing problems at all .

I had been doing business with Verizon yellow pages for 2 ½ years with no problems. Now that I have a problem I have tried to fix it, and I called every phone number that I can find for the company. I spoke to many different people from their company from New York to Texas, Saint Petersburg, Hollywood Florida, to Jacksonville Florida and the list goes on and on. I just get transferred from one place to another and no one knows how to help me or give me info to resolve my problems. I just keep getting transferred or given a phone number to call etc.

Finally, I got to IdearcMedia Headquarters in Texas after a month and many hours of trying to figure out who can help me . When I finally got someone on the phone who said they could help me resolve the issues I became hopeful, but ultimately my hopes were dashed and nothing was resolved.

All and all the negligence and lack or follow through by Verizon cost me an estimated $200,000 in revenue. This page was made to warn people about doing business with this bad company, IdearcMedia and Verizon Yellow Pages. You can add your complaints to this page so the truth can be told and heard.

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Terrible Business Practices!
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I am a small business owner in Southern CA, and have had a horrible time trying to cancel Idearc advertising in a Verizon book. They renewed my advertising contract without my consent, and when I realized what had happened, was told that it was too late and the book was already published. I refused to pay for advertising that I didn't authorize, but have been turned over to a collection agency.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/21/2008:
You might check your contract with them, I would not be surprised to find an "auto renew" provision hidden in there. If that's the case make sure you follow their instructions to cancel any future ads or this will go on and on.....
Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
I used to get a 'renewal' bill for Yellow Pages ads. Many people wrongly assume if they don't pay the bill, the ad will not renew. As the poster found...they do! The original contract often states this and advises subscribers to notify the publisher of 'changes' (cancellations too)...or the ad will continue to run as written. Sorry, you're stuck with the bill and should pay it.
dusty_V on 06/08/2008:
Don't feel too bad. I bought a motel in 11/2001. I never knew that the previous owner had a self renewing contract with these folks, the bill was buried in my phone bill. This year Idearc took over their own billing, when I called to find out what it was that I was being billed for I got the royal run around. After many, many calls and confrontations I finally was told I had to call and cancel. When I did I found that I have to pay through October. Lol, a bunch of crooks with a huge legal team. 5 thumbs down!
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