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Beware of Buying Bed
By -

Knowing IKEA's low prices were that way for a reason, I was expecting my bed to have problems maybe after a year or two from buying it. I'm an expert at putting IKEA furniture together by now. My friend and I assembled the Hemnes queen bed perfectly as per instructions. The headboard and footboard already came assembled, FYI. As we moved the bed into place, the headboard practically disassembled itself. We quickly noticed that the headboard wasn't even held together with real metal screws; just the wood ones. I couldn't believe the designers thought that would hold.

There is a part to the bed where you attach little metal rods that stretch from the middle of each sideboard to the footboard and headboard. The IKEA manual for the bed does a pretty good job at communicating that these rods are to keep the bed square. So we made a special point to make sure the rods were at the correct position. All said and done, the front piece of the rods bent completely when 135 pound me sat on the bed.

The bed bows out regardless and the platform bed slats (purchased separately) keep falling through the frame. I either have to figure out if they will refund me the bed, or at least exchange it, or if I had to add bracing brackets to the headboard and screw in the slats. This is a pain. I would rather have settled for a metal frame with a boxspring. At least I know it's safe.

Cheap Quality merchandise/Terrible Customer Service
By -

SCHAUMBURG, ILLINOIS -- We bought a bed called Odda for my daughter. It was assembled as instructed very well with a power screwdriver, etc. However, the particle board it was made from was so cheap it couldn't really hold screws very well. The wheels on the trundle portion continually fell out. One day she sat on the bed and the wood slats gave way and she fell through the bed. Luckily for all she wasn't seriously hurt but I didn't want the junky bed in my house, so I called IKEA, took the bed apart, and brought it back. It was beyond the 90-day return.

They did give me a refund on the bed, a store credit on the mattresses (they don't accept mattress returns), but they stuck me with the headboard because according to them it was a separate stand-alone item. Considering they sold a dangerous product, they should have taken back the headboard as well. I mean, what am I going to do with the headboard. It was just an overall really nasty experience. It was a very expensive bed (approximately $700) and the materials were so cheap. I would never buy another product from them.

Bed Bugs Hitched A Ride On An Ikea Bed Frame
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EMERYVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- We bought a bed frame and mattress from IKEA for an exchange student who would be living with us. After a few months, he started to complain about what seemed to be bug bites. We couldn't imagine where it could be coming from. No one else in the house was experiencing it. Finally, we saw a bed bug. We paid $1000 to buy mattress and pillow encasements for all the beds in the house, since bed bugs like to live there (and the encasements keep them from getting out or back in). We also used a steamer and put other things in a hot dryer (high temperature kills bed bugs). But the problem recurred. So, we took the bed apart.

There, we found clear evidence of bed bugs and their eggs in the slats of the bed. This whole process obviously took some time to figure out. So, by the time we did, and I called IKEA, they refused to do anything about it, since it was more than 90 days past the purchase. I was only asking them to replace the slats (not an expensive thing), but they reiterated that there was "nothing we can do." I guess my only recourse is to make sure that people know to always check their products for signs of bedbugs.

Tromso Bunkbeds Missing Parts
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We went down and bought 3 sets of these bunk beds, got home took the kids' other beds down and started putting the new beds up. Got the 1st 2 beds up and started on number 3. It was missing parts so we could not complete the beds. We let the kids sleep on the mattress on the floor for the night. Called the IKEA store in Houston and talked to customer service she was no help at all. Had her get me a manager, so she got on the phone and was somewhat a SMART ASS about the issue with the missing parts. I will not ever buy from IKEA again and would not refer anyone I know to that store. Thank GOD we have the receipt so I can take the beds back and shop at some other store.

Deceptive Practice
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Beware of IKEA deceptive practices. I recently bought 2 beds and was told that to complete my purchase I had to get three boxes containing the parts necessary to assemble the beds; however, one of the major pieces and the wooden slats for each bed were missing. When I called IKEA's customers service, I was told that these pieces were not included in the purchase and that, consequently, I would have to order them at a cost. With the shipping charges, I have to pay over one hundred dollars without having been told in the first place that the beds I bought needed parts at an additional cost.

By -

LA SPEZIA, ITALY -- I am writing you to complain about the serious irregularities and intolerable treatment that I have been subjected to by your company which is located in Genoa, Italy. The reason for my addressing directly to you is due to the lack of competence that I was confronted with during the several interactions with your staff in Genoa, which have led me to assume that my only viable solution right now is to plead my case to you, the original company.

Assuredly, I am aware that IKEA as a MNC has many a problems that have to be dealt with every day and your national online client service was meant to facilitate the promptness with which certain sometimes avoidable, sometimes unavoidable inconsistencies occur. Unfortunately, my hope and confidence in the principles your firm is constantly promoting have faded away after my faultfinding has been repeatedly ignored by your Italian employees. I am also knowledgeable of the fact that as a MNC, you have to cope not only with the labor market you find in one country, but also with what appropriately deserves the name of labor culture.

From this particular point of view, I find myself compelled to emphasize that for your company to maintain its high standards not only your products (which are, by all means, of remarkable quality) need to be submitted to constant quality control check-ups, but also the services you offer to your customers.

Concretely, my situation is as following: I have purchased several products and services which amounted to 1600 Euro. My order no. ** dates from 24th of July 2006 and the arrival of my merchandise (transportation and assemblage included) was scheduled for the 31st week of the year, that is, 1-7 August 2006. After having seen that the deadline was surpassed, I started making phone calls to realize what might have caused this unfortunate situation (I have just moved in a new house with my two children and obviously I intended so that the arrival of my furniture - a kitchen and a bed coincide with my actual moving in.).

Your employees from the Call Center have told me that I should be the one to contact the firm they have hired to do the transportation and the assembling of my products. Although I believed this to be unacceptable, since it was not the transportation firm that I have given money to, but to IKEA Genoa itself, I nonetheless contacted Gondrand S.P.A. only to be treated disrespectfully and threatened to have my entire order annulled if I decided to contact any institution that deals with consumers' rights and their protection. After this unfortunate event, I again contacted IKEA Genoa.

The result: my merchandise arrived the 10th of August as following: the bed I purchased lacked the iron support for the mattresses although it was included in the price and the workers of the transportation firm have informed me that the assembling of my merchandise will take place on the 18th of August. Given the whole new twist of the situation I personally went to IKEA Genoa to speak to the manager of the store and settle this problem for it was no longer acceptable for I and my children to be tormented in such a manner.

The only thing that your store manager MANAGED to do was to hear me, consider my arguments to be correct and just and then tell me that THERE IS NOTHING THAT HE CAN DO TO CHANGE THE SITUATION AND THAT ONLY ON THE 18TH OF AUGUST WILL I BENEFIT OF THE REST OF THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS THAT I HAVE PAID FOR!!!

I know that as far as Italy is concerned, the month of August is when half of this country goes on leave; I also know that on the 15th of August is Feragosto, an important Italian holiday. Nevertheless, I as a customer of your firm can neither accept or tolerate any longer such mistreatment.

Firstly, it is a question of private property rights. I have given you not only my money, but also my time and my health (I have been in a continuous and increasing state of stress and anxiety for more than two weeks now) in return for your products and your services and let me tell you that your manager telling me he is sorry does not compensate for the violation of the terms of my acquisition from your firm.

Secondly, it is a question of empathy. Surely, if one of your suppliers (let's say, fuel supplier) with which you have signed a written contract tells you all of a sudden that he cannot any longer comply with his obligations and that he is sorry and that in two-week time everything will go as planned, you would unmistakably file a formal complaint and try to regain by all means the loss you have suffered.

Last but not least, I, by purchasing your products, have not only bought furniture; I have also intended to acquire a certain standard of quality and a vision of efficiency and competence. Although your products remain still of remarkable quality, your image has disgracefully been blemished by the misconduct of your staff. Although I am but one customer of many and the sum I have invested small, I do hope that at least now I will be treated conformably to the principles you take so much pride in.

No Replacement Parts
By -

We purchased an IKEA Tromso bunk bed secondhand. For one reason or another, several parts were missing. I thought no problem, just order replacement parts from the company. Turns out the only replacement parts they supply are hardware: screws, etc. So the only way we can fully assemble the bed is to come up with parts on our own. Thankfully, the parts we are missing are the sort that (hopefully) a metal fabricating place can make for us. But seriously, isn't it a company's responsibility to provide replacement parts if they are needed?

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