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Not For Trades
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Rating: 1/51

SAWGRASS, FLORIDA -- Definitely IKEA is not for trade people. This is in SAWGRASS STORE only. I cannot judge the other stores they may have in the US. I went there to help a client from Norway, order, pay and pick up a kitchen cabinet with appliances. Their system is ridiculous. You can not order in advance so they could have your order ready for you to pick up at your convenience - NO that's too much to ask. You have to pay when you pick up and they have a SELF PICK UP for some items and FULL SERVICE for some other items.

So after you pass the drill of ordering waiting (1 HOUR) for someone to take care of all items needed in a list, you START: 1st, you have to SELF PICK UP from shelves "some in second floor, some in first floor" then... 2nd, you have to pay for that... wait in line "AGAIN" to pay and then... 3rd, go submit your receipt to the FULL SERVICE COUNTER (otherwise they will not start with your order) and... 4th, wait in line "YES AGAIN" for FULL SERVICE to give you the rest of accessories (45 ITEMS) 1 HOUR 35 MINUTES. They got the items deliver to me right there, where I was waiting, in two carts together because some items were too big for one cart so they pile it up in two CARTS stick together by weight.

I asked them to please help me BUT NO I had to push them 2 carts loaded outside by myself and they would not push it to your truck or car, you have to take it to the loading dock, go and pick your truck up the loading dock and maybe someone from IKEA at the dock would help me (NOT, NOT, not in my case, they did not help me). 4 hours later I was out of IKEA. BUT not all bad I must confess. The trip to Miami Beach was really, really good, no traffic congestion instead of taking 1 hr 15 minutes it took me 45 minutes. NO THANKS TO IKEA, OK.

Worst Return Policy Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Many problems with our birch cabinets colors. Many black and purple lines all over the doors... but not on their display cabinets. Waited hours trying to return inferior product. Also we were forced to buy $150 worth of extra product to get our 20% discount because they were out of one of the products we were buying, which put us under the total $ amount needed for our discount.

We were told we could return extra items anytime up to 25 years later. We decided not to use them after kitchen was completed and we tried to return extra items 1 1/2 yrs later. After waiting one hour they wouldn't take them back, even though they still carry the product.

Very Bad Customer Service & Deceiving Customers
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PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- W brought cabinet sets, but they didn't give us all the pieces we ordered. We have 1 missing piece which is the base cabinet and it was only $30, but still we paid for it, it was charged on our receipt. We went back to them explained that they might forgot that piece or made mistake. They said they checked their inventory there is no more or less. They said they can't give us back that missing piece and if we want it we need to buy it. But the fact is we already paid for it.

Is it angry? You paid but you don't get your item. They said we signed the pickup paper so is our fault we don't know it was missing. Of course we signed because we need to pick up our items back home. I was arguing with them on the fact that I paid and I didn't get all my pieces. It was missing. They are denying their mistake and not taking responsibility and keep saying I signed so that's it, is not their fault. This is not reasonable at all, if people brought 100 pieces, they are supposed to check all 100 codes on the spot? Is it that supposed to be their job?

Besides the paper we signed was just to pick up or get our items. If we don't sign, we can't leave with our items. I would never go to this store anymore. They have a very terrible customer service, unreasonable points and deceiving customers.

IKEA Kitchen 5 Months Late - House Not Useable
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PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- The summary - IKEA failed to deliver my kitchen cabinets for 5 months (over an entire holiday season) during which time 4 of the six rooms of my house were unusable, and they are unrepentant. They say I should not have ripped out my kitchen based on the delivery date they gave me. In their lawyers say that if I publicize what they did, they will sue me for libel and slander. Some details follow... This is an explanation of the problems I am having with IKEA Elizabeth and their credit card company Household Bank.

In October 2001, I ordered a kitchen from IKEA in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It was to be delivered during the first week of November 2001. To make a long story short, I did not get the last piece of cabinetry delivered until March 2002. This disrupted my entire small house for the whole time because they failed to notify me that item after item would be back ordered and during that time my kitchen, dining room, living room and guest bedroom were disrupted or not useable.

I tried complaining to the Better Business Bureau, but they said they had many complaints against IKEA and that IKEA did not even respond to their letters. I filed with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs in February or March of 2001 for a complete explanation of what happened. More than I year later, they gave up.

About 4 months after all the trouble began in Oct/Nov 2001, I refused to make any further payments on my IKEA credit card because I believed they had breached their contract with me. I filed all the appropriate complaint letters with the IKEA credit card division but they would not keep the debt on hold while I negotiated with the Consumer Affairs Division or during what is now a lawsuit against IKEA.

In the meantime, IKEA stopped carrying their own debt and Household Bank took over. I have notified them more than six times by phone and mail, that this debt is in dispute and that I will not make any payments until it is through the Department of Consumer Affairs and that I would then sue if an agreement could not be reached. I am now suing IKEA. However, that could take a long time. Household Bank will not hold the debt in a disputed status. They ask IKEA and IKEA tells them everything is OK and that I owe the money.

My formerly excellent credit rating is now destroyed and shows a large debt that is unpaid since October 2001. I have asked the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs for help with Household Bank, they referred me to the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission referred me to the Comptroller of the Currency (because it is a bank incorporated with an NA status). The Comptroller of the Currency does not return my calls and tells me there is nothing they can do and do not return my phone calls.

The FTC website said I should call the attorney general's office for my state. I did, they transferred me to Consumer Affairs, I called back to the AG's office and when I explained to them (after the phone rang for the better part of 30 minutes) what had already happened, they said they could not tell me anything other than 'this is the United States, you can sue anyone?' I found this far less than helpful. They suggested I call the Newark Star-Ledger. I did call them too, but they have not returned my calls. I contacted my congressman and he suggests that I contact the state consumer affairs department. HEEEELP.

I am at my wits end. It would seem to me that if I am doing everything I can to contest this using all the appropriate channels there ought to be some way that the credit card company should have to stop making efforts to collect from me and stop ruining my credit rating. So far not a single state or federal agency has been able to do a thing for me. A fair outcome would be that IKEA would compensate me for my damages, I am only asking for about 10,000.00 in my lawsuit. This is the portion of my mortgage that would cover the 2/3rds of my house that were unusable for the five months during which they failed to deliver the kitchen.

As for Household Bank, they should have to stop all efforts of collect the debt until the court case is settled and should have to remove all negative content from my credit record. An apology wouldn't be so bad either. Thanks very much for your support.

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