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Products Displayed but Never Available?
Posted by Bunnyman on 05/03/2010
CANTON, MICHIGAN -- My wife and I have shopped at Ikea on many occasions and historically, we've enjoyed their prices, products, and selection.

We were in the market for a new living room sofa and chair, and despite looking at many other furniture and home stores, were not able to find what we were looking for.

After shopping at the Canton, MI Ikea, we saw the Mujik Red Vreta sofa and recliner. The pair were leather, nicely constructed and priced competitively. Moreover, Ikea was running a special whereby if the customer signed-up for an Ikea credit card, the purchase could be made at 12 months same-as-cash.

When we inquired about purchasing, we were told they had neither item in-stock, but would have it "soon." We tried to place an order, but were told we could only place something called a "draft order". We wanted to make sure we got the 12 months same-as-cash deal, so after going round-and-round to several staff members who would not help, my wife happened to ask an employee who turned out to be a manager. He gave us a note authorizing the deal to be applied when the furniture came in, and told us we would be called.

That was in Febuary 2010 and it is now May. Not only has the furniture never arrived, but when my wife attempted to call the manager we had spoke to, he said there was nothing he could do, and oh, by the way, don't EVER call him again!

The other night my wife was looking at the Ikea website, and the web inventory indicated both items were in-stock in the Canton store - but no call. So she called the store and they said they didn't have it. When my wife asked about why the website showed the items in-stock, yet we received no call, the employee asked "well, did you PAY for it!" My wife said we weren't permitted to place a *real* order, only a *draft* order. My wife then asked to speak to a manager, and after some wrangling with the employee, she expected to be put-through, only to have the employee hang-up on her. My wife was very courteous throughout, so there was really no excuse for the employees behavior.

I'm puzzled as to WHY Ikea would have items on the floor for MONTHS and yet never seem to have the item in-stock? Why don't Ikea employees at least ATTEMPT to answer the customer's questions? How can Ikea expect to only allow back-ordered items to be sold if the customer has paid in advance, and then, have a policy that does not allow the customer to place a REAL order or pay for the item?

In retrospect, I'm certainly glad we didn't pay, as we would still have no sofa or chair! We found another sofa and chair, and we are resolved to NEVER do business with Ikea again. They are not only rude, but appear to engage in some HIGHLY SUSPECT business practices. I'm contemplating a letter to the State Attorney General's office.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2010-05-03:
Is it available online? Just order it that way and pay for the shipping. It sounds like it would cost less than your aggravation.
Posted by Bob on 2012-02-14:
The VRETA sofa isn't a stock item. You order it and have it devivered or pick it up at a local warehouse. Got ours in about a week.
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Posted by Doesitreallymatter on 03/29/2009
UNITED STATES -- Have you noticed that there is no section or counter in any IKEA store that claims to be "guests’ services" or the "courtesy counter" or "Customer Service"? There is not a single sign or direction anywhere in the store that directs anyone to such a location to have their questions answered, just small towers with an “i” icon at the top placed at various locations throughout the maze. You might be lucky to find a coworker within a few hundred feet of each of those “i” towers.

If you do find someone, hopefully you will get a well rehearsed quote from the Yellow Shirt People that customer service is throughout the store. They claim that all coworkers are trained to answer your questions (and solve your problems) at the point of contact. I find this difficult to digest but have been surprised with how much the coworkers know about their immediate areas.

I found that any coworker was able to assist me and if there were honest issues that IKEA was at fault for, those issues were corrected. They have simple solutions for just about every situation. However, the issues that I have learned from are “Contempt of concept”. Some of us just don’t fit into the IKEA customer profile and the rest of us just do not find the concept an easy way to shop. Maybe we're stubborn or spoiled. Maybe we think that because we are spending our money we should have service on a silver platter. Unfortunately, IKEA does not sell silver. That does not stop one from wanting to vent to the manager about something he has no control of or to threaten to call "Corporate" when we don't get what we want.

There is no real reason to ask for corporate or for the manager. Don’t even bother. You can ask for a manager five times during one trip to the store and get five different managers with five different approaches to you as a customer. There is no one true manager that can be found. If there is a general manager, they must be traveling the world or be securely guarded inside their ivory tower somewhere. I know of no one who has heard from the offices in Sweden. I’d like to meet someone who actually has spoken to a “regional or district manager”. Those don’t exist. IKEA is not that type of retail. It is not North American retail where anyone with a complaint used to be able to get in touch with the manager’s manager, etc. Anyway, how would anyone get anything done if they have to sound complaints or comments every working hour? Your comment or concern is most likely nothing they never heard before. Of course, it feels good to get it off your chest. But understand that it is their concept. We choose to accept it when we enter their locations.

Someone with a real problem or issue that needs to be solved needs to know were to go to get that issue solved. At IKEA one just wonders around aimlessly looking for "Customer Service" or a coworker that looks like they can be interrupted.

Some problems that need to be solved are found to be “User Error”. You may have lost that screw. You should not have used a power driver to tighten that cam lock. You could have thrown the hardware away. You just might be an idiot for buying this stuff in the first place. You do get what you pay for and sometimes you deserve what you get. Not too many larger retail or big box stores are worried about you; there are plenty of other customers going through their check outs to make up for what you don’t spend. IKEA coworkers and managers are there to protect the company’s policies which protect the profit, alienating a customer is not a loss to them. Their “Cult Like” following only replaces that lost customer two to one.

If you ever get an audience with a supervisory figure, speak in a rational way. You might be surprised as to how far kind words go. Be careful, never pull the “I’m a good customer” or “I’ve spent $$$ here …” because the only dollar that is important to them is the dollar that they are protecting at that moment. Playing the “I’m a Good Customer card” gets you a brick wall almost immediately, if not the brick upside your head. Who cares how much money you spent? The issue is with this one item here and now.

So what makes shopping at an IKEA successful? KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! My first few trips to IKEA were so frustrating I am shocked that I continued to return. I could not figure out how to buy anything if I wanted too.

You must do your homework before you go. Don’t get half way through the store before you decide you have no clue how to shop there. Do NOT come into the 'exit' if you have not been to the store before. You will only frustrate yourself and annoy every customer and coworker you interrupt trying to find your way upstream. Do stop in the ENTRY lobby, study the shopping tools, and study the maps. Read the price tags. Walk the store the first time without picking up something. Get your bearings. Learn the shortcuts. Read the over head directional signs and follow the arrows on the floor. Take a break and breathe. Sit on the furniture and get a visual of where you came from and where you want to go. You are inside of a walled in amusement park for shoppers and it is far too easy to get overwhelmed.

DON’T buy anything at all on your first visit! NEVER! Just get a catalog, pick up the little paper forms that describe the items in detail. Measure the displays, measure your boxes and by all means, MEASURE YOUR CAR, TRUNK or BACK SEAT if you are going to transport the items yourself. Do not expect any coworker anywhere in the store to know if a certain item will fit in your car. The store is IKEA not KIA, they don’t know one type of car from another and are far too busy to worry about how you’re going to get your crap home.

GO HOME, figure out where that new item is going to fit, measure your space and know that the item you are going to purchase will be what you want. Yeah, there is a “No Nonsense” return policy. But that is the store’s description not the customers’ translation. The return policy is straightforward. YOU MUST HAVE A VALID RECIEPT! Do not read between the lines or assume anything. Your merchandise can be returned if it is still in the original packaging as it was when purchased, not opened, never assembled, never built and then taken apart. And what ever you do, never open bedding products for any reason if there is any doubt that you will be keeping it. DON’T even open bedding just to see if it will match your style. Oh, and there is no exchange vs. return. It is a return, period. You can not “exchange” your unwanted item unless it meets the actual return policy and you have your receipt. You must have a receipt for all transactions! There is no reason for IKEA to even have the word “Exchange” posted. You are not allowed to go shop for the replacement item to bring it back to the return counter for exchange. Your return is done first and then you are sent off to go through the entire shopping process again, either with a refund or a new gift card.

If you have “Fight Club” syndrome and you just can not live without shopping at IKEA; BRING HELP! Do NOT expect to enter the store, provide a list or point a finger to a yellow shirt and expect eager coworkers to gather your purchase up for you. Do not be the only adult in your group with a bunch of rowdy children. Do NOT expect to push your baby stroller and your merchandise cart at the same time and do not expect someone else to push either one for you. Do NOT expect to have help loading the items in the self serve warehouse. Do NOT expect to get to the cash lanes and ask a cashier to go get an item for you or to have a sales person bring an item up to you. Do NOT expect to have help loading your vehicle.

Now have fun. Drive to IKEA, park in a large parking lot, loose your car in that lot. Enter the store, get lost in that store, study your price tags, follow the map, and write down the name, price and location of your item. Follow the direction tags on the bottom of your price tags. If it says to see a coworker, FIND A COWORKER. If says to continue to the warehouse then make your notes and move on. Locate the larger trolley carts in the warehouse, get your cart and head to your aisle. Load your item, check the number for the correct size and color then head to the cash counter. And heaven forbid the item be out of stock. You can not pre-pay, order or arrange to have the item held for you when it does come into stock. And when it does, you have to start your shopping trip all over again.

Now, have your entire product selection ready to check out and all of your questions answered by the time you get to the cash lanes. Once there, it's too late. The lines will be long and coworkers will be doing what they can to get everyone cashed out and on their way. Pay at self check out, and forget about bagging your merchandise. IKEA is “green” and will not provide disposable bags. You can buy reusable bags like at your grocery store.

Truck your purchase out to the loading zone and load your car, drive home and build your new item. Be happy with the process. If you get home and find that you made a mistake, you have no one to blame. Don’t expect sympathy from the store because you picked up a red table but wanted a blue one. Don’t even try to play the card “But that is what your coworker put on my cart”. You’re an adult, be responsible for your actions and cut your losses. You shopped from a SELF SERVE WAREHOUSE. Whatever help you got (if any) was just courtesy assistance. Don’t expect the store to come to your home and exchange the items you don’t want just because it is furniture. If you expect that service; buy your furniture from a high line, high quality, and high price service center... and pay for it. No one made you make the choice you made. No one made you drive out of your way to get to the store. You made those choices so you have to live with them. No one made you promises.

You can have fun at IKEA but you have to do your part. You’re paying for soft pine, cardboard and plastic; expect to get what you pay for.

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Posted by Gypscrew on 2009-04-28:
rofl, pine isn't that big of deal and neither is plastic considering even $4,000 sofas have all that crap anyway. their is still metal in the products to depending on what you get. What I find funny is people buying $4,000 sofas and having the salesmen tell them that it uses flex steel etc etc. if anyone would like to hear logic, it's more in the cushion firmness then what is holding up the cushing.

Paying for expensive stuff that know one can see is stupid and at the same time worthless. The only thing to really stay away from is vinyl sofas, other then that, if you pay $3,500 for a leather sofa that is made in Italy (the truth is they are made in china) They seen you coming from a mile away.

HOM, Design Modern Interiors, Wicks, and many others are so full of crap that I need a shovel to get out of their stores.

A proper sofa or chair is one that lets you sit upright, Even if you find a sofa that makes you lean back a little when sitting on it, it's not a proper sofa. Sofas and chairs need to support your butt, waist, and back (spine). <----proper sofa.

I know I said more of the support should be in the cushion rather then the frame or springs but that doesn't mean all of the support should be in the cushion. Sofas way back in the day in England were great, a lot of them were firm and comfortable. Go sit in a sofa at HOM, they are not proper sofas or couches, you'll see what I mean. I went to ikea to look around, I sat in a few modern sofas and I found quite a few to be really comfortable and a lot of them supported what they should. No sofa should lock you in at all, it should be easy to get up and move around, if it's not, it's a crap sofa or chair. Also, after you get up, look at the cushion too, if it doesn't spring up within 30 seconds to even a minute....crap sofa. when you sit on the sofa or chair, make sure you wobble a little, make sure the sofa is sturdy and doesn't wobble. I have sat on some good $500.00 sofas that were very nice but my true medium (personally and my opinion of course) is within the range of $999.00 to $1,500 MAXIMUM, <-----that's for a normal sofa. Recliner sofas for a max price and checking what I wrote above to make sure it's good quality could at the most be upwards to $2500 MAXIMUM. I like leather couches but really, they aren't practical sofas. I admit, some leather couches are extremely comfortable but for the price of those leather sofas, you can get an extremely comfortable fabric sofa that cost $1,500 at the most rather then $3,500.

I must also stress the fact that just because something says "made in America" doesn't mean that it's actually good quality. If anything, American made products even at this time of a recession are even more expensive, I personally wouldn't support another american made product untill they lower the prices at any store. IKEA is a good company. My cousin bought some here in Minnesota down by the mall of america a while ago, more then a year ago, his sofa and both chairs are still comfortable and have yet to have problems with them.
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Ikea Minneapolis offers excellent customer service
Posted by Sheas on 02/01/2008
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- My husband and I live in South Dakota, and 3.5 hours away from the nearest Ikea (Minneapolis). That doesn't stop us from being huge Ikea fans, however. We've probably assembled close to 50 Ikea items, including kitchen cabinets when we renovated our kitchen two years ago.

Last weekend we visited the Minneapolis store to pick up some new furniture for my husband's office. While we were here, I decided to get the Bjursta sideboard/console for our dining room.

The next day, while assembling the console, my husband realized that he couldn't complete it. We had received the wrong parts for assembling the drawers.

In all of our experience with Ikea, this has never happened.

My husband called the Minneapolis store, where he was helped out by a friendly customer service rep. She first asked for our receipt number, then the name of the product, then the number of the page we were stuck on. Once she had the assembly instructions in front of her, she asked my husband to describe the location of the picture on the page so she could pinpoint what parts we were missing. Once she located it, she typed up a report and read it back to my husband. She then said that it shouldn't be a problem to send the parts directly to us, but someone would be calling in 24-48 hours to confirm.

Sure enough, Ikea called my husband at 1 PM the next day. Our parts had been shipped. Two days later they were on our doorstep and they were the correct parts. The rest of the sideboard assembly went smoothly.

So in short, I am nothing but impressed by the Minneapolis Ikea customer service. I have read plenty of horror stories online and am so thankful that we didn't experience anything close to that. I will continue to use and recommend Ikea.
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Posted by thensider on 2008-02-01:
I love Ikea, especially that sore. They are always very helpful!
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Substandard product
Posted by Waugh on 06/20/2007
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a $1000.00 leather couch at Ikea in Houston,and within a month there was a noticeable and permanent migration of the padding material in the seat cushions. Which leads me to believe that either insufficient material was place within, or the material used was of poor quality. I eventually contacted Ikea's Customer Service Manager and their "expert independent builder and assembling professional" diagnosed that it was a case of normal wear and tear. In fact he looked me straight in the face and said this is how a soft leather couch should feel. Their warranty clearly covers seat cushion filling, and if this is not a case of defective material / workmanship then I do not know what is. I have sent a certified letter to the Owner / Manager Mr. Harald Witt of the Houston IKEA store since April and I have yet to hear from him. In short I am stuck with an piece of trash which Ikea has passed of as a COUCH! Ouch!!!
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Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-06-20:
IKEA is well known for their cheap furniture. What did you expect? A Cadillac at a Pinto price? $1000 is cheap for a leather coach. Go price a good one at Ethan Allen.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-06-20:
I agree with Pomona Guy. $1000(cheap!) leather couch will be a $1000(cheap!) leather couch.

Posted by Moonrise on 2007-06-21:
I feel your pain, Waugh. Sure, $1000 was cheap for a 'leather' (are you sure?) couch...but there's no excuse for crappy customer service like you received. They should have offered you new cushions. Or at very least, some kind of partial refund or store credit.
Posted by The Other Foot on 2007-09-01:
You paid $1000 for a faux leather couch? Why the hell are you complaining? You got what you paid for cheapo. Maybe you oughta spend a little bit more money next time for quality. Since we're complaining about cheap products why don't you go to a dollar store and complain about how their $11 watch didn't work after a month? You sicken me cheapo. And you'll never hear from the manager. You know why? Because that store makes like 500,000 a week. They got a good thing goin' and a few complaints here and there from cheap idiots won't stop the rock. They got your money, they win, you lose. Get a real couch whiner.
Posted by Doesitreallymatter on 2009-03-28:
Now, now, let's play nice. One should be able to get a warranty replacement or repair when there is a warranty regardless of price. Yes, quality is less with the lower price paid but if there is a warranty; pursue the warranty repair. Call IKEA Direct, not the store. Have your receipt, item name and item number. Back it up with digital photos and get directions from IKEA online customer service. Don’t call the store anymore. Maybe you will get a discount on a new sofa, or your sofa repaired.
Posted by defiantgti on 2009-06-03:
it doesn't matter how much it is. they don not provide warranty.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-06-03:
defiantgoat, put a lid on it already.
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Poor Customer Relations
Posted by Okie on 01/09/2007
EMERYVILLE EAST BAY, CALIFORNIA -- I bought from Ikea a $25.00 gift certificate and 4 plastic storage food contains @$4.00 a piece before Christmas. On arriving home went to clean the containers one had the lip of the container stuck in the lid so without removing the sticker I put it away for return. My receipt in the mean time was misplaced but I just wanted to exchange for another one so went to Ikea on the 28th of Dec. Figuring it would be no problem since I just wanted to get an exchange and the Ikea tag was still attached. After waiting in line for 30 minutes I was told by the clerk that without a receipt they could not help me. Because I had another schedule appointment I did not complain to higher up but I feel that was a ridulous policy on such a trival item. If Ikea cannot exchange a $4.00 idea that still has their tag still attached I would not want to do business with such a petty company.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Times have changed in retailing, they pretty much demand a receipt now. A 1/2 hour to return a 4.00 item? My time is worth more than that.
Posted by heaven17 on 2007-01-09:
If a $4 item is trivial to you, why the complaint?
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-09:
What does their return policy state?
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-09:
Most places these days, no matter what, have the policy of
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-09:
Here is their policy:
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-09:
Clearly states you MUST have your receipt. It's nothing personal against you, it's corporate policy, and they aren't going to bend the rules just for you. Sounds harsh, but that's the way it is.
Posted by Skye on 2007-01-09:
I made it easy for you, I just copied it and pasted it.
return policy
If you are not entirely satisified with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 45 days for either an exchange or a refund. Just make sure you have your sales RECEIPT. Sorry, we cannot accept returns on cut fabric, used bedding (mattresses, pillows, etc.), products from the "As-Is" department or custom orders.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
I'm glad okie posted this review and Skye posted the policy so I can put Ikea on the do not shop list. How stupid of Ikea to lose a customer over something so trivial. These return policies are nothing new as this was pretty much the way it was till Wal-Mart came on the scene and ran them out of business. There's one truth - A customer can live without merchant 'A' but merchant 'A' cannot live without the customer. Bad policy equals 'Going out of Business Sale'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Stew, most stores lost millions in fraudulent returns in 2006. That's why they became very strict in enforcing return policies. Hard to blame them. It's the few dishonest (re: thieves) that have made it difficult for the rest of us.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
PassingBy - I do agree there are a *FEW* out there who are dishonest but most aren’t. I'm not going to be punished for their actions as there are still plenty of retail establishments who value my business enough to treat me fairly.. You can only foo-foo so many customers until you find your bins full and your aisles empty.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-01-09:
Stew - you need to read some of the reviews around here - almost all retailers now require a receipt. It's all the rage these days.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2007-01-09:
Considering retailers give you a receipt every time you purchase something, I have no problem with these return policies. I just keep my receipts. :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-09:
Yes, I think it is only fair to keep receipts if you expect you may want to return something. Then if they don't want to give you a return, go somewhere else.
Posted by Followthisbeat on 2007-01-10:
I really dont understand why so many people have an issue with hanging onto a piece of paper proving your purchase. I alway take my receipt and right when they hand it to me stuff it in my wallet so if I have to return soemthing I know where it is. We seem to be living in an age were people dont feel like they need to be responsable for anything.
Posted by TBoy08 on 2008-06-04:
It really can't be that hard to keep a receipt. I think it's ridiculous that people think they can do whatever they want and people will always bend the rules for them. That is not how things work. Get used ot it.
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Furniture Purchase
Posted by Swap on 11/09/2006
I purchased more than a dozen products from Ikea, Stoughton, MA, US on 17th September, 2006. I collected all the necessary information from the products tags and went to the storage floor to pickup my items which were intended for self pickup.
When I was in the aisle to collect my futon frame (good for 2 people) I noticed that the mattress is not the one which I need for the futon frame, but then I was not sure so I asked one of the Ikea personnel. This guy was very prompt. As per my request he immediately came to me and started looking at the instructions for the mattress. I showed him that the mattress shown in the photo doesn’t look like one I need for my futon. He asked me “Did you pick the mattress from here?” pointing to the area which is just above where the futon frame was kept. I told “Yes”. He told me “Yeah! This is the one you should buy”. I looked at the confidence level he had when he made that statement and picked up one for me. Happily paid for 15 items and then proceed to home delivery section.
Wait the story doesn’t end here. I received all my items on the same delivery date committed by Ikea (come on guys I paid $99.00 as delivery charges and they have to keep up there promise). Finally I assembled my futon frame and here comes the suspense, opened the mattress only to find out that I was mislead by the Ikea personnel.
Now here comes a long follow up. I called Ikea next day. After a long wait (of 30 minutes) I finally spoke to the customer services executive. She told me that I have to bring the item to Ikea store and replace it for the one I need. I told her that its there fault that they gave me a wrong mattress and I already paid shipping for it so I want them to pickup the item and send the right mattress as a replacement for the wrong one. I was placed on hold for 15 minutes and when she came back she told me that she is going to open a ticket right away and give me the ticket number. She told me that People from Ikea Stoughton will get back to me in 24-72 hours and she hang up. This was the first attempt to get the right product.
After almost 3-4 days I called up Ikea because they never called me. Again after a long wait of 20 minutes I got the customer services person on line. I told her the previous ticket number and she pulled my records. I asked her why Ikea didn’t call me. After going through my problem she told me that I was miss-informed by the previous customer service female. She explained me that previous customer service female didn’t know about the rules. She told me that she is going to open a new ticket but then I told her not to do so because they will never call back and this will delay the matter. I insisted on immediate resolution. So she transferred me to a manager. Again after 10 minutes on hold I finally got her on line. Told her about my problem and she told that only Ikea Stoughton can take a decision on this matter. The customer service doesn’t have authority to take decision in certain matters. While telling her the problem I told her that I opened the mattress. And you know what you will not believe me she told me that they don’t accept returns for the items such as mattress if it’s unpacked/opened. Now how on the earth I am suppose to know this. I argued my point saying that how the hell I will come to know whether the mattress is right one for the futon unless I open it. And I don’t see any reason to doubt my purchase because the Ikea personnel confidently told me to buy the same. Also it’s NOT written on any of there documents (receipt/invoice, delivery note) that the mattress if opened is non-returnable.
WOW this was a big blow straight on the face. She asked me whether I wanted to be transferred to the Stoughton customer service center. Oh god! Do I have a choice? I told yes please. I was very frustrated at that moment and decided not to buy any stuff from Ikea ever again.
This was the third person I was going to speak with. As usual you won’t get them easily. Wait for a while holding your phone because they are the busiest people on earth. This lady was straight to the point. We will not pickup or deliver the item. If you want us to pickup and deliver it you have to pay the charges. She also told me that UNPACKED MATTRESS IS NOT RETURNABLE. After so much struggle, talking patiently with 3 people, almost for 2 hours the result was that I am stuck with something which I never asked for.
THANKS to Ikea for there GOOD customer service and Handling. Till today the mattress is with me and trying to figure out what to do with it.
Thanks for your precious time.

I got stuck with something I didn’t want and lose of valuable time on phone for the resolution of the matter. I lost my dollars for something which I never asked for.
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Posted by proudamerican on 2008-03-22:
This place has the worst service and products I have ever seen. Did you ever get any help with this?
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Poor service!
Posted by Vivian on 03/12/2005
VIRGINIA -- We have waited 4 months for two sets of Abstrake Red drawer fronts - and the only answer they have come up with so far is that the drawer fronts are on back order. This is the response we have repeatedly received from IKEA, with no results. After waiting about 2 months, IKEA finally charged our credit card for the drawer front sets, but still yet - a month and a half later, no drawer fronts. One of our friends also got the exact same kitchen set, and theirs is complete. When ever we've brought this fact up with IKEA, the best excuse they've been able to give is that other sales persons would snatch up the products as soon as they are off backorder. A game of favorites? Isn't it wonderful to know our credit card and our patience are at the middle of this charade.
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Items Reported as Available on IKEA Website but in the Store Shelves Are Empty.
Posted by Wojtekw on 03/17/2014
You drive over 90 miles only to find out that the products according to website are supposed to be there and... you find, nothing. Absolutely nothing.
What a waste of customers' time, gas and loyalty.
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Posted by olie on 2014-03-20:
Here is what happened, based on your complaint.

You looked up your nearest IKEA and used the online feature that indicates which items are in stock.

You got in your car and drove for at least an hour and a half. When you got to the store, and meandered through the store/warehouse, your item was gone.

You forgot the part where other shoppers physically arrived at the store and had purchased your items, or had taken them off the shelves and were wandering around with "your" items in "their" carts.

I've never been to an IKEA store. But I have searched Target.com and called ahead to ask if my desired item was still in stock. Then I've asked if the desired item might be put aside for me, as long as I show up within an hour. The response is always yes, especially if I provide a CC.

Checking stock online is a great start, but it does not account for those meddling people who show up at the store before you do.
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Worst Home Delivery and Refund Policy
Posted by Rivr2 on 02/27/2014
SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- Went into the store to purchase a queen bed and mattress. The salesman wrote it all up in the computer and I went to the cashier and paid. When the bed was delivered the mattress was only a twin, not a queen. I then had to pay the full price for the queen mattress and it was delivered. They now tell me that it would be next week before they can process the refund. That will be at least 18 days from the date I purchased the item. I cannot believe it takes that long to get the twin mattress back in the store and issue a refund.
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Worst Buying & Customer Service Experience Ever!
Posted by Karimarescastocks on 01/21/2014
STOUGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- We live 1 hr from the Stoughton, MA Ikea store. Decided to venture there to purchase a unit to store CDs and DVDs. We found something we liked on 1/4/14. A lady in the dept. called down to the pickup location to hold 2 units aside. When we arrived to the pick-up spot, the lady apologized as she just sold the last 2 units!! We were upset, but really liked the piece so decided to order. Shipping to our home would cost more than the piece itself, so we decided to make another hour ride the following weekend (1/11) to the warehouse down the road. The following weekend, 1/18, we were ready to set it up - after opening the piece, we see that its the wrong color!! Completely devastated.

We had spent 4 hours going back & forth, now we sit with a wrong item - clearly if we called customer service, they would make amends and perhaps offer to ship a new unit & pick up the old! NOT THE CASE - the direction was to return the item and re-order. Trying to come to some good outcome was impossible. Ikea made the mistake, yet we are paying for it by our time, weekends, gas, etc...totally would understand if WE made the mistake - but there needed to be some adjustment here. We escalated to a representative - who said she would at least get the ball rolling and order a new piece so it would be there when we returned the wrong item - how nice of her!! Upon checking, we get the best news ever! Our item in the color we want is now discontinued!! Are you kidding me?! In a matter of weeks, we are not able to get what we want!! We asked if there was a way for Ikea to pick up the merchandise if there was a truck in our area - no, we can't do that. This by far has been the most exhausting, frustrating, horrid experiences! Not only will I never step foot back in Ikea, but I plan to tell everyone I know about this experience.

The best part, is we now get to take our 2 kids on another hour drive & wait in the cattle call to return this item - oh and in the store it said it was pine when in fact, it was particle board. My husband wants to put in a puddle and watch it disintegrate.
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Posted by olie on 2014-01-23:
You might make this an adventure for the kids. Here are some ideas:

Could one of you drop the other at one of these options or at IKEA?

Even when our kids were little, I liked excuses to go to the awesome cities within an hour or so of our home.

IKEA gave you lemons. Make lemonade.
Posted by Shaun on 2014-01-28:
I understand the frustration but if you're still willing to buy from them than that would be your choice.
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