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Not For Trades
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Rating: 1/51

SAWGRASS, FLORIDA -- Definitely IKEA is not for trade people. This is in SAWGRASS STORE only I cannot judge the other stores they may have in the US. I went there to help a client from Norway, order, pay and pick up a kitchen cabinet with appliances.

Their system is ridiculous, You can not order in advance so they could have your order ready for you to pick up at your convenience NO that's too much to ask. You have to pay when you pick up and they have a SELF PICK UP for some items and FULL SERVICE for some other items. So after you pass the drill of ordering waiting (1 HOUR) for someone to take care of all items needed in a list You START:

1st: You have to SELF PICK UP from shelves "some in second floor some in first floor" then...

2nd: You have to pay for that... wait in line "AGAIN" to pay and then...

3rd: Go submit your receipt to the FULL SERVICE COUNTER (otherwise they will not start with your order) and...

4th: Wait in line "YES AGAIN" for FULL SERVICE to give you the rest of accessories (45 ITEMS) 1 HOUR 35 MINUTES. They got the items deliver to me right there, where I was waiting, in two carts together because some items were too big for one cart so they pile it up in two CARTS stick together by weight, I asked them to please help me BUT NO I had to push them 2 carts loaded outside by myself and they would not push it to your truck or car you have to take it to the loading dock Go and pick your truck up the loading dock and maybe someone from IKEA at the dock would help me (NOT, NOT, not in my case, they did not help me). 4 hours later I was out of IKEA.

BUT no all bad I must confess. The trip to Miami Beach was really really good, no traffic congestion instead of taking 1 15 minutes it took me 45 minutes NO THANKS TO IKEA, OK.

Regards from Miami,
Claudio Fernandez

Worst Customer Service!!
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Rating: 1/51

I am in SC and do not live near an Ikea, so I looked to see how much it would be to order a cabinet through their online shopping. The cabinet cost $239. The shipping alone was a whopping $360!!!

After 17 minutes on hold, I finally reached an agent. I needed to see if they offered store to store delivery as the item I wanted was not in stock in the Woodbridge store which I would be visiting soon. It was in stock in Maryland. They said no, they don't offer that. The unfriendly, monotone kid on the phone did tell me that if I went into the store in Woodbridge they would deliver it to me in SC for a fee of $59. OK, great. I could have a family member go into the store for me and get the process going.

My sister took time to go to the Woodbridge store ready to order and have the item shipped to me. There the guy told her that since I was in SC they could not ship that far. He told her I could call the Charlotte store and they would ship for that $59 price. They gave her an 888 number for me to call.

Turns out the number they gave her is the one and only number on the website. No direct line to the Charlotte store as he made it seem.

After 18 minutes on hold I reached another customer agent who informed me that no, they will not ship an item to me from the Charlotte store, I would have to order online and pay the $360 shipping cost. She said they use private shippers and that is why the costs are so high.

The whole thing was absolutely ridiculous. Twice I was quoted the $59 price, which turns out, they meant "starting at $59" and twice I was told that they could ship to my home through the store.

Worst customer service. They use a call center which obviously is not concerned with actual customers.

Ikea Online Is A Nightmare!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- TERRIBLE experience. DO NOT BUY IKEA ONLINE!!! I placed a $1000 order 6 weeks ago. I received the items about a week afterward. When I opened the items to assemble them, one was badly damaged, and another was missing a part. I called immediately to ask for them to pick up the damaged items and get a replacement. I was upset because I'd have to wait longer than necessary to obtain the items I had already been charged for.

Days went by and Ikea wouldn't contact me to let me know whether the replacement items had shipped. The missing part, however, came on the mail after a few days. As for the item that was damaged, I contacted Ikea several times--each one, they'd come up with a story explaining why the item hadn't shipped yet. It took 4 ENTIRE weeks for the damaged item to be replaced.

The delivery company told me they'd deliver between 3 and 7pm. They arrived at 7.30pm, one of the guys damaged my newly bought Ikea desk when used it to sign the delivery form, and guess what? When I opened the box of the replaced item, the replacement was badly damaged too!

You could say the problem is with the delivery company and not with Ikea, but first, it was Ikea's ineptitude (not the delivery company) that caused the item to take 4 full weeks to be replaced; second, when I called Ikea to complain about the item that I had received damaged twice, the person I talked to was extremely rude (you would think that after so many mistakes they'd apologize, right?); third, the replacement for the item that came damaged twice is apparently going to take another 10 days to get here--I asked them to speed up the delivery and they said they couldn't do anything to speed it up.

Will Never Shop At Ikea Again
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Rating: 1/51

WEST CHESTER, OKLAHOMA -- We ordered a bedroom furniture set including a bed, dresser, night stand and armoire.

The delivery and installation team arrived outside of the delivery window reserved. The delivery team also forgot to load the mattress for the bed at the warehouse, so they needed to return to the warehouse to retrieve it and then return to our building. This caused us to have to re- reserve the freight elevator.

While assembling our dresser, the delivery team tightened down one of the screws too tight, causing a crack on the top panel of the dresser. The delivery team explained that we could either reject the piece and they would dismantle it and return it to the warehouse, which would require a claim process, or we could negotiate a discount with Ikea. We needed a dresser and could live with the crack, so we decided to pursue a discount. three weeks and several phone calls later, Ikea has informed us that they do not offer discounts. We asked why then the delivery team told us that we could pursue a discount? They responded by telling us that some stores do offer discounts on furniture damaged during assembly, but this particular location does not. We asked why these delivery people told us that since they clearly work for this particular store, and they could not provide an answer. They just kept telling us that we should have declined the piece. Essentially the delivery personnel blatantly lied about the discount policy in order to avoid having to disassemble and return the piece.

Also, the armoire was discovered to be damaged upon opening the box. We did decline this piece and it was never assembled. However we still had to include this in our claim (including the damaged dresser) and it as taken weeks and multiple phone calls to get credited for this piece, even though we declined to accept it.

Last but not least, the assembly charges were never prorated, even though one piece was declined and didn't require assembly and a second piece was damaged during assembly. Ikea refused to refund any of the assembly fees.

In addition, Ikea customer service has been rude and uncooperative.

Terrible customer service over a BROOM HANDLE!!
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Rating: 1/51

STOUGHTON & WHEREVER CORPORATE IS, MASSACHUSETTS -- Took a drive last Sat 45 minutes from my home to visit the closest IKEA. Among my purchases I bought a broom that comes in two separate pieces (handle and sweeping part). Somewhere between self-pay (paid in cash) and returning to my car with cart, I must have forgotten/dropped or otherwise lost the handle because when I got home, I had no handle. Called the store to ask if they had found a random handle and whether my friend who lives near the store could come by to pick it up. SURPRISE - Can't call the local store although during the call switching process a recorded voice says "Welcome to the Stoughton IKEA store." Thought I was talking to local CSR but he later said, "No, you can't talk to anyone in the local store." HE was able to reach the Stoughton store and confirmed that, yes indeed, the store found the random (my) broom handle. BUT, they won't give me (or my friend) the broom handle without the receipt. And I can't find the darned receipt. AND, because I paid cash, they can't look up my purchase receipt. So, now IKEA has an extra broom hand that goes with the broom head that I bought. I can't use the broom and they got an extra but choose not to give it to. Am totally shocked that the GIANT IKEA won't give little customer me my broom handle!! AND I can't drive an hour and a half round trip to return the broom head because the won't take it back without a receipt. I am shocked!! And I will NEVER step foot inside an IKEA again even though I found my 'dream' kitchen while I was there. Good-bye, IKEA. I hope you find something fun to do with my broom stick!!

Very Very Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I had shifted to Chicago and had to set up my home all from scratch . After a long research my husband decided to buy products from Ikea . We had visited there showrooms nearby Chicago and there products looked great. We placed an online booking which they had conformed for a delivery after 3 weeks of booking date .

For 3 weeks we managed to sit and sleep on floor . Finally the date of delivery had come and we waited the whole day for there call or email . Finally we decided to call them back and there customer service is so poor that there were no service agents to pick up the call . We had to keep trying and next day somehow we manage to speak to them . They told us that the delivery is going to be next week since they dint had any slots available .

We had to wait one more week . Next week by gods grace we got the stuffs delivered, we were very happy that finally we are all set after a month we shifted to Chicago . But unfortunately our happiness dint last longer . When we found that the sofa(Karlstad chaise) had just the half of its parts in it another half was missing . They had packed it well so we were not able to know what's missing during the delivery . Then our struggle continued again . It took us 3 days to get contact to the customer service . Till 3 days we had tried day and night and none of them where picking the call .

Finally they took the complaint and its been more than a month . Unfortunately till date we dint get any response from them we have kept on calling and emailing but till date our sofa hasn't reached home . Hope we don't endup losing hopes of 350$ worth sofa set.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I had an awful experience. First, the customer service at the store was bad with employees that didn't have a good attitude, not helpful, were not trained to help you.

I purchased a wardrobe and I was having a real hard time hauling the cart to my car and I told the girl that it was too heavy for me. She simply said ,"oh, it is heavy for me too, but if I can do it, you should be able too. You have to bring all the way to the front and ask somebody to help you". All the way to the front was really far away, and thanks to some customers that helped me opening doors I was able to do it.

The IKEA people just pretended I was invisible, didn't lift a finger not even to hold a door. The Mexican guy that didn't speak a lick of English was THE BEST thing of the whole experience (thank goodness for humble people that really want to hold a job). He helped me put the stuff inside the car. So, I hauled this thing two hours away to my home, and I get home and guess what? They packed the wrong thing.

I called customer service and this arrogant guy didn't offer any alternatives but return the wardrobe. Now, if I want my money back I have to drive 2 hours back to the store. It is 3 days before Christmas and I do have some other things to do rather than driving around in Atlanta traffic! I WILL NEVER BUY THERE AGAIN AND I'LL TELL EVERYBODY TO NEVER GO THERE.

Grundtal lighting HORRIBLE QUALITY!!!
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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT -- Be forewarned......do not purchase this lighting or it will possibly cause you to lose your mind. I have 5 of these that sit on top of my kitchen cabinets with the light shining down. EVERY day of my life....multiple times throughout....when I flip the switch, one or more is not lit. I have made multiple trips to purchase new lights which are costly, however the lights are not blown! It's the wiring itself. The quality of these lights is the poorest I have ever seen. I have to place Gorilla tape over the bulb to pull it out to replace it. The two pin holes on the fixture are impossible to put the new bulb. I literally dread turning on the lights because guaranteed one or more will not light. You can shake them, jiggle the bulb which may light but the next time use use em...it's out again. I took them apart and the white wires barely attached to the lighting. Not a drop of soulder. So flimsy, so maddening but even more...I would venture to guess possibly a safety hazard?? I'm so disappointed. I love the look but really??? Please save your sanity and walk way....no run with your cart!! Don't do it!!!,

Vallvik TV Bench
By -

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I have been remodeling our home for six months now. We purchased many items from Ikea spending more than $5000 so far. Well my husband and I bought a TV last weekend and we decided to take a look at Ikea's TV stands. We purchased a $69 bench took it home and proceeded to remove the items out of the box to assemble it. My husband at that moment changed his mind and decided to mount the TV instead. Well, two days after the purchase I drove 60 miles to return the item and buy another piece of furniture that would work better for our media boxes. While waiting for my number to be called, I got to witness a few frustrated people leave with their return items. I thought for sure mine would be returnable since I had my receipt and the product was placed exactly how it was received. Boy was I wrong. I was told that due to the fingerprints on the items it was clear to him the we used the TV stand (note: you must wear gloves to place items back in packaging or you will be accused of lying). He would not accept the return. I then asked to speak to a manager, who turned out to be much more impolite than the employee that I dealt within the beginning. Anyway, I ended up putting the heavy box back in my car and called the number on my receipt. I was then told to get the name of the manager I dealt with and to call corporate. Unfortunately, when I went back to get the name of the manager I lost my receipt. I am still calling corporate, but in reading many of the Ikea reviews I have a feeling I won't be getting any help. In the end its only $69; they can keep it. They now have lost a valuable customer due to their poor customer service. I rather go spend my money, even if its more, at a place where customers are appreciated. I will never shop at Ikea again!

A Happy Customer
By -

TEMPA, ARIZONA -- Much has been written about Ikea products and customer service. From what I have been able to discern a store like Ikea can only operate when it strictly adheres to it's philosophy and guidelines.

Ikea has been maligned many times, and quite possibly in some cases for good reason, but a store doing the kind of volume they do can not offer the "boutique" customer service that much smaller companies can.

My experience with the Ikea store in Tempe, Arizona was nothing short of exceptional. I purchased an apartment full of furniture over a two week period (each visit I would add items to their computer "wish-list" which I could modify at any time). When I was ready to purchase I told the manager that I would be takeing the furniture to San Diego, California to furnish an apartment there. He offered free shipping, but when logistically that didn't seem to work he instead offered me a $200 gift card in lieu of the shipping. I didn't even ask for this.

He also told me the store would pull my order a day in advance and that I could arrange to pick it up from their loading dock two hours before the store opened. Two young men were ready when I arrived with a rental truck and loaded four carts on my truck in 15 minutes. By 8:45 I was on the road to San Diego from Tempe, Arizona.

When I arrived in San Diego I arranged to have two independent installers who were experts in Ikea furniture assembly put together all the pieces. It took 5 hours with two men, but every piece fit together with ease, and not one piece was damaged when the boxes were opened.

I was given the names and phone numbers of at least 3 managers at the store whom I could contact at any time.

I tried to make similar arrangements with the San Diego store, since obviously it would be easier to buy the furniture in San Diego than to truck it over 400 miles, but they were not as cooperative.

I have nothing but good things to say about the Tempe, Arizona Ikea store and personnel. This was my first experience with Ikea and it was a good one. All Ikea stores may not have the same policies or management teams, so I can not speak to every location. (Again, the San Diego store was not as cooperative.)

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