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Pargel Countertops Are Very Poor Quality
By -

RICHMOND, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- We purchased a Pragel countertop from Richmond, BC store only to discover on installation day that it had a 6 inch flaw on the surface. As we had the carpenter on site and a deadline, we had to cut out a large section and butt another piece to it to complete the counter. I now have a large seam with caulking just inches from our sink. We live on Vancouver Island and had the kitchen delivered so had to deal with IKEA by phone. IKEA made it very difficult to register a complaint: many 20-minute wait phone calls, e-mails etc. and about 7 weeks later IKEA decided to refund us for only part of the cost.

Customer service was rude and challenged me about the validity of my claim. I was left feeling humiliated and ripped off. Absolutely shocking service. Furthermore, our carpenter was appalled by the thinness of the countertop material, and the course chip board used on the interior. One little knife cut and the interior will be exposed to water.

Ikea Must Adapt To American Market Not The Opposite
By -

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- On 1/8/10, I went to IKEA, since they were having a sale, to buy the following product: DVALA Fitted sheet RED, at the Sunrise Store in Broward County Florida. They didn't have any but was told to come back the next day which I did since they would more merchandise coming in. Before leaving home, I went online and checked their inventory at the following web page: **. It read "This product will be in stock: Today Jan 9". As I write this, it still says they have 24 available. It's 1/9/10 at 10:44 ET. I also called on the phone to make sure of the accuracy of the online information. They confirmed it.

So I went to the store, 5 minutes away from my home, and when I got there I couldn't find any. I asked for help and a manager looked up the product in their system and it showed they had 16 available but no one knew where the merchandise was. After attempting for 20 minutes I asked for a "Rain-Check" as it is usual in our American stores, specially if it is their fault, and was told that "WE ARE NOT AN AMERICAN STORE" and that they had their own rules and policies, therefore I would not get a "Rain-Check".

This is not the kind of customer service we should get from a foreign company making a fortune in the American market. If we do not accept it from our own American stores why should we from IKEA? Let's start a campaign where they have to adapt to American values and habits, just as American companies have to do it in foreign markets. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

IKEA Has the Worst & Most Deceptively Written Return Policy
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- While browsing their store, you will notice an abundance of signs stating "It's OK to change your mind", and "If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item in its original packaging within 90 days". Please know that if you remove any IKEA item from the original package what-so-ever, the item can be considered "used" & non-refundable.

Case in point: We attempted to return a brand new coffee table. There was nothing wrong with this table; we just simply decided it wasn't quite what we wanted. I called the store to inquire whether or not I needed to disassemble the table & repackage it before returning it. I was told, "We prefer you do not attempt to repackage the item to avoid damaging it, and we will need to inspect the item before refunding you"€. This seemed reasonable enough. After arriving at IKEA'€™s returns/exchanges department, we were told "€œBecause this item was initially removed from the packaging, this item is considered "used" & is non-refundable."€

Please note that I had my original receipt, all original packaging, was well within the 90 day return policy limit, and yes, the table was returned in excellent condition. Further, we noticed a set of bath towels we purchased from IKEA became splotchy & quickly lost their color (bad dye perhaps?) immediately after their 1st use & subsequent air drying. We also attempted to return these (same trip as above to the Centennial location in Denver, CO) and we were told we could not return the items due to their condition. I reasserted that their condition was precisely why I was returning the item, and that I would also be content with an exchange.

Again, the IKEA associate insisted she couldn't exchange or refund the items due to their condition. She also made the most curious statement: "I've never seen anyone return towels for this issue." Followed by: "Some of the people who have tried to return discolored towels simply decided to give them away as gifts, and that perhaps you should consider doing the same."!? Moving up the ladder, we contacted the supervisor, and while initially polite he quickly became condescending & continued to apologize for my inability to understand their "€˜simple"€™ return policy.

Just know, once IKEA has your money, there'€™s little chance of getting it back, period. You may get offered store credit if lucky, and that'€™s assuming you'€™d be willing to return. IKEA'€™s inability to resolve a relatively simple issue, simply left me leaving the store exceptionally irritated and with the conviction of never returning.

Ikea Promised to Deliver Between 11 and 3, Then 4 - 6 Then Said Nobody Was Home!
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Rating: 1/51

HICKESVILLE, NEW YORK -- The problem is with the delivery! I ordered some items from Ikea. Based on 2 emails and 2 voice mails, I was promised delivery between 11 and 3 on Saturday. I changed plans and stayed in my yard - all day. At 4 no show, we tracked down the number on the website - hard to find - and called. After being about half an hour on the phone we were told the delivery would be coming between 4 and 6 the truck was running late. We cancelled more plans. At 6:30... you get the picture. We call again. What was horrible was the customer service experience.

At 6:30 when we called since nobody had showed up - we were told, after being on hold for close to 20 minutes, that it was too late to deliver the merchandise. The delivery company claimed a failed delivery, i.e. that they had come at 5 PM and nobody was home. But we were here all afternoon along with a friend sitting in our yard right next to the phone... nobody showed. I tried to explain this to the supervisor... silly me! That wasn't half the problem. The supervisor, "Nicole", repeated the same thing no matter what I said. She clearly wasn't listening to a word I said and repeatedly berated me for not listening to her! (As a customer I had a strange notion she should be listening to me.)

After wasting my time - more than 7 1/2 hours did "Nicole" apologize for the problems? No! Did she listen to me when I tried to complain about my time being wasted and false promises made? No. I cancelled the order rather than have anything to do with Ikea again. Sunk costs - I had no interest in gambling on Ikea's promises. I love my yard but one full day being trapped here was enough! What's it they say? Fool me once... Bottom Line: Ikea, in other words, is "low end" in more ways than one!

Vallvik TV Bench
By -

WEST SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I have been remodeling our home for six months now. We purchased many items from IKEA spending more than $5000 so far. Well my husband and I bought a TV last weekend and we decided to take a look at IKEA's TV stands. We purchased a $69 bench took it home and proceeded to remove the items out of the box to assemble it. My husband at that moment changed his mind and decided to mount the TV instead.

Well, two days after the purchase I drove 60 miles to return the item and buy another piece of furniture that would work better for our media boxes. While waiting for my number to be called, I got to witness a few frustrated people leave with their return items. I thought for sure mine would be returnable since I had my receipt and the product was placed exactly how it was received. Boy was I wrong. I was told that due to the fingerprints on the items it was clear to him the we used the TV stand (note: you must wear gloves to place items back in packaging or you will be accused of lying).

He would not accept the return. I then asked to speak to a manager, who turned out to be much more impolite than the employee that I dealt within the beginning. Anyway, I ended up putting the heavy box back in my car and called the number on my receipt. I was then told to get the name of the manager I dealt with and to call corporate.

Unfortunately, when I went back to get the name of the manager I lost my receipt. I am still calling corporate, but in reading many of the IKEA reviews I have a feeling I won't be getting any help. In the end it's only $69; they can keep it. They now have lost a valuable customer due to their poor customer service. I rather go spend my money, even if its more, at a place where customers are appreciated. I will never shop at IKEA again!

A Happy Customer
By -

TEMPA, ARIZONA -- Much has been written about IKEA products and customer service. From what I have been able to discern a store like IKEA can only operate when it strictly adheres to its philosophy and guidelines. IKEA has been maligned many times, and quite possibly in some cases for good reason, but a store doing the kind of volume they do cannot offer the "boutique" customer service that much smaller companies can.

My experience with the IKEA store in Tempe, Arizona was nothing short of exceptional. I purchased an apartment full of furniture over a two week period (each visit I would add items to their computer "wish-list" which I could modify at any time). When I was ready to purchase I told the manager that I would be taking the furniture to San Diego, California to furnish an apartment there. He offered free shipping, but when logistically that didn't seem to work he instead offered me a $200 gift card in lieu of the shipping. I didn't even ask for this.

He also told me the store would pull my order a day in advance and that I could arrange to pick it up from their loading dock two hours before the store opened. Two young men were ready when I arrived with a rental truck and loaded four carts on my truck in 15 minutes. By 8:45 I was on the road to San Diego from Tempe, Arizona. When I arrived in San Diego I arranged to have two independent installers who were experts in IKEA furniture assembly put together all the pieces. It took 5 hours with two men, but every piece fit together with ease, and not one piece was damaged when the boxes were opened.

I was given the names and phone numbers of at least 3 managers at the store whom I could contact at any time. I tried to make similar arrangements with the San Diego store, since obviously it would be easier to buy the furniture in San Diego than to truck it over 400 miles, but they were not as cooperative. I have nothing but good things to say about the Tempe, Arizona IKEA store and personnel. This was my first experience with IKEA and it was a good one. All IKEA stores may not have the same policies or management teams, so I cannot speak to every location. (Again, the San Diego store was not as cooperative.)

You're Not Going to Believe What Happened to Me at IKEA
By -

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- We've been coming to IKEA for a decade and have spent thousands of dollars over the last two years alone. Yesterday, my toddler wanted to go to the play area while my husband finished shopping. The girl at the counter asked if he was potty trained. I said yes. She asked if he was wearing a diaper. I said yes because we live a long distance away and this is about the time he falls asleep in the car and since we'll be leaving soon, I put one on him. She says he can't go into the play area. I offer to take him to the ladies room to remove the diaper. She says she doesn't believe he is potty trained since he has a diaper on.

I repeat everything. She says all parents are liars. She actually said this to me. She then says that if they allowed kids in with diapers then they'd allow infants -- a ridiculous statement given that they have a height requirement. A crowd of moms and kids hears her accusations and my replies all the while. After several frustrating minutes, I give up, go to the lobby, call the store manager and explain this nightmare to her. She apologizes. She says the employee should have been polite. She asks if we still want to go in. At this point, my kid is clinging to me, afraid of the mean girl at the check in desk. There's no way he's going in there. I say no.

Instead of finalizing the purchase of an entire new kitchen, which is what my husband was doing, I call him and tell him I'm waiting in the lobby with a traumatized kid. I was treated like dirt by an IKEA employee. This is what a decade of customer loyalty looks like. This nasty employee should be reassigned to the stocking department instead of interacting with customers and children. We'll be shopping elsewhere, IKEA.

Customer service and Security
By -

CANTON, MICHIGAN -- I am writing to you to share my experience at Canton Michigan store on May 1st 2010 about 8 pm. After purchasing kitchen cabinets worth more than $7,000 at your store, when we went back to the store to return few things we encountered horrible customer service. We were very frustrated, and my husband in despair said "this is bs" as we were living the desk, after which we were thrown out of the store, and "Jim the security" called cops on us.

Even before my husband said that word I realized that customer service representative called security, as he came and was hanging around the area. "Jim" had no uniform or name tag. While they were throwing us out, I asked "Jim" if I could finish my shopping, he didn't let me and repeatedly said: "get out NOW".

I told him that I need to take my kid from daycare, he said: "get your kid and get out." I was followed by "Kristen" to daycare. She was reporting on my whereabouts over phone or something similar to that, like I am the biggest criminal and came to rob Ikea. I had to ask "Jim" repeatedly what was his name, and at first he declined, but in front of the police he finally revealed it. "Jim" also tried to throw my 76 year mother-in-law as well but she refused to leave, as she had nothing to do with situation. He threatened to call cops on her as well. She was very upset.

This is the first time in my life that I had to deal with a police. If CIA, FBI and Interpol look at my profile they wouldn't find anything, not even parking ticket, nothing, and this is very embarrassing situation for me. I live in America for 10 years now, and never had to experienced such shame, and bad treatment.

In front of Ikea we encountered policeman, who after hearing what we had to say, suggested that we need to complain to someone on corporate level. I was humiliated as people / customers were staring at us wondering why are we dealing with a police. After what I experienced, I am very scared to go back to the store, as we are missing parts for our kitchen.

You Get What You Pay For.
By -

EAST PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I'm writing to relate my recent experience at IKEA East Palo Alto. On Friday, August 28th, I purchased about $250 worth of items, including 6 folding plastic chairs and 6 black seat cushions to go with them. When I came home, I set up the chairs and put one of the cushions on one of the chairs. At this point I decided I didn't need the cushions, and I placed them in my car for return to the store. When I returned to the store three days later, on Monday, August 31st, the customer service representative commented on the lint on the cushions, and asked if I had used them. I told her no. She then called over another representative to point out what she called a stain on the cushion.

They then proceeded to call a manager, William, who sauntered over, rubbing his belly and taking time to watch the television in the waiting room, as I stood at the customer service counter juggling my young daughter in my arms. The customer service representative explained that she had found a stain, but she could not locate it again.

When I asked her about it, she claimed it was a coffee stain, which, if true, would not have shown on a black cushion. The manager told me he could not accept the cushions back because of the lint on the cushions. I asked if he could provide me with a lint brush so that I could clean them, but he refused.

I understand that IKEA's return policy calls for unused merchandise in the original packaging. The cushions I attempted to return had not been used, and retained all of their original tags. The staff at the East Palo Alto store effectively accused me of lying and I am incensed by the implication.

Due to this ill treatment, I left the store immediately and took my business to my local Target, where I bought the additional items I had originally planned on picking up at IKEA after I made my return. For $36 in returned merchandise, the store lost at least another $100 that I would have spent today. In addition, I will not patronize IKEA again, and I intend on publicizing my experience in order to discourage others from shopping at IKEA and receiving the same poor treatment.

Return Policy and Reimbursement
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- After my Wife and daughter purchases of the Malm Store Unit, we had proceeded to put unit together that we found one side of the unit which was made of particle board was defective and the unit itself is poorly designed to endure any type of usage without one day falling apart.

Anyway, had put the unit back in the package (the way it was with damaged part at the top) for refund back at IKEA. The gentleman at returns said that they do not give refunds and thus will replace the part that is defective with a new part, regardless of whether I felt the unit was designed proper or not. I proceeded to get a little upset with him and was ready to call his manager in (that is after we looked at the defective part).

His comment was that before buying anything there that we should have looked at the unit more carefully to observe for any flaws before buying. Needless to say, a lot of the furniture units there are secured and thus you cannot flip over to look at the construction of the items, others furniture items there or just to flimsy made.

Anyway as the story goes, he said it is against their policy but gave me a IKEA gift card for the amount of the purchase. Not exactly what I wanted, for I wanted to actually go somewhere where I could have bought something made from wood (raw furniture that you can get for a reasonable price) and not particle board. It is a sad policy for one, for examining the furniture units there, I am not totally happy with what they have to offer and the cost of the items. So before any purchase, be sure you will be satisfied with what you got. For getting your money back is not an option here.

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