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Michelangelo of Scam Artists
By -

Avoid iKitchen at all costs to avoid being a victim.

Similar to most people who have been dupped by this "retailer" I 1)placed an order
2)waited the 15 business days to receive the item
3)noticed my credit card had been charged
4)emailed customer support when item didn't arrive, asked for a tracking number
5)was informed my item is on backorder with no estimated time of arrival but was offered a 10% discount on my next purchase
7)asked them to credit back my card until the item had shipped
8)did not receive a response so tried again
9)still no response
10)tried calling customer service many times...to no avail.

iKitchen lists items for less than most other online retailers to lure customers in. However, they don't actually carry many of the items they list. They'll tell you the item is on backorder--but only after you contact them. iKitchen operates in hopes that you will have enough patience with them in the shipping process that you will eventually forget you even ordered from them, or grow so frustrated with trying to get a refund that you eventually give up.

iKitchen also operates as as Dotcom Project, Giant Savings, Home Brands, Metro Market, Metro Market Sales, Metro Market iKitchen, Kitchen & Home, Kitchen & Home; HCG Logistics, Kitchen and Home Concepts, kitchenhomegadgets.com, ekitchengadgets.com, kitchenhut.com, kitchenselect.com, and perhaps others.

Beware of ikitchen.com
By -

My sister wanted a Cuisinart Electric Skillet for Christmas this year. I did my research online and found the best price at ikitchen.com. On Dec. 10th, I ordered the item which was "In Stock" and paid for it via PayPal (money taken immediately out of my account). I waited patiently for the promised delivery in 10 - 14 days.

When I checked my order status, on Dec. 20th, there was processed date or shipped date in the system. I e-mailed them, because there is no phone number to call. The next day, I received an e-mail stating:

"We regret to inform you that the item you ordered, is currently on backorder for approximately 7-10 days. We thought we were able to get this item to you immediately, however we were not able to. We do plan on rushing the order to you once it is available."

I was furious. If I hadn't inquired on the status of my order, I wonder when they would have informed me the item was not available. Since I was not getting together with my sister for our holiday celebrating until 12/29, I thought there still might be some hope.

I again check the status of my order 5 days later and still nothing. I wrapped up a picture of the item and that is what my sister got for Christmas with a promise it would "soon be here". On Jan. 2nd, I again e-mailed requesting the status and received a reply one day later:

"This item is not available at this time we are sold out and do not have a delivery date for our shipment, so this item is on backorder with no estimated time of availability."

Checked again on Jan. 14th via e-mail. Response one day later: "Still not in stock".

Yesterday I e-mailed again stating that they have had my money for over two months and I had no indication as to when my item would be shipped. I asked that I be informed WHEN it would be in stock, not just "still not in stock". I had filled out a survey when I placed my order, indicating the transaction went smoothly. It did go smoothly when they were taking my money, but not when it came to providing me with the ALREADY PAID FOR merchandise.

The response I received was a cancellation notice of my order because "Customer changed mind" and a notice that money would be refunded.

Thought I would share this with as many online shoppers as I can and warn you to beware of doing business with this online company. I guess the fact that there is NO phone number to contact them should have been my first clue.

Karen M Thoubboron

Does the company Actually Exist??
By -

I placed an order with this company over 3 weeks ago. 10 days ago, I e-mailed (because that was the only way to communicate with them per their webpage). No response. Cancelled the order (via e-mail) 5 days ago.. No response. Called today, got an answering machine. I have shopped on the internet for years with no problem. Buyer BEWARE... I just hope they don't end up shipping my dishes months from now.

They"ll take your money it's you to figure out where your order is!
By -

Terms and conditions are true! They tell you they have it, you buy it, they take your money and that's the last you hear from them. No phone number and no proactive communication from them concerning your order. For the money saved, it's not worth the explanation to the person who the gift was for. Where oh where is my order. I'll have to remind myself Never ever do
business with any company who does not provide customer service via
telephone, for they are just taking advantage of there customers!

Don't buy from these people
By -

TEXAS -- Ordered a spice rack on 6-2-07 and it is now 6-14 I have yet to receive it. I was not told the item was on backorder but I had to email (which they say they will respond to within 72 BUSINESS HOURS) them to find out five days later and they told me that the item was back ordered and should be shipping out by the end of the week or the first of next week. I received a tracking number last Thursday and it sat static for 7 days. They only did this to keep me from canceling my order I am sure. I called yesterday (6-13) and someone told me my order was shipping out that day and I should see some movement on the tracking number. My original delivery date was 6-13 and now I will not receive the item until 6-18.

Take my advice and DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!! They have THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE and THEY LIE!!!!!!! Cancel your order now if you have already ordered something. These complaints are real and I wish I would have read them all before I ordered something from these jokers. DON'T ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!

Horrible people to deal with (scammers)
By -

I paid for coffee maker # 72-DCC1200-FR got a tracking number within 3 hours but the item was not shipped for 15 days and I received it 2 days after they shipped it. What a surprise it is not the item I ordered, instead it is item # CBC-00BWFR no one could possibly have mistaken those two numbers. Now for the big surprise. When I opened the box the coffee maker had a used coffee maker smell, the plastic handle was broken away from the top of the carafe, and there were no instructions or manual with it, it also had 4 lose filters in the filter basket (not wrapped or protected).

These people are scamming a lot of people out of money with no intentions on ever refunding or shipping the correct item.

The coffee maker I received is not worth the cost of shipping it back, and I told them that when they send me the item I ordered to send a prepaid shipping label with it and I will send this thing back.

Also be aware that their return policy is nothing after 14 days from the date of the sale (I wonder why they waited 15 days before shipping) and the item returned must have all of the instructions and manuals with it and must be resalable.

I'm going to email everyone I know and ask them not to buy anything from these scammers including ekitchengadgets.com, ikitchen.com or Kitchen and Home Gadgets .

I will also contact Cuisinart and PayPal so they can deal with them.

By -

This company took my money and delivered a badly damaged Wine Cooler. After repeated attempts I obtained authorization to return the cooler. I sent UPS confirmation of dispatch and now they have my money and their defective merchandise and ignore repeated attempts to contact them. This company is engaged in blatant fraud. Confirm this by Googling Ikitchen complaints.

No Refund
By -

After ordering the Pro Chef's Mat in November and not receiving it by January, I cancelled the order. Never received confirmation of cancellation after many emails (they don't have a phone).

Finally arrived in late February. Returned but have not received a refund. Many complaints about this company.

Hope this helps someone else!

Do not do business with this company
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The complaints against this company are many. I kick myself for not checking this company out before ordering. There is no customer service... emails are replied with a form that has nothing to do with the fact they took my money and didn't ever ship my product.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Do file a complaint with the NY consumer protection board to get this company put out of business.

This company sucks
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered a breadmaker form this outfit before Christmas. They waited until 3 days before Christmas to tell me that they were out of stock on the item.

So I went to a local target and bought one. I emailed them to stop the order - which they replied that they did.

Today is January 28, 2008 and I got the package today.

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