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Do not hire this company
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Hiring Imagine Pools has been the worst experience we ever had with a contractor of any kind. There are many other pool builders out there. Avoid this one if possible. I must admit that we hired them based on price and the salesman presentation. He was very good and answered every question we had.

From the beginning of the construction we felt uncomfortable with the decision of hiring Imagine Pools. The salesman told us that they had extensive experience with the City of Katy but they had none. The City of Katy follows a different process in order to issue permits for pool constructions. It took them almost one month just to get the permits simply because, and I quote the Katy employee we spoke with, “they refused to follow procedures and decided instead to argue with us”. Once the construction started we encountered the following problems: the granite contractor was sent to an address in Sugar Land twice (we live in Katy) to dig the hole and poured the granite; not even once we received a telephone call to schedule any of the contractors work. They came and went inside my yard without notice and without identification (placing my family in possible danger); Imagine failed inspections with the City of Katy 4 times and the project manager never showed up to meet the inspector during inspection; the majority of the contractors did not speak English at all and could not understand the inspector’s reports; it took Imagine 5 months to have the pool ready to be used; we are having problems with the plaster showing rust spots (from the rods). The plaster apparently is too thin but Imagine does not want to honor their warranty; it is now April of 2007 and Imagine still has not completed the final inspection with the City of Katy. What else can I say but protect yourself. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY TO BUILD YOUR POOL.
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Imagine Pools - NOT HELPFUL AT ALL
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Our pool was built in April 2005 and it is now August 2005 and we have stains that are becoming increasingly worse as the days go by - this all started in early June. From the start we have done everything the instructions on how to take care of our pool has said and we have the water checked by Leslie's Pool once a month and we check it ourselves once a week. We called our builder, Imagine Pools, and they rarely call us back and when they do they tell us that they'll have someone contact us about it and nobody ever does and Imagine never follows up to see how we're doing. You would think that after you give someone $30,000 they could help you once they're done building it. We've had other people come out and look at the stains and everybody gives us a different explanation. We don't know whom to believe and you would think that you could turn to your builder to help you but they said "We just build the pool, we don't know anything about water chemistry." Nice. If anyone is looking into buying a pool, go with someone who will be helpful when you need them and get it in writing. Imagine Pools has been nothing but a pain!!!
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AZJEM on 08/29/2005:
Man, I didn't realize they are that expensive now. We are looking to get one built but are hearing a lot of negative comments about the builders in our area. Since your got so many different answers from other pool places I'm sure if you ever get to talk to someone at Imagine you'll get another explanation. Does Leslie's pool have any kind of explanation? I know they are a good pool company. That stinks that you shell out all that money then get the silent treatment when it's all said and done. Hope you get a chance to really enjoy the luxery of your cool pool while it's still so hot. Good luck.
british on 10/24/2005:
I had an excellent experience with Imagine Pools.
I've had 2 other pools built and all that I can say is They went beyond all my expectations...
Having dealt with a large national company last time I felt like I was just a number. Imagine Pools & Spas was there all the way through construction and even did extras that we weren't expecting... Sorry that you had the trouble that you did. I don't think a pool company should be held responsible for how a homeowner maintains there pool.

poolboy134 on 01/11/2006:
If you are still having staining problems with your pool I would suggest having Leslies test your water for copper...I'm guessing there is a heater on this pool and if the ph or alkalinity got too low it might have caused copper to enter the water and stain the pool. You could also try rubbing vitamin c directly on the stains. If that lifts the stain you could use Stain Remover from Leslies which is vitamin c. If this dosent work just continue to work with the team at Leslies and get them to involve Technical Advisors at their corporate headquarters. They might not have sold you the pool but I can guarantee you they will treat like they did. (No I don't mean ..not call you back...not care...etc.)
Scrap on 06/20/2008:
If you have brown stains, there may be organic iron iin your water. A filter made for this purpose is sold by water treatment suppliers. It takes all kinds to make a world,the pool people see gold dust when you need help. The pool builder should have tested your water before the filteration system was installed. RW
Scrap on 06/20/2008:
I forgot to add that there is a great web to go to, an orginanization that is high tech and has products that may help you at they will even test your water for free. RW
Scrap on 07/05/2008:
There is a problem when manufacturers do not satisfy their customers; Without us, THERE ARE NO MANUFACTURERS! Supply and demand will not suffice forever, sooner or later the consumers will find MY THREE CENTS! RW
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