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Scam from Ramada Plaza Resort
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FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I lost a lot of money because of this organization. I total about  $1,500.

It all started in the year of 2008 if I am not mistaken. I received an envelope saying that I am eligible for a free cruise. When I called them, it turned out that it was not totally free, I had to still pay, $800 or so, but I figured that for two people its pretty reasonable deal, so I went for it, paid (I gave my credit card number). The customer service agent that dealt with me on the phone told me that I could cancel it if I want anytime. I specifically asked about that because I at the time I had concerns about this and got this answer.

When we decided that it was not possible for us to go because of certain circumstances, I called back and asked to cancel and my money back. The lady on the phone by the name of Joanne was extremely rude,  said that it was well passed the time of cancellation, she could not do this for me. So I believed her and as she advised tried to sell the package.

After certain time I just let the whole deal go and wanted to forget this affair. It is useless to say that I did not go to any vacation.

In September 2009 I received a call again from this place saying that I have "legal engagements", that they have all the conversations recorded and that I have to pay another $698. I was not smart enough to look at the documentation that I received before, it said "Prepaid" everywhere. They said that they have all the conversations recorded and that I have to pay. So they pretty much lied and tricked me into paying. So I [aid and I just wanted them to leave me alone, and I repeatedly asked that I do not owe them anything anymore and got a positive answer. Obviously I did not preauthorize any future payments from my credit card that I gave the second time.

Last night I received a call from a "manager" of a Ramada Plaza Resort, who "informed" me that I have "legal engagements" and that I preauthorized the money, another $698, to be taken from my credit card, and he just hang up on me. I tried to say that I have not engagements, and I already paid off everything but he was very rude, and just hung up on me.

I then called Ramada Plaza Resort corporate at the 1800- number and explained the situation. The agent said that if I don't take any vacation I do not have to pay anything extra, that money that I paid already will be lost and that's it. So today I am waiting again for the call of the "manager", because the card number they have is expired. It is absolutely
outrages how they suck money from people.

All I want is for this people to leave me alone, remove my information form their database and stop calling me!
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Whiteduck on 03/03/2011:
Sounds like they found someone who thinks $800 is easily tossed away and they want more.

I expect they'll quit calling you when you sue them for the $800....
trmn8r on 03/03/2011:
You have to be very careful of what you get involved with. You didn't realize it wasn't totally free, you don't know when you committed to this purchase, you (arguably?) didn't cancel in the right amount of time, and you failed to examine the paperwork (evidently) that shows you owed more money.

From what you wrote, I think you own them more money. Be careful out there!
PepperElf on 03/03/2011:
Are you even sure the person calling you is who they claim to be?

It's VERY possible a total stranger sent you the packet to trick you into giving them your bank info
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Imperial Cruise, Royal Pain... Sister Company Of Carnival Cruise Line
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I received a phone call from a representative saying that she was calling to give me the information that I had requested about a so called free "3 day cruise". She was upbeat and excited for me, so suspicious to say the least. I asked her to back up at bit and explain what the deal is.

I should have known when she said "Ma'am this is the information YOU REQUESTED, I can't help you remember how/when you did it!"

I firmly told her, I don't participate in blind surveys and there was a definite explanation as to how my phone number was in front of her.

She slightly changes her tone and gives me the details of this cruise with an optional week vacation prior to the cruise leaving. The details were coming fast and strong. I was distracted by a 17 month old child so I was ready for her to get to the point...30 minutes later we finally arrive at how much this "free cruise" was going to cost me. Bottom line is I only had to pay taxes for the cruise and in exchange, I tell all my friends what a fabulous time I had, and brag about this trip. Ha!

From the appearance of all this information, I booked the cruise for $120, with an optional upgrade of $99 for a better cabin.

I called my girlfriend, who is cruise-savvy, and she said this sounds a bit odd. All the extras were not actually extras, and this package had no incentive of upgrade. We called the customer service line via conference so that she could ask them key questions.....OH MY GOD!!, the representative was so rude, dry, and was not in the mood to answer our questions. We had to drag information out of her. She sounded depressed, tired and sick of customers calling her. Her mood was total opposite of the one who called me all chipper and sh*t.

I immediately asked for a specialist so I could cancel my purchase of which they had processed in less than 5 minutes. The hold was placed on my card...the hard charge was processed even though I had a cancellation confirmation. and when I called back to ask about the bank activity, I encountered another nasty person.

I finally got my refund 12 business days later!

Tell all your friends, AND enemies, to avoid these people.
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bargod on 02/26/2009:
Never book anything like that over the phone. I always say" if you send me all the information I would be happy to look at it" that usually ends the conversation. At least you got you money back.
And remember "nothing in life is free...unless you but the jumbo size first"
Anonymous on 02/26/2009:
I don't believe that Carnival and Imperial Majesty are related, in any way.
Slimjim on 02/26/2009:
I agree with Missmarple. Carnival is owned by Cunard. Imperial Majesty is a low budget small line that makes Florida to Bahama runs last I heard. They are not part of the Cunard/Carnival family.
SuchaLady on 02/26/2009:
Hi Barg, yes, I agree, they just caught me on a day when my judgment was very off! And I usually use the same line as u offered but not this day!

HI there...Miss Marple, Slimjim>> the rep specifically told me they are sometimes correct the Carnival family. If in fact they aren't, I coundn't care less ...I don't plan on doing business with them anyhow.

All is well, I got my money back. Thanks guys!
BokiBean on 02/26/2009:
I'm in shock that you got your money back, you must be leading a charmed life! :)
The Equal!zer on 02/26/2009:
The money is dirty...throw it overboard.
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Refund Funds
Posted by on
BOWIE, MARYLAND -- I was sent a package about a cruise, of course like anybody else you are interesting in taking a cruise for a great price. I called and talked with an associate about the cruise and everything at the time sound legitimate, but of course I had my doubts so I checked the BBB to see were there any information on line about them being a legitimate company. When I checked the website the cruise line had about over 50 something complaints I was shocked being thou I was told a different story of how this cruise line operates, by there associate/customer service of course in order to sell. I called the cruise line and told them what I did and wanted a full refund of my money. I was told by an associate and the manager on duty at the time that I wasn't entitle for my refund.

Of course I was like what that's my money and you are telling me that I can't get my refund. Well never-the-less that is why I am typing this letter and hoping that I can get this resolved somehow. I feel thou I am entitle to my money and this cruise line was and is a gimmick.
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Anonymous on 07/05/2008:
You have to send them a letter to cancel. Their web pages have no information on terms & conditions. I did notice that most all the photos in the testimonials are at least 5 years old.
Anonymous on 07/05/2008:
Might have been a better idea to check for complaints before you gave them your money.
scarborough on 08/21/2008:
I was recently suckered into one of these vacation deals, and while I'm not saying that I wasn't incredibly naive by giving out my credit card info over the phone, this company does practice some questionable sales techniques. For instance, they got my contact information from a contest that I entered at a Ribfest (innocently enough), and when they called me, they said I had been "selected" to receive a fabulous and luxurious vacation package to Florida and the Bahamas (valued at $2500). Now, the package was nowhere near worth that (after I later did some research). Plus, there are many hidden fees that wouldn't be aware of until you actually go on the vacation (just Google the people who have traveled with Imperial).

However, it's natural when they quote you that value that your mind jumps to visions of grand cruise ships and the "white glove treatment" that Imperial promises. Needless to say, when I agreed to pay the heavily-discounted promotional fee of $299U.S./pp, I had no idea that this would be non-refundable and that the company had a "no vacation cancellation policy."

If you do your research, and look up the "Sellers of Travel" section on the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services website (, you'll see that according to Florida Law (and I live in Canada by the way), a consumer is entitled to a full refund within 30 days of purchase. However, every time I called Imperial's customer service, they refused to cancel the package, offering to extend the period that I could use the vacation, or 100% money back guarantee (after you go through with the trip), or to upgrade your package. They told me that they could not refund the 149$U.S. security deposit that I supposedly agreed to. And that if I cancelled, I would lose all my money.

Know your rights. Contact your credit card company's dispute department, and they'll advise you on how to return Imperial's package (through registered mail) and with an official letter of cancellation. Or better yet, complain to the Florida Better Business Bureau (Canadians can send a complaint through our local BBB), and complain to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

I did, and got my full refund within one week (August 22, 2008) of falling for this "luxury" vacation package. Now I just hope there aren't any weird or unauthorized transactions on my credit card statement.

The irony is that Imperial Majesty keeps calling my house, and asking to speak to my parents. They seem to be aggressively targeting Canadians now, so warn your friends even if they are "smart." I considered myself smart, and yet I fell for this. They are incredibly persuasive!
rob1958 on 10/02/2008:
I fell for this too. Paid with a credit card. Called back to ask a simple question and after asking, got put on hold but could still hear what was going on there. Lots of breathing and after waiting 12 minutes, they hung up on me. I became very curious. So I searched online for info on this company and discovered a lot of terrible reviews. So I actually called my credit card company and canceled the transaction within the 3 days, which is within my rights. So I did get a full refund but that was after trying to call them back. I did finally speak with someone who kept me on the phone to talk me into going. I told her that my father had a stroke that weekend, which is totally the truth, and that we couldn't think of traveling now or the near future. She actually asked how I could possibly be on the phone canceling a vacation when I should be at the hospital with him. She even asked what hospital he was in and how could he be in a rehab facility already when the "good" hospitals keep them for 2 weeks. I became more irate and told her that she better find another job because the company will be closing soon after I get done filing complaints to whomever I can. Which I did file a complaint with a department in Florida and with BBB. She got the price down to half and I said fine, but hung up on her. So I did get a full refund from my credit card company. Thank you Bank of America. Even if we did go on this vacation, the company is so unprofessional I had visions of getting there and having no confirmations for anything. Oh, and the so called "free vacation" would end up costing a bit over $900, (without airfare), all said and done!!
my2chix on 11/07/2008:
I just got off the phone with them too. They are very persistnt and rude when there backs are against the wall. I went from the nice woman that was telling me all about the wonderful white glove treatment for such a "great" price to a real jerk when I asked for something in writing that I can discuss later w/ my husband. I was told to get my husband on the phone right now as I only get one phone call (what is this - jail - never been but have heard) and to just do it, live a little and dig deep into my mattress as we got a new president so start spending my savings! I told him that this was not the way to get good business and word of mouth by pressuring people and telling them that they have to do it right now or it's gone. I told him that I was done listening and to never call again - good -bye. Now reading everything about this, I was glad I went with my gut feeling that something wasn't quite right with all of this.
underdog4777 on 12/18/2008:

follow the directions. I got my money back!!
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