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Charged my bank account for renewal without my authorization
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ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA -- I had Incredimail for a few months and uninstalled it due to many problems.
They renewed my account and took the money out of my bank without asking me. I contacted them asking them to return my money that I no longer wanted them. As they requested. No response from them and they did not return the money to my account.

I have not found a way to contact them again to ask questions.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/20/2008:
Their US office:
IncrediMail Inc.
211 East 43rd St. Suite #2300
New York, NY 10017
madconsumer on 09/20/2008:
I thought this was a free email add-on.
Ponie on 09/20/2008:
It's for reasons such as this that I never, ever order something online using a credit or debit card. If I can't mail in a check for a specific time period--I don't need it.
Nohandle on 09/20/2008:
Ponie, I'm curious when you state you never order anything online with a debit or credit card. Are you speaking of all orders? I have had a few things charged to my CC. I've always felt I had the option of disputing the charges if something was amiss. I think in queenfairy1's case Incredimail had access to her bank account. That, I'm quite leary of.
Ponie on 09/20/2008:
Nohandle, I have on rare occasions used a CC for online orders. Such as, Macy's didn't have an item in the color I wanted but it was available online, so I used my Macy's CC. In the poster's case, it was something new for a certain period of time. Short while ago my auto insurance was due. I've always used online banking to pay the premium. This time, I needed just a few dollars more to get a rebate check from my CC co. Went to the ins. company's website where I could pay by CC. Nowhere did it state it would not be automatically charged each time due in the future. I sent the company an email to make sure this would be a one time only situation. I made a copy of the email which gave me a positive response that I keep with the ins. papers--just in case.
Nohandle on 09/20/2008:
I think in the OP's case automatic renewal was charged her bank account, not a CC and she can't get her money back. I, too, read the fine print before signing onto anything. This business of Your Account Will Be Automatically Renewed If We Don't Hear From You (always in small print) is for the birds. I've read some small print myself and thought "no thank you" keep your offer. No way am I going to the trouble of telling someone not to renew something. If I want it renewed I'll tell them.
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Failure to furnish tech support
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Several years ago I purchased IncreditMail Premium eMail client. While I have had a few problems with it, over all it has been a good buy. The company has furnished several upgrades at no additional charge and it has function satisfactorily.

When the offered the Junk Filter Plus option it sounded like a good addition so I purchased it. It has never function as advertised and now I can not get tech support to even respond.

For some reason their SPAM reporting function stopped working and I had to contact them several times before they fixed it.

Next I noticed that the reporting function is not available for messages sent to the Junk folder. You have to move them to another folder before they can be reported. Am I missing something here, does that make any sense to not have it work in the Junk folder?

Now, when I find a message that was transferred to the Junk folder in error and try to read it or add the sender to my contacts (white list) the program crashes every time. Granted it does give you a reporting form and usually will re-start the application, but I can get no assistance, or even a reply, from their tech support. The last word from them was to 'empty the folder and upgrade to the latest version'. The folder was empty and there is no upgrade available.

Also, I see no reduction in the number of SPAM messages so reporting them does not seem to be accomplishing anything.

Until they fix these problems I would recommend not purchasing Junk Filter Plus.

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User Replies:
queenfairy1 on 09/20/2008:
I had the premium service also and they renewed without asking , took my money , and now will not respond to my request to return my money as they promised if I no longer wanted this ...
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