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Worst Contractor I Have Ever Had at My Home
Posted by Rc_smith3 on 08/22/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I had these people out for their $39.95 special. try to pressure me to do additional work for $699.00. I told them I would like to discuss with my wife but they continued the pressure. I told them I would call them the next day with my answer.. they then left after I paid the 39.95 . the next day I go to my garage and find they have removed and busted up my humidifier beyond repair leaving a gaping whole about a foot and half square blowing all the air into garage. I called them and they said they would have the manager call me shortly. they have not called. these people are the Scam a]nd switch and bait at their best STAY AWAY

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-24:
File a police report for vandalism of private property.
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Incomplete Job and Total Scam Artists
Posted by on 05/29/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I like most of the reviewers found a coupon for this company for 44.95. We just purchased our house 3 months ago and it was recommended that we get our air ducts cleaned. The serviceman cleaned the vents for about an hour and then pulled my husband downstairs to show him the "mold" he found in the furnace. We have a 9 month old and he told us he could push his schedule to do the cleaning right then and there for $600.

We have a home warranty so we told him no that we wanted to check first to see if it was covered. He then comes back in the house saying his boss would cut the price down to $250. Sounds pretty damn similar to other reviews on here. We declined and called our home inspector asking why this problem wasn't found during the home inspection (indy air care said it had been there for more than a year) and he said there were no signs of mold and recommended a different company. They are currently in my house doing the job that was NOT done by Indy air care. And shocker...no mold in our house.

Don't be a fool and get ripped off by this company!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-05-29:
Reducing a quote from $600 to $250 for no apparent reason other than they are about to lose the job is a clear indication they should be kicked to the curb.

Incidentally, home inspectors are not exactly infallible.
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Total Waste Of A Morning Off Of Work!
Posted by Ang4141980 on 03/30/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I had an appointment with Indy Air Care today, they were over an hour late and smelled like cigarettes so badly that when they left I had to spray Lysol in my home! They tore my furnace apart and told me mold was growing in there badly which conveniently I was too short to see for my self, when my husband came home from work he took a look for himself and said it was not as bad as I had made it sound on the phone.

They then went through my house turning my furnace vents upside down and then brought a very, very dusty shop vac into my home and swept them off for me and left a trail of dust and tree leaves in my living room & hall way.

Once this was done, they both went outside and sat in their un-marked company vehicle and when they returned they had a quote for an entire system cleaning with a UV light included for over $800.00. I told him I would have to discuss with my husband and then politely turned him down and told him that we only wanted to have the ducts cleaned for the $39.95 that we had made the appointment for.

Then he proceeded to tell me that if I would let him do all of the work, he would take off 15% as long as I promised to hand out their business cards. Again, I told him no and he then told me that his boss said that they could offer me a few of the items on the list at no cost if I would let them do all of the work, I again told them no so the technician went back to my basement, put my furnace back together and was rather rude for the rest of the visit. Both Indy Air Care employees asked to use my restroom which was fine but the man must have went in there over 5 times in a 1 1/2 hour visit - I am not certain what he was doing in there but that was pretty unprofessional.

They also forgot a trash bag so I had to provide one and when there were finished, they left their mess for me to clean up. Not real impressed with this company & I wish that I had read review before I let these people into my home. My advice, research the company before they enter your home and be prepared to feel like you are being pressured for services that you do not really need - I have been researching the things that there were going to do to our system all afternoon and that is all stuff that my husband is able to do - for free.
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Posted by Fredsmythe on 02/24/2013
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I called these guys when I had a lot of water in my crawl space. Just have to tell you that this company was great. The arrived on time, were very polite and even told me to get other bids if I wanted to. I had 2 feet of water in a home we just purchased. After they completed the work the crawl space was dry and completely covered by black plastic. Employees were very nice and Wes, the forman was top notch. They even called several time to check on it.

One of the pumps stopped working after a couple of weeks, they came right out, and redid all the work because it was flooded again. They replaced the defective pump and after they were finished, the crawl was as good as new. No charge of any kind. I do not see where they get some of the bad reviews on this site. To me, they are top notch. Good work guys...

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Job well done!
Posted by Truenorthlandscaping on 09/03/2012
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I'm writing to let you know what a good experience we had with Indy Air Care. The office called us the evening before (Sunday!), then again the morning of the appointment (Labor Day Monday) to confirm the technicians were on their way. Our 2 person Team was pleasant & friendly. At different times throughout the process, they would keep me abreast w/information on what was to occur & why it was important, along w/before & after photos of ducts, vents, fans, filters etc. Because of this, it was readily apparent & gave us a high comfort level that we were receiving good value for our money. They found some 'above/beyond' items that needed addressing. With various service companies, it's often difficult for the average 'layman' to know if these extra add ons are truly necessary or just an easy 'money grab' for the service provider. However, our technicians were not pushy but rather informative & educated us so we could make a low pressure decision about giving the OK for some additional work (especially the mold remediation in the furnace housing/insulation board... Thanks Dave!). Give the good people at Indy Air Care a try, we don't hesitate to recommend them!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-09-03:
I'm glad you had a good experience. It's surprising, given the other reviews here. Some are horrendous.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-09-04:
very helpful review!

thank you for posting it!
Posted by TK1998 on 2013-03-12:
I highly doubt that you had high mold in your furnace. That's the exact same thing they told me. When I contacted a mold specialist, they told me there was no way they could know that by looking only. Sorry, you may have had good service, but your probably didn't have any mold. I had another company come in and clean, and guess what, no mold was discovered.
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Hesitant At First, Worth It In The End
Posted by Hvoyles on 01/14/2012
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I received a coupon in the mail for Indy Air Care. The coupon was for a $59.95 service. I have a young child, so I know that air duct cleaning is VERY important. I did some research online and was very hesitant at first because of all of the negative reviews. Well, I know that most people are only going to write reviews to complain, so I thought I would write my review to compliment the company on my wonderful experience. While they were cleaning my air ducts, they went into my crawl space where there was mold. They informed me of everything that I needed and gave me the facts. They knew what they were talking about. The technician did not try to push me once. He didn't seem like a salesman, more like an informative technician. After speaking with the technician about a moisture barrier, He gave me a special and took care of the problem. The technician worked hard non-stop for 4 hours! He told me everything he was doing before he did it & he actually showed me- which I really liked! He was very polite and professional. I know all of the reviews are mostly bad, but I highly recommend Indy Air Care. I have already recommended my family members and they were very pleased with their service as well.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-01-16:
Glad you took the time to compliment them!
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Charged More Than Work Was Done
Posted by Tamarajo195826 on 12/06/2011
Indy Air Care services over-charged my mother-in-law. Was suppose to to have duct work done with a coupon for 59.99 and they charged 750.00. THEY ARE NOT RELIABLE.

They need to honor their coupons.
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Posted by Kris10 on 2011-12-06:
Did you ask them for a breakdown of the charges and ask them what happened to the coupon price?
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Great service, would recommend!
Posted by Jediknightguy82 on 05/17/2011
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- We've received several coupons through our local mailer for Indy Air Care's special $39.95 air duct cleaning. We decided to bite the bullet on May 17th, 2011, and call them up. The coupon included one main, one return, and unlimited vents. The coupon also clearly states that additional returns and mains will cost.

The dispatcher told me they'd arrive between 2-5pm on the given day. They arrived just before 4pm, and called me to let me know they'd arrive in about 40 minutes before they got here.

The technician was also training someone, and both of them were very good. He showed me several issues with dusk in the system, pointed out other issues, etc. I would expect any contractor to point out issues and additionally to offer other services. They wheeled in a HUGE negative air machine. They taped up the vents to create an air tight seal, and sucked the dust out. They also went around, blowing off some of the dusk around vents but told me that some soap and water would take care of the built up. They also said it's possible some of the dusk/dirt would show on the baseboards, so I'd probably need to clean those off. Again, very informative.

Of course, as with any company, they recommend other services. He wrote up a quote that included servicing my AC and some other things, and a sanitizing of my system. I told him that we only wanted to do the cleaning, but we at least had some pricing for the other services. For the sanitizing, he cut us a deal: basically half off. This is the kind of chemical they use in hospitals, and it coats the system to prevent bacteria from building up for 6-8 months. I appreciated that they gave us a deal, and the service was something beneficial.

Overall, I was very satisfied. I didn't feel at any time they were trying to scare me or pressure me into getting stuff I didn't want. Did they recommend? Absolutely. That's part of business. They did a great job, were friendly and knowledgeable. I asked questions, they had answers. I'm not sure why others have had such poor experiences, but I'd recommend Indy Air Care for vent/duct cleaning! Props to Darcy for doing a great job.

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Posted by Alain on 2011-05-19:
It seems that reviews on this company are about 50/50 and a lot is dependent on the sales person/technician that they send to do the job. Looks like you had a person that knew what they were doing. Thanks for the review.
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Scam-Don't Use
Posted by AZB on 04/19/2011
Had a coupon for 49.95 to get air ducts clean. They came back to me and said the air ducts were fine but had fungus and mold in my furnace. They had removed the motor and said look at this-needs to be cleaned and can do for several hundred dollars. Also recommended UV light. I was very hesitant about the two gentlemen that showed up and kept questioning them which they did not like. I was not fond of them taking out the motor on my furnace.

They sprayed who knows what on the furnace and stated it would kill any mold in the lines. $350.00 later they were done. My furnace is not putting off an odd smell and not sure what it is....
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Nice job
Posted by Berad on 11/06/2010
I ordered a vent cleaning from a coupon in the local paper. They arrived on time to my rural address. They cleaned all my vents and did a great job.1 vent does not seem to flow as well but over all the heating and A/C seems to be much more efficiency and I go thru way less filters.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-11-07:
A fair review and thank you.
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