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Beware: INFINITY DISH - Bait & Switch Advertising
Posted by on
DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA -- BEWARE: Infinity Dish advertising 2 Room HD DVR Upgrade as a part of their current promotion, but that really means only ONE ROOM HD DVR and the other only STANDARD!!!

INFINITY DISH - Blatant False Advertising:

Very specifically on their website under current promotions it says "2 Room HD DVR Upgrade", "FREE service on second TV", "Free Activation ($99.99 Value)", "The most HD channels in the business", "Highest quality picture in the business", "Rated #1 in Customer Service"... In fact in reality what you get is only one TV in HD and the second only standard. But no where does it even say the word "standard" on their "current promotions" page! Not until the technician came to install was the first time I was ever told that what I would be getting was only one TV with HD! I still cannot understand how or why they would do something so clearly wrong. THIS IS BLATANT BAIT & SWITCH ADVERTISING!!! And when I talked to several different tiers of customer service, the best I could get was, "Well if you want HD in two rooms then you need to pay an additional $99 up front cost and then an additional $10 per month rental fee for an additional box". But QUITE SIMPLY I ALREADY ORDERED THEIR 2 ROOM HD DVR UPGRADE AS A PART OF THEIR CURRENT PROMO PACKAGE!!! So, after much frustration, I cancelled the service even while the technician was still there out of shear principle alone. This is simple wrong and it truly pisses me off... beware of Infinity Dish and Dish Network... slimey business practices and this behavior should be reprimanded!
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User Replies:
saj80 on 12/14/2010:
This information comes directly from Dish, and I agree it is misleading. I, too, found out, after purchasing two HD television sets, that only TV1 on the Dish receiver is actually HD. The only option is to purchase another HD receiver, which I refused to do, but would not have purchased the HD set if I had known prior to installation. That being said, I am very surprised that neither Dish nor DirecTV has come up with a dual HD receiver.
MikeL DISH on 01/07/2011:
Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. In order to get HD service to two televisions, two separate HD receivers are necessary, although one Duo DVR receiver is still capable of providing the recording feature to both televisions it is hooked up to. I would be happy to look into this for you to see what I can do if you'd like! Let me know if I may be of further assistance.
PJ on 04/02/2012:
They are running a scam!!!We signed up for Dish network cable package through an authorized 3rd party retailer, Dish Infinity on 4/1/12. We were charged a processing fees of $49.95 by Dish Infinity and programming fee of $37.18 by Dish Network. On the same day, we were researching about Dish Infinity online and found out that there were a lot of negative comments/reviews/complaints about Dish Infinity so we called Dish Infinity on the same day to cancel our purchase, we were told that we had to contact their customer service the next day. When we called Dish Infinity the next day, 4/2/12, they kept transferring us from one department to another and even hung up the call several times. So, we called the parent company, Dish Network to close the account. We are promised to get $37.18 refunded back to our account. We were also told that they will not be able to refund $49.95 as it was charged by their third party retailer. We spent more than 100 cell phone minutes to get hold of Dish Infinity to get that refund back, but no success. We are disputing the charges as a fraudulent charges with our credit card company (Chase). The dispute process will most likely take 3-4 weeks before we find out if we will get our refund. This whole process has been very frustrating and we feel very helpless. It is very sad that so many innocent people like us are getting ripped off everyday and no actions have been taken against this company, DISH INFINITY. At the same time we blame Dish Network as well, since they know how Dish Infinity is treating their customers and won't do anything about it.
Tammy on 09/22/2012:
I just got scammed as well! I signed up with the promise of a free Kindle Fire, two months later, several calls, hang ups, and transferring, and I've got nothing but a headache! Oh and can't cancel the service because I'm in a 2 year contract. Thanks Dish for not standing by your retailers.
Marie on 06/12/2013:
I signed up with Infinity Dish under false pretenses because I thought that I was talking to DISH. I initially called for the $19.99 package but the total was brought up to around $80.00. When I threatened to hang up, they gave me a "deal" for $48.50 for their basic lineup called America's Top 120. Then they charged me a "one time only" set up fee for $49.95 and a $25 VISA card. Now, I see that had I called DISH directly, there is no set up fee, and the same package is available for $29.99. I never did get my VISA card. What I don't understand is why DISH allows this company to continue to be an affiliate? This makes me question their motives and/or kickbacks.
Worried customer on 07/13/2013:
Now I just realize that I have joined the pissed off dish customer group. I tried to order dish tv service through Infinity Dish (thought it was the same as dishnetwork). I was told I will be charged a one time fee os $49.95. I thought that was great until I saw another amount of $44.91 charge by Dish Network the same day (7/3/13). I cancelled the order 3 hrs later, same day. Dish told me I would get my $44.91 refunded. I thought I would get both amounts refund. Today I got the $44.91 only so I called dish and asked about the $49.95
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False Advertising
Posted by on
Infinity Dish advertises the following for Dish Network:
“Free Activation ($99 Value)”
“Free up to 6 Room Installation”
“Free HD for Life”
“Free Room 2 Room HD-DVR Upgrade ($6/mo DVR service fee applies)”

We called and asked very specific questions because we have 2 HD televisions. We wanted the “whole house” DVR service as advertised by their competition, and we made it very clear that that is what we wanted or the equivalent. We asked very specifically to verify free activation, if that was for 1 or for both televisions. We asked very specifically to very installation, if that was for 1 or for both televisions. We asked very specifically about the HD-DVR and if the $6 DVR service was total or for each television. We were told that the activiation, installation, and service fee would be for both televisions, with $3/month for the DVR service for 12 months, with the cost going to $7 per DVR per month after one year.

It was a different story when the installers arrived. The installation order was only for one HD DVR and for one standard television. There were 3 separate calls to Dish Network and Infinity Dish. The “best” offer to get what we thought we were already getting was to pay an additional $99 for activation and an additional $17 per month for the 2nd HD DVR. I consider this a serious breach in “truth in advertising”, and I can’t imagine how $17 additional per month translates to “Free HD for life”. I currently pay only $10.95 for HD DVR service with cable, and certainly do not intent to pay more when all of the Dish Network advertising claims state that they save you money over cable television. They are guilty of false advertising, and we were almost pressured into paying more.

Watch out for these people. DO NOT trust Infinity Dish or Dish Network.
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User Replies:
MikeL DISH on 01/06/2011:
Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. In order to get HD DVR service to two televisions, two separate receivers are required. It may be possible to replace your second receiver with a solo HD DVR to cut your monthly rate down by $7.00.

As far as the HD Free for Life promotion, what is free of charge is the HD programming under one of two conditions. The $17.00 fee you are currently incurring is for the actual additional receiver box, which, again, we may be able to replace with just a solo HD DVR for only $10.00 per month. Regardless of how many DVR receivers you have on your account, only one $6.00 DVR Service Fee will be incurred if you any DVR receivers.

Hope that helps!
customer1rst on 12/30/2011:
Mike, your "sales" reps did not explain this to me either. They are either misrepresenting your services intentionally or are simply incompetent.
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Charged $49.95 for 1st month, canceled, but no refund.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I called what I thought was Dish Network, but it turned out to be Infinity Dish in Florida. I paid a $10.00 deposit and $49.95 for 1st month payment prior to installation. I was unable to get the dish, because I had too many trees. They refunded the $10.00, but not $49.95. I have called 5 times, and each time I could not get to talk to anyone, so left 5 messages for call back, but no one called. I have reported them to the FCC and the BBB of Fla. I have not heard from either of these two bureaus. They committed a fraud when they told me my money would be refunded, and when they pretended to be Dish Network. I called Dish Network, and they said they could not do anything. Someone needs to investigate these two companies so that others will not be charged for services not received.
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Wheres My Gift Card ?
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Back in May 2010,I responded to a local promotion at infinity Dish Network in Tucson Arizona. Among other large amounts of bull....,I was told that the installation fee was $50, HOWEVER....I was to receive a $50 gift card that I could use anyway I wanted, including covering the installation fee. Six months later, no card. I spoke once in the interim to a representative who said it can take up 2 months. Today, I talked to this nasty representative who told me ..there has never been a $50 gift card offer. It was $ too much time has passed and I can't collect. If you need to talk to someone within this scam ridden bowl of turds, you'd better set aside a couple hours to have numerous conversations with phillopino people, several wrong numbers and leads. Finally once you get to an actual representative in your country, you will be made to feel that you are delusional....You're NOT.....This company sucks. you have to be an ex con with a 6th grade education with a speciAL fondness for BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE
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User Replies:
leet60 on 10/07/2010:
While I have no problems with my Dish Network, personally, this scenario is very typical of both Dish and DirectTV.

Very rarely, with either company, will you deal with a company installer. In 99.9% of the cases it is a reseller or local contractor and they will miss appointments, lie to you, and basically do anything to get or keep your business.
MikeL DISH on 01/05/2011:
Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I just wanted to check in with you as to whether or not you have been able to obtain correct information toward getting this issue resolved. If not, let me know and I would be happy to provide further assistance!
Dick G on 04/02/2013:
Same problem with free gift card offer. Never received it. Also,I didn't read fine print.
2 year contract with only 12 months of discounted
rate. What happened to truth in advertising?
Is this a game? Do I have find the hidden stuff?
I feel duped again. Very unhappy with ALL providers offers and services. I love TV,never dreamed things would become confusing,complicated and just plain "Dishonest"!!!!!
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