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Posted by Veg012777 on 02/04/2013
This is a company that promises instant game points at a reduced price and states that the code will be emailed to the consumer as soon as payment has been made. I confirmed that the money cleared the day I ordered the product, yet now 2 weeks later I still have not received my code. I have submitted several help tickets to try and resolve the matter, but they have not responded to the tickets or the individual emails I sent to the owner. I've submitted a request for a refund which has also gone unresolved.

The business advertises all over the Internet, so I want to warn people what a scam these people are running.

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Posted by Mike Forshaw on 2013-02-08:
Ripped me off to. No code sent and they don't reply to emails. Claim currently open with Paypal.
Posted by jimini3 on 2013-02-12:
Yes same thing happy to me.Compete fraudster Paypal will not refund as they are not actual goods that can be tracked.So be warned.Something needs to be done about this bogus company as it must be making a fortune.
Posted by Steve on 2013-02-18:
Exactly the same for me. They need to be closed down.
Posted by John Davies on 2013-02-21:
Happened to me too. Absolute scam and paypal are useless. How can they let people get away with this. DO NOT BUY OFF INSTA GAMEPOINTS I REPEAT DO NOT BUY!!!
Posted by Jennifer Purvis on 2013-03-05:
They got me too. Big Scam. DO NOT PURCHASE!! They just take your money and send order confirmation of your order but the email with codes never come.
Posted by cindy on 2013-03-05:
I am now just seeing this. I just placed order with them this morning I too got the confirmation email 2 hours ago and still no code for my xbox.
People beware!!!!
Posted by shumaila on 2013-03-06:
yes you are right . fake website
Posted by Kristen on 2013-03-07:
Got me too!!! These jerks must be making a fortune!!! I sure wish I would have looked up reviews BEFORE I gave them money!!!!
Posted by Flora on 2013-03-09:
Ordered 5 days ago, money debited from my account, emailed 3 times and still no code. When telephoning them there is always a recorded message stating that no one is available to take my call. When logging into my account I set up with them it says there are another 2 items in my basket which I did not put there. Contacted my bank in case they try to debit my card again. My bank have agreed to refund me after 15 days and will also block any attempted future payments to Insta Gamepoints. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL GET NOTHING!
Posted by Ben on 2013-03-09:
I too had bought from this website and i too did not get my code! I do hope that its name gets put out there for everyone to see that its a scam website.
Posted by Sue on 2013-03-12:
Same thing happened to me also emailed them have tried to also put a comment on there reviews but it needs to be approved there's a surprise
Posted by michelles837 on 2013-03-12:
I purchased an Xbox live 12 month card. They charged my bank account but I did not receive the code. I found this site when I was on ebay.com. This is a scam. Cannot get to the instagamepoints website today and only get an ansering machine when I call the number listed.
Posted by Rob Heavens on 2013-03-12:
Sent email to web hosting company last night regarding insta game points now they are gone hopefully,what a rip off.so i wouldn't bother to email,send ticket or call you will get only a answering machine,and its an american voicemail,seeing as i called a UK number thats a tad strange.
Posted by Morgan on 2013-03-14:
Sh*t guys thanks, almost got done for.
Posted by Finnybobbles on 2013-03-15:
Just looking for some points for my son who wants them NOW as he has birthday money to spend and very nearly ordered them from this site. It is still up and running, just glad I checked it out before I ordered. Thanks to everyone who has posted.
Posted by rcity on 2013-03-18:
snap!!! purchased 2100 ms points on Saturday for my son and after loads of emails,tickets and phonecalls to a stupid answering machine I have now realised I have been well and truly scammed. im worried as I purchased with my debit card
Posted by Layline on 2013-03-18:
Ordered points last Friday. It's now Monday. The money was debited but never got the points. Opened 2 complaint tickets with them with no reply. Tried to phone twice and got the answering machine. Wish I'd seen this post first.
Posted by Waleed on 2013-03-18:
I purchased a UK psn card and i never got an email this website should go down good thing i bought it with my prepaid card
Posted by Mike on 2013-03-19:
Same thing. This site needs to be destroyed!!!
Posted by Phil on 2013-03-20:
Got ripped off to getting my bank to get my money back.
Posted by Stu on 2013-03-21:
Same thing happened to me too
Posted by Craig on 2013-03-22:
Got ripped off by this big fraud of a company. I am now £54.51 out of pocket. Looks so legit with secure payments and all that. People don't be fooled by the looks. Stay away from this company. Pay extra and get from a local retailer. At least you'll get what you payed for. Wxxxers
Posted by dan on 2013-03-23:
well im the latest scam victim of this garbage company i ordered a 2100 xbox live points and same thing as all of you got a email saying my order been confirmed but no points just a charge on my card have to wait 15 days to file a complaint
Posted by Rich on 2013-03-25:
I got scammed by this lot for 2100 MS Points. I have a ticket open with then but not holding out much hope for that. I've contacted the credit card company to start the money recovery process.
Actually got it chaeper in the end from cdkeys.com who delivered within 2 minutes.
Posted by Hulk on 2013-03-27:
I bite the bullet too. My question is how can Google tolerate such a website. Well reported to the appropriate authority nothing much coming from them. Well Please do not get mugged by these thief. I'm angry I was robbed in day light.
Posted by Dillis on 2013-04-15:
Can't believe I've just bought 2100 points ready for the new map pack tomoz!!! I went to my email to get my points code and nuthin has bin sent and havin typed in the website all these fraud things pop up!! Wtf I'm not happy at all how do they get away with this!!!!! Unreal!!!!! I'm nearly 15 quid down!!! I'm skint as it is and you just nick people money!!!!! Don't be fooled by the website!!!! Becareful don't even make an account I'm ringin my bank ASAP tomoz!!!!
Posted by Jamie on 2013-04-16:
I got done to for £28.99 and got on to my bank to claim money back so waiting for them spoke to the fraud team there who will lodge a dispute with the company don't let them get away with it it's a 10 min phone call an you have nothing to lose by trying
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Stay Away From Instagamepoints
Posted by Sthomson12 on 02/05/2013
Instagamepoints do not send your points after payment nor do they respond to mail or phone calls. Stay well away from this company as Paypal wash their hands of the sale because its a virtual sale and untraceable.
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Posted by bionicbert on 2013-02-07:
i can confirm its exactly as has been said , stay away from instagamepoints
Posted by bazzab on 2013-02-13:
I have also been done by them, i tried to contact them direct for 2 week after purchase via their email ticketing system and many phones calls which was never answered, so i opened a resolution with paypal who wiped their hands of it because apparently they have managed to contact the seller somehow and they cannot pretect the transaction due to the way the seller despatches.
Posted by Shardeb on 2013-03-04:
Oh dear, wish I had seen this about Insta Gamepoints, same probelm here. They are a scam took the money and no points and no response.
Posted by Nico on 2013-03-05:
Me too - no response, no points - BUT I have reported them to Amazon, where I followed the lik from, and to my bank - LloydsTSB in the UK. Their activity is against the VISA Charter, and they have now been reported for fraudulent trading by me. The bank have opened up an investigation and will report back - I will get my money back and you should all also complain - they more complaints to the banks and VISA/Mastercard etc., the quicker these scumbags will be shut down - and hopefully arrested. Their site is actually hosted in Singapore, and I think they are probably a Far Eastern set up. It's a shame as the site looks good and they would have a real business if they simply did what they say they do - now it's going to get messy for them - they will at least be stopped from taking payments from poor unsuspecting good folk!
Posted by Adlingtongz on 2013-03-05:
I got done too, £28.56 I will never see again :-( scumbags
Posted by Cindy on 2013-03-05:
I too purchased a xbox live membership, I got thee confirmation email but no code. I called their customer service number no answer. I also filed a ticket and have heard nothing from them. BASTARDS!!!!1
Posted by Nicky on 2013-03-05:
I have unfortunately just bought xbox live through these guys. No instant code. No reply to email. Called office and no answer. Guess I wont be getting my code or cash :-(
Posted by jak on 2013-03-06:
Yep rip off merchants! DO NOT USE INSTA GAME POINTS
Posted by RJ on 2013-03-09:
Me too - fell for it. I rang my bang within 30 mins and they are trying to reverse the transaction and I shouldn't lose money. I cant believe I fell for it I am usually so careful. Report to your bank if it has happened to you.
Posted by robthefanman on 2013-03-11:
I placed two orders with them 2 x 4200 points at £54 and 1 x 4200 at £30 and have not received them.
Posted by david on 2013-03-13:
i fell for this bloody con artists as well, i have raised it with my bank, please STAY AWAY from this COMPANY, they dont answer e mails or calls, WANKERS
Posted by kelly on 2013-03-27:
i made a purchase yesterday and didnt hear nothing and i send emails, tickets to support and also rang them and nothing but i got onto my bank account as my boyfriend founf this thread about the site ,so bank says they have to wait for money to clear and then they pass onto fraud squad if use ur card on internet u have fraud insurance and they said dont worry we get ur money bk plz dont use this for buying points cause u dont get them
Posted by Paul on 2013-03-29:
PANTS DOWN, same as above,took the cash but no product delvrd,RIP OFF MERCHANTS, stay away guys!!
Posted by Totaly frustrated on 2013-03-30:
Same issue....just had to call CC company and xcl credit card.....how agravating. Can't stand theifs
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Avoid This Site Is A Scam
Posted by Joolsypd on 03/09/2013
ENGLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Avoid Insta Game Points. My son was ill he has autism so after he got better as a treat I said I'd buy him so he's agreed and asked for Microsoft points. So I bought the 2100 and have been emailing them and took out support ticket, still no reply. So I had an ill little boy for 10 days and an unhappy little boy all weekend. I told him I will buy him them or Easter.

I wished I had understood what he was saying when he asked me to buy them at the shop where they sold them there, would've saved all this disappointment... They should be taken down it's not fair it's kids that suffer...
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Posted by Nije on 2013-03-21:
I have also not received my x box live info from insta game points. Stay away from this site!
Posted by debbie03 on 2013-03-22:
I was also ripped off by this site. I have started a Facebook page warning about this site. If everyone who gets taken by this company speaks up maybe the word will get around and people will not get taken advantage of. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Insta-Game-Points-Rip-Off/447220632019701
Posted by tday3691 on 2013-03-22:
Don't order anything from this place..it's a scam...I ordered the xbox live 12 mth membership and didn't receive a code ..they screwed me out of $37.31...I've tried calling the phone NUMBER AND USING THEIR STUPID TICKET SYSTEM WITH NO LUCK....dON'T ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!! They wouldn't even let me leave bad feedback so I had to list it as good..wow
Posted by nicolaeva41 on 2013-03-25:
and me ripped off out of £26.99 for xbox live 12 month membership...guess what no code appeared but money taken!! had to block my card
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