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Where's My Refund
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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I had instant tax services prepare my taxes for 2011.To make a long story short every date I have been given to pick up my refund I get another excuse for why its not there. I received a letter from the state of Wisconsin that they released my refund to instant tax services on 1/30/2012.I went to there office on 2/3/2012 an they informed me that they have not released my refund yet. Out of 20yrs of getin my taxes prepared I have never heard of a problem like this. Please help me figure out what's going on with my refund.
Instant Tax Service BANKRUPT?
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DAYTON, OH -- PLEASE SEE- The Montgomery County Municipal Court, Dayton, OH" website to see dozens of suits filled against Instant Tax Service for non-payment of debts. Be sure to SEARCH "TCA FINANCIAL & "ITS FINANCIAL".

Instant Tax Service is currently in litigation regarding a suit filled by a woman who loaned Instant Tax Service over $300,000 in or around December of 2008. Instant Tax Service agreed to originally pay back the loan with interest in Feb. of 2009. However, the debt has not been paid. The woman's attorneys have recently requested a MOTION FOR EXPEDITED PREHEARING due to the FEDERAL TAX LIEN that has been filed against Instan Tax Service April 20, 2010.
Again, ALL of this information can be found at the MONTGOMERY COUNTY MUNICIPAL COUNTY website- CAS # 2010 CV00884.
Here is some information regarding this case:
On or about December 5, 2008 Plaintiff and Defendant ITS Financial, LLC, executed a loan agreement and promissory note in which the balance due on the note, with interest, totaled $412,000, which was due no later than February 28, 2009.
Instant Tax Service used their computers, printers, copiers, phones and other electronic equipment as collateral for the loans in which Instant Tax Service didn't own they were merely leasing but stated were owned "FREE & CLEAR" in order to obtain a loan from Plaintiff and other parties- SEE THE HUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANK LEASES.
Instant Tax Service used the same collateral, "printers, copiers, phones and other electronic equipments" to obtain SEVEN other la\oans from Financial Institions when this equipment was never owned FREE & CLEAR as stated by Instatn Tax Service.
I have spoken with MANY, MANY, MANY Franchisees who are still awaiting money to be released from Instant Tax Servcei. Why have they not paid us? Do they not the funds?
SEE ALSO webpage its-negligent.
What have they done with monies we paid for advertising, conventions and ICL Loans?
Advertisers are filing suits for non-payment!
Hotels are filing suits for non-payment!
Their corporate office is down to less than TEN EMPLOYEES! Why can't we find out the TRUTH!
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